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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - April 15, 1938, Arcadia, California Page two Arcadia daily Tribune Friday april 15, ims orc Ukoh amp o do go a goo too strange As it seems by John Hix further proof address the author enclosing a damped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. . Off. a published daily except sunday and holidays at Ipi n. First Avenue Arcadia. California Arcadia publishing company a. Harold noon president and publisher entered a a second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. The Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on tin Dav of May 1931. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce Arcadia business menus association California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented in the United states and Canada by j. J. Devine amp associates inc. New York City Chicago Detroit Pittsburgh. Pa., and Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia Dally Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding Ujj markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy. 5c 10c per week 40c per 0 month. Phone 2131 for All departments. 5 advertising rates on application go Oclocco 0 0000-0 Ltd it o ooo000000000000000-00o oooo too Doc Block that cackle with a Ster just Over the Hill there a Good reason for believing no dearth of merry youngsters a tag Hunting parties should prevail this season. In fact its both alarming and disconcerting the Way californians hens have been clucking scornfully at Short working hours and reasonable quotas. Instead of staging a stand up strike which californians worried poultry men would no a mind seeing the hens have been sitting Down working overtime so much so the farm Price of eggs by mid february had dropped 41 per cent below last november a. Though Little can be done to a Block that cackle a a other measures Are being taken to get the Hen off the Relief Rolls. Egg producer stabilization committees have been formed in 35 states. In cooperation with National retail food stores they will seek to erase that wrinkle from the brows of our poultry men during april and May provided in the meantime rep. Patman does no to succeed in destroying these outlets for California surpluses with his strangulation tax As he apparently would like to do. At any rate though the hens May keep egging on their quotas to higher Levels we can All Salute her industriousness with a healthful and tasty Omelette or Angelus food cake not forgetting a generous Supply for the easter egg Hunts the youngsters will be clamouring for.  06 of Jon it 10-f/n6er Stohp of Coinman club a if. Bozo Lutheli Moti Onle amps in trite position Mcnaught Syndicate College girls spend More Money on refreshments than for treatments in Beauty report says Columbia to. April 14. Up what Low because the schools a College girls spend More Money grooming department administers on refreshments and entertainment., j v. A a a Beauty treatments without Cost than they do on Beauty treatments King of balance. Ten Little fingers precariously placed on ten Little Indian clubs Are All that keep Robert Jones. Philadelphia Strong Man from falling on his nose while performing the balance illustrated above. This is Only one of Jones Many balancing feats but it is one of the most difficult As the Job of controlling All ten clubs at once requires great concentration and exceptional co ordination. Besides his ten linger stand. Jones has perfected a thumb stand on two Indian clubs in which he supports his entire weight on the tips of his two thumbs. My Day by by Eleanor Roosevelt has bloomed considerably in the week that i have been away and it seems much More like Spring Here than it did in new York state. At 10 30 this morning i went out to the police escort somehow we had come by gaily and they did not see us and we did not see them. I Felt very guilty to have missed a hostess who had gone out to meet me. At last miss stamp returned. The Hall was packed. I Felt quite at Home because the invocation and the final Blessing were spoken by our own Rector the Rev. Or. Wilkerson of St. Thomas Church. I enjoyed the singing of the soph University of Maryland to give a talk. Because this is a land grant1 Omore a roup and the Blee club and and cosmetics statistics compiled by Stephens College girls for the Alfred p. Sloane National Institute of consumer a research reveal. In a four month period the average student at the midwestern girls school spent $14.15 for amusement and entertainment $13.92 for refreshments and Only $7.66 for Beauty shop treatment and toilet articles. A seats and refreshments Money he Siad was spent mainly for a spreads a Midnight Panama parties in dormitory rooms. Average told the total average expenditure for the four months semester was $145.44 or $8.08 a week exclusive of expenses of meals and lodging. Students spend More Money when they first enter school than Aid Institute later Prunty said. The figures Are based on expense the division of expenses books kept by first year students laundry 4.78 to Aid the Sloan Institute in Stab amusement and entertain Lishing a base for statistics on How i ment. The average unmarried consumer clothing. Spends his Money. The Institute sorority and club expenses., began its research at the school this books and school supplies year Church and Charity. 2.47 Dean Merle Prunty director of eats and refreshments. 13.92 extra curricular activities at the 14.15 20.57 8.92 32.41 oldest parliament. Iceland a history begins with its settlement in the ninth Century by norwegians whose emigration was forced by the tyrannical oppression of King Harald fair Hiar. College they have quite a Large military Force. I drove up to the front of the auditorium mainly because i was impressed by the number of boys in uniform standing outside the door. Nobody seemed to be expecting me nor was there anyone to Tell me where to go. Finally a very trim Young Soldier stepped up and Sadi a i think they Are expecting the colonists came in clans their j you the other door and led me talks about so often for you can the playing of the band. I received a most Beautiful Basket of yellow roses which Are now filling the place or Honor in my sitting room. J Only two guests for lunch today. 1 one of them. Mrs. Waterstreet comes from Wisconsin and does programs which impersonate various ladies who have lived in the White House. She was most anxious to have a More intimate glimpse of the House which she Home chieftains ruling selected Dis j through an inside passageway past tricks in the new land. These chiefs i locker rooms labelled a baseball Quot and soon established a representative Quot a basketball up a Short flight of government in 930 organizing the i Steps to the rear of the stage. I lathing a parliament still in exist was Stin a Surprise to the people ence. I waiting at that door so i sat Down calmly and waited until the presi i Dent of the University or. H. C Byrd came up to me and told in that miss Adele stamp had gone to meet me at the District line with a today Iceland and Denmark Are free Sovereign states United under one King and by the agreement set Forth in the act of Union of 1918. Executive Power Over Iceland is exercised by the King through responsible ministers while the legislative Power rests conjointly with the King of parliament or lathing consisting of two houses. Upper and lower. With a total of 42 members. Girls figures a numerically and physically a show that they Are More interested in their stomachs than their faces the expenditures for personal appearance were some postage and stationery. 4.81 Beauty shop and toilet articles. 7.66 miscellaneous a. 35.75 total .$145.44 the new Moon. Whether you look Over your right or left shoulder you will never see a new Moon. That is until it is at least one Day old. The reason is because at new Moon the Sun illuminates the Side of the Moon away from the Earth. This 24-hour period of invisibility May vary a few minutes one Way or the other and of course during lunar eclipses the Moons disc can be seen As such eclipses always occur at the new Moon phase. Tomorrow office. The plug hat Post not really obtain much knowledge. On a Mere sight seeing trip. Our other guest was mrs. Carl i Akeley. She has spent nine years i working for the Akeley memorial in i the museum of natural history new York City. Though i did not have an Opportunity to go into it very carefully with her. It sounds As though it would be of great interest to Young and old especially to people in this country who Are interested in conservation of our natural resources Beauty spots and wild life. Someone has sent me a most delightful cartoon from Schibner a Magazine on Spring cleaning in the White House. Unfortunately i done to direct this in person but since i saw this cartoon i shall have far greater sympathy for those who actually have this work to do. Be. R. The Captain and the kids Kuhe family 15 tearing off a big Apple Quot to celebrate the Cap Tain s in scape i from i pygmy by Rudolph Dirks Joe Paloska Dis data baby Snooks own baby is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He s William h Tim following programs Ara rom piled from daily Rejmer a a Bim broadcaster. We aaa Ama no responsibility for last minute he a i a their part your dial a tonight 60 70 90 90 too to 120 130 too Homer Canfield Frank Black Brice Fanny a son. Spurred on by the Success of it is Carnegie Hall concert Benny Goodman moves into Bostons symphony Hall for a like session of swing May i. How a this for a title a sliding Dow a kilo Cycle to Columbia Square. You be guessed it that a the new Raymond Scott musical concoction fashioned for the lbs Hollywood dedication of its new studios april 30. Add things i can to believe that the scholarly looking or. Frank Black dotes on hot fudge sundaes and comic strips. Did you know that Lew Abbott of the Kate Smith comedy team Abbott and costello once doubled for Dolores Del Rio decked in an evening gown and wig. Lew did All the stunts in a picture called a a the Trail of �?T98�?�. Frank Morgan goes in for loud sweaters. He has More than 200 ranging from a Bright yellow to a violent Green. I Admire Joe Penner for bringing to his program so Many of the old timers he knew in vaudeville. Dick Ryan heard As a Godfrey a Joes Butler Roy Atwell the Man of the double talk and Dick Lane the fast talking a emr. Droop snoot a Joe a manager appeared on Many a vaudeville stage with Penner. Add radio expressions a a Cliff Hanger is an adventure serial. Did you know that 99 percent of All popular tunes have these Points in common choruses 32 bars in length title of song mentioned at least twice in the chorus and referring in some Way to love or employing some phrase current in common speech and composed in a major key it it it program Parade Brewster Morgan holds the whip hand Over a Hollywood the Young director who staged Columbia s shakespearean Cycle last summer is the programs new producer replacing Fred Ibbett. With the addition of Frank Parker and now Morgan it looks like the show is desperately striving for although morgans Oxford schooling is played to the skies it s interesting to note that he graduated from the University of Kansas. The movie up for pre hearing is a adventures of Marco stars of the piece Gary Cooper sign Gurie and Basil Rathbone will appear. Knox 6 a a a a your government at your services puts the securities and Exchange commission on the table for an analytical dissection. John Sobieski attorney for the san Francisco Bureau of the Sec will be interviewed by Paul Gates. Questions to be asked cover the procedure which makes it possible for an investor to secure exact information on any Stock or Bond at any time. The safety legislation which has raised the margin requirements from to to 45 percent. The safeguards which make it impossible for a commission employee to use his private information for personal gain. Station Keca has it at 6 45. A it it whenever the clarinet comes to mind i believe we re All guilty of thinking immediately of Benny Goodman and overlooking a Chap called Art Shaw. But it is our opinion that Shaw is every bit As Good an instrumentalist As Goodman. This is by Way of leading up to horses in test Sacramento Cal. Ins a the annual horse pulling contest at the state fair this year is expected to Climax Competition of 250 teams. The fairs dynamite a scientific machine for measuring horse Power. I will be used by Many District fairs in elimination contests. Five p. M. Kit a Comboy 1ft or. Rpm Helen Colley talk pm pc it a. He to vocal Kehew Btu Hamblen i or Khz a Nocturne Tahr. In pub musical program Knox Maurice dunce by. Of act Christian science Reca string of once to to or �?5 15�? Fri virtual Florl Kmic military Academy a feb n ii Mthm Romance Knox ohm or Chan serial of act recordings �?5 a a a fit know your schools Khz a topics of the Day a feb Good Friday play Knox a Grant a rots vac a hot Btl i Tahr. Recap Eddie Swarthout �?3 45�? a fit moving scoria Raj a orphan Annie skit Knox Boake Carter news Keca news reports six p. M. A fit acne it pc Glenn skit Kmic 40 legion Var. Kehew news reports Raj a Jack Armstrong a feb news reports Knox a Hollyw a hotel i or. A fact Niwart reports 6 10. Bert but or Worth Kecan string Trio Tahr. �?6 15�? Kfir Cowboy review Kehew Blue room music Raj a phantom Pilot a feb resort reporter a fact aunt sue s Story �?6 30�?o mtr pension plan Tahr Fri spelling Bee Var. Kehew on Banu Wagon Khz sports reporter a feb exile Talent Tahr. Fac Unity viewpoint Recap so. Harmony four �?6 45�? Kehe magic Island Khz a news reports a fact Gino 8everl Orch. Kecan govern my to service seven f. M. Pm try musical Tahr. Or. Or a. Or a fit first Nighter Tahr. Kehe Clifford Clinton Khz symphony Tahr. A feb lets go places Knox son shop Tahr. Fac Jimmy Allen serial Kucay Paul Martin Tahr �?7 15�? Kehew strolling Tom Kew by talk on Tennis fac fishing fact �?7 30�? mtr recordings i a fit Jimmie Feldler Kehe Melody shop Khz Lone Ranger to a feb Bay Meadow a fact a. A. Playground Kucay oratorio Tahr. �?7 45�? a fit Dorothy Thompson Kehe news reports Knox american View pm its fac Wayside Friend eight f. Lit. A fit Amos a no Andy Kehe lets dance Khz a Dick Tracy serial a feb labor Council talk Knox a Scattergood Baines a fact record in a Kucay oratorio Tahr. �?�8 15�? a fit Uncle Xisra program Kehe Broadway melodies Khz news presents or a a feb Musl Cai program Knox a Luton so Abner serial a fact baseball i to hrs. T a pm try Springhill Bugl a fit Hancock air reel Kehbel close ups Erwin Khz a composers Tahr Kew by Tine Story Tahr. Knox a a. Whiteman Tahr. Kecan vocal varieties �?8 45�? mtr aviation talk Fri Ruby Newman band Kehew Claude sweeten Kucay Ruby Newman by. Nine p. M. Pm try sol Brights band a fit the circus Tahr. Kehew Ted Flo Alto band Khz a news reports Kew by Public open a a Tahr Knox a Arthur Godfrey Keca recordings mtr recordings Kehe musical program Khz Toast of Tbs town Knox a Rad norv0s band Reca March of Progress i 30�? mtr Montoya by u or Fri Tim do Iran to w Kmic night letter Kehnt St. Bright i or. Kew by news report Knox a sports revue Reca Dick Stabile Tahr. A a 45�? Kmic Newa rep to Tahr Khz a oratorio i or. Kew by cd h service i or Knox a Ted Flo Alto band ten p. M. Mtr recordings Fri. Knox a news reports Reca recordings i or. �?10 15�? pm try qua 6c Jim sketch a fit old Lnu the Range Kmic Koel off pro Tahr. Knox on the air Tahr. A fact be Hite band �?10 30�? pm try Montoya by. Tahr Fri terrible Meek i or. Kehew Lea Parker Tahr. A fact Frank sort no Tahr �?10 45�? Khz Isham Jones band Kew by musical Tahr. Knox Harry Owen s band eleven f. M. Pm try sol Bright s band Kehew news report Khz a Jan Narberta or. Knox a Bob Young Tahr. Fac records All night Kecan Organ off 12-7 �?11 15�? pm try records off 1j-5 Kehew Geo. Redman Tahr Kew by Don Rudolfo Tahr �?11 30�? Khz Skinny Ennis Tahr. Knox a Joe Sanders to or. �?11 45�? Kehew serenade off 12-8 a feb news off 12-6 30 Midnight Khz a records off 1-6 Knox a Newe by. 12 45-6 Best bets a rite air tonight 6 60-7 00�?knx, Hollywood hotel a Gary Cooper Sigrid Gurie and Basil Rathbone in a adventures of Marco Polo 6 30-7 00�?Keca, spelling Bee a a pilots and stewardesses tackle the big ones. 7 00-7 30�?rfi, first Nighter a the third Day a starring Les Tremayne and Barbara Luddy. 7 45-8 00�?rfi, Dorothy Thompson a a a a a people in the news 8 30-9 00�?knx, Paul Whiteman a show a. Art Shaw clarinet St his Trio and Joan Edwards guests. 9 30-10 00�?rfi, Tim a Irene a a with George Olsen so music of tomorrow Good Friday specials 7 30-8 30�?Reca, Noble Cain a Cappella choir. 8 by i l Joreca Phoenix High school oratorio 9 30-10 0�?Kehe, St. Brigid a mixed choir 9 tt-19 45�?kh a Loa Angeles civic chorus 9 vr>-l5 it a a feb lutheran Church of Hollywood 10 to Midnight Rel a the terrible Meek sports 8 15-10 00�?kfac, Pacific coast baseball league game is. Los Angeles Wrigley Field. Shortwave 6 20�?gsd 11.75 me Glondon a Good Friday a a play in verse. Specials tomorrow 10 00�?rfi, congressional children a parly pre easter party at Wallington d. C. 2 45�?Keca, metropolitan opera a tristan amp Isolde starring Kirsten Flagstad is Lauritz Mek Hoir. 11 15�?knx, Prague Czechoslovakia talks in English by edouard Benes president and Alice Masaryk daughter of late czech Leader. 12 15�?rfi, Wright Brothers workshop dedication 2 30�?knx, Peoples lobby tax is Bond discussion. 4 30-5 00�?knx, Columbia workshop drama a the Fisherman and his soul by Oscar wide. 9 15 10 10 11 00 noon 2 00 sports 12 45-1 30�?rfi, heavyweight boxing bout Max Schmeling is. Steve Dudas from Hamburg Germany. 1 15-1 45�?knx, Pau Monok Handicap Ryan Field reports on opening Day at Jamaica. 2 10-5 00�?kfac, Pacific coast baseball league game Seattle is. Los Angeles Wrigley Field.-2 15.4 00�?kfwb, track a Field meet California a. Washington at Berkeley. 4 30-5 00�?rfi, California Washington Crew race description direct from Seattle a Lake Washington. Shortwave 3 00 p. 9.12 me Budapest Coronation Church choir of Buda. Floor coverings of every Type from the matting used in South sea Island dwellings to the most exp a Sive rugs from looms of famous weavers will be shown at the 1939 world s fair of the West. 5meeth- to you kno in but yes not i who ave sent your Prien to Marrakesh huh Why How o youse git that Waye youse give Quot the order. Of ass Quot Mon Amk i a aint but i Only carry Gittin soft by Ham Fisher of t be Ordaz re of my superiors i am sorry i a to to Eek Are a be cuz a took a Licking i Tho t youse was a Tough Smeeth i am. But thees yes it a Arpan dangerous life. My duty yes my ave to control be toughest group in be world. Amp Don t worry i won t Tell no buddy i licked a. I Don t squeal. A v3 c us it May i shake you hand an thank you Smeeth a Ferg h it you f one acc r \ r i a tomorrow six a. At. Kebe music clock 2 or. Khz a Rise h Solnit la hrs. Knox a Sun Salute i Tahr. �?8 30�? Kew by timekeeper la hrs seven its. A fit Happy Ray Tahr. A fact cowboys i or. Kecan air sweetheart �?7 15�? Kecan Vienna ens ble Tahr -7 30�?. Kew by news report Knox a news reports Kecan child grows up �?7 45�? a fit Church Quarter or. Khz a news report Kew by time keeper knx�?unannounced1 Kucay swing serenade eight a. M. Kris Florence Hale talk Kehew new report Tahr Khz a tall Corn time Tahr Kew by happiness Tahr. Knox a Cincinnati pro. I or a fact country Chi hta or. Kecan Vaughn de Leath �?8 15�? a fit news report Recap minute men Gate. �?8 30�? a fit american youth Tahr Khz a a in band Tahr. A fact i Randy skit Tahr Kecan our barn Tahr one a. M. Fri music Sperty pro. Khz a Board of education Knox a Federal housing a fact meditation to Kecan Call to youth -9 18�? Kif children s pm to to Kra a wonderful world Knox a Romany Trail Reca report 9 Kius by it White 8tudy j a of Erp cat n by. Or Knox a fed. Women club Kecan farm amp Home i or �?9 45�? Khz a unannounced Kew by news reports Knox a Leo. Hall band ten a. Lit. A fit medical association Khz a meet Mutual friends Kew by radio Guild Var. Knox a Monitor children �?10 15�? a fit the creation Knox a sky microphone Knox a Golden melodies �?10 30�? a fit land Mcintyre Tahr. Khz a Upsala College Var. Knox a Buffalo pests i or Kew by or. Broadcast Tahr Kecan news music 10 40 �?10 45�? Kehew or. Bird club Tahr. A fact congregate Church Keca 10 40 a opera 2 45 eleven a. M. A fit everyone music Tah Khz a Benay Venuta i or. Knox a pre. Benes Prague a fact Street Man Tahr. Ill 15�? pc Hka Hollywood or. Knox a motor melodies Tahr �?11 30�? in fit Campus caper Tahr a bib juvenile revue Tab a fact a. A. Medical is or �?11 45�? Knox a dedication Tahr. Noon a Ftp dedication program news report �4 by Khz Palace Var to i or. Kew by news to minute �?12 15�? a fit Golden melodies Knox a Oriental orchestra -12 30-kfi�?swlngology band Kehew Jack Owens Tahr Knox a la to St urges Ithra �?12 45�? a fit boxing bouts Tahr. One p in. Khz a unannounced Kew by workshop Knox a of i report �?1 15�? Khz a rambler to h Knox a jangle inc a fit top hatters his top he Kehew Organ one i in fact of. Borti no to Khz Nanno unload Ikno a All year club i to to p. P. In fit great my i i Khz a Pancho or Knox a people Lobb fac 2 10 a baseball i a Filiti j Kew by Tyack my it 1 Kehe Geo. Bedman no a Wui most a a go Abc a unannounced i them p. Of. A a fit the living cd Ike he new report concert Rembis Khz Jam h Jive to Ikno a new of the 0 Job can newsman i Kwh Roux p. Ii he la. A rec his a must Joe can Israel Khz Khz a it Knox a a ads cot Tofin
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