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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - April 14, 1937, Arcadia, California Home edition vol. Vii. No. 90 tribunal twists a oui of the a he too t Gold to Church oho Creal face set too a City asleep j id before Dawn. On the morning of april in Law it Ems no different from any o her to Iling nut is destined to he our Long Rem inhere in California. 1 jail before Dawn and thru. Tid Denly the Earth Arches. There is in jarring Jolt hat All but flings Teeple pm their bids. For Many a voids Hie reek lug motion Continuer. Shaking Down buildings split Ting the streets then All is quiet. Arum then Hie bedlam of a populace to air of truck by catastrophe. It his we a thirty one years later cd timers Are telling stories about lie san Francisco earthquake about i tile fire to line followed about the1 refugees with their hrs in the Parks about the anxious hour tile a Ion spent waiting full reports of the disaster hut that is not All they leu. They of cell too about a City rising again on or he ashes of destruction a Wii the Pluck and vigor of a peo pee siting out to a Biilly their lost Horn and last fortunes to quickly did the City Rifle out of the cml is scarcely yet cold that Lite world was astonished. The a a it of the nation having thought fear of new earthquake would Ca lire people to trave the state was letting one of it Early lesson about the courage and spirit of these Evret merry it was the a Perl that has since i Init California and isl building now of h greater Cal it a of the future. I rack Yard mixers the methodist Church of Jack i Onville Oregon built in 1853 and said to be tile oldest protestant Church wait of the Rocky mountains Liny he razed to make Way another of this town s famous1 Quot Backy tip mine. I Muring the oppression almost cv-1 Orv resident of the of rend oldest City in Oregon sunk j a has Yara Quot Ltd went into fold mining on a Small scale. a a Lay world a a a Rifle department head Confer As pay working Over territory that had Beth combed 5a year before ii has 1 been eve mated that More than of Douay in bpm inlets rests it Utec unexploited spots Hijack Moville. That of Chr Moreh of i court Hin t t re a it n the no in re Doug fare. Tote county court is rejected hundreds of applications to mine the eau thou ground. The Church refuel mining rights and the City Council has vigorous protested All drag a 111111 a , the a main the f,r5h Cut it k bid pm through the town. Palsy and Jackson Ann Rry p3a�er Goidz t2le Church and the courthouse Are near these c Lack Beds. But their grounds Are a1 yet uncorked and a mystery Asfa As the yellow Metal known. Arcadia California wednesday april 14, 1937 Airliner poised Start of new transcontinental program �?w.-. Of a. To we a a. Single copy so rotary head no Chi i ii reorganization of association finds a. N. Multer at head j of once Active group Johns to be Secretary membership gathering to be Sta cd monday seek to 1 develop West Side after Sevil the Arcadia on tuesday 0 Cam d a Al in nth of dormancy West Side association night swung Back int it Vita a to meet ing held Gillette to elected president of group at directors meeting on tuesday succeeds Earl Kingston Ferrante named As vice president Barnes Secretary of local chapter in Bob Touchon a tire and Batten i shop on s. Baldwin Avenue j a n. Multer former mayor of tin of Arcadia and one of the i Southland s i siding Subdivider Wasey or Ted Rind at by the group of of a Cadie merchants and cd ids at ending the opening is i m i j. Victor Covell was the first presid at of the organization at its Ini i d forming about a year age liar i o d Johns was retained As Secretary i tin land i s. I. Gillette Well know n Ai Catlin businessman who on i ims Futy was elected president of the Arcadia Rotan club the ensuing year succeeding Earl King ton in this capacity. S. I . United press news flashes United airlines reveal new a extras Are plane setup in transcontinental schedules Lynching stirs do Ive Washington. April 14 up it a 1,1 r cd it will be named i Lynching of two negroes by to mts.s-,v committees Cho n at the f i Grippi mob today placed new in unit a air Linos today annoy my d the nations first a a extra fare plane. A Cannonball Cost to coast service firm los Angeles direct o new Content is pending problem diseased in session dip unit Heads of the City government. And members of the City Council on tuesday night met informally in the chamber of com a Mcree offices of the City Hall to Dis j cuss pending problems confronting Arcadia at the 1030-37 fiscal year draws to a doff and the new fiscal j a opening near Tho. It present included mayor Grant Corby. Councilmen James r grif flits c. C hoi i Man. A. L. Daniels and Lewis t. Mclean City Engineer Glenn Watson water superintend it Scott Lee and City attorney William r. Elam. With Only three inter Diat at Saif Lake City will be afforded. I his i made possible by a pooling of equipment with Western air flip Ess. Which flies he Boulder dam an continue j sector of this oldest t till route. Thus the first time Western air express planes will Fly ail the 1 to k of Fen Ive May to. With introduce the Over the mid continent Airway i nil a 2?1,a.1. A Quot a Rey to not York and in reduce ii a in this speedy new scan run. Is to Tho cast a new name eve the Tkv ,lowl1 in 15 hours and 20 min ways. There will he United w Lites fastest Lime in company his Lake City however. A ,. Conv it by United sky lounges will a by a nil in u version of the 1037 be flown through to los Angeles Airliner especially designed by with we pm air express Crews United tile sky lounge provides j from Salt Lake City West in a of the association i Petus behind the drive House i in or monday night. April 19. Approval of the Gavagan Bui Mak a toe Holly Avenue school. At this my Lynching a Federal crime also will the association mop i rep. Joseph Gavagan a. N y a twill never Stop building booms a to been known to com to some towns flare a we find then pass on. But Here in Arcadia a Boom which in got underway in flying fashion in 1 Ltd y Ping . Included among lie items discussed were i. Subdivisions planned further in addition to those already flourishing Here. 2 zoning As regards to the tentative report Given to the Council by 134 i 1111 flourishing. It will never and from current us Hie "ll1 a a bul Dlf Book Al the City Hall they Are right. A was i Vonmoy pointed oui in a suited objective program the chamber of Commerce that area pm is primarily a City f,0,m,s a Continuer on fag 4, i 3. Ordinances which Are now under consideration to bring the City s rulings up to Dale and in Accord it the the county s regulations in various matters Van Guys runaway Abandons car Here report says Jim Rax pm a a Quot you know How we american ire always try a to outdo each of her Well. R saw night that somebody better a a top before its too amp e. The Good wife and myself was looking a picture show to visit Tho first three we come to would t be approached. Big crowds was gathered round the doors and packed by the Road hoping Carrolll it win a Fortune with a in Civ number. To the missus was kind of disappointed that we get in to see a show but i to a Lur i says a Don t leave it worry you. It wont be Long before they raffle off the theater and when Gnu win you on run it your own your copyright 1987, by Sunset features i chirp the cars with Arcadia j officers in hot Pursuit after a Chase through Arcadia and Monrovia Early this morning Theodore Valdez. 14-year-old Van Guys youth was the j object of search today by county i agents. The boy. Who d Ove off from Van nays with his Mother s car sans her permission was spotted Here at 1 33 a. In. Today driving in speedy fashion put Huntington drive. The Chase extended along Huntington to Myrtle a avionic by Monrovia South on i Myrtle to Duarte Road and then Back on Duarte Road one Block where the automobile was abandoned Hovel spaciousness and Comfort through in ablation of Only 14 revolving Loung Type scats in a 2\ passenger Interior. Extra fare on these new planes is to compensate the 20 per cent i eduction of payload thus necessity cd. Surcharge the. Los Angeles or Yolk flight will be $4. According to Homer j. Merchant District t Aff in Here. By agreement with other lines. There also will be a surcharge uni eds forthcoming Sleeper plane service in june. Standard rates however will be in effect Cross country Douglas 21-passenger planes and the numerous boing inter City flights. The the intermediate stops on la sky lounge schedule will be Salt Lake City. Choy Ane Anc Chicago. The 800-mile Chicago new York flight will be non Stop. Direct service East from Union air terminal without change of plan report March disclosed in bulletin from county and local officers submitted to the City Council mint y in or. J. I. Pomeroy county health officer and dry m. Furst a Nan City Otlie Ial. The following remix of the work done by the health department in Arcadia the fat a Quot Quot i month of March was Rev aloud Tim Fin Thor standardization of service j week Uin familiar Indian head of Western i communicable diseases Scarlet All is retire incorporated j fever 2 influenza. I Mon la i Chicken pox. Nit its program of objectives include re in the tuesday night round table a so lesion s u i j cots were i. The Junior High school situation which in some quarters foal is held that the institution maybe lost .0 Arcadia and the oui High school in Monrovia located on Ivy Veim. Be made into he Junior High of this Monrovia Arcadia j Duarte area. It was pointed out that i the assessed valuation of Acadia a is quoted at 87.000,000 i ii the com j bind Monrovia and Duarte valuation in the neighbourhood of $7,200,-000, if was also explained that All continued Oil a a age 41 Ponsor of the measure predicted that it would the House by a two to one vote despite opposition from More than a Hundred Southern democrats. Espee on strike san Francisco apr. 14 Nuoi filers of tie brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and the brotherhood of locomotive firemen and in linemen announced today a strike of 8,500 workers in the Pacific division of the Sou hem Pacific will to 3 ill it to is a he new president of the Arcadia Rotain club at ii meeting of the newly elected i directors of the unit h id tuesday j afternoon in the offices of William i Bill Hoffed z on foothill Boule i Vard Gillette was selected to succeed Kingston As head of the j organization Here. J Robert Ferrante was elected vice a president with Kenneth Barnes be Jing regained As acc retire and Wal the Mcfarland As treasurer the i balance of the Board of directors will be composed of Gordon he or or Hoffeditz and Kingston. Gillette has been very Active in the activities of the local club editor ill chief of the organizations n. A paper Quot when it was launched As a weekly feature former owner manager of the Arcadia theatre. Gillette on or about May i will open an up to Date Slier store on Huntington drive. The officers of the rotary club will be Dull installed into their Posi of Lions at the july 2 meeting of Tho Arcadia unit according to announcement made by president Kingston. This is in Accord with the general custom followed by Queen City group. The into Eft it Friday a 6 a. In. Total number of Testa i a a it. -. , a Lobar Norn into a new design corresponding to1 he present United insignia. Although an hour and 15 min i utes will be Cut f of present schedules. This primarily is due to elimination of Steps. Much faster flights Are possible with the new Douglas equipment Merchan said. But United carefully has avoided cutting competitor time to Avert a threatened a Speed the company feels that his conservative schedule will be to Best interests of Tho travelling Public lie explained. A concluded merchant this vastly improved service Santa Paula group on in dec coupled with the $10 coat j Tjon Jour visit jail All lines sched to la to a Tot runs 304. total number of in a. Of ions made 141 abatement 32. Public health nursing total number of Home Calls 32. Immunizations smallpox 3 diphtheria. 6 clinic number held 2 attendance 30 new cases. 3. Vita statistics births White male i deaths White male 2 finale 3. Taro reduction Over Fulcd May i undoubtedly will r Boom passenger mail and express volume Over the United mid Contin Cut route to a new High Peak ins initial Bathhouse in county was constructed by or. Macy Pioneer settler of Al Monte in this showers hug to age of Bath . Here teas erected a Low turkish Baths and tiled spreading building to open House sessions planned in Arcadia City schools commemorating the 18th annual a Public schools wet the Arcadia City schools will hold open Home at Holly Avenue school april -7 and at first Avenue school april 30 Between the hours 7 and 9 p. Rn., the local comm tee announced this we k. J tile purpose is to acquaint the i Public with the work being done by the children in the schools and to Jim offer parents an Opportunity to see he Progress of their children in school work swimming pools in the rear of the Hemes of the movie Star and other landed is in los Angeles county it is interesting to recall the establishment of the first Bathhouse in tile los Angeles Pueblo an innovation which a traded custom is j from All Over the county area. J history of the old Bathhouse has i Bren unearthed by the Federal j writers project spa in the course j of Resea cd work the los an poles county guide. The Story was j released today by Hugh Harlan. Us i i pc visor it was in 1850 that the famous or j shed Macy who had much to do j with or founding of Al it sed the Plains from Indiana j j with his we and child. Or Macy was Bon on Nantucket Island. Ile made his Home in a Small House on the nor invest Corner of los auge i and commercial streets. In 1852 lie bought the famous Bella Union hotel now the St. Charles. 314 North main Street. Later. Or. Macy with an Eye to the business possibilities of bathing. Bought a site on the Ganja Madre or the main water ditch at North main and what later became Macy sen As a j Bathhouse. The water used was Tak-1 in Tom the Ganja or ditch by Iii ans j of a Large waiter wheel. Just what j became of the War after it was i n cd old records do not make Clear though it is probable much of if j continued on Faire 3 i humane society report made i by officer Jones cute through the Southland on an inspection tour of various City jail buildings. Santa Paula councilmen on tuesday were Iii Arcadia to give Tho local police station and cell a i Ang Nien the a once Over Quot a Santa Paula it. Is under food is cd item plating the construction of a it it Ponce unit Iii sometime during the next fiscal year Star ing july i. Has Arcadia building permit hits $88,275 in first twelve Days of month bolstered by four permits of $10,- �?�00 and to e. The construction Pace in the City of Arcadia which has been moving at a fast clip almost three full years ii re thus this month has reached $88.27-% a Check of the first 12 Days of the month made a the City Hall on tuesday disclosed. April is assured of passing he $100,000.00 a k. According to word Given a h City Hall. The following permits have been granted since the first of the month a. S. Stueve 433 Camino real add to Wash House. $100 h. J Murphy Tor Joseph Franco 270 gaming Mal. Erect dwelling and garage $5300 ii a. Reynolds 471 Leroy Avenue erect Chicken House $500 Charles Newe Graal. 1128 s purses outlined san Diego. Apr. 4 up a nine events with a top purse or $1,500 the inaugural Handicap will Mark the reopening of the tamed Agua Caliente turf club May 8. After a lapse of two years it was announced today. Dining the first six Days of racing the track just below tile mexican Border purses totalling $32,600 will b distributed among winners according to judge Ben Holmes racing Secretary the Gene no Nile Plant. Petitions circulated improvement of Street petitions Are boing circulated on three streets in the City of Arcadia improvement by paving according to reports reaching the City Hall this week. Laporte. Alta and Bonita Are the streets in question with the petition seeking paving from tha present 18-Fcot strip Down the Center to the curbs in both More than a dozen years these streets have b in curbed but Only can boast of an 18-foot paved strip in the Center. The petition is expected to be brought before the City Council at the next regular session. Seek Relief Madrid. Apr. 14 up a the 37th and 38th International brigades a. A not loyalist forces and composed of French and polish volunteers turned Back All attempts to relieve 10,000 insurgents isolated in University City today the nationalists tailed to res Tabish food. After and in uni. Loft Supply fines to the isolated who have been Cut off tour Days. Iii win suicide j Niagara . Apr. 14 up police announced today they were i investigating the possibility that a Man who leaped to his death from i the lower Arch Bridge Over the Nia i Gara River yesterday was Robert j Irwin sought in the Gideon Niue a in new York City. C. J Rry Jones humane officer to j the Arcadia humane society of tuesday afternoon turned in the following report the month of match 9 to april 12 Anima is handled dogs. 25. To placed in Homes and three return d i it a Quot users cats 37. All destroyed miscellaneous Calls. 14 cruelty com a plaints 4 biting cases two invest i gated and dogs found healthy cats in Light in traps Tor killing chickens. 2 dead animals picked up out of it it. 13. Dogs 6, cals 7 complaint on horses at Large. 2. With owner located and animals claimed stray oat one turned Over to owner. La dog i ice in. S collected totalled 429.50, with four stray canines pick of up from Sierra Madre. Tuesday ing of Arm t elation i thursday ing o. E s. April la Din legion building Region Hall. 8 j. M. Dwelling and garage. $2000. E. A Hobbs. 28 Palm drive and j and repair dwelling $500 a. C annual meet j Henneforth 1902 s. Six h Avenir supplements talk Washington apr. 14 i up i . Roosevelt supplemented ins j a pared address to the Board of j governors of the pan american Union today on he a tenth Ohser i mrs. Florence j Aace of pan american Day with sixth Avenue. It act j Longly worded pledge of i Omen As april 1,5 regular meet at masonic Temple. Thursday april Lorf Weck of tin club City thursday meeting of Derby Lav Arcadia Townsend i Fie is. Erect summer House $100 e a d Ani Ell Charles Gilbert 1130 Rodeo Road erect dwelling and garage. $15,000 Paul a. Healy e a i a Fla mine 36, 38. 40 e Huntington drive Aiter store front. $800 c. P Cassady Harvey Lee 78 i re resident t an Bella Seal procedure the i Nir d press Leal cd. The p i remained standing after Bis formal speech made j microphones had been a Trad Mark t liquor dealers have t on Tention coun j in Missouri with abstention j from All rum of every Grad j they alow How be stuff is made it i i vol auditorium 8p april or. Lunch Arcadia Lions club n. Dive Lins $7500 will cumin and arse a one tiding sure that deadened j to Sci 111011 launched into an informal Cli the record statement on amen 1 can Good Faith. I i onus s Hay ers he told the h i v j u d g e h to g h e s make birthday gift to the nation in a shift o left which Gay is Stamps the la to act o k hey n thin my int Day. April la Lune Boon Ting of tile Arcadia Den of Lions Quot National be Derby tavern Friday. April 18�?luncheon-meeting of Arcadia rotary club. Woman clubhouse. Friday. April 16 is meeting of v f w Ain of m s Rossie Stewar luncheon. In Brandt m. Hewitt Jav real Avenue erect div. A i ing and garage $5200 c p Ca Arr. For Kaim n Milady. 276 Hacienda drive erect dwelling and Garag $18,200 Owen t John r t Ryan 1215 Rodeo Road erect dwelling and garage $16,000 l f Shepard d j Boggio 300 Naoni Avenue erect dwelling and garage. $6000 h. E Harwood 34 e. Huntington drive repair roof. $75. T f Plummer. 205 w. Orange Grove been mad diplomats tried of. T 1 uis if the work . Too of Al court d i. Ion cuts to ii ways c of it says Uncle Sams t which be he Vav Drof oot Arcadia Community Church re cords a a accepted cum i Rooseve i r3 Evv la i club Avenue erect dwelling garage Ary. Horn ants quarters and guest non pot Luck too ii s Hegg 610 s. F St erect store building $1000 $10. Enue. A the it in Unity it i vhf a h i among to Jai of the tic i a no do Iii pastor a til it to the a our Ermina e few p. Selv Ordina to y or. This Arcadia con april i we i dig the approx without Exoe a n Milo i i Book Bird j says that hooey j and. Of course j to a v in by in at f Aine a in i i i s is Kne at u it Gens lie House n r is no word hrs i soy ifs Phon la and to arters to prop it Mfd my. We be Loci in 01 n it it Uuttu i 11 r Aimee wore a under. I pm i exiting j ii where Armor e Channer warm k in o
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