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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 5, 1938, Arcadia, California Pain four so the Day of the usefulness of cavalry units to a modern army has passed. Many of is believe exactly that and Prophesy the disappearance of picturesque hard Riding horsemen charging the enemy or executing tactical Maneu vers in open country modern Day highly Mobile tanks and All wheel drive armoured cars capable of doing amazing work in rough terrain have relegated the horse to the background. Well the truth is far from that for in fact the cavalry is emerging from the background and it is highly possible that it May be of More use to the United states army than Ever before. To explain this let us suppose you Are visiting the United states army cavalry school at fort Riley Texas. Galloping briskly along with Well drilled precision one of Uncle Sams finest mounted regiments is performing a series of training Maneu vers. Every horseman rides his Steed As if he were part of it while each animal achieves tire slightest equestrian move with a Grace and perfection which Are a rare Delight to watch. But now a strange sight is seen Riding along with the rest of the mounted troops too Many to be counted by the casual observer Are a number of horsemen carrying weird looking equipment. In addition each rider bears in his hand a Long pole resembling a Lance cd some Knight of old each wears headphones and attached to his Saddle is some kind of mechanical equipment suddenly one of these modern lancers wheels bout comes to a Complete Stop removes a Section of the equipment from his horse and within three minutes is communicating by radio with Headquarters fifty Miles away nov that you have viewed this novel sight you d naturally inquire As to the Why of it All. Ana you would be told by the commanding officer that Here is something entirely new in up to Date army tactics a a Rudio Izeda cavalry in a real sense Uncle same a revolutionary system 01 a radio Hoiem .1" Macks tile first time in history that United states cavalry can get min it by minute instructions from commanding officers while actually on the Mardi. The importance of this fat scarcely can be Ovet climate. In War tune. Let us say. A cavalry unit is marching along in enemy territory and suddenly learns Tome v jus Hie information Cirl timing tile . Of Bridges ids or supplier that will by. Of Paramount importance to tie main forces in planning h cow it j j it. E in a twill me informal in can Orv. Trued a Headquarters which in 1 in can Issue direct orders to the cavalry Chica will further the Mem s by a t n a teed and efficient via i ing year cd painstaking research and Chi. Rind. A on Are behind this new system him one horse radio set is the final St e in to Home Ca lying rat.,- new in conceit cd a few ii a co. To. A r u pied a Burny 1 Ana my me. That reel in a Ime in is to t a port. La it they in. Proud in sit Ami my cite nod it to a Point litre but two animals Vevie to. Un./. Leu be i. Ase docs the Job the we in in Ria lot St set has not been div Uig. But it is believed to of around fifty ands. The exact procedure to be allowed is by ill in the experimental , but it is pretty Well agreed upon trial a group of Ladio horse in a will March with every major cavalry unit. Prepared at All to s a or receive in portent messages from Superior officers for distances up to too Miles. The exact s be of these units is being kept secret. Did officials have in inuit d that or every la 0 men Iii a 1 alar Cavally unit Twenty Odd radio no will accompany them. One the lid of them will ride at the rear of the squalid another thud will be divided Between toe to. Hanks while the retrained will ride to Tho fore. I Hest Maneu vers Are sex lied under Ordinary training reconnaissance. In War time , these radio by c. S. Van Dresser United states army communications engineers have added new Potency to the most colourful Branch of the service riders Are expected to be Well out in front of the main unit in order to detect movement of the enemy and report them to Headquarters. Some of the radio sets utilize the voice method of transmission and reception while others employ the Telegraph system. More specific details than these the United states army signal corps is unwilling to reveal. Friday August 5, 193#arcadia daily Tribune a ame m Cani Cavally most of the research for this new equipment was undertaken in the signal corps school located at fort Monmouth new Jersey some thirty Milos from new York City. There a a vast difference in efficiency size bulkiness and weight Between the Pioneer radio sets developed a few be amp is ago and those in use today. In the first place the earliest Type of set weighed close to 600 pounds and Wras so cumbersome that ii required three separate husky animals to transport its Complete equipment. The later two horse set was reduced in weight to experiments showed that the two Man set was too Hulk to operate with Speed in the Field around 200 pounds. Still too unwieldy the single animal unit was evolved which Ai mentioned earlier can be set up and in action within three minutes. Let us now see what one of the nations greatest experts on the subject general Guy v. Henry u s. A., i of Mer chief of cavalry has to say about this new system a it Lias often been said that time is the Only thing irretrievably lost in w a. Tins is borne out by the necessity for Spca in All military operations As tile More we beat the enemy in Point of tune the quicker the War will be Over Aru the smaller the incurred. All main reality be considered for both sides a Rae against time in recruiting m training in providing munitions and finally in a race to secure strategic i Lints before the arrival of the enemy. Tho in a Quot secure be Ort the arrival of to e toe we must be prepared to defend and j o e the enemy secures first we must be i pared to attack a i Finice Tho Days of Alexander tile not a Knight of old but a modern Day Lancer of the Eluted Stales cavalry with his one Man radio set. Dressed in full regalia he carries his receivers strapped to his helmet and his sending equipment in a portable Knapsack at other stations in the United states and one in the philippine islands. A Tho horse cavalry regiments of the army have been Little More than training sectors during peace time because of the shortage of men and horses. In recent years however they have been provided with Complete equipment and Iii War each regiment becomes a veritable scorpion with its sixty four machine guns on pack horses and Sod rifles in the hands of Tro pets. A for recon a. Nance purposes there will be a group of armoured cars in each regiment each Arm d with machine and equipped with radio for rapid communication. For defense against the enemy a armours d vehicles a number of .50-caliber machine guns will lie distributed throughout the regiment some carried Oil Park holies and some mounted on armoured cars. These guns fire Armor piercing bullets which will go through one half Inch of steel plate at distances under half a mile. A the old mule drawn escort wagons arc now being replaced by Light trucks which will permit the cavalry to operate at much to of distances than formerly from i i. Be. In addition each troop has a 1 Kins outfit ration pack and picket Pak ail earned on pack horses Vahi Kyj pm is the entire unit to go anywhere a hone can walk run or swim a a a mechanized unit is sell contained and is capable of id pendent and is Fly with motor propelled lighting vehicles. These Ara of three distinct types Armon d cars combat care and personnel carriers each cd sign d to fill a particular need. The minored can Are primarily for use on toads be no intended for reconnaissance purposes. F u h car carries a Crew of four men and has three machine guns iwo ,30-Cahl. R and one .50-caliber. A the combat cars Are fast tanks and Cor a ii he the attacking element of the Roger int. They n r provided with a removable eat it a in tread which is used when moving across country As in attack Biff i moved for Long trips on the a a Rad. J a Crew and armament Ai the same As in armoured cars. The person a q be i riels Are Cross country vehicle p a to transport the machine gun and troops which constitute the defence a 1 a holding element of tire Regina to. A radios will be installed in All fighting Vehid s a facilitate control and tile regiment will have its own maintenance Sec Ion to minor repair work mechanized cavalry is in fact a special Type of Light Mobil filth in Force equipped with armoured vehicles and Rop Able of rapid movement Over lung distances. Along with the a a Atli ? riders it should prove Ernst valuable whenever Road and cd country Terra la conditions will permit it to employ its Speed fire Power end the crushing effect of it fast Guy item by lither a Nuutt United states Cavalryman with his hand generated set is All ready to Send a message about operations of an the Cavalryman carries the entire kit in a Small pack in his Saddle signal corps operators in their Headquarters receive a message from a a radio horseman a fifty Miles a Vav a great armies have consisted of two principal elements a powerful relatively slow Clement and a fast lighter unit. Today we find these elements in the infantry and the cavalry which Are the Only ground forces whose tasks require them to close with the enemy. The principal difference Between these two branches is their mobility on the Field of Battle and this is the determining Factor in their employment. Normally cavalry is used for tasks in which the time element is the critical Factor. A another Job for which cavalry i Ocul arly suited is that of prevents. .2 enemy from or. Information 0. Or own forces. T i Ais the cavalry unit is sent quickly to the front and Apical out Iii Small detachment to trap or drive a k the foes patrols. The Speed with which it can transport its Hie Power Forward to desirable locations makes it particularly valuable in securing critical Points such As River Cross Ings Mountain passes Bridges cie., and holding them until the arrival of other troops. After the main forces close in on each other in combat the cavalry is withdrawn for the commander to use either As a Reserve or to move around the flank and strike the enemy in the rear. A at the conclusion of a Battle the commander if successful uses his cavalry for Pursuit to Clinch Tho Victory. If 011 the other hand the tide has been against him the ease with which the cavalry can disengage from combat makes it invaluable in covering his withdrawal. The value of cavalry then lies in its ability to move rapidly from place to place Over an kind of ground and deliver quickly a Large volume of fire a in time of peace the regular United states army has one cavalry division consisting of four regiments of horse cavalry together with a proper proportion of artillery engineers signal troops and detachments of Supply branches stationed in Texas and a brigade of two regiments of mechanized cavalry at fort Knox Kentucky. A one of the regiments of the mechanized brigade is being equipped As rapidly As appropriations will permit and it is hoped that other regiments will be similarly erg impede in the near future. The organization of additional mechanized regiments v. 11 depend on what is Learned from experience with the brigade now being organized. There Are seven Cavally regiments distributed

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