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Appleton Post Crescent Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 4

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Appleton Post-Crescent (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Appleton, Wisconsin September the Post Crescent b 4 Only Matt Lincoln shows some Promise Neil Simon premises fail to get much empathy with Jingo by Jingo judging by Abc s four new series thursday night some other network will dominate that night s ratings. Only one of the shows demonstrated much Promise and even that series claimed it was strutting its finest the first time out. I liking. If Nib i Matt Lin Coin ., thursdays channels 11 9 Jingo understands tha this series did not begin with i first program. Also it is Sai that guest Star Patty Duk the wonder is that h took the Job in the first place it s a pity in a Way for Scoey and his fellow actors nisey Russell Thelma Carpenter Anc Tracy Reed Are Good in the series better by far than their material. Jingo Hopes something can be worked out so that the show will evolve and survive. Jingo caused a few headaches b walking off the set eight differ ent times. Yet it is reasoned her performance is so Strong the producers decided to Lea off with if All that is True Matt Lincoln is in trouble. From what we saw first night Jingo Felt the show has Promise but if that s Best Well. Granted miss Duke Acter fairly Well but the plot was unconvincingly melodramatic without the touch of reality needed in such a drama to create believability. The Story of an unwed Mother Uncertain whether to keep her child or Pul him up for adoption is not original in fact it is a Guaran teed emotion grabber. But the actors who Man the roles Here always seem just that and Vince Edwards in the title spot evokes no More empathy from viewers Here than he did when this series started As a two hour made for to movie called dial we were Happy to see though that the attention has been swung away from the phone Calls. Now they occupy Only a Small portion of the program. It appears we will see one major problem treated each s essentially a one joke Situa Ion. But if it can be done Randall and Klugman will do it. We know from the record of if Sheila is the Best Matt Lincoln has to offer it will be Short lived. It probably won t last Long in any event. With family Jim Nabors show and flip Wilson show As Competition the future looks grim. Barefoot in the Park ., thursday so channels 11-6 or in t Scoey Mitchell still employed As the Star of this sporadically amusing weekly comedy series the titles say yes the associated press no. At any rate from the evidence of thursday night s premiere on Abc to it s easy to understand Why the talented Scoey jihad a qualm or two about the development of the show s otherwise promising Story line. First of All the series purports to Deal with the experiences of a Young Black couple he s an attorney who lives in a one room apart the Odd couple ., thursdays channels 11-6 9 two excellent comedians Tony Randall and Jack Klug Man have been turned Loose on another Neil Simon premise one might almost Call the hour Between 8 and 9 On thursday the Neil Simon premises in this Recap of a former Broadway Success and hit movie. But some How or was Jingo simply not in the the whole affair just did t seem to jell. Klugman is Fine As the Messy Oscar and Randall is Well cast As the finicky Felix and there ought to be a lot of Good laughs coming out of the Dea of two such dissimilar divorced men living together it it simply in t very funny in his occasion. Maybe we veal seen it done before too Many Imes. There is after All Imit to the number of chuckles that can be derived from wha Chad Mcqueen 8, son of actor Steve Mcqueen Steps behind the wheel of his mini Ferrari at be mans France for a race of Young Drivers. The race was held on the same circuit where his father has Heen playing the role of a racing Driver in a film. The elder Mcqueen even took part in the 24-hour endurance race that help built the Fame of the French track. A wire photo heir past user. But men.? the immortal successes Are they they re super 9-10 Thursday channels if he most obnoxious new series the most ridiculous the if this lasts it the year Jingo will be surprised and disappointed. Lie premise is silly we find it difficult to put it in print. Quickly though Ben Richards played by Christopher George As an unusual blood Type hich makes him immortal. Those who receive this Lood in their veins will be mortal too. Don t ask ques on just Bear with us. And top laughing Ben also has a Rother. He does t know Broth r dear s whereabouts. Maybe the sibling has the super blood do. So Ben must find his Rother before they do. Also i aging tycoon with tired blood hot after Ben to enslave him and use his blood to stay alive. Oor Ben poor us. Television schedules Black and White shows in capital letters Wluke to Channel 11, Green Bay saturday Welk August fest sunday . Is the life of Hope Humbard of discovery of truth sunday Rodgers highlights reporter Valley Days Way to Channel 2, Green Bay saturday pm. Evening news impossible three sons Tyler Moore . Jerry of Penelope Pristop mass heart program two Roberts Dame is. Northwestern sunday p. M. Today of the West people s concert a Fri to Channel 5, Green Bay saturday pm. Williams 12 sunday . The truth the truth Security for today is lift series years and Hardy the press sunday De 2.30-Alfred hither Elk Esau to Channel 1, Wausau saturday pm. 7 reports impossible three sons Tyler Moore sunday am. Of discovery Jerry of Penelope Dame High Lutes of Hope the nation sports sunday Newsreel people concert Fiz to Channel 34, fond do Lac saturday Rogers picture theater for adventure on action wow to Channel 9, Wausau saturday pm. Sunday . Men s Amateur answers Golf championship _ Welk Roberts Jubilee quest cats sunday pm. Howdy is funny will not be series meat on the top floor of an of Brownstone in an integrated Section of new York City. Then too the show promises to derive easy laughter from the same situations that won for Neil Simon s original Broadway comedy Barefoot in the enormous Success both in Stock and on the Road. Are these intentions compatible Well folks you see it s this Way. These Days Young Black artists insist that what they do most have some relevance to life As it is actually lived by Black people. Barefoot in the Park has no such relevance or precious despite its Little of it. Simonize it is. Origin by to scout channels 11-9 you May not believe this but How by a special originating from mildew is a pretty funny imaginative show with a really Star studded cast. At one time it was a Pilot for country Western Star Ferlin husky who is my and preform at finally gets to the show s end but the series idea has now been dropped. Too bad. Anyway billed guests Are Glenn Ford Terry Thomas Nanette fab Ray and Pat Buttram. Lots of Well known faces Are seen in comedy skits and there Are bits by Jack Jones and Barbara Eden who sing the end of a song Henry Fonda doing the end of the Gettysburg address Phil Sil vers telling the punch line of a Oke Jimmy Durante cleaning in Abc. And Eddie Albert and sva Gabor taking a Bow from the audience when they Are not supposed to. Channels 11-9 wide world of sports goes to san Tuan puerto Rico for satellite overage of the 15-round world literally drops in in a balloon and stays to play a Nasty of wizard in a fairy tale tha another guest. Liberace insist on telling Andy Dee and tin Turner do Channel 5 Good taste nudity comes to to in Adam la when a car makes an illegal left turn in front of our heroes. The Driver is an amiable drunk who poses a bit of a problem for tin arresting officers he s totally nude. There s also involvement with a youngster who has fount some Money and a truck Load o it goods. Channels 2-7 love is growing Between Chip or Bich Ard As his potential father in a keeps calling him and watches the Money disappear into a Coffee fund for secretaries lunch Money two tickets t a Charity Bash a loan to Friend and to the government. Channel 5 saturday night at the movies has guns of san Sebastian which is kind of mexican Western with Anthony Quinn As an deserter Sam Jaffe As a priest who helps him Anjanette com eras a Village girl and Charles Bronson As yaqui Indian Leader channels 2-7 the Mary Tyler Moore show has the heroine in a Tizzy because to ratings prove her to be Over to Hill age Wise and a messenger who s not that Young Calls her a she decides it s time to do something about her pretty much out of the Stock barrel. There Are. Of course the newlyweds madly in love the pretty Mother in Law the mis understandings and makings tax the Well meaning but obtuse Boss and Bis wife lathe wonder lightweight boxing match be tween Panama s Ismael Laguna and Scotland s Ken Buchanan the British lightweight Champ. Channels 2-7 Sal Mineo. Dana vicar and Robert Alda Are the three Points of a narcotics ring Triangle which the gang on Mission impossible promises presents to All the widow who is getting a gang his i must get Elcar makes pills and exports them South of the Bor Der to Alda. Who Sells them to j Mineo. A Pusher who is in the i music business. So Lesley War Ren who gets to sing Here pre tends to be a rising Young Sieger the daughter of a woman Alda that Scoey found it not to Date set for Art classes at Kaukauna Kaukauna re Crealon once loved department sponsored fall and Winter Art classes a Fol get under Channel 5 Way oct 17 with an open Bouse Jonathan Winters a Semi regu planned from 9 an. To 4 pin. On the Andy Williams show. Oct 3 in tire basement rooms of 11% municipal building to permit potential students to get acquainted with facilities. Enrolment can be made by calling the recreation office or instructor mrs. Mary Carol ending. Students May also sign up on the Day of the open House. Students May continue to Register up to the Start of Dass fes. But As classes reach capacity enrolment Wal be cur tailed classes will be scheduled each saturday Tutro upbeat fall and wafer. A registration foe is to offset Cost of Art channels 2-7 it b easy to identify with Arnie As he cashes a salary Check members of his family then oily on my three sons. But single state and Wilh her Friend her father is a worrier the kind who drops in on Steve in the office and who decided to get to mow Steve and Barbara better. He is not prying he insists but ust using Anticipatory aware Ihoda Valeire they invite two men for cocktails unfortunately for Rhoda her Date is too effusive. 9-10 channels 2-7 Mannix is framed As a jewel thief and killer not that s not what this How is about it turns out to be put up Job to get him in the Good graces of a gangster s together for a heist but where the fabulous Flagstone re opening tonight with after fire surprises diva divine sundays Aiter Church Lum s the place Comer College Beautiful italian Volcano your Foo note Beer Only 50c Btl. Most. Mixed drinks Only 50e where to go Cinema i on a Clear Day you can see forever at 2, 7, and Viking theater getting straight and A walk in the Spring rain at 4 and 8 Yours mine and ours a kiddie show from 1 until 3 Neenah theater Patton at and 8 Appleton theater z at 1 and Today and sunday. 41 outdoor theatre pretty boy and 11 Barquero Plaza theater Oshkosh getting straight at and And Loving at Saturday getting straight at and And Loving at Sunday. Time theater Oshkosh on a Clear Day you can see forever at 7 and Saturday and 4, and 9 Sunday. Baudette theater Kaukauna Darby o Gill and the Little people Sat urday and at and Sunday. 44 outdoor theater Moonshine War at and And Zig Zag at Today and sunday. Brown county memorial Arena a Folk fest 70 Queen will be selected tonight during a cavalcade of inter National Green Bay Community theatre Woody Allen com Edy Don t drink the water at Through sunday at the Community theatre play House 122 n. Chestnut St., Green Bay. Lawrence University Harper Hall music drama Center Bass baritone John Koopman associate professor of music at Lawrence University will to movies 2 Abbott and costello meet the invisible 1951 the two boys become mixed up with detectives fighters and the Man. Starring Abbott and costello Fred Cark Lynn Bari. . 34 "13 1960 museum professor and his family Are terrorized by 13 ghosts who fade away when a missing Fortune is found. Starring Charles Herbert to Morrow Martin Milner Rose Mary Decamp. . 9 rope of 1949 a tale of the ingenious ways used to smuggle diamonds out of South Africa s Rich Fields and the harsh methods a company police Force used to guard the precious gems starring Burt Lancaster Paul Henreid Claude Rains Peter Loore Sam Jaffe Corinne Calvet John Bromfield 34 1962 commander of a fantastic warship a submarine which can also Fly helps the Powers of the world destroy an undersea Empire which has designs for conquering the world. Starring Taculao Taka Shina Yoko fun Iyana. . 2 Man called 1955 the film biography of or. Peter Marshall the Scot Tish immigrant who Rose to Fame As chaplain of the . Senate. Starring Richard Todd Jean Peters. . 7 Tammy and the doctor 1963 after her com Panion Falls ill Tammy takes a Hospital Job and develops a crush on a physician. . 2 Viva 1965 panic in the streets As revolution sweeps through a South american country. Starring Pablito Calvo Hal Borsody George Thomas. X a y. Daily n news barbra Streisand the super performer has never been barbra Streisand upon my Neil pity under 15 Cinema 1 rating whopping Kaht halt new Tom Caltry news Elliott Candice Gould Bergen Getty Jug Elliott Gould is simply great in this fast caustic funny seventeen co feature Anthony Quinn walk in the Spring saturday cont. From 00 to 6 Present a recital at 8 Sunday in the music drama Center. Koopman will present works by Mussorgsky Mozart and Schumann. We deliver motion picture National society of film Neenah smoking in loge Tonitte at Sun. To Call 734-0292 21 in. Appleton St. 734-5601 321 e. College Aye. Neenah Menasha area 725-2671 .135 n. Commercial St. Patton it adults a Box office opens at see. The Packer Atlanta game on color to in Kahler s main lounge this sunday free snacks several to sets strategically located for easy viewing also this week improved Antenna system for better reception and a sharper picture Kahler s 3730 w. College ave., Appleton Himl special matinee sunday 1 To 3 2 hours of hilarity Lucille Boll and 13 children yours mine ours help us reopen Ifo Kenjy fee Modesti opt 11 e m -2 sundays foi.io., Flagstone 2820 w. Prospect Ovid Hoot live music a Chuti s tap Hortonville cow try onry Sot. Note 9.30 to j-30 this sat. A Ftp Rte in open Bowling Hahn s lanes newspaper special Packer Stop in after the game serving from 5 to 10 Corned beef cabbage Ham roast Chicken roast beef t. Also serving off of regular menu Ritz s St is paper

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