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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - April 30, 1938, Arcadia, California P Arcadia daily Tribune saturday april so 1938 car it Elim Hka of too comi to Moon olt a co Fonoao Acadia Tribune no . Pabish cd Dally except sunday and holidays at 104 first Avenue Arcadia. California Arcadia publishing company a. H hold n o o n president and publisher Ange As it seems by John l her proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Keg. U. S. I entered a s second class matter March 14. 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. The Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the 8th Dav of May 1931. Member Arcadia c Hamber of Commerce Arcadia business mens association California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association Futon a email Brecksville Ohio Hooks too tar amp ets Mth too shot to win inc represented in the United states Ani Canada by j. J. Devine amp associates. Inc. New York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh. Pa., and Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy 5c 10c Pei week 40c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Advertising rates on application 0cl0 00-000 oooo 0ooooooooooo oooo of child health Day on which would you put the highest value that baby smiling up from his crib or that Rose Bush Blooming Iii the Back Yard the answer of course is easy and yet commenting on child welfare Luther Burbank the botanical Genius once said a it had paid no More attention to our plants than have to our children would now be living in a Jungle of a Jungle of weeds in what Way have tailed out children however one May answer that question there is one thing on which can All agree. We can mobilize the forces of Medicine to give our children Rich and poor j the Best possible physical equipment with which to wage the Battle of life. We can make healthy children a watchword for better living. It is just such a program As this which is symbolized in child health Day officially on the Calendar for May i child health of course is not a one Day problem but through a concentration of interest in a one Day Celebration the u. S. Public health service Hopes to make the other 364 Days on the Calendar child health Days As Well. In this Era of medical miracles there is no reason Why x any child should enter adulthood with preventable physical handicaps. Disease May be controlled maladjustment corrected and handicaps lessened. The result children prepared not Only physically but mentally and spiritually As Well to take their place in the pattern of tomorrows living. Child health Day cheer for. He by Bray up paid Rattrap cup Handicap tend in of / previous scope vip 9$ bar mob be new Mexico 0ri6ihm4y la vim real be each be be Seh Franci . Mccuan ate Ndele col., he hs�0$ame razor it Cap continuously for 50 vews.,. Of is still in 600v eve i dare not Quot Cordis 3 hindu Tiruhi with his to hmv4 gym Glen pcr40h4 Over h / 94-Imperiovf Butram the Strangler most amazing criminal career on record is that of Bahrain a member of the vast religious fraternity 01 thugs that existed in India until about a Century ago. Strange As it seems this one Man in a nefarious care Las Ling 40 years had alone strangled 10 death 931 persons brought to trial for his crimes by Captain Sleeman in a Dof i h / general Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved Washington. D. C. A there depends on Good business. But its essential Altitude is the effective my Day by by Eleanor Roosevelt new York City yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Helm. Mrs. Scheider and i went to a very Beautiful funeral service for or. Charles Hamlin. St. Johns Church was crowded with his friends and associates. He and mrs. Hamlin lived in Washington for Many years and it was easy to see How Many people loved them. With All the affection one May have however there is nothing one can do for people when they go through the great sorrows of life. Each human soul faces its own great i tests alone. All those around May do is to try to create an atmosphere of sympathetic understanding. Our old Friend. Bishop Atwood helped conduct the service and. As of the East India company la that a one Celebration All can Mous thug Hunter Buhr am was one of the leaders of a strange i sect that had been operating since the Days of tire wild Camp followers and plunderers who Fol a Lowed the moslem armies of con a quest. J tile practitioners of thu gee claimed to be a religious sect de i voted to the goddess Kali and schools urged to teach modern dances Boston. April 28 ins a a mod were composed mainly of Moham Ern social dancing. An import i Means and hindus. They com Tant phase of physical education dined robbery with assassinations. Should be taught in Junior High according to miss Anne Cameron head of the dance department of Boston University a Sargent College of physical education. A ballroom dancing should be taught Early enough so that students will know not Only Correct strangling and inferring their victims. Is nothing Complex or difficult a bout government and business cooperating to end this depression. There is Little that business can do. All that is necessary is for government to make it perfectly Clear that people by investing their Effort and their Money Are going to or Penn Tucci to make a leu.,on Able amount of Money and to keep a reasonable part of it. That is the Only formula and it does t need any 16 captains of Industry plus Henry Ford or any round Robins about cooperation to make it Plain. It is far from Clear today. Nobody knows what future administration policy on this great question is going to be and until that is known timid Money killing of women fairs musicians dancers sweepers Oil vendors carpenters blacksmiths maimed and leprous persons and Ganges water carriers. Regardless women often were strangled but White men when they get room behaviour by the time they get to senior High school a she said. Quot if this were a general practice. We would not find Many girls i looked a this kindly face. I thought pair St Icken at the thought of of How Many times he must have amp of amp stood by friends acquaintances and even strangers during dark hours. Popular dance crazes Are based i wondered if the knowledge of he 0n fundamentals of Good ballroom Man beings obtained at such times dancing. Miss Carmeron said. The Ever helps in solving a personal a a shag is based on the a a Chasse Quot problem or gives one More courage i and a promenade a she declared Ai dance Steps but also Correct Ball j were Seldom if Ever touched because of the resulting investigations and punishment. Strange As it seems for three centuries the sect hid itself in a to a dance to to endure personal sorrows. In the afternoon i spent a Short time at the works Progress administration office. Mrs. Ellen Woodward showed me a collection of photographs which cover Many of the women a and professional projects throughout the country. The workers on the museum project in Baltimore Maryland had a collection of historic dolls on exhibition. They should be Mast helpful to the Public schools not Only in illustrating periods of history but in Many dramatic production which the pupils May present mrs. Scheider and i took the Midnight train to new York City and. 101 some reason the Engineer of the train must have come to a very sudden Stop during the night. I woke to ind nay shoe.5 reposing on my Chest Tead of tile shelf though most a a staggers Quot might not believe it. A it is too bad that the Waltz has lost its popularity the popular dancing teacher remarked Quot As a Rule girls still like it. But usually cannot find a Man who can or will dance it. The principal reason is that so few boys go to dancing school now when they Are Arizona to Honor de Niza Phoenix. Ariz. Up a the 400th adversary of the arrival of Marcos de Niza will be commemorated on Arizona License plates in 1939. The Highway commission has decided. The plates of Copper with Black lettering will have tile dates 1539 and 1939 with de Niza s j name at Cie Bottom. Mysterious cloak of terror until about 1812. At this time there were at least 10,000 thugs plying their Trade some 30,000 natives vanished ritually leaving no Trace behind. The reign of thu gee was broken finally by Captain Sleeman who began his thug Hunting in 1830. Within five years he had thousands in prison. Twenty thugs confessed to him that they had participated in 5.120 murders Buh ram confessed to ins 931 Ramzan bad committed 604. And Futty Khan 508. As a sect the thugs no longer exist although isolated cases have been reported from time to time. Today their name has been Given to hardened criminals and in the vernacular May mean Ain Quot Tough Quot lawbreaker. Thugs were originally a thugs Quot in hindu Mani. Tin present spelling being an English corruption. Cause of bad business. It seems to Divide the Community into two personalities Tow dogs. Lets say the under dog is the ill fed third the upper dog is tile upper 2-3. Both Are very sick pups now. The under dog is of course lie sicker. Doubtless the administration wants to help both dogs but j it seems to feel that me w.,y me under dog is to whale daylights j out of the upper one. Of course that is an utterly j wrong idea about the whole Situ 1 Atin. The More prosperous 2 3 of this country does not live on i the less fortunate i 3. The truth is just the other Way around. The j lower 1/3 lives on the upper 2 3. The Way to help the under privileged in t to strange their Milch i cow. The secret to Prosperity is i to try to help both the upper and i nether segments of the country. I surely should help most the one that needs help most. But help them both and pretty soon wont have to help either. If. We re preserve her Security where would not g0mg to help the upper part i put it a i Don t know anybody 1 to has that answer. It Isnit a question of taxation alone or Trust busting alone or labor or agriculture or Industrial policy alone. It is the combination of All and especially it is an element of similarity in All. That common thread is hostility to t n Fri it xxiv t a min it Ait was buying cilia a 1 ii the Brev ton Bai it was o clock in Tho to Loi i o a she was Ting a sheer p int frock Ami a All Black hat and the drink was a i to . I let night before on a Moonlit h in Connecticut Caroline had a Ahu she would marry him if i is Bai he still wanted. It at he wanted More than in in the world and he said so. I k in town this morning he Hail allow Tommy on the Telephone and Sag led they Dine together that evening. Tommy said now a a in a having Diane with Alec Olina pulled off the frail Black hat and ran her fingers through the Lark hair that curled amply against her White forehead. She remembered suddenly that site was a i Rig for Europe in three Days and a Bat she had asked Tommy to meet or bore today because she wanted it it ask him to try to Seo More of v while she was away. She said Quot in a glad to Hoar that you have managed to neglect Bim lather badly during All these months you have been i a a Nimy a Mouth went suddenly or and hard a i suppose i have it i doubt if hoho noticed c a was positive he had not seen \ t Tor weeks he knew that carom play had closed Early in May and that she had taken a place in v it Lieut. And he know because Chad just finished telling him it Alec had finished tub a a per ii hard and was producing it in a Elf in the fall with Caroline in the loading role. Frae said now ignoring his last i is., a Well c Aroline will be drying Stock in Baltimore All a Mil o and i shall to abroad. It would get Nice if you managed to see him a vow and then. He adores you Tommy if to has seemed to be occupied with other things this past Vear it does no to mean that you still Long to continue to be pretty important to her voice sounded suddenly tired and looking at her. He saw what he had failed to see before that with it it the flattering brim of that frail Black hat Hor face was thin cheeked and weary eyed. Then she smiled at Nim and he forgot everything exp opt that she was probably the most Beautiful woman he had Ever known More Beautiful even than Caro Ine who Wasny the supposed actually Beautiful at All Only promised to he some Day. ,. A a it a funny to think that i gave up a Job i really liked to come Home to be with you and Alce and yet i Aven t seen enough of either Cly you luring the last six or seven months to have made it Worth she Laid Hei Cheek against her a and and considered him gravely r Eyer til in Gifu a Yea it is not Low people plan things one y Quot of even to Short a time As a \ i and Vry often it Al i re a Ait note a i fib re Nily but if ,.i la eur to seen much of Alec and a let has been More your fault than oui a i know Tommy a a face i Elan it i in. Pectic by feet Rort c s next at her almost angrily. Quot and if i have stayed away from both of you pretty consistently i i ave thought that you at least must know for a Long moment Gina continued to regard him steadily. Then it lug said her voice hurrying huskily Over Tho Worda my dear i have thought sometimes that i did know but i have hoped that i was a Evv Ell a Aal i Tommy a you ten to wrong. You were god awful he said abruptly Quot lets talk about you and this Paris trip. When do you sail and How Long do you intend to be gone a a i sail wednesday night and in a going to be gone indefinitely. In a going to spend a month or so sketching in Normandy and later in the season Barry has promised to get me some London commissions. It will probably to late autumn before i return. A and Sho thought a a it a utterly stupid of Tommy not to see that to in t the Only one who is being Hurt. Then Aho remembered that if Tommy Ever thought of her and Alec As lovers it Wai As som Elbing that was Over Aud done with at h ast ten years ago. And ten years is an incredible Long time to the very Young. It seemed a Long Timo. Even to her sitting this afternoon in this quiet place sipping a Long cold drink that Tommy had ordered for her. Ten years ago. She had been Twenty two that summer of 1926. Sho had worn her hair shingled and danced with Alec in botel roofs to a Tea for two a in a Rose me go Georgette crepe dress and a hat that was called a Cloche. That was the summer she remembered when women concealed their eyes and revealed their legs and she had been glad that hers were Nice because there seemed to be so Many suddenly that weren to. And that was the summer too that Sho and Alec began going More or less regularly to Tony a and some of the other Speake Asies. It was the summer after she had got to know Barry Bedard really Well. And he had said to her a Gina you re a fool to dream about Paris. And starve in new York. A it was the summer she began making Money. Quite a lot of Money. It was the second summer after Helen Gale came Back from Kobe Japan with Young Tommy. It was the summer she and Alec began to be too Busy with their separate careers to think about getting married. And now Alec was thinking about getting married again. But not her. To a girl named Caroline who in that summer of 1926, had been ten years old a slim legged child with a mop of Bright hair who even then probably liked to dress up and play at a show acting a a slim legged child who even then was growing up As fast As she could manage it so that in a not too far Distant october Alec might open a door of to new York apartment discover her on the other Side of it and fall in love with her. Gina came Back abruptly from ten years ago and Alec to the Brevoort bar and Tommy. A i have to run Darling. Its fun sitting Here with you like this but in be still a thousand things to do. A rules of the thugs forbade the i and Enterprise will continue to hide in holes. There is a Way to convince yourself of this without much argument just ask yourself a if i were trustee for a widows life insurance payment and required to invest it in a Safe venture which would pay her a Premium and surgeons perfect extra eardrum to Aid deaf at least lets not try Hurt it. . Gets rare clock Baton Rouge la. Up a Louisiana state University has received a clock from a 17th Century Chateaux in Southern France Tor its work in the advancement of business and disapproval of or at French literature and culture. The least indifference to profits. J award presented by la Bonne vol it would be silly to say that the Onee Franco Arner Caine is the administration wants to see bad third Given to an american col business. Its own political life lege or University. Philadelphia april 28. Ins a american surgical skill has accomplished a new operation in which physicians build an extra a a eardrum to relieve a common Type of deafness. Or. Matthew s. Ersner chief of a new clinic at Temple University Hospital and the first in Philadelphia devoted to surgical treatment of deafness said the Type of deafness treated by the operation is Oto sclerosis also known As hereditary deafness. Or. Ersner explained that one out of four cases not the result of infection Falls into the her itary class. The technique was originated by swedish physicians about a Quarter Century ago he said but was perfected Only in the last two years by american physicians. It consists of making an opening into the inner ear through the mastoid Bone cutting Loose a Flap of skin from one Side of the natural eardrum stretching it deep inside and attaching it Over a Little Quot windows that is Cut into the labyrinth. The taut skin Over the a a windows a picks up vibrations from the air j and carries them directly to the 1 labyrinths fluid in which Are bathed the hair like ends of the hearing nerve. Oto sclerosis usually develops during adolescence and becomes worse with age or. Ersner said. In the last Day s mail 56,219 entries in the name the fun zone contest were received at Headquarters of the 1939 worlds fair of the West. Tommy called a cab and so kissed Bim Good by. She would not see him again before 4ie left new York. Only Parry Bedard would Ace her off on a boat that sailed Rit co Days later. Barry. And possibly Alec. If he was in town and not with Caroline in Connecticut. When Tommy let himself into the Flat at thirty eighth Street half an hour later Tho Telephone was ringing. Answering it he was a Little surprised to find it was Roxanne. It was the first Timo she had called him in weeks. Thoro had Boon a Timo Back in april when she had called him every Day but that had i lasted. Iio was surprised therefore to answer Tho Telephone on this hot june evening and Hoar Hor voice. Sho said a a a hello Tommy. How k Are you a to said to was Fine. Inquired politely for her own state of health. She skipped this and the deliberate coolness in his voice and went str night to what she wanted. Sho wanted to see him. That evening if possible. She said in that Clear almost indifferent voice which could grow so surprisingly turbulent in ardent moments. A Tho family Are in Tho country but in a in town for a few Days. Supposedly to boo my dentist but really Darling to see you. J thought perhaps if you were free in a Tao evening could do How like her thought Tommy not without certain grudging admiration to hurdle Over All the weeks he had kept away from her re establishing by the very off hand casualness of her manner All that old pleasant intimacy of their former relationship. Grinning a Little at her audacity he replied that he was sorry but to was dining with Alec. Otherwise it would have been delightful. There was a Little silence during which he began to feel slightly uncomfortable then she said lightly a in that Case Why not drop in hero later a a Tommy knew what that meant. With the family in the country Thero would not be More than one maid in town. After ten she would be off duty. The apartment would be quiet and Cool. There would be something to drink. They would turn on tile radio and dance for a while after a Little they would turn the radio off. And it would All begin Over again. And to did no to want it to begin Over again. He said a a in a afraid it will be much too late for that a Roxanne laughed briefly. Quot no it wont be too be alone and i la to expecting she broke Tho connection softly but definitely. It was a habit Tommy thought half disgustedly half humorously that had always made it practically impossible to win any arguments with her on the Telephone. Not of course that he intended to do anything about this. Ile did no to. To was he told himself Well out of All that. Nevertheless he was glad that he really had had a dinner engagement. Lie was glad that he was dining in an hour with Alec. To be continued copyright. 1887. By Xing b pud cat. In request California As site of products Laboratory i request that Secretary of Agri i culture Wallace designate califor Maas the site for the $250,000 West i Era farm products Laboratory As provided by the agriculture Adl just ments act of 1938. Was made by the California slate chamber of Commerce in a detailed report sent to Secretary Wallace senator Hiram Johnson congressman Frank Luck and the state chamber a Washington legislative representative today. Men slower Drivers Boston up men rive More slowly than women according to i to ton University Urvey. The poll conducted among men and women students showed the mens average driving Speed was 37 Miles an hour. The women averaged 39 1 Miles an hour. The Captain and the kids foot of my berth where i had put them. My knitting bag a1. Had landed on me with considerable for a for i had put a Book inside it. However nothing seemed to be wrong and reached new York can foundation for the Blind where i was to read the first chapter of Quot tills is my Story to be recorded in a talking Book. Luckily their office is nearby so acc youths will Are As guides for the Federal exhibit at the 1939 worlds fair of the West in the $500.udo building to be erected by tile United states government. Joe Paloska by Rudolph Dirks i a if vim in. A v which eve aplite7 ode of by by Juif Arlt he it smoots a my no to j a that the f Ohe who Lovev j t a a a. Litt Lal a a k a in a a a my. A1 in. 4 4 sa.#. A to to i Sunshine and Cool Breeze. Again Are adjusting Arri time in Washington Light saving time in new if delightful when you an City this morning to be greeted by i put my things on and dashed Over and apologized profusely for having to stand j entered All this mornings engage and Day rents for tomorrow instead of for York. It today. I was so apologetic i did going to i everything they asked me to do in Washington for you always seem til i was laced with the newsreel to save tune. But coming this Way cameras. I struggled then to be takes five hours instead of four if permitted just to act Ana not to you Are travelling by train. J read. Finally my sense of disco accords a to my engagement i fort at having kept everybody wait Book. I had the morning free i a so Long made me consent to had just finished a number of Tele read a few sentences in spite of the a Piton conversations and settled tact that the last tune i heard my Down to Clear out my Brief Case j self on a newsreel it was so Ter a. Hen a Telephone message informed Rible i decided never again to open me mat i was almost an hour late my Mouth in front of one of those for an appointment at the Anteri j machines be. K. 3by has t Teo the dilates of / n an Rumania l 1 a it i Bourg i f an i Stan 9. Turkey l3.4n1a,Irelan i or Way Anos Eten without Success. He is now headed for the Trench consuls. I Why did t a # _ Yah say so before y Pat i a a Quick where j do not is he now j ? p by Ham Fisher know v / d after it Tell pm come \ find la Home this minute a Tei i v m his managers yourself
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