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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 29, 1970, Anniston, Alabama A Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper vol. 88, no. 278anniston, ala., tuesday september 29, 1970 Price to cents Mideast analysis Nasser poses by Chalmers m. Roberts Start Washington Post service Washington _ Gamal Abdel Nasser was t h e personal Keystone that held together the Arab Arch extending from Morocco to Iraq from Syria to the Sudan embracing the devout and the revolutionary Kings and guerillas. His death by common consent of a wide variety of Arab specialists in the United states lessens Egypt a role ends indefinitely any Chance of an Arab peace with Israel and increases prospects of further radicalization of the Middle East. The sudden departure from the stage on which he was so Long a prime actor also presents a dilemma for the soviet Union for who in Nasser was the spearhead of Moscow a penetration of the Middle East to the disadvantage of the West in general and the United states in particular. These were the first reactions but with them came a Host of questions most unanswerable. Internally who can take his place How much will the soviets influence Egypt now internationally will Nasser a death weaken the already weak King Hussein and increase guerrilla Power these Aru Only a few of the unknowns. Kermit Roosevelt who served As an Eisenhower administration secret envoy to Nasser commented that a no one in Egypt can take Nasser a place in the Arab world. The real question is can anyone hold things together in Egypt my own feeling is that his successor will have to be an army Man and it is just possible that could be someone not very Well known to Eugene Black the former head of the world Bank and Veteran of Many dealings with Nasser said that a i think its a bad thing. He was anxious he showed to have is death chills peace h Many unanswerable questions peace. Accepting the Rogers plan was an unpopular thing for him to do. The next Man wont have the stature of Nasser and it will be harder for him to move in the same Way toward a peaceful settlement. I can to see How its William Polk a Long time arabist now heading the University of Chicago a Adlai Stevenson Institute Felt that Nasser a death a blows it the Middle East wide open. There is no one else who could deliver the arabs particularly with the guerrilla movement now. He took a personal Gamble on opening peace another american Veteran of Middle East diplomacy who asked not to be named said that most recently Nasser who had come to Power As a spokesman for the Arab left had been a More in the Yasir Arafat Leader of the palestinian guerrilla movement had come to be the spokesman of the a new left in the Arab world. One arabist suggested a comparison Between Nasser and Martin Luther King. At the time of their deaths each Man was being pressed from his left and had lost some of his Power. Yet each was the charismatic Leader of his race Arab and Black respectively. Internally the betting was on either some form of collective leadership for a while or on army Rule. Nasser carefully avoided building up a successor. And he shuffled Many in and out of secondary offices. One expert said there Are Only three sources of Power in Egypt the military clearly the Basic Power the moslem brotherhood a reactionary group forced underground by Nasser and Nasser a own political creation known As the Arab socialist Union. The brotherhood wants to go Back to the ways of the Kora and to eschew such modern ideas a s economic development. The Arab socialist league is a Loose political grouping which is not thought to have any deep roots in this country serving More As Nasser a sounding Board. More important in the View of Many Are the military. But the question Here is who is in effective control with Nasser gone and what Are the relationships Between military leaders and the soviets. On these questions there Are no Clear answers. Israeli officials who had first welcomed Nasser a coming to Power but grew to Hope for his ouster pointed out that Moscow does not control Egypt the Way he controls Eastern european nations. The soviet investment in Egypt is far larger see dilemma i 2a col. 3 in a Art attack latins spokesman for Arab world. Nasser nationalized Suez in this 1956 net Are digest state a search for four members of a missing Georgia family ended tragically near Ute Alabama state line monday. The bodies of the in Morgan family of Valdosta were found in the wrecked family automobile just off . 78. Details Page in. George Wallace has concluded a series of a pretty informal meetings with legislative nominees but his aide says that a second series of such meetings May occur after the nov. 3 general election. Details Page in. The state has been granted permission to delay the prosecution of Mobile county school commissioner Arthur a Smith or. Because a state prosecutor is tied up with another Case. Details Page in. National John Dos Passos 74, author of the acclaimed trilogy and More than 30 other books died monday. The trilogy formed a literary documentary of the labor and social struggles of the Early decades of the 20th Century. Details Page 5a. The Nixon administration sets in motion new regulations for local school spending which some officials predict will prove As momentous As the civil rights Laws of the 1960s. Details Page 3a. Two witnesses Tell Congress some school officials have harassed and pressured parents for permission to give drugs to problem children. Details Page a. A heu copter crash takes the lives of a firefighters As a drop in aids in the fight against souths to California s Brush tires a second major Blaze Breaks out near san Diego. Details Page so. A 64-year-old Jack of All trades who lived in a modest Manhattan apartment and liked to tinker with radios has left an estate Worth $3.9 million details Page 5a. International Nasser s death is Likely to release a torrent of emotion from his people and there is a Good Chance that it will turn itself against the United states and the West. Details Page 2a. Large numbers of Viet Cong and North vietnamese troops have moved out of their Kin rom redoubt and into position to Cut phenom Penhos lifeline to hic sea. Details Page 5a. Officials say vice president by of South Vietnam is being Given an invitation by the Nixon administration for a red carpet visit to the United states later this year probably after the nov 3 elections. Detail Page a. The weather sunny and mild today with fair and Cool nights through wednesday. Light winds High today 74 to 78. Details Page 2a. Also inside classified ads. 6 7b comics. In daily record. 6b editorials. 4a movies. So sports. 7a television. Hit women a news 6a 16 Page in two sections Nixon fears peace plan shelved War Sadat Power struggle i i Quot aboard the u. Is. Saratoga apr president Nixon was reported today to be of the opinion that Gamal Abdel Nasser a death will effectively Shelve the . Middle East peace initiative perhaps for several months. A successor to the egyptian president May have to take an even harder line toward a peace settlement than Nasser did according to current thinking of the president and his top advisers. And no new Leader could be expected to be Able to launch his regime by making peace with Israel. These views became known following an Early morning discussion Between Nixon and his top advisers aboard this aircraft Carrier sailing in the Mediterranean. Secretary of state William p. Rogers Secretary o f defense Melvin r. Laird and presidential Security adviser Henry a. Kissinger attended the shipboard meeting. An account of the presidents views was made known to newsmen accompanying him. There had been speculation that Nixon might have to Call off his visit to Yugoslavia scheduled for wednesday and a wrong number forecast draftee i Reed Paris api a experts on the Middle East predict a struggle in Egypt to to succeed president Gamal Abdel Nasser and some diplomats forecast a soviet Mou to install a pro russian As his successor the uncertainty of the situation was summed up today by one official who said a nobody is going to know what a happening until somebody reads the Arab israeli and Western diplomats in Paris agreed however that vice ites ident Anwar Sadat one of the original members of Nasser a 1952 Junta and now provisional president of Egypt would not emerge As Nasser a successor. An israeli embassy official predicted that members of the right Wing Muslim brotherhood holdovers from what the Diplomat called the old military class would move to establish a claim on egyptian leadership. He did not Rule out violence on the brotherhood s part an egyptian however discounted the strength of the brotherhood in Egypt and mentioned the possibility of a bid for Power by All Sabry a Moscow protege Sabry Heads the Arab socialist Union Egypt a Only party Ami directs the country a civil defense militia. The egyptians reaction was seconded by senior Western diplomats in the French capital. They said the russians would be forced to move to protect their military and political investment in Egypt. This feeling was strengthened by the news that soviet Premier Alexei n Kosygin would attend Nasser a funeral on Lite whole westerners see Power p 2a col. 7 Richland Mich. A Steve Carrier who was grabbed by the draft too numbers too soon has received Good news. They re going to let him out of the army until no. 246 comes up if it Ever does. The defense department and National selective service Headquarters passed the word monday to rep. Garry Brown rmich., who had been pressing for the 19-year-old Soldier s release. Carrier and his 19-year-old twin brother Mike got no 246 in the National draft lottery drawing. A recent High school graduate Steve was called up inducted july 15 in Detroit and sent to it. Knox ky., for Hasic training. At that Point his twin returned from a California vacation and Learned that Steve was in the army. Mike went to the draft Board to inquire about his own status and said he was told that the Board had not gone past 150 in its priority of draft Call numbers. Mike said he and his attorney investigated and con eluded that the number 146 had mistakenly been written on his brother s draft folder rather than 246. He said a clerk at the draft Board checked the file and said his brother had been see wrong p 2a col. 5 thursday because of the death of Nasser. President Tito of Yugoslavia was a close Friend of Nasser and the egyptian presidents funeral is scheduled thursday in Cairo. But the yugoslav government disclosed today that Tito had named his top adviser to go to the funeral and was continuing preparations for Nixon a visit. Yugoslav officials continued the distribution of invitations for a state reception Tito and his wife ate to give for the Nixon in Belgrade wednesday night. Nixon said today that the Eastaboga firm gets out Rad Eastaboga a employment is expected to increase by some 30 workers at Quality overhaul company inc., Here in connection with the awarding of a Large contract to the firm by the Federal government . Sen. John Sparkman sen. Jim Allen and rep. Hill Nichols jointly a no o u n c e d monday that the general services administration had awarded an estimated $850,-000 contract to the company for repair of heavy construction equipment. The contract covers a nine month period from monday until june 30, 1971. Charlie Ash vice president of Quality overhaul said the see Eastaboga p 2a col. I United states must maintain its military forces and a must have them ready have them Mobile Nixon morning and have them and his aides this ran Down a list of five possible candidates who might succeed Nasser but All those on the list were deemed of second rank and american officials were not making any predictions As to who might take Power in Cairo. F Art of the problem it is believed is that there May be some unknown army officer in Egypt who has a potentially Strong following. It is unclear to . Officials who May have toe strongest Power base. Nasser a death came As a Surprise to the presidential party. . Intelligence had received reports that the egyptian Leader was suffering from diabetes but it was understood to have no reports of heart disease the cause of death the United states has no diplomatic relations wit Egypt and Nixon will not at end Nasser a funeral. However he will name a . Delegation to go to the see Nixon i 2.4 col. I firings told in Ranburne by Basil Penny sir % ,. Writer Ranburne a Ranburne mayor Clyde Gibbs this morning accepted the resignations a Ai the towns police Force in an apparent outgrowth of a shot Ting incident sunday involving one officer of the two Nan department. Gibbs said chief Tab Price and his son Jimmy Price Bohi submitted their notices to him this morning. A they said they Felt it would b Best if they turned in their resignations until the investigation was completed a said Gibbs. A i gut them this morning and they have Btu act the mayor said the two men who have not performed any policing duty since the Sui iday incident made it known that they would be Evadale to work again if the town should Ever want them after the probe is finish to j. Mayor Gibbs denied that toe men a i been fired As Alleg d by an unofficial source. That act was said to have been taken place during a meeting it the town Council monday night a Ranburne Man. Who asked to remain Unkn it in said he was at the town Hail when the Council met but was not allowed to attend the meeting. He said he and other people gathered there were told after see firings p 2a col. 4 Piedmont woman paces transplant Al i i i Piv v Vav Kip -___.i,. A by Basil Penny Star we writer Piedmont a when mrs. Martha Pace entered Birmingham s University Hospital at 7 a m. Today she did so probably aware that she was facing the most serious ordeal in her 23 years. She also perhaps realized that wednesdays Date with a team of surgeons is just a prelude to the main event which will not come until possibly late next month at any rate the graduate of Piedmont school said she had gotten used to the fact her kidneys no longer lion doctors made discovery be ventral months ago when Martha and her husband Parkie Pace lost a 1965 High about that fun to h e child soon after it was born the second such occurrence for the Young couple. After being admitted at the Hospital today mrs. Pace was scheduled to undergo a 10-hour treatment with a kidney machine that purifies her blood extracting poisons left in her system by the non functioning organs. She began the twice a week treatments earlier this month then when the treatment process is completed she will be transferred to the a Hospital a t Birmingham. There surgeons Are scheduled to begin around 7 Arn wednesday an operation to remove her kidneys. And at the same time Back at University Hospital doctors Havi slated e x p i o r a t o r y surgery on Orville Street. Mrs. Pacers 4 5 it e a r o father in Early september of mrs Pace Learned that i would have to have a kidney transplant to Lead a Normal Ute Street immediate y agreed to donate one of his set did her Mother mrs Edith Street. In preliminary testing physicians Learned that the father s body tissues was More compatible than the mothers thus he was chosen with the motile a stand by More tests were ordered and the doctors discovered a split on one of St reel is lungs id i in me according to his wife then he was admitted As a Pat ent and even further examinations were made finally he was ruled out As the donor and surgery to determine the trouble was set for wednesday. Now mrs. Street is the prime donor today she begins extensive testing in pre ration for the transplant procedures which the family believes will come in late october mis Pace said the doctors had exp la Ned that she was hem with a condition she had been Able to tolerate until recently a i never had any trouble with my kidneys before except May be an infection a time see Piedmont p 2a col. I mrs Marilla pact ;