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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - April 6, 1937, Arcadia, California Liras Philipi a ish a we you Jot yourself Quot it j that Chester Fields a that they have a taste and Aroma Are Milder. More pleasing Quot Fotr i it i limn is Page thre Arcadia California tuesday Pili a r9j7 tit Arcadia Moebest is j Cris foods acclaimed at top of list Label is sure siem of goodness report Hev i Ait. Al tile Bridge Ableen us Siree Ner where written men the approaching Tribune a la Lei no school is the subject of in discussion i in Elloui will on held tomorrow Ahu Day and not d a i loner my i a Home in Arr huh in in Dei to heroine an expert Iii a ii it inn fund. For the table ? rile an wer is Many years unless she is Wise and take the shortcut which Modem food parkers have provided for Lier the study is u Long and Ted Ioir one Nib re Lar and mini even when mastered Dot provide a Means for ass urls May in the City Hall auditorium Choice f vegetables and fruit y1, Home in Felt ement will this All May a v by involved a of the new Cooke no unt Vou up it it a mum in and �?�11v to Szmoll consider. Nature i a very Bounty y meal preparation and Many Fine he lady in some of the Fawn d Dis Elt Pes will be Given at the sessions trusts of this country in others she Ach of which will be diner it and is rust As stingy in no part of a que. In ruin a. I the country h Uit. K of u a mis., Nancy Baker Elynir Ming and capable homemaking expert will puss i do at the school Bhe will de in on is rate the time living and dec Ruom Chi phases of dec lie cookery is she prepares the tempting dishes before the audience an electric lunge in her opinion is a maces i Liv part of i modern w 11-planned life Lien an electric Range makes humor culinary wonders everyday or Pirren Ces a miss Baker declares a a. Cards Rarebit icings and other former double boiler foods. Arc looked on the surface unit of an i pc talc Range in an Ordinary pan. Vegetables May be steamed in the pm manner cake baking is in-1 lined against failure because of the i to draft oven. Entire meals Are rated in the oven while the House-1 it in is far the electric Range and other Piip ment on the looking school age will be the latest Typo and housewives Are invited to remain flee adjournment to inspect these Hie electrical Kitchen accessories mini ship and color yet their flavor is not i nip lug their juice May be Flat or even bitter. I Here Are be Tain sections of America which produce much liner Corn than others some pails of die country Are not re for extra Sweet j and tender Pas. Still others grow the kind of tender Flavory string j bean which fairly melt in the Mouth i Al flies various Iret ions must a known before anyone eau Quail j Ivas an exp it in food buying. And s not All in addition the expert buyer the really Fine expert 1 must know just the season of the i year when the crop has reached that Fine development wich assures Hie Peak of size flavor and tenderness. And min consider this Point too suppose you have found out the various Dei riels and the various Dales outlined above it is practically Impo i ibo a for any one individual to be in All these sections at i i tie r is a1 i he Marl of time i be i be a Ltd now. H r into the i the Paim ular Are no Only d have div of d a out just whet be. I and tart in i cd and packed a i to a mire von of Quot i he a i of of never satisfied with substitute for la. A Quality. More than that Hay to accept inferior q cause they Are constant the with All elections of it and know when a crop is place i Hall a Nolle i fiord Poi i haste i it the count y Ai or in. J a so i a i All i to do in foe i expert j Label both i pie in y and i line and t1 fort i is remember on of hundreds it i and dates is Titbit. R i found too. That i in affects Mio it Ltd Fie. I Ess mein one Perron will a a Fly vhf never fruits Vegi Der thai a a 11 habit wife and Moth the Sale or he ii a Coop Quot m a classes suitcase reported Slon Arcadia police to in Virginia for was Tor of tit pain i i it Lair i ook try inn Tut Nim ii Man indulge of i freshly a Ihra seats a comely pie Lorn homemakers n in untrue to life of in electric Range haunt brought bread making up to a i. Simplified it shut it can Point hot liquid and it or i liquid should be big we. N used dissolve yeast in 6 Tablespoons water wit sugar. Divide the flour into thirds reserving i or 2 cups. Pour Cool liquid into mixer bowl. Add of flout and a it minute i h the mixer on Fugh Speed. Add 1more of flour and beat 5 minutes. Tin n pro 275 sign up for movie Calls Here a incr fractures vertebrae in fall from Scaffo d complaint is issued Folio Wing $100.00 theft in Home y Peak of they do not Quality by by in touch aunt y j or one j then then pro thit Section of buy la crop Tor i a i a f menu n and Iven Nii Elt. Nil i signed up on monday of a r t ails Flat a extras in motion pie turns planned for ibis City in the in it Lushire at f ording to a Rel t made by Robert f. Sheehan president it i the it of in inn 11 i no Muli was on Al ii v of the it i Nibi s ill the City Hall All , a into had to turn Down several Monrovia is who sought to Register. Dull a1 Ltd Ilia us will be taken on the ii to a it of thug to the present plans. Cd Dixie a i Haines Ere expected to t Tii m. Tee this afternoon. Mean wit ill i radians Are on i a a Alit ii with David i new pro dts Home Ito the Santa Anita Rani ii 1 raft ii d in which i i Holly Aye i lob Fred Horning. A to Bra ton. Pasadena i fief fit a r a nip loft i or hit of Hie nth Dor,a1 vertebral according to or. F Vav Filiti r of Arcadia who treated the to Leer i log a hire Moval to fit the Painter fell of fee a it f a ground and w ill be Laid up rot to Rad we is. Ail White foyer planned for Arcadia theatre the gtd i in pm t ii a j stip Povi Impf Mal ice owner Bob fir Oil Hie of the a theater Beltie it painted White throughout new display panel Are Alo Quot mar hic to theatre up owl an flounced. A Quot a try Iris Corn easy time Sui ing More Ahorro baseball a continual from Pant i pompeian Olive Oil lauded Iii school Cia uses Here i a reliant. The Box so ore1 Bill a super service a r h o a e Jour 2b. .5 0 i 5 3 0 Mouldin is .3 i 2 2 it i a Kafirs la. ----4 2 i la i 0 i a an self of p. As 4 n 2 i i a him of i 0 0 0 n i wanning 3b 1 0 i 3 0 a nil i ton. If 3 0 i i 0 i Lildon of. I i 0 i 0 0 lorry Colby per. 3a 0 i 0 1 4 n 2 a 0 i rho nip Ain of. J n i n 0 0 33 3 7 24 12 3 i i Arcadia merc Hants i j a r ii o a Al Kohler 3b a 0 i i i i 1 biome of. .4 a 2 0 0 Pas Way is ____3 2 i 0 i n Krev Urlo re a 1 i 3 0 to 1 Fud flon la ____4 1 i i 0 0 i bore of. 3 2 i i i i i 1 i 7uke, 3b a. 4 1 2 1 i i a Urcell c.3 0 i 9 2 o1 Telch i 0 0 0 0 n Smith j 9 i i 0 i 0 i the first pressing produces Only 25 per cent of an olives Oil hut the ii i j i a it All that is Good enough to be old 1 under i lie pompeian Label j pompeian is pure and in a of to 11? r ated and to you mat As it mows from the olives. Ii is being 1 enc Al or a h of will ii i demonstrated in Tho cooking school another on lbs week it Clais on Friday sinc pompeian has been award-1 a inc Cucut of the medals in International by Wiuf has i i Competition. Pompeian also bears ii with great plea a in Rood Tilousi keeping heal of apr h Enk intr m dui if naval 1,1 is recommended by Morel Miep flute in an. Mum Hodo american physician kit Chou and medical a e bit and is coming Bael into popularity due to la a b Elli Rune method of hulling it to perfect loaves of bread retd at slow Speed mixing the a re no est not fast 1 3 of flour. Knead the last cups to make from Start to of flour into Tho dough. Mold using a pulling motion until bread looks does no to it smooth. About to minutes Viil give he kind of eight texture. Shape into three very time loaves divided or single As desired whether the homemaker is an expo Price in greased bread pans fenced Cook or a _ a. In cold oven inc first trick in this new Moth a i r. Of of bread making is the use of a Ihnn Allacc y01 loaves of bread the electric mixer. This takes All f to Quot a Quot a Ven ,8wltch the Drudgery out of bread mixing of for exactly one minute. Set the. Automatic temperature control to with Pride that take bake by finish. Seems miraculous w. La it is. Flu it s Miracle that works Tor a Linal a an achoo i a i in re. Card Ted nil Boyrs league of High school to stage a slag a Patty tumbling 1., d by he gym class of Muir tech High school of Pasadena tomorrow night in Mio loan Hieb so Lodi a Judito him will Lea Mue Mio party being staged under the auspices of in Agu a other 1.1louted performers have been secured to furnish he enter of a a if up min Aff or the admission is free to All High school boys bringing adults with them. Job printing. Of Lur nor Jow friers no j but nil i the Arad a Tribune in Ming it just As easy As mixing cake. Here arc the ingredients by Rad a ups milk t Tablespoons 2 Cit a water warm water 11 a Tablespoon Salt 1 Tablespoons shortening 4 Tablespoons sugar bring milk and water to boiling Point on surface unit of elect in Range Swift bed to High. Remove from unit and add Salt and fat to 4 it compressed yeast i a 14 ups general purpose flour 400. Turn switch for baking and set the automatic timer or chefs Tain to in heat on 30 minutes Bier and to turn heat off i hour from time heat is turned on. The 30 minutes interval before the heat is turned on permits the bread to Rise without requiring any attention. During this interval the temperature in tile electric oven makes an Ideal proofing boxy not too hot not too cold. That Sall there is to it. Simple int it three evenly browned loaves of bread waiting to or taken from the oven what a flavoursome treat for the family notice the family 5 appetites respond its not magic it s merely that Fps pro duds Are much More tempting much More is True of each one of the More than 200 fruits vegetables and seafood. The Iris Label Means extra care in picking and packing. I Baths Why when you buy you can be sure of Rich dividends you can to measure in dollars and cents mend Iris House party june in Khi 2 p m on tuesdays or come Cis our Doest to the Palomar 3rd and Vermont. Tickets at Yoni Iris a rocket read the Tribune a want ads Iris Fine foods try Iri coff vacuum packed in o i a s s jars 32 Roll 27 ii i score by innings in a its service 201 too a too 3 Vic lits 302 -010 too 7 Ute a Dia ooo�?20g�?02x log it hits Ooi 303�?13x�?ll summary innings pitched by Reich 5, Smith Colby 7 2-3. Yan Pelt. 1-3. Cred doric. Thru pm two Barie hits ii Hyce hits Melder Coli Iii Stol i Fin base Molder Thorn a. My i Van Pell <2. Passed bail. cd. Struck out i Reich 5, Smith i Colby 3 bases on balls off Colby Van p la 3, Reich i Smith 3 i it Phe Hill. Why not for his wife ,. Jones is a practical Man. Lbs office is equipped Tor 1 or economical efficient handling of the Day s work. Atm on in i c re it i Lei c phone arrangements arc a pan of the Normal i Kuk la things it i in Longs Home there is Only out Telephone a Quot mension in the. Kitchen or in the bedroom or on the sen of no. Or a some other Point would pc. His wife time enc Rpy Arn wasteful Steps. I Las Fie never thought of to at ? a suggestion to or. Jones Why not Iii us up. Find How Little annus Tupts Extension telephones Cost and order that Extension for her now just Cal business office 1 cast Hun i i no ton Southern California t a Julf hone company Acadia m 1< St to . In \0qtit 4 Mug Toia cwt

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