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Appleton Post Crescent (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Appleton, Wisconsin The weather fair tonight and thursday. No change in temperature. Appleton Post Crescent City edition twelv1 pages ?z8t 8tabhs1ie� Ima eve Nimo c8hcemt jb8tabli8hkd ism five clock Appleton Wisconsin wednesday november 24, 1920 an tax rate i de Olimb state county taxes tax Levy for City purposes is $79,424 less than in 1919 Levy county taxes higher 0 Veteran banker Dies suddenly in san Diego calif., late on tuesday. Body is to be cremated another Bank is forced to close because it cannot stand withdrawals. Assessment rate is less than last year in spite of Many increases. City tax rate 2 col head _ despite Sharp increases in state county and school and a general increase in the Cost of nearly every commodity Appleton people will pay smaller taxes nest january than they did a year ago this reduction in the Strain on the taxpayers pocketbooks was made possible through the exercise of the greatest Economy in preparing the City Bud set. The Levy for Appleton s general fund will he $315,000, a decrease of 579.424 from the 1919 Levy which was $395,924. A other tax levies have been increased thus cutting Soivil the saving to the taxpayer but the reduction in the City tax is sufficient to More than offset All the other increases and assures a substantial Cut in tie assessment rate. The City a share of the tax collect lion is $12,60 on every 51,000 of valuation. This figure is 50 less than in 1919, a reduction of nearly one third in the City. The rate for state and county tax and for the county school tax this year is $9.09. As compared with 58.72 a year ago an increase of 5.37. The High school rate is $6,05 on each $1,000 of property valuation an increase of 51.49. The common Council which fixed the City rate hag no jurisdiction Over the county state or school taxes. Neither has the Council jurisdiction Over the tax rates for Trio Ward schools All of which Are Lingher than Hist year. The total increase however is not Large enough to offset the City saving. One of the minor factors which in \ tired into this reduction is the Money raised in the 1919 Levy for the Lawe Street Bridge and the paving funds. It will to remembered that approx not a. Mann to mately 592,000 was raised for those. Duo i 31 let ii us in two purposes but that neither project was carried out. The mayors veto killed the Bridge proposition and the it unit ?z5 wire paving program was abandoned lie Chicago. A Legal interpretation of cause of the High Cost of Lyril of the late Marshall Field Cost Quot when those two projects were ended a ro0g,000, exclusive of the expense of the Money automatically reverted to managing the huge Trust funds creat fhe general fund and became available de. Based wire service of the United press Assoc la tides Price three cents lower meat prices will reach Consumers within a month packers predict follow Faldo it of remains will be brought to Appleton for burial lived Here sixty years. Herman Erb 77 years old chairman of the Board of directors of the first National Bank and one of Tho Best 1 known hankers in Tho state died suddenly at i Home in san Diego at 5 15 of clock tuesday afternoon. Information received Here did not state tiie cause of death but it is known that or Erb had not been 111. The Veteran banker had been a resident of Appleton since 1861 and had been identified with the banking business Packer representatives arbiter that All costs Are declining. Tell investigators say retail Price of meat will not take big drop because of decline in Price of by products buyers a strike Quot is hurting the Market. By United fun leased win _ by United Prev leased win Chicago Consumers can begin digesting lower priced meat within to next month As a ramp sult of present sensational decl Tiea in livestock markets research departments of Chicago packers predicted today. Admitting drops from $23 to $19.50 for hogs and similar reductions in membership committee recommends admission of two enemy countries. Seek German a showdown league will discuss German protest against mandate for colonies. By United press leased wire ,. Bismarck n. 11.�?with the closing All that time of a tenth state Bank in the Western the decedent was born in Fulda Section of the state Bankers today Germany 31, 184$. To came asked for a conference with w. A. To the United states in 1860, spending Oathro director of the Bank of North a Short time in new York Oshkosh. Dakota in an Effort to save the inst and Milwaukee before settling in a buttons and forestall closing of other Pleton. In 1s61 he entered the employ Banka the meeting will be held within a few Days. Bankers of Trio Missouri slope met at Mandan yesterday to discuss the situation. They will ask director Cathro to try and arrange some Way to make the withdrawal of Public fund deposits gradual. The state Bank Lias notified Small Banks that withdrawals of Public funds May commence Doc. 2. No definite amounts for withdrawal have been stated. Tho Stato Bank of mob All was Tho tenth Hank to close. All of the Banks closed a temporarily a according to an noun Emonts saying they could not weather heavy withdrawals of Public funds. Farmers it is said have started a a runs Oti some Hanks to withdraw to Weir Money and Deposit it in the state Bank at Bismarck following announcement that the state Bank would accept individual deposits. This move was in retaliation for to repeal of the non partisan Law requiring Deposit of Public funds in the state Bank. Here Teoforo to state Bank has refrained from accepting individual deposits from residents within the Quot state although it accepted deposits from individuals outside the state. Of the old out Agamie county Bank and later was identified with the a \ Pleton National Bank and the private banking Arm of David Smith and company. J helped Organ re Bank or. Erb was one of the organizers of the first National Bank which came into existence in 1870, just a i interpret Field will for ail City purposes. Part of the Money was used to defray unexpected expenses in the year just ending and some of it is still available. About $40,000 of Tho fund has already bean loaned to the High school and will be returned when the judge Charles m. Foe i of the Superior court who construed the will issued an order allowing an attorney fee of $960,000 and court costs of $40,000. The expense resulted front a Friendly suit brought by Captain Marshall new taxes Are collected. The City i Field third against the trustees of treasurer holds More than $20,000 in j the estate to ascertain whether the addition making about $66,000 Avail a death of Henry Field broke the Trust Able. Part of that Money will be re provisions. The estate was valued at j tired to carry the City through until the new taxes arc collected but some will let a left and that will be used to defray next year s expenses. The sum remaining however is so Small that it had Little to do with cutting the Levy. Incr ised Economy is Trio principal reason. The largest single item in the Levy a for general expenses of the City exclusive of schools but including the Library appropriation of $11,000. This Levy is $316,000, As compared with $395,924 a year ago. The total Levy against All taxable property in Tho City is $694,446.88, which includes the levies for City administration High school Industrial school school administration state tax county tax and county school taxes. It does not include the District school taxes and special charges against properly for Street improvement unpaid water rentals and other incidentals. The total Levy a year ago was $675,745.19. In 1918 it was $405,848.25. Quot taxpayers will be obliged to pay out. A total of $151,682.75 for the City a schools exclusive of Tho District schools. Last year the schools required $94,264-38, or an increase of $57,417.87. The items included in that Levy ape of follow1920 1919 High school 105,000 Quot 70,000 if. 3. Bonds .5,800 6,000 truant officer. And supt. 3,200 2,300 Industrial. School. 37,682.75 15.964.88 the total Levy for City administration and City schools is 468,182-75, is compared with $490,188.68 in 1919 and $239,350 in 1918. Tho tax to to collected for Stato county and county school purposes a Mcgates $226,264.13, an increase of $4 1.700.83 Over the assessment of 5185 557,30 a year ago Tho biggest increase is for county purposes. J items included in that Levy Are i 1920 1919 Stele tax 43,919.55 40.684.94 1 county tax., 162,013.73 126,587.68 county. School tax a a 20,330.86 two Hundred millions dollars. Judge Foell s decision recently sustained Tho trustees. Hundreds More caught in Chicago police raid by United press lit Ned wire wholesale raids of Chicago a crime world brought a new crop of alleged gunmen gamblers and other undesirables Early today. Police officials had not completed the count of Tho liar est but indications were the total would not reach 742 taken in sunday morning s raids. City councilmen prepared today to Back the cleaning up Campaign of chief of police with legislation against saloons and billiard rooms. The hearing was re opened on Contention of the company that wages and living costs Are tending downward and a Blanket increase of 1 a Day is no longer justified. The present Price declines Are backed by a financial uncertainty Plant closings lower wages and a general demand for j. A Wells economist witness for the packers declared. Wells cited recent statistics of the Bureau of labor showing declines in food costs of three per cent in october. Other figures were produced by Wells to prove prices of All essentials have tumbled 5.4 per cant during the last Mouth. Other witnesses for the packers half Century ago. He was the last sur contended the drop amounted to 10 visor of the original officers. Or. Per cent during the last year on All Erb was appointed cashier of the in articles except food and clothing Stit ution. Holding that position until which they said fell thirty per cent his Eleccion to the presidency in 1909. The greatest reductions were made when the commercial National last month they contended Bank was consolidated with the first j attorneys for the employees agreed National last october and in the rear the tendency of prices had been Down Saniz Atlon which followed or. Erb Ward but argued it was Only a Mir was elected chairman of the Board of age and with re opening of europ directors his Active connection with Ean markets the increased demand the Bank ceased shortly thereafter would again cause Price ascension Ami he left last May for California similar to those following declines in where two of his children reside to september 1919. Make his Home. The employees representatives also w ill cremate body pointed out the fall in prices has not or. Erb was married in 1s63 in Osh been reflected in retail markets and Kosh to Josephine Yon Kurz who died the workers have gained tic Benefit in 7sj9. In inst Witk Agron lngta.nce<5 were cited in the packing to Julia Sta he who lived until 191it Industry where the retail figures of tvs and last Spring he was wedded to mis. J advanced with lower wholesale to tar Mary prank. 1 the decedent is survived by a j article which have been made a widow and three Daug rotors. They cheaper recently still arc higher in mrs. H. E. Thickens and mrs Laura than apr if they Chalmet e. Scott both of san Diego calif., and i Federal Jud re ate Chuler i mrs. R. A Kaschig of Appleton. Arbiter of the wage controversy 1 the body is to be cremated in san 1 a Ain took tha Empi Oyes. Dimaid to under advisement following closing j arguments of attorneys today. I gave no indication when his decision would be announced. By United press leased wire Csc ago living costs now on the i cattle markets in less than a year the Austri Bushaw my Mimi run will continue dropping indefinite j departments indicate great cuts in de to tie league of by expert witnesses testified today in a pork and beef Price. These economists today by the san Neston on the supplementary hearing before j believe the Public benefits Little be commission member United states judge Alschuler on cause j wage demands of 2,000,000 packing by product prices Uto Guage of re id concoran fs3t�n far raw House workers. F Tail meat quotations have declined. Sinn fein plots in e All Ireland is nervous As shootings and raids Are continued. Hundreds Are arrested secret service men unearth Effort to extend plots to a Najand. Demand speedy peace can to find cell room for Alii labor leaders Back up former the prisoners More deaths reported on j cause. By United Freas leased wire on the former enemies of Tho 0., Worth of secret service to ,. ,.,a world hut withheld recommendations 1 retail dealers Are reluctant to make for a Small european states 111611 operated in Southern Ireland to on ens rate reductions a a month until conditions Are stabilized and Day. Reports to Tho Irish office Here wot a Hereu Gynthe prepaid monies by near evidence of plots of sensational by Powers. Tion processes to the consumer stable a ,. Those states favored for member retail Moat prices should have a shop in today a report Are Austria ready started downward Leslie Bulgaria Finland Albania and Lux o tear of Tho research department embourg1. Of Armour and company said because of lower trends of wholesale meats in t. Pet tons of Latvia Lithuania Tho last two months. I a�<1 Mathonia were held Over. Quot a your prices began dropping when ?5 7 the amp ii tic "a?1� too Export business fell off thus causing chaotic to permit favourable action less demand Quot of rear said. A Tho now commission decided. Wholesale Price came Down from $23 to $15 on the strength of this. Market is flooded a lately Farmers have been holding off shipments because of the election and bumper crops. They began dumping their cattle and hogs on the Market last week Tho big break was thursday when Tho decline was from $1 to $1.50 on hogs. It has developed into a a Selling panic. Similar drops in by products prices of rear explained will curtail the effect of the decline in livestock prices because packers count Revenue from the waste to balance the returns from the Sale of dressed meats. Quot Wilile livestock is a Sellers Market by products cannot now be disposed of at any Price a a cording Toqe quotations have dropped from $30 to $21 and offal and other by Broil acts similarly declined to said. This would result in lower prices of shoes clothing and other articles according can to disarm now speaking before the sixth commission Leon Bourgeois France declared France cannot disarm until Germany has Ben compelled to fulfil All conditions of the Versailles treaty. Germany he admitted has begun disarmament but has not completed it. A before disarming France will await Tho report of a military commission which will meet in Geneva to prepare a disarmament plan he said. This plan will take into consid Cra character had been obtained. Plans surpassing Tho alleged scheme to inoculate infantrymen and cavalry horses with typhoid and glanders germs were said to be among these. Meanwhile All Southern Ireland kept a nervous Finger on the trigger. Curfew Laws were being enforced strictly throughout Tho territory covered by Black and Tan police and the constabulary. Since the Dublin murders slight warning hns been Given suspicious characters found abroad at night. Likewise those in the streets in violation of the curfew Law arc Quick to fire. Premieres demand in House of commons. By Trebb Miller by United press leased wire United states figured today in House of commons debate on the Irish question. Former Premier Asquith opened discussion on his motion condemning Irish murders and reprisals and calling for immediate establishment of peace in Ireland. Asquith charged police reprisals were organized with official cog wince. Likewise he denounced the murder of British officers in Dublin last sunday As Quot the work of men who have lost Oil sense of a i m glad some of the assassins have been captured and will be forced to pay the extreme penalty a be declared. Sir Hamar Greenwood replying for the governor asserted american correspondents dispatched distorted stories of atrocities in Ireland. How de disorders reported yesterday and f dared some american correspondents last night occurred at Street where three were reported shot. At Newry. Go Stahle Kearney died last night of injuries sustained sunday when he ton the geographical and special con was shot from ambush editions in Oach country Bourgeois at Cork a mysterious explosion in said. Patrick Street injured six persons. Arrests throughout the Southern counties have run into Large figures. Prisoners Here were so numerous cell space could not be found for All. One More death from the shooting j in order to emphasize the inter National character of Tho commission to oversee the lithuanian plebiscite the league Council has invited the scandinavian countries to Send Small detachments of gendarmes. Review German protest the whole German situation will be stood at 13.canvassed thursday when her pro-1 the bodies of the fourteen men kill test against the distribution of her1 of in the sinn fein raids sunday Forenoon were taken to England to wore enjoying the hospitality of Quot Irish murder gangs and sending Back Home stories to injure Anglo american relations. A the presidential elections in America were a decisive response to those who tried to make the Irish question predominate Over Anglo american Friendship a Greenwood said. To experts but. The Public a buying colonies under mandate a to be Dis strike has taken away the Market for. Cussed. Diego and the remains will be brought to Appleton for interment. Members of the family will accompany the ashes to Appleton. No arrangement live been made for the funeral. 3 killed lit the raw material by products of Lamb which a year ago sold at $14 bring $1 now according to l. Ii. D. Weld of the research department of Swift and company. E. D. Millen Australia with the ast London Steps for the immediate _ _ establishment of peace in Ireland sunday in Croke Park was reported w re urged in the House of commons today. The list at the Park today by former Premier Asquith supported by labor members. John Dyne s and Arthur Henderson joined Asquith in a motion condemning outrages and police reprisals in Ireland. The motion opened debate on the entire Irish situation. Asquith opened and Premier Lloyd to follow. Creamery boiler at Stoughton explodes while it is being tested Stoughton w5 person were killed and two others probably fatally injured in the explosion of a boiler at the Stoughton marketing company Plant shortly before noon today. The dead Are Emmet Marvin Farmer Ferguson Hoiler inspector and an unidentified Man. The injured Are mrs. Adolph. Jacobson a Obson and Willmer Nichols both not expected to live and a girl bookkeeper. Tho tragedy occurred while the boiler wa8 being tested. The entire Boll or was blown through the Wall of the Creamery Plant and into the Yard of plenty of guns to much War material is now on a hand artillery chief reports. Secretary of Rich theatrical Man missing for year starts for Canada. Day aboard a destroyer. The Irish office announced officially Sis Tanco of president Hymans carried that the three men killed in attempt the fight through Violani. Of France cd escape from Dublin Castle yester-1he discussion Titoni of Italy and Balfour of great Day were known to be sinn fein Lead j George was expected Britain usually at the forefront in any ors. One of them Peter Clancy was discussion bearing on Tho germans said to have been involved in the plot London Extension of sinn fein to murder lord French at Phoenix pots England was reported Here Park. Lie was arrested with Richard j today. De by United press wire United states for the first time in half a Century has on hand sufficient artillery to equip a Large sized army. Major win. A Snow chief of Field artillery said in like annual report today. This is due to the Large Quantity of guns howitzers ammunition and other material left Over from the War. Should War unfortunately break out in the next few years we should be spared the spectacle of artillery drilling with improvised wooden guns Home made telephones rope harness and similar expedients which characterized the first year of the present Snow said. Snow urged annual appropriations the Stoughton a Wagon company Plant few an experimental program in Arti 100 Yards away. Two of Tho Man Marvin and Ferguson were mown past the boiler. A boilermaker. William Glass who bandits let liquor escaped with $75. Worth of liquor ulv it a they robbed the was standing near boiler was blown through the Wall and into the Coal bin but was Only scratched and bruised. Harders warehouse Here today. The watchman was bound. Gushing Oil Well gives Texas town new Fame by United fret Lenued wire Melca. Texas Oil. Tho modern Al Tad Din had rubbed Mexica today. Melca was just an cast Texas town of four thousand persons who evinced Little More than mild curiosity As a Quot wild cat Quot drilling outfit labor Ousby drove its bit into a Hillside two and a half Miles to Tho Westward Mexica came to life with a Jerk when a coat less hatless Blue shr cd a Roughneck Quot from Tho drilling outfit ran Down main Street and into a drug store grabbed a Telephone called a number and yelled into Tho transmitter. A a Oil to got out on Tho Hills Edo odorous liquid Blanket and renting Thorn for 10 a Flop and if you ask for a. Bed the hotel clerk tries to sell you a tease first Quot Only 15 Miles from the main Street is a riot of Jack Len Don cosmopolitanism with booted and Mackinaw de a a roughnecks elbowing with fur coated and Diamond studded Oil operators. A Farmer drove a into town with a Load of Cotton. He left it standing in Tho Street and started into the i Blush Ness. Melca paused somewhat today for a show Lery development by the ordnance department and the Field artillery he pointed out that the design test and perfection of a new weapon is a work of years and that this work must be done in peace of the United states is to. Have the Best of weapons upon an outbreak of War. Enow reported Fourr Light regiments of artillery have been motorized As an Experiment looking to possible substitution of motors for horses throughout the service. Snow also praised the sturdiness of the army mute saying that the time lost by these animals from sickness and injury in the War was Only about one tenth that lost by horses. Find Auto St plan from murdered Man Auto stolen from Henry t. Pierce slain businessman was found in Wheeling w. Va., according to information received by the police today. Detectives have left for that place. The murderers Are believed to have escaped in the machine. The woman believed by the police to have some to United press leased wire Portland Oregon John Doughty today started Hack to Toronto where he will be asked to explain the disappearance of $100,090 in hands belonging to Ambrose Small for whom he acted As private Secretary until the mysterious disappearance of Small and Doughty about a year ago. Doughty left Portland at 9 30 a. A in the custody of Austin Mitchell Toronto detective who came West when it was reported Doughty was living in Oregon City near Here under an assumed name. Regarding a report Doughty confessed having stolen the Bonds detectives said a that is All silly Quot when Doughty was asked what his defense would be he replied dramatically j Quot it is All in the Lap of the so far there is no Trace of Small for whom a search has been in Progress on two continents Ever since his disappearance nearly a year ago. Doughty was quoted As having said he last saw Small in a threat re in Canada the night of his disappearance but that he did not know what had become of him upon toeing informed that Doughty who disappeared at the same time a Small had been arrested mrs. Small declared she Felt renewed Hope that her husband would he found or that she would at least learn his Fato. Quot i still have a belief that or. Small is alive a she said. Took no part in the debate. In in interview today Millen flared a it was necessary to Call a showdown of Germany s no consideration a Oberlin was inspired by two motives in sending that impertinent note threatening that she would no longer consider herself bound by the colonics clause of Tho treaty. A she hoped to gain a disruption of the league and disagreements among league members. Then she hoped to obtain postponement of distribution of mandates until she becomes a member of the league qualify As a mandatory Power herself and thus again obtain Dan tool of her former colonies. A Australia will insist on a distribution of mandates As previously agreed upon. Quot we arc opposed to giving Germany the slightest consideration. Mckee an officer of the sinn fein j to As declared the secret _ service army and an authority on explosives uncovered plans for violence in Lon an infernal machine constructed to on it Liverpool and Manchester. In make use of gun Cotton was found Ina ruminating documents were said to their rooms. Jury indicts 31 distillery officials gamblers and others must stand trial by United press Lessil Quot wire de Pike Teitler ii and thirty others alleged Mem tiers of the largest booze ring operating in. The country wore indicted by tie fed out last night with one civilian killed. Have been obtained in Many raids in Southern Ireland. Reports at the Irish office Here were the Roundup of suspects was the highest yet undertaken by the government. Hotels were commandeered in Dublin and turned Over to the soldiery while private houses were be amp arched for men and document. Even the residence of archbishop Walsh was searched police demanding the archbishops Valet hundreds of persons were laugh in Dublin when the Barb wire cordon was thrown about City. With hotels closed to the Public Many sought sleep in the streets. Outside Dublin intensive raids still were in Progress. At Bally Longford it wag reported firing lasted throw ii Chicago cubs Pitcher is seriously injured by father in Law. Mardrg inspects big locks of Panama canal shot fifty feet in the air with a Force is 33 4 68 1 Luht warped Tho Derrick. An increase of 40.158.33 is shown in i population of Melca today had the Lew to be assessed against Tho jumped 2,000. Leases were As High various wards of maintenance of the l0m a Quot acre in Ltd going up $100 graded schools. Tho Levy for that a jump. Rooms ure unobtainable at i hotels one hotel equipping its Hall with narrow Malta Esfi continued of Fago 9 i tresses and a a a show with Tho Well ro-1, ported 1.500 feet in Oil the Buel to connection with Olton of blk party feet in Tho Woodbine Sand a a. Humphreys owner of the Well flying an air plane an from Denver in which preceded Pierce s death was taken into custody As a witness Early today but was later Rei eased on her Promise to remain within Call. Two Noil need that if the Derrick could he a a i. Other women and a Man known As repaired the Well will to drilled deep or to see just what it will do. In the Well is proven Mexico sees itself As tie Breckinridge Texas a the Little Peacock Quot were also held. The police Here now express the belief Elliot Tho Man who beat Pierce to of East j death with a wrench is a former pig Liivat residing in new Jersey. Or Tolm a Ftp dirtied wire cry Tohni canal zone a president elect a Dong today expected to make an inspection trip through Tho Panama canal. He was to treverse the canal on a mine layer and will to shown the Workings of the Gigantic locks. Harding intends to remain at the Pacific end of Tho canal until Friday. Governor Harding of the canal zone will entertain the president elect at dinner tonight. This is to he followed by a Public reception at Balboa. Hundreds of panamas americans British West Indiana and others attired in White suits filed past Harding and mrs. Harding at the hotel Here last night shaking hands with them. Afterwards the hot of the trop is night was temporal by a plunge in Tho cd by United per it Ewing wire Kenosha wis. A tames a a Hippo Vaughn Star Pitcher of the Chicago cubs baseball team stabbed by his wife a Stepfather Harry de bold during an argument last night was resting easily at the Kenosha City Hospital this afternoon and physicians in attendance expect his recovery unless in acts on petition of District actor Orat grand jury Here today on charges of conspiracy to violate the prohibition Laws. Among those indicted were six Chicago police sergeants. O. H. Walthen and w. D. Knebel Kamp officials of the old Granddad distillery of Louisville were also accused in the indictments. Practical 11 of the others charged with were Chicago Saloon keepers. Tiie alleged conspirators planned to transport 3,900 eases of whiskey from the Val then warehouse at Hobbs kv., to Chicago via Peoria 111., Federal officials claim. Judge Landis granted injunctions closing eight of Chicago s largest Ca complications set in. Mrs. Vaughn and their nine year old son Quot Little Hippo Quot Are in Chicago and have been requested to come to Vau hns bedside As he a been calling for them. Do bold disappeared after the stabbing police Are searching for him. But a warrant had not been sworn out two afternoon. De bold and mrs de bold came to Kenosha three years ago from Chicago to make their Home with their stepdaughter and husband. Vaughn had been planning to Movo to Chicago Asho desired to leave Kenosha because of publicity Given recent Domestic difficulties of the Vaughns. An ill frument Over moving resulted Between Vaughn and de bold yesterday. Late last evening Vaughn went to a poolroom to play cards and was accosted outside by de bold. J Vaughn is said to have requested de bold to Quot please forgot the mat a Ter Quot but that de bold struck him. J to the argument that followed do 1 bold is alleged to Havo stabbed j Vaughn either with a knife or razor. Vaughn received a Cut about three inches deep just below the left rib in Tho stomach. He was rushed to Tho City Hospital and do bold Jpe Arod. Ney Clyne. Action was taken against the resorts As Public nuisances. Clyne claimed the volstead act was being violated in Tho places. Knebelkamp is owner of the Louisville american association baseball club. Men described As uniformed burned a Creamery at duh Arrow. At Casti Erea where police made a search for aspects one Black and Tan was reported killed and three persons wounded. With discussion of the Dublin tragedy at its height the Irish Home Rule Bill made its appearance in the House of lords. Second Reading was moved by lord Birkenhead. The Earl of Dunavon moved its rejection on the grounds that the Bill is not supported by the majority of irishmen. He declared it a an ignorantly honest attempt to the Irish question. Unionists were reported to have solidified their opposition to the but because of Dublin s a red new London Hunter shot by companion seek enactment of Blue Laws in United states 11 United it my to a re wire new York strict sunday Taw prohibiting Heaters professional sports and business of any sort will by introduced in from 31 to 35 state Legislatures this Winter Tho lord s Day Alliance announced today. The Bills according to or. Harry Bowlby Secretary of the Alliance Are based on patriotism As Well As religion. Tho All Lane a through them serves notice to said that no Raco nor corporation can inflict a Continental sunday on America. Or. Bowlby said there is no Intel lion of suppressing necessary bust i nos. Sports Tho movies a Tomoti lug. Candy and tobacco store a anything serving to divert attention from j Dlsap-1 Tho Home or religion a a sunday j would to Tabooed. I special to Post Crescent Black Bates of new London was accidentally shot and instantly killed yesterday morning at shoates siding. Langlade county by Ted Maas of Black Creek. The men were Hunting Deer but had seen a Bear. Bates went around i to drive the animal in the open. Mans advanced and seeing something in the Brush fired. It was Bates. The men wore life Long friends having been classmates at the Newi London High school a dozen years ago. Ancient Church ruled by United prese leaned wire new Early today partially destroyed the sunday school building of historic Plymouth Church Brooklyn where the late Henry Ward Beecher formerly preached. The Church itself was damaged by water. No paper tomorrow the Post Crescent will lint be issued tomorrow thanksgiving Day

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