Anniston Star Newspaper Archives September 28, 1970 Page 7

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama 7a Abr �1ttr monday september 28, 1970 railroads request freight rate i like Washington api the nations railroads claiming they Are caught Between labor unions on one Side and Bankers on the other Are asking for a fifth hike in freight rates in four years. Contending that inflation and increased labor costs have wiped out All gains from previous increases railroads in the Eastern and Western United states Are seeking a 15 per cent rate boost. Southern railroads Are asking for 6 per cent across the Board hike until next feb. 28, plus a permanent 15 per cent increase in Coal hauling charges. Tile interstate Commerce commission which scheduled a hearing today is studying All freight rates. But unless the study brings out evidence previously unavailable to the inc history indicates the hikes will be allowed. In the last several decades inc officials admit the commission has never turned the railroads Down cold and in most cases has Given them everything they asked for. The financial collapse last summer of the nations largest Railroad the Penn Central lends an urgency to the railroads plea. And the labor difficulties the carriers have experienced in the last year have evoked a sympathetic response from inc chairman George m. Stafford. In an interview last August Stafford said rising labor costs Are a major financial problem facing the railroads. The railroads also have Felt the Pinch of tight Money a a problem faced by much of Industry but especially critical for the capital intensive railroads. Shippers on the other hand contend the rail freight rate increases Are the result of management. Some members of Congress teen cleans neigh Bor Hood to Roi graphic copy service copies 1 coast to coast is Ann a re Roiti or a Abni us ill Iissa Copus a Ftp Sawyer office supplies inc. 2 East i the up. 217.6705 contend the inc has allowed the railroads to raise rates without demanding improvements in service. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana became so incensed at the last freight rate hike approved Only last summer he called for abolishing the inc and farming out its duties to the department o f transportation. Pair seized at Kennedy with arms new York a port authority police said they arrested a Man and a woman preparing to Board a Boac jetliner at Kennedy Airport sunday night after they were found to be carrying five pistols and a live hand grenade. Gordon Joseph Ryder 25, of los Angeles and Nancy Joan Mcgovern 20, of new York were turned Over to . Marshals and booked under a new Federal Law that makes it a crime to Board a plane with a dangerous weapons police said. The couple had booked passage on British overseas airways corp. Flight 506 for London. City police reported the pair had Israel As their final destination. As they were boarding a Boac Security agent noticed a bulge under Ryder a clothing and ,9tified police. A search disclosed two 38-Eall-Ber revolvers strapped to his Waist. When a Check of the passenger list showed Ryder had booked passage with miss Mcgovern she too was searched. Under her Midi dress and shawl police found two pistols at her Waist another taped to her left leg and the grenade taped to her i right leg. New York apr everybody was talking about the environment but nobody was doing anything about it a says Curtis Silwa. A i decided to do what t h e la Vear old Brooklyn youth did was devote his summer to a neighbourhood cleanup s i Engleh Anderly collecting so tons of reusable trash. Sliwa got the idea after the environmental action coalition announced i t would organize a a trash is Cash Campaign to pay new yorkers for returning solid waste to Industry for reuse. Salvaging four supermarket carts Sliwa repaired them and roped them together to fashion a makeshift Hauler. Then he set out with a Street map to methodically scour the sidewalks and vacant lots in his c a n a r s i e neighbourhood. Working up to 12 hours a Day he collected 3ms tons of newspapers All tied in 50-Pnund bundles More than a ton of bottles a half ton of flattened cans and several huge bags of rags. The trash is Cash program does no to officially Start until thursday so Sliwa stowed t h e newspapers cans and rags in the basement of his family a neat two Story Home. The bottles Are stacked up outside. An official said the Seton would bring Young Sliwa about $200. Sliwa said he got his concern for the environment from his Grandfather who at 93 still sweeps the sidewalk in front of the House every Day. Reds rocket five villages Iun men fell police Saigon a Viet Cong rockets dropped on Hue Vietnam sold Imperial capital for the first time in almost two months As the enemy tried to thwart the Saigon governments pacification program in five locations a military spokesman said today. The . Command reported few attacks on americans during the weekend but five helicopters were lost at a Cost of eight dead two missing and four injured. One of the choppers an air Force ijh1, crashed in Cambodia because of an operational failure the first helicopter lost Over Cambodia since american troops withdrew june 30. One of three rockets that hit Hue struck a military Hospital but caused n o casualties the spokesman said. Only Light damage was reported. South vietnamese casualties a a. P used in by Rte no a men s jewelry w Price regular 1.00 a cuff links amp tie bar sets a cuff links tie tacks a first Quality famous Brand a values to 4.00 boys sizes 8-20 body shirts2.50 regular 5.50-7.00 a one group a assortment of colors a first Quality a famous Brand a Perma press i n bizarre shooting vision Cleveland a two men in a car stopped for speeding Early today on the East Side stepped out of their car and opened fire on two policemen killing one and seriously wounding the other police said. Killed was patrolman Joseph Tracz 27, who was shot in the Back of the head Back of the neck in the Back and in a leg. In serious condition at mount Sinai Hospital with Mouth Chest and abdominal wounds was patrolman Fred Fulton. Inspector Patrick Gerity said Tracz apparently had been shot while lying on the ground. Police took six persons into custody but Gerity said it was not known if the assailants were among the six. He said a search for suspect was continuing. Gerity said the two officers apparently were getting out of their car when they were shot at about 2 . Shots were fired through the Windshield of the police car and neither officer had time to return fire police said. Gerity said Fulton was Able to get Back into the car and Call for help. The first police car to reach the scene took the two officers to the Hospital. Tracz was dead on arrival. Local weather forecast no rain in the forecast. Winds out of the Northeast at to Miles per hour and possibly rising to 18 Miles per hour. Local statistics highest temperature this Date v in gym Lowell temperature this Date 40 in gym far 14 noun ending Al 30 . Today highest temperature la degree. Lowett temperature 54 degree rainfall Tichet. Total rainfall till year 3 23 inches. Sunset today s . Sunrise to Morrow it . Barometer rising. Around the stat Huntsville 1 is ,11 Suscia Shoal 7 52 Gadsden 70 53 Anniston it is .11 b a Mangham is so .01 Tuscaloosa n is Seim to by Montgomery la 1 dumb a a Mobile is As Faris a the Rev. Curl Mcintire sponsor of a w i n -1 h e w a r rally in Washington says the Nixon administration pressured vice president Nguyen Cao by of South Vietnam not to attend the event. A the Power of the United states has been used against him a said Mcintire who came to Paris to try to persuade by to reconsider his decision not to appear oct. 3 at the a March for a the was very Resolute when i last saw him in Saigon a Mcintire said sunday. A the was very firm about the need for . Assistance to win Over communism in Vietnam now he is a different Man. He has been broken i done to blame him. I blame the by has said his presence at Ute rally a would not and that there was a risk of violence Between t h e demonstrators and anti War i giants. Were listed As la killed and 40 wounded in the other four attacks two of them within 15 Miles of Saigon. The . Command did not disclose the Mission of the helicopter that crashed in Mondul Kiri province in northeastern Cambodia taking two american lives and wounding two his. But sources said the Craft carried Only defensive weapons and indicated it was on a Low level observation Mission. It was the first disclosure that the United states is using Naissance missions Over Cambodia. Sources outside the command said some of the helicopters Are equipped with electronic sensors. The sources said amry and air Force helicopters Are being used for purposes including a Low level reconnaissance missions to spot potential North vietnamese and Viet Cong positions and Supply routes that other aircraft flying at higher altitudes would be unable to see because of Jungles. A flights to assess the effectiveness of . Air and artillery strikes. A e electronic surveillance flights to pick up signals from ground sensors that would indicate the movements of North vietnamese troops and Supply trucks. President Nixon said when the americans withdrew from Cambodia that . Planes would Fly Only Quot interdiction missions against enemy supplies and personnel. Some observers interpreted this to mean Only fixed Wing aircraft would be used with helicopters put to use Only to Rescue pilots whose planes were shot Down. The loss of the us i raised to 46 the number o f helicopters and fixed Wing aircraft reported downed in Cambodia. Most of the losses occurred in the two months american ground troops operated there. Elsewhere in Cambodia the military command in phenom penh acknowledged for the first time that vietnamese communists have set up some effective cambodian militia and Village level governments to oppose the regime of Premier Lon nol. A spokesman said the efforts of cambodians first Large offensive of the War 47 Miles North of phenom penh have been turned toward pacification of villages which had been under communist control for months. Earlier statements contended there was no effective cambodian opposition to Lon nol. South vietnamese Headquarters in Saigon announced its forces had closed out an eight Day amphibious operation along the Barsac and Mekong Rivers 30 to 50 Miles Southeast of phenom penh. A spokesman said 233 North vietnamese casualties resulted with allies having 16 killed and 57 wounded. He said termination of the operation reduced South vietnamese strength in Cambodia from 13,500 troops to 12,000. Under new management Cut amp cur and Roux add sparkle to the new look of the exciting. Curly Cut and $ c95 guaranteed permanent first our expert stylists fashion your new Quot curly Cut Quot with a curly curvy turn of Waves. 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