Anniston Star Newspaper Archives September 28, 1970 Page 6

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama 6a Ahr Lar Mondoy september 28, 1970 wedding organist complains. Meeting him at the station after work. Personals miss Evelyn Grazier Conners is a freshman at Converse College in Spartanburg s. C., this year. A a or. And mrs. Randall 0. Albea and son Brian have returned to their Home in Athens ga., after a visit with tile former a parents. Judge arid mrs. E. Harvey Albea. A a a miss Carol Jean Smith has left for Tuscaloosa where she v ill be a student at the University of Alabama school of Law this fall. A a a miss Billie Lefoy is a patient at Baptist medical Center in Birmingham. It it it mrs. James Stanley has returned after spending several Days in Griffin ga., while there because of the illness and death of her Mother mrs. Robert English. It. And mrs. Donnie Taliaferro were the recent guests of his aunt mrs. Iris Alexander on Abbott Avenue before reporting for duty at a Marine base in North Carolina. It. Taliaferro has just returned from Vietnam. A a miss Joanne King is a freshman at Queen s College in Charlotte n. C., this year. A a a miss Cathryn Jeanne Musk is a freshman at Queens College in Charlotte n. A. This year. A miss Jane Abbey Lefevre is a freshman at Converse College in Spartanburg s. C., this year. It it it miss Gail Stankard has resumed her studies at the University o f Montevallo where she will be a Sophomore this year. Abigail Van Buren dear Abby i am a Church organist who has been intending to write to you about Church music for some time but what happened yesterday was the last Straw. A Bride to be requested that i play a a aquarius and a let the Sunshine in at her wedding. Naturally being a conscientious Church musician i refused. She complained to the pastor who brought the matter before the Church Council. Believe it or the pastor and Council agreed with her now done to get me wrong i have nothing against the two songs mentioned above but they have no place in a worship service which is what a wedding is. Its bad enough when we have to play the traditional wedding marches by Wagner and Mendelssohn or those sentimental love songs such As a i love you truly and �?o0 Promise me a but i think when they approved win at Bridge a a aquarius and a let the Sunshine in a they hit Rock Bottom. Thousands of serious Church musicians will thank you for printing this. And if you do please use my real name because i would like for people to know where i stand. Very truly yours Thomas l. Scheck organist St. Johns United Church of Christ Mansfield Ohio. Dear organist it might interest you to know that a Rock Bottoms was hit a few years ago when another organist wrote to Tell me that she had Geen requested to play a what kind of fool am in at a Church wedding. And she played it. Dear Abby i want to Tell your readers what will Power can do. A year and a half ago i weighed 326 pounds and today i weigh 179, and in a still going Down. I have been eating everything i want but Only 1,000 calories a Day. If i can do it anybody can As i love eating next to god and Mankind. I feel like a new woman i look 25 years younger and am too per cent easier to get along with. I lost the last 40 pounds after i joined tops. I Hope to be Down to 155 by the end of the year. I am absolutely bursting with Joy and want to Tell the world that will Power pays off. Caroline in Marengo Ohio dear Caroline congratulations your letter could inspire others who Are planning to go on a diet a a tomorrow to Start today. Dear Abby Between Syracuse n. Y., and Auburn on the new York state thruway there is a sign which says a watch out for some. Clown added a a Abby after evidently the vandals know you too. Very truly yours c. R. Vanwagenen what a your problem you la feel better if you get it off your Chest. Write to Abby Box 69700, los Angeles Cal. 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped addressed will miss All of you. Women in motion Billie Merrill editor direct bidding works Best facts about pharmacy it takes skill to safeguard your health like compounding your prescriptions with unfailing accuracy. Exactly As your doctor ordered. Your registered phar Mac it is dedicated to this. Rapid motor for be pick up and i i delivery prescription service i dial 236-4451 i serving All of Anniston including West Anniston e by Oswald a James Jacoby Back in 1932 Young Oswald Jacoby married the Tennis Champion of Texas. Mary Zita Jacoby had never played Bridge but wanted to learn and in order to teach his wife quickly he invented the Point count no Trump. This picture bid showed 5-3-3-2, 4-4-3-2 or 4-3-3-3 distribute and Wikley a 1010 Noble since 1880 drug store downtown North 29 4aq7 vq82 faqs k643 West East a j io9 3 a 6542 v 76 4 v a io95 a 72 4 10863 4.10952 a South d ak8 vkj3 a kj54 4� aq87 North South vulnerable West North East South i . Pass 6 . Pass pass pass a opening Lead a j double ton if you feel like living dangerously. We do use the Stayman convention in responding to opening no Trumps. If you have never Learned this convention it is about time you did. There Are innumerable versions of Stayman. The Jacoby modern version is one of the simplest. The Basic idea of Stayman is that the two club response to an opening no Trump is an artificial forcing bid and demands that partner rebid two diamonds if he does no to have a major he rebid two in it. If he has four cards in each major suit he rebid two of Tho one he likes better. North has 17 balanced Points. There is no need to use the Stayman convention since he does hold a four card major suit. Therefore he does need to explore suit possibilities. He knows the partnership total is from 33-35 that 33 is the key number for a Small slam and 37 the key number for a grand slam. He just bids six no Trump. South May fool around and try to make seven by putting the Ace of hearts to sleep. Maybe he will. Maybe he wont but in any Case six is Home. The bidding has been West North East South ? you South hold aaq94 vkj85 432 a 108 what do you do a bid one club. You have 13 Points counting one for the double ton. Bid a club rather than one of your four card majors to provide for future bidding. Today a question your partner raises you to two clubs. What do you do now answer tomorrow congratulations to mrs. Ollie Jones from Delta Alabama from a size 22v2 to a size 14 from 215% lbs. To 144% lbs. 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In face we done to consider it a capital crime to open one no Trump with a worthless la Casa de slim trim in my a 3 visits a week Pius use of wet or dry Sauna Sun lamp Shower at no extra Cost Only to per to. On a 3 month basis total Cost to you Only $18.00 Siu we ask you to compare before you sign phone now for information about our program 237-5455 exercise if supervised by professional instructors trained by or. Donald j. Salts id. D exorcise specialist. Our exercise has moved More inches ail Over Tho world than any other exercise. Exercise needs expert supervision to get the desired Casa de slim trim Mcclellan blvd a Blue Man intersection All that a new for 1971. From Oldsmobile ii i j Mauk of t Achu Noe j Tornado. The unmistakable takes on grand new proportions. It is a full Ive inches longer and every Inch adds to its elegance. Even its trunk is More spacious this year. The new interiors Are roomier and tar sumptuous the front floor is Flat from door to door with no Hump to get in Tho Way. Tornado unique front drive and the totally new ride system deliver greater smoothness improved traction and sure handling. Add a responsive Olds rocket 455 v-8. Power steering Power front disc brakes. Turbo Hydra Matics All Standard on the front drive Tornado. Delta is. Warmest Welcome Ever to the big car world. Power steering it Standard. So Are Power front disc brakes. And an impressive 124-Inch wheelbase. It s All topped off with Delta 88 s remarkable new a ride Quot system. Pollution fighters. Every Olds engine is designed to Cut emissions. Run efficiently on no Iead. Low Lead or regular fuel. Cutlass supreme. Oldsmobile a Little limousine places shout elegance within double Comfort. New fio thru ventilation features both upper and lower outlets for greater control belter air circulation. Solid Security. Side guard beams Are welded into the doors for prote cuon. One of Many Olds safety features Tor 1971. The a Gride system. An Olds exclusive a combination of advances in Chassis suspension steering and All new super shocks. You rids smoother Corner bet Ter Are less affected by stiff crosswinds. It s featured in every 1971 Olds Delta 88 die reach of nearly every new car buyer and does it so beautifully with a classic profile outside deep Comfort and la Unous appointment inside if you re Ion ing for elegance and Economy be and Cutlass Suprien Are made for each Oum Oldsmobile always a step ahead Tornado a ninety eight a Delta 88 a 4-4-2 a Cutlass a Cruiser wagons ;