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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - April 20, 1939, Arcadia, California Faire six the Arcadia Tri in we and news thursday april 20, i Oil meeting far Tho first time in three years Semi pro baseball teams representing Arcadia and Monrovia merchants respect Aly. Will collide on May in at recreation Park in Monrovia when the Jem Lily celebrates its 5.�?o, Birt . The contest is Biller a an to it it tilts Cigar lutheran group opens baseball league sunday lid i i i to is by Boi f schedule program anti is expected to auras a record throng to the Park grown a Olive Avenue near Shamrock. August of 1936 was the Hist Tim the tit club crossed bats. The arcadians grabbing a heated Tassis 3-1. Earlier the same year on tile a Monrovia celebrated 50th Anc vers Ary the heme outfit n is on the Queen City nine j t it 4 games Between the Arcadia Ani Mon in via nines have , beet whirlwind and exciting Altair an fans Oit it oth mix Ousby awaiting next month tilt both team would meet of end a were it not for the fact the Belon to deferent Southern Cali turn baseball a or a it a at Oil. Although maim or guv c re. Of Arcadia will is o n. Eta of instal plays is during the next week or so he will take a Strong it Lub to Monrovia. Start my Linen. Flt it either aggregation Are not known at this writing. Manager Harry Pierce of the Gem City oui tit plans tis. Radical hangs anti a intending 1 it use in it re ular roster. Guy corp will have of a a a id lineup due to Reg Mats ,.�?~nvai� ringer tourney continues at Santo Anita i earn mat squads was at with to altar i la1 count v Par i Coni n end Ipp by Santa Anita Jolt club is Tor the past polled match at i it it be play of sunday on i. San end How Calif ii u a s record. It a it i ,515, 5 tit 64 from Tutu direct Revenue from icing derived flt iding june 30. Shou n by the the state depart Man i aggregate of shit my a definite Dis too each to the s a men to and Fps Nins a nine week schedule of it the i lutheran Young people1. I be of Monrovia Sui sunday will Start its 1939 baseball season with Evernol teams peking the championship Che tournament will be 27 la Ltd Doii the softball diamonds Iii nut the Park it i Ltd ins Ops in mine will be played Kite Cocks advice issued to it. Wilson race entrants in time Yeai it i a it o clock Sun Tia afternoon. As s a. Alto at Ltd Cord no to the schedule forwarded lbs a Salt eix stakes prize it was an-11 ism my it Ike 1 to a j Mcfarland playground ii bounced by William a Mcfarland a a i Iii i by 111 mine it Bdl Bailey Anita b m is heavily through the fifth and sixth innings the ars Ukia my chants on sunday a lion romped to it a 10-6 Triumph. Mini pro baseball conflict with til. S Kirtlan i cd o of Pasadena. I in Anis was played on the , is a i a i Ai. Second Avenue Ai Huntington drive. Rim arcadians she get into the Lead with a 3-run rally in the fourth Nisi followed with three run a parts in the ism succeeding in of finance ,703 45 �111 Abu lion of it a fair at i Engele Bounty fair at Pomona was uses by it not and cd Tinct fairs Tor Premium Aud prizes for live tuck poultry and All other torus of exhibited product to improve Quality Iii stimulate development Xii of we show f it a the same p irps so in i he Citrus be 111. Try $111,087.90 a allocated for the National Orange a san by . Applied toward the maintenance a school ans Given Fille s entrants for the 8-Mlln course of the it Wilson Trail race Constance k tit of Arcadia is one have previously been Over the Trail of the Champion of the they Are advised against entering san Gabriel Valley to lies race on april 29, the Clay set. I lie Tourig lady on saturday in for the hiking at Sierra ills Santa Anita regional rec Lea Madre for registered Amateur Athuma Center was adjudged Winner Lute. Those participating in Tho clays activities Ait also advised by off h Moi the in on Piny will be con direct of recreation in the county <1. A of California athletic club in Drift lab Sierra Madre with close to 50 prizes awarded a Hanible a l la or Merce sponsoring the principal winners in addition to Quot he a a nth to have Lher physical i Kent follow i conditions cheeked As a safeguard smallest Kite. David Lee Edwards or the St Iuo so Mountain climb. Rosemead largest Kite Arthur Earth nag. Ban Gabriel first David Lee Edward Rosemead second con Talice Kent Arcadia third Gigli major league scouts assigned to est flying Kite Ray Garcia san cover the Pacific coast area have Gabriel first Manuel i Anda san been ordered to Center their at ten Gabriel Mccond David Lee re Ware is. Oil Leroy , 21-year third farthest flying Kite David old Arcadia youth baseball Aud Lee Edwards first Paul Harvard in a a a a and j p. In. Football Star at san Jose state. Sail Gabriel second Manuel Banda it hot wave radio sets will be fur Zimmerman graduate of the third Mast artistic Kite first place 111 it l v Lwy it it a Ltd so service at. The Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High won by Deris Burnett Arcadia. A a tailing Point in Kersting court in the Middle of the course and at or choked on sunday june 18. Arcadia youth on list of league scouts contestants Are grouped in three Cia is with women and girls in the first group men Over 50 in Tho second and the third in an open class. The first two groups will Start together at 9 a. In. And must be Clear of the Trail by 11 15. Open Cia in starts in flights at 11 30 a. In$403,249 17 in a Ersita of califor a Hool. In in his Junior year at san i serving As judges of the contest to e and Ever Mure his ire Jinian t it be an annual affair Iii Arcadia. Amp half Way up the Trail. I up o it r Jshii Rontu Iii it a a it i i is Mill consist of Silver clips for answers to Par quiz Vav i ii la Hole n i u a firm a no mix Xiii in an i \ Al Conj i s i with Olivia de Haviland. Popu motion picture actress. As the Cli judge selection will be made scat san Jose state c Lilleg a of a a blur to Rule Over the annual spa re i i Carnic, be held May 5. Leroy Zimmerman of read football and baseball Star at san Jose. Is among those nominated for the Honor. Miss de Haviland will Hole no it judge the candidates from photo 4 graphs and brochures on a ii Man i to be considered. Selection will be made on looks activities and Sonal Chara . The a King a when chosen will name his own a Queen to Rule with h Iene him for the Day. I lungs. Paced b slammed a Trio Emboli Masher combined it la and Jim la Attell was or. Arcadia amp a go. Six reasons Why we Are a the popular cab 1. Service 2. Courteous uniformed Drivers 3. Lowest possible rates i. Special consideration to children Hole no Hole no. Hoi no. 9 i Cir cup matches arc it prof is Iona i teams of America and great Britain player Mac not receive an advice except from Caddy partner or partner s a Chiv will Hunt or is now pro at Riviera country club Jimmy Thomson caddies flt Willie Hunter when he it 1921 British Amateur live minutes Are allowed by the rules for searching for a lost Ball Lawson Little in 1934-35. Jones won in 1930 event not held 1918 die to War All three wrong. Official size of Hole is 4�?T in. Awarded by l. S. P. G. A on joint system computed from tournaments won by pros Ball at option of either player May be lifted no Penally. Inc with a in the Bast. C Arcadia also i tile Box co be Wady Knox who Limas the aria la hits off the a i Artol Bud Atli from the Box in no Vood Corpe nuked tile uprise hot. Clearing a fielder Rogers of r the circuit. Lui of. P used for the train ii ii for agricultural i i we product to develop moans n i Iii in a pests and dust Aso to in in. I pc a i Cill t Ira i ult tin i. Sod i Tii. I in it he of a ablation on i lie it Lect s to Tyllo c engaging ill so i Hui to work in Tiv state. I in a ii i Nimby i personnel of Eagle team a Pok i i. Vim a h o a x g. Door Riis. Is .5 0 4 i a x or a 23 i 4 4 j. Cox of. 4 0 i 0 x Lillis of. 5 3 2 0 Wiliam to. 4 0 6 a i x r ret Quot. 3b. 5 i 0 2 b dorsal c. 4 i 4 0 j a b ram of .4 i 3 o x b. Ai Well. It. .2 1 0 of i Aly p0 0 0 0 1 x or. Cox. Ii i 0 0 0 i it Davi and $30>.491 81 for tin p school Days at Hie Northern California 1 we in i. Omar Vrooman or Rhese Fand Are a tuition his athletic abilities have1 Mabel Abbott and g. W Cornelius Chr Man tfx am Hantl Best Lime for it int a a in pc d him As a port Payr per i a rive were donated by businessmen i individual trophies of Gold ail m in to in �?~s�d8lity j of the Sun Gabriel Valley. Picl i my and playing firs bad. I z Inmei Man i one of the a inst ave a. I a the ban Jose baseball club. Iii ins i irs i vein. Tin lanky Nix footer i established a new All time batting , and ii work Ai the plate a a a _ i the oily to All seasons i.-, Well Over my i Vanoui Mccu. .330 Mark. _ maintain a permanent Agni cd a i exhibit at a a position Park in next tall. Zimni Eiman will dint with Floyd f. Button named As Anet ies. $15 Isoo was used. A 1,1 we of l,1 Ege football j c it Ach of the aggregation member j in Balanci of $513,226.24 was a1 a a it a petition with i he acquisition 0j jul newly formed Santa Anita to Tate county Anc Agri l s. Pop Wain i to Hup i k eagles one of the three soft Ira District fairs for permanent coaching stat. The Foi Hajj teams using the county Park i to perpetuate the in Ltd he spa i Tan machine will i grounds a its Home Field this week selected Louie Garcia As Captain. Others on the roster of the club Are Manuel Cuellar m a to u e in i Bitont Elias Fierro Frank Ayala in passers and was named to the Majk it Manama Albert god in Kiki Sausedo Walter i loan Anco a nut i i Ope. Pri tent plans Call for practice sessions of the eagles every Friday afternoon with flu team also plan Trio of picnics Ding in a Weiner bake Iii the near Venin its of the Tate a id increase thei a fit to agricultural As adding to tourist attract Ion activities in California. Ii attract nation wide attention in nit mum who performs at fullback lad autumn was recognized As one of the far West a most outstand h movable mention unit of the Little All american football team. Hie Arcadian is majoring in phys Leal education. Vee and Bronze will be award d in other classes. Rid i v Blanks May be secured from r m. Angier of a a. In. At hh2 Alice i us Avenue. La Angeles. Arnold Eddy graduate manager j. 8. I in charge of registration. Fred i alone is tin Sierra Madre Trail Ena Irman. Fok the smartest sportswear a in a sport slam sport Coats a and a sport shirts we t let it i i \ a. Hsc Viki Al hover a to score Par quiz if All three sub questions on each Hole Are answered correctly score 8 in column marked score. If one question is answered wrong Sconio it two wrong More l f if All three wrong score 15. Par is 7 2. An von break too read err h. S j. Attractive cars ate Model irs to. Five years in Arcadia stand at first Avenue and Huntington drive phone Atwater 7-2444 in. J. Logan. Mer. Wildcats score Victory Over Al Monte team 1939 season sum in try Dia Duarte lows too wad in Khan 220 Wail m a it o. D in. Corp bran. A 37 8 24 7 a h o a 6 2 3 3 5 2 12 6 2 o f 5 i till i 5 3 3 0 4 2 2 0 2 17 0 3 10 0 0 0 10. .40 15 27 to 003 too 300 6 Glo 333 too to ii Lillis Reese . Co Tiptop of California Maria Assoc a 1 it Are Coleman a variety store opposite City Hall on North fir t Avenue i co operating wit ii the team in obtaining baseball Cap three picnic event were set on the team s colors will be displayed at to lit it i by by it planned at Park greater South reasonable prices a visit a the Little slum with a big Stock of Arthurs to menus shop to this is the title held today by the Arcadia merchants baseball team As a result of the annual Winter tournament staged in the Southland with in ire than plating. Cle a to 20 vie two defeat waited to the q get year. Week a notified of i Pion Lap von let a tin a git gation. Norv oof c Orpe my t 1 Veacie shared the Pii Oai chore for the merchants thro Iginio a the Tournai team it sonnet m tie Calendar of the Santa Anita r Vional recreational Center for the latter part of april and Early in May it was announced from Hie Park yesterday afternoon. Id clubs panic a saturday. April 29, the Al Hambra first methodist Church will j. On a hold a picnic gathering with mrs. It if nid Rcd t. Steed serving As chairman i of the committee in charge or Rise follow ing i in in the Blue Caps and yellow shirts. Id in a la. In Pitcher ment with the eluding Wally Knox. Had and Bill Duarte non. 11 pm Richardson. tune. To 4s. A a. Fir-1 places Ann a it u1 a 1 Ai Leavih in the hurdles Anc rown a rime unavailable. Quot it. The Monrovia Arcadia 440 Heaton a Powell Ai it High i n track and Field mom Ion . 54 3. Quot Lay i a -1 cd66 2 3-46 i 3 do 880�?bell a Dandi �e.a1. A Over the a Alowe a Grega Stei gives it Ai. Time 2m, 47s. Miles Densmore Ala Perez be wildcats deflated the lion a Holt via 4in. 47.s. Last Friday afternoon on the ate cinder ath. Jan k Wall Al m is lie squad romped Awa. Of the Afon Rovia arca a a _. To Quot r a _. A a. Atwell strikeouts b. Atwell. A. Monte meet Fob n cur 3 on i Stockman. Jigs Gassaway Arley balls off b at Well 4 j Cox 2. Corpe. Sherman tie. Hal Ferguson a�?~1t, a a a i Vii. Bob Schoonover. Bdl Rogers. Art Corpe 4. Knox i. Hit by a a or of i Erickson and other. Fere of. St of u . A a. Stoa on sunday afternoon on the City a Quot y i Park Diamond tilt Arcadia Crew will a Corpt to Viel City squad trn Ige Guy Corpe this i ran events Al j a i _ i a a a to Iii Day. April 30 the 78th division of Hie veterans association of Alifornia will hold a picnic reunion. Fred cd pos of Arcadia i up Orvis ing Iii Quot Veteran gathering. Men Ibet of tile a Junior Shakespeare club on wednesday May 3, will meet in the a linty Park Here for an outdoor meeting and picnic supper. Save the shoe Well save the sole lust Trot Rij flit Over to our shop at 22 n. First Avenue. Well put Brand new soles on those shoes and do such a proud Job that nobody la Over know they re re Soled. Does no to Cost much. Siegel shoe repair shop 22 n. First Avenue heavy boys i eat tired on Pasadena fight c Ard hah hurdles Shaw Ai Ai grab get a time. 15.9 Lew a u Shaw Ltd three at till my honors Winnin. Clinic Broad jump. A time. Al Al my. Larger boys than usual will feature a if Amateur boxing now t Phelp moire w Nigie. At a Aden Arena Vohen two pm winners of la i week will be sen against tougher Capo Way tie f r Between Baka of Nim Homo Phelps to and e let Al. The acc Camps of now Are turning out a to 111 the lion. Also Takin. C 43 i 3io 33 2 3 trimming Monu Belk cd the san Ganc e for the face tile Wilshire Oil team on of i \ the entries which Defeated them Iii i the tournament a Tedulo. J i i three softball i teams backed by county Park to Quot Junior softball teams Are making the county Park their ii urn Ball ground and Are working out in the Santa Anita Park under the direction of William Mcfarland j playground director. Other Cam Are expected to take advantage of Hie Oft Ball facilities offered both county s playground i eague games on a regular schedule will Start ./.Oil. Among the t am already practising in the local Park arc the b Meta Anita Park merchant. Sarita Anita Park Hor a born. Mien. April 19�? nets and the Bauta Anita Par defeating 67 cars of various in eagles. The Sant Anita Eagle shot put a Mccracken european and american make Shaw it aia Hollingsworth pm f Ford v-8 took car driven distance. 42ft. Lim Lovalvo a t tired first Phi final More Monrovia 66 2 3 f1 1939 renewal of the inn Monte. 46 1,3. Cia. Al m in grand prize race of the 58 Monrovia 37. Cia a Tri strenuous i Day argon Monte 43 1 3 Mono via. 33 2 3 racing classic Thrifty trip East cd tune. 13.6s. Iring lot of an. Aspirants and the re. In w m Vel Monte. Time two main events for Alorro Cohan s unavailable. Siaw Ria week will feature Camp High amp a Hay Good Ems boy. Busl Well i i a 1 in height rum Chiro a 5ft. 9in. From to it a tuna Cany Fui Camp who Broad jump Wall let Al a Gesky showed a Ltd it i Piombi a a last i Udy Mem 1 a to Al distance 201. Ill Winn ii at the Aiena Hook d 2in. Against Bubby Ricks of the fa.-1 vide. Hop. Siep and jump Sakamoto a a a my Heaton at. 1 Haygohi pm Kori wins in it of i la distance 41ft. American race Lassic pole a us o Neil a Aal Al Erick on height lift. I Jall expense budget to Chicago 1 have played one practice game with an Al 11 in South Santa Anita Temple City if team win Ling by the score of 12 to 1 j 5 How to 1 to Roosev la jul a sail gab Al 8 to i in a practise 1 game the men Bant pin Val go enjoy a Good meal a out a iou ii enjoy tin Filiti foods sowd lie re daily. make a eating out a real pleasure. Briny the family downtown today. Have a dinner that you la remember. A dinner that will make you return affair. The Pines Coffee shop and c a pc Tail lounge i he \ Alley s Only air conditioned lies to lira Otto i. Petersen \ read in Dree in Market pail fare one Way. 7 delicious meals in route total in air conditioned Cha Ari. $39.50 2.05 $41.55 e6> Iva a if to a amp iffy. Rail fare one Way. $49.90 7 delicious meals in route 2.05 big lower berth. 8.95 total in air sleeping cars. Uva a big savings in roundtrip tickets full length lounge car speeding Over the Scenic Golden state route to c hic ago Southern Pacific a Friendly californian makes it a real pleasure to be Thrifty. Tour i t car passengers enjoy the full length lounge car. I get Licious meals on the train Are priced of breakfast 25c, lunch 30c, dinner 75c. F. Y Ltd amp one car is reserved this stewardess nurse for women and child sees that your trip is Ren exclusively. All thoroughly pleasant chair cars hav recline and ii Joyanne. My seats. Wrestling monday Kigh Pasadena Arena 1015 s. Fail Oaks , i Cath a we invited you to ask your up Rem Quot onto about californian Economy and Comfort Southern Pacific s u a a a 79 la return via san Francisco i Resel l a f into 93611 with Rhy. Disc. Pass. At Fen Sadona in As till n \ a to i. Olu radon re. Sycamore 7-Litii 3ionko i a is m rile re m it i 717 for no More rail Farei a East on til Ali Romian return via san fran Asis magnificent worlds l air. Does t Cost a Penny More rail Tare

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