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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Experience aired tonight Best bet the Young lawyers has an excellent Legal script which builds logically to just the right conclusion. A Young ghetto manchild Erie Laneuville comes to no saying his brother convicted of second degree murder tour years earlier is innocent of the crime. He did t get a proper defense he insists. Zalman King and Judy Pace with prodding from Lee j. Cobb decide to investigate even though the convicted Man s defense was handled by a note attorney now a judge. All tile actions Here including the judges feelings about Young people who act the gallantry of the judges wife and the desperate loneliness of the Young boys Faith Combine. To make this a Fine viewing experience. 6 30 7 30 Abc a a a 6 30 8 30 lbs Richard Al Ley gives his usual Strong performance on gun smoke As a Bounty Hunter forced into collecting Small bounties. His immediate Quarry is a Young mar. From wealthy Dodge family with a $50 Bounty on his head. The Bounty Hunter agreeing to forget he has seen the boy for a payment of $1,000, goes to the ranch where there is a Sticky Domestic situation the Tattler is an Iron hearted Man who wont forgive his son and the daughter in the family is not above using violence to get rid of Riley. The characters Are Well drawn and you will find yourself caring about what happens to them. Henry Wilcoxon is the father with Suzanne Pleshette his daughter and Shelly Novak his son. A a a 7-8 Abc a Dan and Dick open Rowan and Martins laugh in by explaining that Goldie hawn who left the show and went to movies where she won an Oscar is Back As a guest Star and she a the same simple girl she has Ever been. Then after heralds blare her coming on their trumpets and pages Roll out a red carpet we see Goldie regal in her White gown and carrying Oscar trying to remember who these people Are. Its a very funny opening. She also does a Good original song by Billy Barnes a the Rumor song a in which she tells Ruth b a Zzz Lily Tomlin and Alan sues How much has been written about her that is untrue. She does add a Bright note to the show. A 7 30-8 lbs poor Sammy Davis or. Runs into Lucile Ball on Here a Lucy and in a funny script keeps getting bashed in the nose. Lucy of course feels so guilty that she insists on caring for him on the set of the film he is making and its there that she can to seem to Tell the dog gets watered on the Patio injures his Back and gets trapped in a Hospital bed among other things. A a 9 to lbs a there a another hilarious chapter of As the stomach turns on the Carol Burnett show with Nanette fab Ray As carols Friend undergoing a sex change. Harvey Korman is Nan a husband Gaylord Pirouette and Steve Lawrence drops by As a golfing priest a la Bing Crosby to offer fatherly advice. Winters changes of stage linage 8a Abr atm stat a tar monday september 28, 1970 the silent Force Lynda Day is assigned the task of checking on a computer company con trolled by organized silent Force tonight crime on the Over Abc to. Quot Dan Angusto Aires fact police Adion new York a in abcs new a Dan August a which made its Bow wednesday night the Public has a hard hitting police series with interesting production and plenty of action. It moves fast and Tough. Burt Reynolds plays the title role a homicide lieutenant in a Small Pacific coast City whose principal problem is that he grew up there and knows just about everybody in town. The first Case involved the murder of a Rich Playboy. Although the plot was not extraordinary it moved Well because of the play of the characters against each other. Reynolds Dan August is not Civ different from the other to detective he played he is tense impatient Short tempered. Norman fell who once detected in �?o87th precinct is Back in harness hit. Time to provide some Light notes. The series faces some difficult Competition disheartening to fans of mystery tales. Both Abc and lbs have cops and robbers series in the same time period. Earlier in the evening Danny Thomas and his former television family picked up just about where they left off several years ago As a make room for grand daddy made its Abc Bow. The first program of the revival of an old show concentrated on catching up with the family life of Danny Williams. It opened with Danny and Marjorie lord still playing his devoted wife arriving Home after a year in Australia. Before Many minutes they were joined by their three children a now Young adults a and even Uncle to noose from Toledo. It was just like old times and at one Point there was a Flashback to the Early Days of a make room for there was just enough plot for Danny to acquire on a loan basis a 6-year-old grandchild who will help with plots during the months ahead. Wednesday nights a music Hall on Abc was a tasteful and imaginative duet starring actor Anthony Quinn and Singer Peggy Lee. An unlikely combination they worked beautifully material. Sketches ranged together with a lot of effective from Thomas Wolfe readings Arri a moving scene Between an aging prizefighter and an employment a e n c y interviewer to Broad comedy. Miss Lee worked in the sketches and Quinn joined her in some of the musical moments. It was a very special 60 minutes. 8 00 a the lost Many 31 17v 13 Sidney Poitier Joanna Shimkus Al Freeman. The Leader of a Black organization plans a robbery to get Money to Aid the civil rights movement. A moment to moment 2 Jean Seberg Sean Garrison. A torrid love affair which builds up to a tragic shooting. 10 15 a stranger in the night 13 Joan Fontaine Michael Wilding Tom Conway. Lively a a ghost a Cap lady in delicate health. 12 of a a alexanders a ragtime band 6 Tyrone Power Alice Faye Don Ameche Ethel Merman. A pseudo biography of Irving Berlin that is made most palatable by 26 of the masters Best songs. Good. Jonattan of inters by Dick Kleiner Hollywood Jonathan Winters used to be the funniest Man alive a off screen As Well As on. He May still a the funniest Man on but of screen he a strangely subdued these Days. A a it a a Tough time for comedians a he says and he s serious and unfunny when he says it. A the world Isnit ready for too much comedy these Days. The nation is uptight. And the world is uptight. A a it a very hard to get people to laugh maybe that a Why Jonathan Winters is so different. And he has an ulcer now when he never had anything like hat before. He does no to make his funny faces and his funny noises and his funny expressions All the time As he once did. He worries about things like putting on weight. He wears a Copper Bracelet because he has bursitis in his right shoulder. Maybe its All in my mind but it seems to help he spends his spare time painting and playing Tennis. Lie began years ago As a cartoonist so Art is nothing new but he has developed his own style of painting a St in reminiscent of the surrealist Miro but with his own stamp on it. He hates Golf a he thinks ifs a foolish game a but lately has discovered Tennis. He and Dan Rowan play frequently and he admits he a no Champion but enjoys the game. It helps in his weight struggle too. Professionally he keeps Busy although there Are things head like to be doing that he Isnit doing. Head like to make More movies a but so would a lot of people a and head like to have his own to show but Hasni to found a situation comedy format he feels he can live with yet. He a doing the new weekend morning children a show no cd shot dog and a to special for children of his own for Abc which will air at noon on saturday oct. 31. And hell be the guest Star on Andy Williams shows this season. Its All keeping Busy. But Anniston area television log television schedules Are supplied by the stations and Are subject to change without notice. All times Are Central Standard time. Vowers with Cali Eviston in Anniston will find five of the station on different Nurr bps on heir selectors. The Anniston Cewe Sion of ars want on Chennai la whoa on 4 a tag on 9 writ on to Way on la. Ners Are few and peanuts category. In the 0 web Atlanta nil cd Paul Harvey comments 0 Waga Atlanta lbs i 10 18 difference tween Quot a reality a Werc. Birmingham Abc 31 Paul Harvey and weather id Active St Reid plays t7> a big Birmingham Etc of sports and weather mediator u we Xii Atlanta Abc me a Rector. Wadi Brrning Iam Abc 17 a tag Atlanta 7 30 8 Abc Percy i9j what Huntsville lbs Rodrigues has most of the 31 Way Huntsville Abc action on the silent Force j whoa Anniston lbs As he pretends to be a Black numbers racketeer wanting to monday sept. 28 set up shop in the ghetto. Of this is because a Nice Young 0 nightly news Man has been frightened into q lbs news working for the whities who q the texan run the Racket and who use 7 Folk guitar a computer to see that win Iii whats my line cd 19 go news sports amp 17 get smart weather 31 local news 8 18 31 Paul Harvey and weather 0 Newbrief 6 30 12 45 Poitier stars As a Black Leader 0 a 21 red Skelton show id news who needs Money for his f j u9 go gun smoke group. So he decides on a o u Young lawyers major robbery to get his n Dixie digest Money and rounds up a gang >17i it take a thief that includes Leon Bibb Al 7oo Freeman jr., Bernie 0 a 31 laugh in Hamilton and in a fringe. 7� world pres 7 38 0 19 go Here a Lucy o silent Force i Falcon highlights 1171 dragnet 8 08 8 to 15 Abc a monday night at the movies has a a Means justify the end film. A the lost Sidney 10 30 31 tonight show a big movie 19 go Merv Griffin 10 45 o Johnny Carson 0 night news 11 00 a dateline 11 15 0 la Dick Cavett show 11 30 a tonight show 12 00 17 19 31 Newbrief q Home theater 12 05 31 Perry Mason 12 15 1 30 la Early news 6 00 0 today show o o 119 news la fantastic voyage a to party line 17 cartoon carnival 31 the three stooges 6 05 0 country boy Eddie 19 Crossroads 19 6 25 0 19 news 6 30 0 today show o news la Tubby and Lester 19 Crossroads 19 31 the big picture of the Continental quartet 6 35 0 country boy Eddie 6 58 19 news 7 00 0 Captain Kangaroo 0 go news a 31 today show 19 morning folks 7 05 q morning show 7 25 9 25 0 a 17 news 9 30 0 cd 31 concentration 0 19 go Beverly Hillbillies la anniversary game 1 17 Steve Allen 10 00 0 a 31 Sale of the century0 19 cd Edge of night 0 19 go family affair 2 00 0 cd 131 another world a Bay City 0 19 go secret storm o la general Hospital 17 bugs Bunny 230 0 31 a Bright Promise 0 news headlines amp weather o a views Benefit Way Joanna Shimkus As a social worker Michael Tolan is a detective in this 1939 release. In let a football a a Mims night me g 2 00 q devotional message tuesday sept. 29 4 30 0 the world around us 4 45 31 devotionals 4 55 0 daily reflect tons 5 00 has Johnny Mutas and the Baltimore Colts at Home to the Kansas City chiefs and Len Dawson. It should be a Good game and you la find out if it is from Keith 0 19 cd Mayberry red o id nil Kansas City is. Baltimore 7 net journal 1 17 Mon. Night movie 8 30 Jackson Howard Cosell and a a us is a show Don Meredith 9 99 0 <19 cd card Burnett 8 30 9 lbs Billy de say it with hands Wolfe returns to the Doris 9 30 Day show As a Nasty Man ? in this Corner who has a Way of having terrible things happen to him 0 31 cd news when Deris shows up there a i now explosion a lot of Good visual comedy 19 news sports weather Here As he maven into the 16 is apartment next door Ami 0 newsroom Kales his slippers to Doris a adventure theater 0 religious programs 31 cartoon theatre 5 20 0 t own and country 5 25 0 fan. Show q morning devotionals 5 30 0 frontiers of Faith 0 video cd lege 0 news cd awake 19 Crossroads 19 5 35 0 farm Market reports 5 50 o country boy Eddie h17 news 5 53 a news 19 Story of Jesus 31 Paul Harvey 7 30 0 cd 31 today show o news 19 kiddie Korner cartoons 7 35 0 morning show 7 55 1 19 weather 8 00 q today in Georgia 0 David Frost show q news la romper room 19 cd Captain Kangaroo 8 05 0 morning show 8 25 0 Young Peoples world 8 30 0 Johnny quest 8 55 1 11 news too 0 a Dinah a place 0 19 cd Lucy show 0 the flints tones 1 11 a die real Mccoy 311 Coffee break 0 0 0 0 0 cd 19 0 0 0 a i cd 0 la 0 0 la one life to live 17 eighth Man 2 45 7 Katie a place 3 00 0 a 31 another world Somerset 0 Gilligan a Island 0 general Hospital 7 sesame Street la dark shadows 17 spider Man 19 go Gomer Pyle 3 30 0 truth or consequences 0 the flying nun 0 Early show la free for All movie a Hazel 1 Jim 1 Vien 19 Popeye cartoons 31 three stooges go film 4 00 0 Perry Mason 0 31 i love Lucy 7 Mist Erogers cd Daniel Boone 17 Little rascals 19 Dennis the menace a Cousin Cliff 4 30 0 sgt. Bilko 7 Friendly giant 17 Flintstones 19 Timmie and Lassie 31 Perry Mason 4 45 7 Katie a place 4 55 0 news 1 00 0 0 a news 0 i love Lucy 7 Book beat la Dick Van Dyke 17 Flipper 19 Gilligan a Island go Batman amp westerns alternate 5 30 #3 a 19 31 cd news 7 be a sport la Hazel 1 45 Alabama newsreel 0 All my children la to Tell the truth 10 30 a <31i Hollywood squads ii go love of life a hat girl 11 00 news la bewitched 17i 31 jeopardy where the heart is 11 25 19 lbs midday news 11 30 Mike Douglas 19 cd search for tomorrow a world apart Eye witness news Parade cd or where game 11 55 17 31 news 12 00 0 f Amous jury trials a 19 cd news la All my children 17 Early movie 31 Dinah a place 12 95 cd by the Way i 12 11 19 farm Market report 12 18 a mid Day show tl9 woman a Page 12 25 19 weather 1 i Paul Harvey 12 39 a 19 c0 As the world turns 0 ill lets make a Deal a 31 words and music 1 00 0 a 31 Days of our lives 0 19 cd love is a Many Splendore thing 0 la newlyweds 1 30 0 a 31 the doctors 0 19 guiding Light 0 ii dating game il7 or. 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