Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis News, July 28, 1900

WEST INDIANAPOLIS.him EX ha I Tucker to at Plainfield.Miss Lulu Hhaub to In Sandusky. (X Herbert Atkinson to In Newman, IU.Mrs. Wm. Thacker has gone to Waverly. Mr. and Mrs. John IJagle ars at Oaklandon Mn. A H. Miller has returned to Toiedtx O. Miss Edith lxrd baa rat u mad from PI qua. Ohio.Mr* O. W. Boyar and son will go to Jeffer-ioqvIIUC. C. Millar, of Michigan Cltjr, will come to-morrow.Mr. and Mrs. Tipton ars visiting rstattvas In TiptonMr. and Mrs. L. T. Wheelock ratumad. Thursday.Mlaa Hasal Harrs 11 will return to Kokomo nait wssk.Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Carlaton havs gone to Morristown.Mlaa Maud Blreham to tbs guest of friend* In PlalnltoldMrs. W. t. Dunn and thres daughters want to I .of a os port. to day.Mrs J. B Atkinson and children will go to Newman. III. Sunday Mrs. S. Trotsky and family will go to Trafalgar. Wednesday Bennie Barov It*, of Bloomington, to the ruaat of 8am Trotsky.Mr. and Mrs Tinsley and Mrs. Purcell were at Kokomo, this weak Misses Em# Moahall and Addla Parker went to Bunnystds. Thursday.Mrs. John Burk will return, the first of the week, from Connerevllls.Mrs Wilbur fttroughan and daughter return ad from Terra Haute.Jaaae Baker, of Kansas, «ra* the guest of -Joel r Baker, this weakMrs a. Welsh went to Irvington, yesterday to visit Mrs. Bartholomew.Miss Hasal Coof. of PlackvlUs. has bean the guest of Mrs. J. L. 8tout.John Thomas and family, of Chicago, spent tha wssk with Mrs. t Thomas.Miss Florence Pecklnbaugh. of Mt. Summit, has coma to visit Mablon Elliot Hsrry Davis, of Moorasvllla, spent part of the waek with Ir. W. T. Davta.Mrs. M. T. Bandlfer and daughters are visiting relatives In Georgetown, 111 Mrs Charles Hurley to entertaining her mother and stater from Hreenwood.