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Appleton Post Crescent Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 2

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Appleton Post-Crescent (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Appleton, Wisconsin Sheinwold All players share same nightmares by Alfred sheinwold when you consult a psycho analyst you discover that you Are not alone. Others Are just As wicked and suffer from the same nightmares. This column reveals that others share your Bridge nightmares too. Save the column and read it when your burdens seem too heavy to Bear. Sammy Kehela. Of Toronto picked up the South hand during the recent world championship in Miami Beach. Do you feel a Little better already Kehela made the cheapest possible response to his part Ner s takeout double and Drew a Small breath when North passed. East bid two hearts and Kehela Drew another Small breath As he passed. What Joy. East dealer East West vulnerable North 4 aqj3 q2 up akj985 o j8742 o 3 q6 4. Ak105 South 4 964 o 10643 o 1065 a j43 South West pass 1 1 it pass pass pass 2 4 double pass redouble a pass opening Lead 0 4 i ant suits have become so Basic to the Ward Robe that Only a few designers in the new York couture business Council s press week preview gave them a new look Lor Lall. Gina la did the suit two ways. Below in three pieces for country or sport scar Are stove pipe pants of dark Tan Wool topped by a Matching jacket Cut above the hip line with brass and cuff sleeves and a creamy Tan Short sleeved top. At right the tunic Toj is White Over Gray stovepipes. The top could actually be worn As a mini dress. It has a High Waistline wide Belt and Silver buckle. Tour problems tuesday july the Post Crescent a 10 East 1 v pass 2 v pass pass North double pass double when you hold such garbage to the opponents top at a part score but Eric Murray doubled with the hand since Kehela dared not he once More made the cheapest bid two Spade wests double a a i 1 6 de around to Kehela. Who re 1 doubled he assumed his t i j 1 1 Ner. A Friend for Many cd 1 would Rescue at three of a minor suit a anal i Joaa Dii Mac i it. D Tempo Ai ily. On Panr and Racpan he the under Ide of the Bui false Friend Murray a . X Imp i tart the a Phat out ion into the de. And Keheian had to play of d that been created nand at two Spade redoubled ultimate be for and the material quickly Liard pm do you be hat you die no to tour Oma in int. A i in Inch one two i i i u m b r cabbage. Thick the then fall Back Happy ending bean Pota Send other Good in o plan Kehela took the of enc Jiniv i table of the possible solution a Diamond fur eat to Ruff East s Fink a Between idut1 of in of men won Wincn a Loo. Thoi n i n South threw a cd tin a to v it. A Loci it neat arc Durm in pin him of concern Rhea band p. H t o Hal int Lodi n improve my a Ianna ook a ramp in in r pm f. Too a talc food nne a. Alfea Trothe Diamond i i m a t and in ton Manv and won the lat two try Ivr u nun or rip Dumm Ace Queen of Trump t a t in d l the Lor a Iowa men s clothing designed for one was on 200 Point at the iced other table of the match. New to n Uril. York expert Edgar Kaplan u bid and made four Hean on be Cormui in Ravel be Cunt last West curd storing tto 7 Point tin u it nalu d apparel a Gamerl -1jo Point of i a i i i hand As a Whoric and Kheda c j. V. Amhi Midi Hao a up tiers que Ostigin p or a dec la bid i me heart. I partner double and the nex Dit tip Khz i i of s k Inch i 1k t. Pc it it 11 q 2 0 j 8 7 4 2 c q 1 ii my i ii do of o i i bid of pad i Hurcil responding to a Takou d t prefer re pct Anie to p Irv c1. C a Jor to a weak i Ca d Mino bin a brioi1 10 he to ,.iori or their i p Hev pack i the Newet men Are in i or Jocke. R not pc iat. Made i1 1 Limner of extra and pocket some of the 1 i it font filed. Other. " Iti cart f injures for Sepu pocket and make Thiap is this you if you can Fly come of the Appleton of Duro o to r Kyj r ,._, Ohono is the mystery suf Torviso or a of a 00 it re h certificate redeemable at any College Avo Tore. t a n Tjell f ,1 in person to the Post Crescent Appleton. A to he one week of puh ration of the picture involved. Picture or if ave. a Epcot three tunes a week in the Post Cre scout. Watch the pol for o pictures. All persons Ore a Cible wit sex option of employees of the Post Crescent and members of their families. Concerned Friend set straight on details of wac discharge by Ann Landers they have hinted about this dear Ann Landers am i for several months and my a Dummy or what a very close Friend of mine joined the was last year and she seemed to Fiance and i have talked it Over and neither of us wants it. We had never said no straight out love it. She returned until last it caused a Christmas leave she gave us All a Snow Job about what a great j life she was leading. Last week she Camei Home five months pregnant with j no wedding ring. She told everyone that she had become i involved with an officer and i did t realize until it was too1 late that he was married and could not get his Freedom. She insists she received an Honor Able discharge from the Landers one. The fact that your Mother tried to make you feel that you Are a selfish brat is pretty Good evidence. I Hope you will stick to your position and not collapse under the Burden of unearned guilt. Dear Ann Landers a Friend of mine told Rne about a vinegar diet which sounds wonderful. She lost 10 pounds in two weeks and All she did was drink vinegar in warm water. I think it was equal parts of each. I want to try it but i am a Little leery. I know you Check with doctors and i would appreciate i say her statement is an sick about it. Insult to the intelligence of a 1 orally under the circumstances. Was t she please answer in print i want others to see this too. Dummy dear Dummy what differ i ence does it make to of if the girl was discharged Hon Orbah or not it so happens that your Friend did t receive a dishonourable discharge from t your advice in this matter. I of hard feelings and i am Ike the sound of is diet because vinegar is harmless. Thinking Nerson that Eirl mint Mousel called me 3 self so thank Vou Chubby tanking person i hat girl must brat she t t h we have been discharged Dishon rather pay qut Money to a stranger than give it to dad who could use it. I love my parents very much and have always gotten along Well with them they have made Many sacrifices for me and now i feel like an ungrateful wretch. But. Ann. I really think we would be better off dear Chub vinegar can kill you if you drink enough of it. Forget about that Kooky diet. Fad diets Are liable to damage your intestinal system and give you stomach trouble for the rest of your Lite. If you want to lose weight eat food that has a Low calorie count. What awaits on the other the army. It was simply an comple Ely on our own. Please Side of the marriage veil How official document separating her from the service. Dear Ann Landers i plan to be married in the fall. The problem is my parents. They want to remodel the Back of our Home and make an apartment for us. Tell me if i am right or wrong i can you be sure your marriage need your thinking. New Day will work read Landers Reader dear Reader i you and your Fiance Are entitled to make this decision without being pressured and. In my opinion you made the. Right Booklet marriage what to expect Send request to Ann Landers in care of this newspaper enclosing 50 cents in com and a Long stamped self addressed envelope. 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