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Appleton Post Crescent (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Appleton, Wisconsin A Conata fair and warmer tonight and than buy. Appleton last edition Tab daily tout us a Kniko a Lucent Beta bummed my 12 pages Appleton Wisconsin wednesday june 23, 1920 it i leased Wiki sbbv1cb of the United peeks associations Price three cents my rams Hulff Lorows punks Ubangi k of nations. Profiri Tion and hush planks expected to Cal so hot fight Wilson urges labor Board to Speed up president act to end wage discus. Ions when outlaw strike threaten to tie up transportation systems by 114 Fittl a re liw Washington president Wilson to a Cut a Telegram to judge Barton chairman of the Railroad labor l Oard urging him to expedite the award of the Ioard in wage controversies now before it. Wilson s action was taken following an increase in the unauthorized strikes of Railroad men in the East and the expressed fear of Railroad brotherhood officials that a general transportation tie up would result i less the award of the Board were hastened frequent conferences Between government officials and brotherhood leaders preceded the dispatch of Wil son s message the text of which a Confer not made Public Here. Fences Are to begin Here among dem the strike situation was first put socratic leaders immediately after the up to the president yesterday by Sec arrival late today of senator Carter rotary of the Interior Payne who is Glass of Virginia. Also acting As director general or rail senator Glass who is slated to roads. After seeing Wilson however. Head the resolutions committee is re Payne expressed doubt that he would ported bringing with him the draft of take any action in the strike a platform bearing the approval of president Wilson Glass conferred with Wilson before leaving washing ton. Glaes arrival stimulated interest in three planks which Are expected to precipitate a hot fight in the resolutions committee. These Are the league of nations prohibition and the Irish planks. Afraid of wet question Mitt a Siti Oit is to i rave prohibition strictly alone May include Plank with the Irish aspirations by l. C. Martin bar a Bird frn atm sea wire Bryan primed for w. J. Bryan has served notice he fight the administration forces on both the league and prohibition planks. He declared that the democrats dare not go to the country on a Plank endorsing the league As presi Dent Wilson Iii Niheu d it to inc sen ate. Leaders Here predicted today Bryan will be decisively Defeated in the resolutions committee and that a Woods end port is tse Harding w. C. Procter and colonel Roosevelt assure g. O. P. Nominee of their support by culled Van a null win Washington senator w. O. Haring received assurances of support v. C. Procter and colonel Theo Dore Roosevelt. Both were backers of general Wood Defeated by Harding for the Republican nomination. Harding also held a conference Las Plank will be adopted based of that pm Ais Neia a c Piercce last written by the democrats of Virgin week wit Kun 1 Hymka. National a. The Virginia platform uses Thia comm Teeman from Ohio who voted language with reference to ,. Wood on fever a ballots at the league we advocate prompt ratification of the treaty without reservations which would impair essential in afraid of prohibition Bryan also wants a Plank affirm ing the party s support of National prohibition. In that he is to be vigorously opposed by wet forces headed by gov. Edward i. Edwards of new Jersey who is seeking presidential nomination on a personal lib erty platform. Both the wets and Drys will find opposition from a great number of delegates who believe that in View of the supreme court s ruling on prohibition the question is settled at Effel Jold no be touted Buiwit by by democratic platform. Demand Irish Plank As to the Irish Plank there is a very general feeling among leaders and delegates who arc on the ground that some general non committal expression of sympathy for Irish nationalist aspirations might Well be included in the platform but a Wrangle threatens Over the form of the Plank. Some hold the View that Ireland s Hope of Freedom lies in the league of nations and that any reference to Irish Freedom should be coupled with the demand for ratification of the league covenant. An Active lobby will be on the ground late this week to insist that a separate Irish Plank be adopted. Representatives of the National league of women voters will hold. Conference in los Angeles this week to draw up a series of planks which they will submit to the demo cratic convention for inclusion in the National platform. Women Are. Active these planks will include inde pendent citizenship for married women abolition of child labor univer Sal education in sex Hygiene establishment of a comprehensive depart ment for education increased Feder Al support of training in Home economics and re classification of Federal civil service. Democratic women delegates and officials also have begun to formulate tentative planks including such pro visions As abolition of child labor in creased pay for teachers and continuation of War time Protection for women in Industry. China refuses to Deal with japs on Shantung by t a Ltd Fyrnn leaned Wurr Chicago convention. Colonel Procter wrote As follows while we were disappointed by the defeat of general Wood. I am a re publican and a son of Ohio and in my heart i have never hesitated As to where my allegiance Lay. I Promise you my Loyal support both before and after the election to the end that a really great and useful Republican administration May be colonel Loosevelt wrote i left Chicago without being Able to Call on you As i wished to do. And extend to you my congratulations. The country needs someone who will with comprehensive knowledge of governmental machinery restore to Tje various branches their proper functions. I am sure that you Are that congressman Yates. Of Illinois will Call on Harding late today. Famine spectre starts Londonderry in face by United Fitch or nerd in Dublin the food situation at Londonderry was serious today As a re sult of refusal of Drivers to deliver milk bread and other foodstuffs. Factional strife in the City has calmed to some extent although shooting Anc. Fist fighting continued in scattered sections. Police and military authorities believed they had the situation Cwm in hand and were expecting Strong reinforcements from Dublin today. Municipal authorities and groups of i Amdo Derry citizens sent an Appeal to Dublin Castle to Rush additional troops. Assistant inspector general of constabulary Roberts was shot and his chauffeur seriously wounded when an armed body of men attacked the automobile in which they were going to Dublin Castle. Troops have been sent from Belfast following a report that the situation was More serious than at first believed. Sentries stood in the streets of today with fixed bayonets. Hundreds of soldiers patrolled the City throughout the Nicht. Many soldiers slept in the streets. To fabians discuss the boy problems boy not dry enough vol tend author of prohibition i a 1� Defeated by Man drier Thau half of out per by fatted pow or wed it of it. Andrew j. Volstead author of the prohibition enforcement act was Defeated for the Republican nomination for Congress in his District by a Man who is drier than one half of one per returns today showed the Nomina Tion of Rov. O. J. Kovalc. Candidate of the National non partisan league in the seventh Minnesota District. Vol Stead admitted his defeat. Practically Complete returns showed Kovalc leading by nearly 2.000 votes. Kvale during the Campaign frequently quoted volstead s statement that he had no objection to Light wines and Beers in spite of the fact he drafted the prohibition act As chairman of the House judiciary com Mittee. In Mem will allies in unable to collect indemnity i Hrh a officials b k l i k v k that i k r m a n y , by i Able to pay ski War Fink by a. L. Bradford by of Nitro i retch la to wire United tates govern nent has quietly made we Mots _ _. _ _ forces in an to Kami Nat commoner from so roofs consideration Dodge straddling charge Clear Tut party platform which will put the on record is wanted by a a ours now in san fran Taco by de. L. Keen by foiled film i pm a Vurr san l jtiicis4-c�.l. This is an and i frustration convention so far. Not orly have most of the Earl i rivals been ardent administration importers l u t All the pre Conven Ien Tacl Minerv and i to creater part of Tho pro convention activities have been ii Tantod by them. Such anti administration rumblings As Havo served to disturb the serenity of the Wil Oeniati Camp at the Palace hotel hav Rome from outside and they have had l i t t l e More effect t Han yesterday s earthquake at los Angeles even including the anti Wilson attack made by William k. Mccombs Wilson s former Campaign manager at Chica co. President in control most of the leaders on the ground spree. Or at least pretend to agree mown Toi France and for and a enter he with Hon or Cummings if that the two allies cannot Hope to collect from Germany the Lume in Lenity proposed Ai recent Confer a pcs of premiers it was Learned to a it is understood that the american position has been made known to Ranee and great Britain on several occasions in the form of sus Iest ions rom Albert Rathbone assistant Secre Ary of the Treasury and unofficial representative of the United states on he reparations commission. At the same time it was emphasized y officials Here that this government has not attempted to exert any pres ure on the allies to be More lenient n indemnity matters. The German indemnity problem is one of the most Erious Allied premiers have to face because of the demand of their peo Les that Germany be made to pay. Despite the fact that this belief was somewhat encouraged by european officials just after the armistice the Allied governments it is believed Here have come to a realization that they an not collect from Germany to the extent of their previous expectations indemnity figures discussed at the premiers conference at Boulogne a ordains to unofficial reports Here arc a below previous demands. The ten Tate indemnity figures re ported to have been put Forward at of logic was Marks. Tern talk is strange to Colby new Secretary of state a v k k s democrats will Back it Wilson s leak e of nations by t a Ltd press Laii a w in Chicago Secretary of state Colby is not discussed a third term with resident Wilson he declared today on is arrival Here from Washington. Colby Delegate to the democratic National convention from the District if Columbia is credited with Beins resident Wilson s personal represent Atic at the san Francisco Conven Ion. I Haven t discussed a third term with president Wilson or anyone by i a Ltd Princl or \ Var Atlantic City n. J. The problem was considered by the chinese on Tjon of rotary today in a note to Japan retains Strong position against direct negotiation of the Shantung controversy. The note was in reply to the second note from Japan in which Japan urged direct negotiation Between China and Japan. China must have a voice in All treaties and alliances affecting . The note declares. China did not sign the peace t Reaty and con sequently refuses to observe stipulations it states. The note concludes with the state Niento that japanese troop should have been withdrawn from chinese soil Long ago. Japan recently offered to conclude negotiations on the basis of the ver Sailles treaty. Must not tack notices on Telephone poles persons who persist in tacking up notices on Telephone Telegraph and electric Light poles Are liable to be hailed into court. The Street com missioner removed a Large number of notices from the poles this morning find says that be intends to prosecute any person he catches in the act of nailing them up. Clubs Here today. A report of the committee on Hoys work which made a Survey of the Industrial and educational conditions of the youth of the country a made by John Dolph Washington. D. C. The rotary Parade was to take place late today. The Kansas plan of prohibiting strikes and enforcement of arbitration was expected to be considered tomorrow and a determined Effort was being made to place the Rotar ians on record As favouring the. Exten Sion of the idea to the whole coun try. Bible school mentors meet this afternoon meetings will be held at the y. M. C. A. This afternoon for teachers of the daily vacation Bible school. At 1 45 o clock the teachers of the Bas Ket weaving class will meet and at 2 30 o clock teachers of the sewing class will hold their session. Miss Marian Young of Menasha will he in charge of the meetings. Registration of 65 students has been completed. Ten churches Are represented in this number. Said today. He indicated he would Stron irly re resent president Wilson s Iowa on he league of nations. The league should be adopted and he treaty accepted As made at ver Sailles without reservations because t needs no reservations Colby said. Americans say what they mean without the use of trapeze language hich seeks to avoid the Issue. The democratic party is serious in league of nations stand and it not under the same necessity As the re publican a Defeated party t trying to get Back into Power regarding Ibe Republic nil Preslon t i a l ticket. Colby he \ i ewed the candidates w i t h is Muli Lark of enthusiasm is lbs Republican parly it self seems tregard characterization of the Mccombs utterances As a neg Lihle in other words Tho president is Gener ally regarded by the Advance representatives of the parly now in san Francisco As their Leader and cum mings As his mouthpiece. But there Are others on the Way considerable others including Wiliiam Jennings Bryan. Unti l the arrival of the latter it is not expected hat administration bailing will As sume the dignity of a popular sport. Who Bryan has delayed his appear nce is the subject of much Specula Tion. Granted he is to play the part of chief of the anti administration forces he is bound to find pro administration sentiment pretty Well lug in. And certainly pro administration publicity Well organized. May Kline innate Bryan also to is Verv Apt to find a f Piht on his hands tha t May interfere with the successful prosecution of any Campaign he May have planned against the enunciation of wilsonian principles in the. Platform for it was reported today that senator Gilbert to. Hitchcock of Nebraska had finally of named up a Deal whereby Bryan would not be named As the state s representative on the resolutions committee. Want Strong platform among the administration leaders Here there is cordial support of Post master general Burleson s Declara Tion at san Antonio yesterday in fax or of an open honest stand on All the great issues now confronting the and among delegates generally regardless of their views in regard to the league of nations prohibition. Labor and other issues sentiment is appreciably crystallizing in the direction of such Clear pronouncement of party principles at will obviate any possible charge of straddling. Even senator Robert Owen whose views can scarcely be said to run parallel with the president s and who is Tho first occupant of presidential Row has declared in favor of a plat form without equivocation no matter whether it meets Bis views in entirely or not. Doctors fail to bind War wounds problems facing world As a Milt of great War remain when ally premiers adjourn Boulogne by Henry Wood by cult ref Pill and wire latest Allied Confer ence had passed into history today without having taken any measures to Settle the problems facing the world As re suit of the late War. Tho question of reparations was left to economic experts from the various entente countries who will meet Early in july to draft proposals for submission to the Genera Allied conference to he held at spa. These experts will also consider the ques ions of disarmament destruction of Jerman War material and resumption of air plane manufacture. It was understood Thall have informed Premier Venizelos of Greece deadlock is facing democratic confab possibility of nomination of a dark ii Orsk increases As convention approaches expect Short session platform May to debated in Conven Tion if committee fails to r Ach Agi Cement Cox sur iter flays Wilson enemy by Hugh Baillie by i no Tel pm i i today declared that the Check aggressions of the nationalist la liner and fl0 for pcs w us 1 Force under Mii to. A. Uoo not lieu real. And that a Pom More British warships Wil l be sent to to financial conference an International f financial Confer ence to he held shortly at Brussels till work out pm is for a loan to Ait Germany in her efforts at economic covery. Premier Millerand declared tha t while the conference was unanimous on the question of reduction of the Erman army to 100.000 men delay would probably be granted the Ber in government As the required re Luction could not be effected by july .0 As originally required. The French foreign office issued a statement declaring that French Mil tary operations in the near East los Ang Les be another s s scientists believe e a r t h tremors this morning Are last of the quake period band to be inspected next saturday night Federal inspection of the n i n t h re Cimel band is to take place at a Morv g. Saturday Lune 2 5. It was an Art bounced yesterday by Lieut. Col. To fed to other cities. The Civ by i Nitro i rain a Rontril Wurr los Angeles Earth quake Shook los Angeles at a. In. Today. The shaking was violent enough to awaken sleepers but did no appreciable damage to property. A graveyard in Ine Lowood. I of an f a s. Suburb was one of the main vict of die ia1 a of Tho last two Daj. One to l l Shaf t War snapped off four feel from the ground numerous headstones toppled Oer or were twisted a out. Reports of i and in idea l s that tremors were Felt during the night were not generally . There were no seismographs Here and those at a Tancif showed no disturbance. Inglewood residents for the most indoors last night. Manv. Bvron . Madison who spent marshal and Hasl i by sworn a Milfs a Fexy hours a the City . Johns. I Tood a Mil l a m n i p h t. H i e f l y i o Milwaukee a regular army for there was no diff icel Wil l conduct the inspection. I military companies allo or the scientists \ the disturbances of state Are being mustered into Federal the past 4k hours were due to a local service As rapidly As possible. The slip of to coast Earth fault which sex Monas a machine gun company is to tends almost the length of the Pac he he inspected Friday evening the Osh coast. They believed the quake period Kosh company tuesday evening and ended now the fond do i in and Rice Coin a panics monday evening. Rice i Ake has been Given a machine Cun com Pany which will be part of the rain Bow battalion. Julius wait to whom the contract was awarded commenced today Lay ing a Nix Inch water main on Union Street from College Avenue North to Franklin Street to replace the old two Inch main. New York paper jumps ten cents a copy Nev in Ltd pm Law it Wurr scr a owing to increased Cost of l a to r and materials the new York morning Telegraph will sell it ten cents a , i Vas announced fuday. The week Dav edition has been five cents the Sun div edition will remain As Jet present ten cents. G red c Promise Between them would be out of the question. With Mcadoo in it making three leaders instead of two. A Compromise would More easily Hae been arranged it was argued. \ a sult of this situation dark horse t a la increasing. Vice presi Dent Mai Sha l l. Ambassador John w. Davies. And senator Robert Owen be the most prominently mentioned. The expected deadlock however probably i l l not carry the Conven t Ion Over the week end. Leaders Are making reservations to leave san Francisco saturday july Mcadoo not out although Mcadoo s repeated dec la i Lions t h a t he does not want his uw1je"tonrinw1tolci1nb1andTrelnanipi10 a Hof Nap Nve ution has j p c a u s e d Many Mcadoo supporters to suing to other candidates leaders Are not count ing him entirely out. Different constructions continue to out on his . Some regard it especially significant that he has not yet f l a t l y said he will not run even if Nomina Ted. Friends of senator Robinson. A Kansas today started a Boom for him a permanent chairman of the convention. He is an administration Man. The ten to t Ive program. However chills for Secretary Colby to have that position Colby is not preparing his speech in Advance. And will speak sex if chosen it was Learned. There is much talk of the nomination being made before the platform is adopted but this is unsettled. The Outlook today was that the wet and dry question would he debated on the floor of the convention before the platform is adopted. If a wet Plank is put into the platform by the Reso uit4oiu5,.oonuuiitteo. A \ port probably will be Rii n Der by fit on the committee and vice versa. The question then will he on which re port is to he adopted by the Conven Tion and open debate will follow. E. H. Moore of Ohio pre Conven Ion manager for Cox discussing the Mccomb statement today said he has fal Len into the error of Many men who have the f a t a l if t of Arasin who cannot resist the temp listing attacks. It was operations would not be developed in o extensive Mili tar undertakings. The amounts of the German in enmities to be allotted to the Vari us allies have not been decided upon. Some solution of the question of liter Allied debts will be sought Fol owing refusal of the 1 United states o recognize the polling plan conceive d by the premiers at the first Hythe conference. The meet ing at spa will probably e held july 7. . Nohs Preus returns of monday s Primar in Are practically completed non parti sans name a United it in Nord wire St. endorsed by be Republican state convention for that party s nomination in monday ? primary were 1ii leading in Pretic i l by Complete returns today. A num Lier of Small country precincts Are still missing. J. A. O. Preus. For governor had a Lead of More than Over or. A Tiirik Shipstead non partisan Lea gue candidate. Louis l. Collins for lieutenant governor was leading George h. Mallon non partisan by More than 19.000. Mike Holm for Secretary of state was 22.000 ahead of a. M. Opsahl. Liis nearest competitor. Thomas Vollom. Non partisan Wae 70.000 behind Holm Henry Rines was More than 11. 000 ahead of Charles a. Lund in the race for nomination for state treasurer. The Battle for the nomination for attorney general was close. Clifford l. Hilton incumbent. A less than 7.000 ahead of Thomas v. Sullivan his non partisan opponent. Larson. Patterson and Smiths votes were in glibly. O. P. B. Jacobson. Railroad and warehouse commissioner seeking re nomination was More than .to.000 ahead of Paul 1. D. Ostby. L. C. Hodgson mayor of St. Paul running for the democratic Nomina Tion for governor was far ahead of the Field. The s standing of the other six candidates was switching around however As new districts reported. The order Early today stood Hargadine. Quane. Andrist. Indra Heus. Jacques and Thorson. Thorson fell from third place late yesterday to the Bottom of the pile Early today. Frank c. Burmaster forged ahead of i m Loeffler for the democratic Nomina t Ion for Secretary of state. Tamon to Sav Hinss which do Irre parable damage to the cause they represent. The surest method of having the democratic p l a t form make the league of Nat ions the leading Issue is for enemies to a t tack the president. President Avilton has not Only the admiration of the democratic party Bui to entire sympathy in his Effort to Advance the cause of humanity. Be sides being Tho titular head of the democratic party he is also president of the l in Ted states and no Man will get anywhere by subjecting him to Ither open attack or sneering refer but were run inc . A turns worn Verv incomplete. The non partisan league apparent Lyv in in nominating George l. Sigel. Of St. Paul for As Oci Ite Uslice of the supreme court. A Eccl was leading the Field with it la Abni t t half of the vote tabulated fudge Albert Johnson of red Wing runner up. The two highest in this re a a considered nominated i thou t Pirty design nation. Honor h Dibell. Incumbent. Bird my Wil l Iam f Vanderburgh a poor fourth. M ado Otto of race. Br7an paper avers Liy t a lord i rom wire Lincoln. Neb. President Wilson need not be considered As a candidate for the democratic nomination for president William j. Bryan declared in in article in his common or " print a hero today. William g. Mcadoo. Former Scro Terv of the Trent try by his close relationship with the president has seriously Handicap Ned his chances of securing the nomination the state ment declared. Johnson my to meet Oshkosh mayor would not be found dead on same platform. Pus. Syf oot tells mayor m Henry by vol Tel pm wire Milwaukee William e. Pussyfoot Johnson prohibition worker who lost an Eye in England still wears Bis fighting clothes. At least he had them on in Milwaukee last when be received a Telegram from a. C. My Henry mayor of Oshkosh wis., challenging him to debate. Mchenry is a candidate for United slates senator on a personal Liberty Plank. I have your Telegram challenging me to debate the Constitution which you hav the Sublime nerve to at tack in the name of Johnson replied. The eighteenth amendment if n part of the Constitution which you. In taking office swore to defend. In Stead of defending if you attack it. If fleeced l United states senator you must swear to defend the very Constitution you attack i would not be found dead on an Public platform with any Man who treats hit. Oath of office As a scrap of paper As you do. Of course prohibition does not prohibit when such men As you Are elected to enforce the Law. Go Way Back and sit Johnson spoke on operations of the anti Saloon league at a local Church last night. Re members . By 1 no cd pm la War new sum of a and an a n n u i t y of $fi,00 were left miss Mary Kihm. For 27 years Secre tary to George w. Perkins by the will of the financier. The bulk of the estate was left to mrs. Perkins and the two children. Women Are for Wilson president May Reivo vote on first ballot new York ittle cation plans to support govern or Smith a Karly ballots by unit a Vrenn Vir Kansas City. g. Mcadoo will to placed in nomination for the presidency before the demo cratic National convention in san Francisco despite i personal objections. Or. Burris a. Jenkins declared today. Jenkins declared two thirds and possibly More of Missouri delegation favored presentation of the former Secretary s name. Jenkins declared the Missouri delegation would draft Mcadoo if necessary. Mcadoo cannot refuse Kenkim said. By Harold d. Jacobs san Mcadoo candidacy bearing Marks of rough Reat and with the irrevocable Brick still tied about neck was Back from premature watery grave today and meowing As loudly As Ever about the democratic Back door. Every time tormentors consign it to death and they include William g. Mcadoo himself the candidacy just naturally turns up again and friends and protectors hastily unpack the old Pul motor. Shoot a Little oxygen into it and it s As Good As new. The situation regarding Mcadoo and the democratic presidential Nom nation varies almost hourly but so far it has always resolved itself Back to the position that certain of the former Cabin ters strongest admirers will take the bit in their Teeth and nominate him by main strength. Boosters give i p fight. Each Day the outward signs Indi ate More and More plainly that Mcadoo and his personal coterie of friends Are determined that he shall Leither acquire the nomination nor have it thrust upon him. For instance Daniel c. Roper who was to have been drum major for the Mcadoo band Wagon out Here has cancelled his hotel reservations apparently accepting his former chief s verdict As final. Politicians who. . Supporting Caddo s Ribald for the nomination outwardly Are satisfied that he is through and that Norgan Zed attempt to put him Over would fail dismally but privately Many of hese same politicians have it figured bus May be Dard horse. Mcadoo is the most astute Politi Cian in the country. He realized that be would be in the same position As Jeneral Leonard Wood at Chicago hat is. That All of his opponents would unite at the Start to eliminate him. Because of the two thirds Rule n democratic conventions the chances were All in favor of his rivals dead Locking the convention against him and forcing his withdrawal. In View of this he and his chief advisors decided that the Way to defeat this strategy was to let the other Candi dates deadlock themselves then with he convention impasse Mcadoo would come Forward As a Compro Mise candidate or a dark horse or what Yon will tipping the Conven Tion Over into a landslide. All of the foregoing of course is the merest surmise on the part of per sons who refuse to believe Mcadoo is sincere in his retirement from the race but Many political observers see n it the essence of logic and some of he Wise ones were circulating about the lobbies last night quietly offering Ven Money on Mcadoo s nomination. Many of the women delegates have openly declared themselves in favor of a third term for president Wilson and announced they would vote for him on the first ballots. Obviously the a blushing Candi Dacies that arc going the strongest it present Are those of governor Jam s k. Cox attorney general a. Mitchell Palmer and governor Edward i. 1/1 wards. Only the latter two arvo opened Headquarters Here Thoush Cox boosters Are on the Job and senator Robert Owen has been on the ground personally for several Days. Slow getting started things Are slow in getting started s presidential Row and apparently Mcadoo and Wilson will continue to form the principal subjects of conversation up to the opening of the convention monday. Norman e. Mack. Buffalo publisher has let i be known to All and san fir it the dry that he is for governor the nomination and hrs ievers 111" new York Del cation h him to has Berti known of r sri time that the new yorkers to under unit Rule no Andrii to a St Thor ninety votes for Smith on to tils bal lot bit i was assumed h s was Only in the nature of a Eim Plim v spa Peri newspaper

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