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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama La la a e, 28-.l97� 11ecampus unrest fault finding result Sll Nixon get Royal treatment i indifference shown Over report Rome apr president and mrs. Nixon will live like Royalty at some of Europe a most famous palaces and historic Homes during their nine Day european visit. They started out sunday with an overnight stay at the Quirinale Palace atop one of the seven Hills of Rome. It was built by the Popes toward the end of the 16th Century and later used As a residence for the Kings of Italy. Itaya a president Giuseppe Sara Gat lives there now. Nixon dropped Down by helicopter in the Cobblestone Street nearby to pay a Call at the richly decorated Palace with its 17th Century frescoes Gilt carvings and mirrors and Palace guards with plumed Silver helmets. President and mrs. Nixon will go wednesday t o Belgrade Yugoslavia where they will reside at the a old its really a fairly new Palace done in the byzantine design of the old serbian churches and monasteries. With frescoes patterned after those of the Middle Ages. President Tito will give them a state dinner in the r e n a i s s Ance style White Palace which is filled with French furniture and objects of Art by Duke Paul Regent for Young King Peter. Both palaces were built Between 1925 and 1935 and Are now used for entertaining visiting dignitaries. In Spain the Nixon will stay at the Palacio de Moncloa built in the 18th Century during the reign of Queen Isabella. Located near the University of Madrid the Palace was destroyed during the Spanish civil War and has been rebuilt for use As an official guest House f o r Generalissimo Francisco Francois visitors. Nixon and Franco will hold guaranteed income program nears crucial Senate test Washington a president Nixon a plan for a guaranteed annual income for the nations poor is nearing a crucial Senate test with the administration unable to count on the Strong Republican support necessary to win. The Senate finance committee starts executive hearings tuesday into Nixon a welfare Reform program including the guaranteed income plan and a related social Security measure. Both have passed the House. The administration needs at least nine votes among the to democrats and seven republicans on the committee to Clear the legislation for Senate Dehate. However a key democratic source who asked not to be named said there Are not enough votes among committee members of his party to get the Bill to the floor. A the president is going to have to get some More help from the he said. But administration strategists admit they Are confident Only of the vote of sen. Wallace f. Bennett a Utah but Hope to pick up More support in the closed committee sessions. The guaranteed income provision that is sparking the gop reluctance a downright opposition in some cases a is formally known As the family assistance plan or map it would for example provide a Basic federally financed income floor of $1,600 to every four member family in the nation increasing the welfare Rolls to a potential 24 million persons compared with to million now. Several republicans on the committee say the projected Cost of $4.1 billion a year for the plan is too Low. The social Security measure which the committee will Start with tuesday is considered a sure bet to Clear the panel and May be the vehicle for floor debate on guaranteed income. Some map foes led by sen. John j. Williams d-del., Are considering trying to limit it to a Small Pilot study which May be tacked onto the social Security Bill. But several senators have said if the welfare Bill is bottled up in committee they will offer map As an amendment to the social Security measure. That Bill provides a 5 per cent boost in All social Security benefits next january future automatic increases in payments when the Cost of living rises 3 per cent and tighter controls medicare and medicaid costs. Kent slate students be Pill classes today their talks at the Pardo Francois official residence and office once the summer Retreat and Hunting Lodge of the Spanish Royal family. It is in the midst of a Deer preserve about 12 Miles from the Center of Madrid. The most formal social event of the Nixon trip is Francois White tie state dinner at the Royal Palace which is considered one of the largest and finest palaces in Europe. Built in the reign of Charles Iii in 1764, and Neo classical in style i t always has been the residence of the Spanish Royal family. It is now used Only for formal occasions and houses a magnificent collection o f furniture tapestries paintings porcelain and Armor. In England Queen Elizabeth ii lunches with the Nixon at Chequers a famous 1,000-acre country estate that dates to the 12th Century. Now the residence of prime minister Edward Heath its furnishings represent the craftsmanship of Many centuries including such historic relics As the first Queen Elizabeth a ring and Napoleons pistols. In Ireland Nixon a wealthy Friend from new York John a. Mulcahy will bring the president to his restored 18th Century country mansion. Irish president Eamon de Valera will show Nixon Dublin Castle which dates to the 13th Century. Rebuilt state apartments in the ancient Castle once the residence of English viceroys now Are used for official entertaining. De Valera will give a state luncheon there in Nixon a Honor. Kent Ohio a Kent state University opens its classroom doors to 21,000 students today As the fall Quarter begins on the Campus where four students were fatally shot during disorders last Spring. Or. Robert i. White president of the University planned to address the students at a noon convocation. Students scheduled a Torch Light Parade and a memorial service monday night in memory of the four students who were killed May 4 in a confrontation with Ohio National guardsmen. Six bomb threats had been made in recent Days causing buildings to be evacuated four times. Nothing was found. The Campus police Force has been increased from 36 to 48 full time officers. Tile state Highway patrol has promised Quick Aid in Case of trouble. Stud its Are now required to carry identification cards which show their pictures. White has warned students to be aware of a the Rumor Mill a ghastly institution that works the rumours include one that a Radical group will shut Down the University by oct. 16. There is also a Rumor that Fri agents have been registering As students but University officials say they know nothing about it. The Campus was closed for the remainder of the Spring Quarter after the shootings which c imaged four Days of disruptions. Classes were resumed for the summer term. Early registrations surpassed those of last fall with 20,988 students registering in three Days last week compared to 20.913 during Early registration a year ago. There were 7,539 freshmen enrolments compared to 7,429 last fall. Coroner gives open yen lid on Simi i lend Rixis death London a a London Coroner returned an open verdict today on Jim Hendrix after a pathologist testified tile american pop Singer died of suffocation. The Coroner said there was insufficient evidence to suggest Hendrix had taken his own life. The coroners court soviet base dealing needs . Diplomacy Washington a sen. J. W Fulbright chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee says diplomacy not Bluff is needed in dealing with a possible soviet submarine base in Cuba. The relative strength of the United states and Russia has changed since the cuban missile crisis under president John f. Kennedy Fulbright said a it was possible at that time to Bluff them i think. Marquis Tri sat $249 diamonds very Larne Stock. Any site Fth apr drs rep Tina. $5 to $7500.00 terms gladly weekly or monthly your own Diamond can i Ramouni by a Nib you wait spi Plewik Tom Cupitt or 1 129 Noble tit. I doubt that it is possible now because the Best information we have is there is a degree of rarity. It is a dangerous Fulbright spoke sunday on the Abc radio television program a issues and a this Calls for diplomacy and not Bluff and certainly not the resort to arms because this is a disaster a he said. The Best Way to handle the report of a new base disclosed Friday by the Pentagon is to take the matter to the Salt strategic arms limitation a talks in Vienna tile Arkansas Democrat said. Fulbright views the possible construction at Cienfuegos Bay on the cuban South coast not As a test of president Nixon. A they know we have the capacity for destruction Quot he said. U s. Officials said saturday it would be some time before they knew How the soviets would use the new naval facilities. A 11 h o ugh i a Tell Genee had spotted equipment moving into the Harbor recently officials said it was not Clear what would be installed. Late Friday the White House appeared to play Down the immediate seriousness of the situation which it earlier said was being viewed a with the utmost seriousness a presidential press Secretary Ronald a Ziegler said rial among other things there were no soviet submarines at Kii Fagus at the present time. By Kenneth j. Freed Washington a a presidential task forces Multi edged fault finding for Campus violence has been greeted with much of the indifference and cynicism the panel indicated is reflected in student unrest. The weekend report by the presidents commission on Campus unrest Laid a pall of blame across much of society a the student terrorist the authority who shoots needlessly the teacher who tolerates disruption the College administrator who forfeits discipline. And the Federal government not Only for what it does or does no to do but what it says. The report was submitted after a thre month study. The commission headed by former Pennsylvania gov. William Scranton a Republican called on All of society to unite against the pressures that set off the mobs bombings and even killings at universities and colleges Over the past year. But it was to president Nixon that the panel and Scranton in particular looked for a solution. A Only the president has the platform and prestige to urge All americans at once to step Back from the Battle lines into which they Are forming a the report said. Whether the president can or will take the moral leadership the nine member task Force called for brought divided thoughts in a Check of campuses and officials. A Nixon appointed this commission to pacify the Public is not to listen to it a was the reaction from a University of California student John Emshwiller a 20-year-old self described moderate. A in Many ways the report is difficult to disagree with a said University of Georgia Dean of student affairs o. Suthern Sims or. A a there something for a slightly More positive reaction but one still tinged with scepticism came from William of Neill professor of american history at the Battle zone like University of Wisconsin. A the commission soundly recommended Steps to isolate the Small hardcore of totally dissatisfied radicals from the infinitely larger number of sympathizers a of Neill said. A but presidents appoint commissions to satisfy critics not to provide action the same thought in a More earthy level from another univer s i t y of California student a it does no to really matter what the report says. Nixon Isnit going to pay any attention to it there was of course much positive reaction. From Dan Evanson a University of Georgia student a if the Cornin is Sion a recommendations Are followed the situation could improve from Clark Kerr the former president of the University of California and now chairman of the Carnegie commission on higher education a i think its easily the Best report on the subject that a been made a with president Nixon in Europe there was no comment on the report from the White House. Similarly vice president Spiro t. Agnew an implied target of some commission criticism said he had yet to give the panels finding a clone Reading and would not react until he had done so. But there were indications from both panel members and some Nixon administration officials that the president has been listening. Scranton said sunday a i think there is quite a change already this summer in the wording and rhetoric that has come out of some of the High officials in the the former Pennsylvania politician who once aspired to the White House himself said he is certain Nixon will follow the commissions plea for greater White House leadership. Presidential aide Robert h. Finch said Nixon already a has taken Steps in that directions and has put Many of the panels recommendations into effect. In addition to the need for a greater presidential moral and leadership role the commission made these findings a a nothing is More important than an end to the War in a any persons engaging in student violence should be quickly removed from the Campus and prosecuted. Faculty members who encourage violence by students and other Young people should be removed. A there can be no tolerance of abuse of Power by authority. A too Many Law enforcement officers have responded with unwarranted harshness and Force in seeking to control disorder. A Law enforcement officers have too often reacted ineptly or overreacted. At times their response has degenerated into uncontrolled this Point came up sunday the Day after the report was issued when two panel members said the killings of students last year at Kent state University in Ohio and Jackson state College in Mississippi were without justification. Harvard University Junior Joseph Rhodes jr., and new Haven conn., police chief James Ahern said the commission said there was no sufficient provocation o n either Campus to use deadly Force. Rhodes said there was a a remarkable incredible Lack of concern for human life of Black people at the mostly negro Mississippi school. Rhodes and Ahern As Well As Scranton appeared on the Abc program a meet the detailed reports on the Kent state Jackson. State killings will be issued later this week. The commission report said continuing polarization Between the nations youth and the More o r t h o d of elements of society can Lead Only to More Campus violence. Special carpet shampoo 25% off Reg Price the House masters janitorial co. 237-0886 971. You be changed. We be changed. Hoard medical testimony the Singer had taken nine times the Normal dose of sleeping tablets. The verdict meant the court was unable to decide the exact reason for Hendrix s death in Londonio Days ago. Pathologist prof. Donald Teare said Hendrix 27, part Cherokee and part negro died through swallowing vomit caused by Barbiturate poisoning. He said there was no evidence the Singer was a drug addict. When the inquest resumed before the Westminster Coroner Hendrix a girl Friend blonde German skating Star Monika Danneman told of the Singer s last hours. Miss Danneman Clad in a Black Maxi dress wept As she testified Hendrix took one steeping Pill after they went to bed in her Flat. Earlier they had spent the Day together and drunk some wine but she did t see Hendrix take any other pills miss Danneman said. Tie morning he died sept. 18, miss Danneman said she found Hendrix had been sick in his sleep. He was still breathing when an ambulance arrived 20 minutes after she called a Friend to say she was unable to Wake the Singer Hendrix was dead on arrival at a London Hospital. Miss Danneman said the Singer had been exhausted by a series of performances in London since january and had been taking Strong sleeping pills. Fix broken dentures at Horn in minute amazing new Quish Alee brokes planet my is a Cra Ltd and Replat a Teeth Ilka new. Fast Katy to it no special Tesla needed. a pay i Wurst every tuna a 1 a i pour Money baulk. Teeter re ii change. That what its All about this year. And that a what we mean by putting you first. These Are uneasy times. There Are major concerns. About pollution. About safety. About your hard earned Dollar. We know. For the past to years Chevrolet research people have questioned thousands of people on every subject from rising taxes to the size of the Glove Box in their cars. We be found that Price and maintenance costs traae in value and Quality have become tremendously important. Your car has to work. It Nas to last. And each new Model must have More built in value. At Chevrolet we understand. You want meaningful change. You want improvements that Are not just ski deep but deep seated. And one of those action the Many that you la find in the 1971 Chevrolet is new emission controls to help bring Back clean air. In every new Model we be made further substantial reductions in both the discharge of hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide. All 1971 Chevrolet engines run efficiently on the new no Lead or Low Lead gasoline too which not Only Lowers exhaust emissions but adds longer life to your spark plugs exhaust system and other engine components. Caprice. The biggest most luxurious Dies Rolet Ever. A Complete change. Bigness in itself is nothing. But if it allows you to lengthen the distance Between the front and rear wheels which we did then you be got something. You be got a smoother ride. The idea in the 1971 Caprice was to give you the looks and Comfort of a six or seven thousand Dollar car without asking you to pay that much for it. And above All to build in As much dependability and Security As possible. So we changed the body Structure too. We made it stronger. And we made it quieter by putting a double layer of steel in the roof. Caprice As you can see below is a lot of luxury at a Chevrolet Price. Littlest Chevy Ever. It Wasny to changed from anything. Before building Vega we read everything we could get our hands on about Little cars. We talked to owners. We studied Little cars up one Side and Down the other and literally Tore them apart. We found out exactly what made them tick or Why they did no to tick. What ticked were Gas Economy and dependability. What did no to were underpowered engines cramped quarters and getting blown around in the wind. In our Little Vega everything ticks. Its not just another Little car. You did no to want that. Its one Little car that does everything Well. Chevrolet Worth seeing. Worth owning Worth waiting by. Monte Carlo. Changed no refined. The Dawn one and Grille is refinement. Another not wer beam headlights Are spaced wider apart. Plus a tasteful new Hood ornament Cheville How do you change America s most popular mid size Cai very carefully. We contoured a new Grille. Gave you new Ingle amt poem beam headlights. Re sculptured both bumpers. Carefully. Very carefully. I a vanishing tailgate. A big change in our big Wagon. The window goes up into the roof the Glide away tailgate do sapi it ears undo t he floor. Out of sign. Out of your Way. Camaras now in its 30th week. What do you do with americans Best Selling sporty car to make it More so i build head restraints right into the front bucket seats. 2 Cushion the steering wheel Center 3 modify the engines Tor new no Lead or Low Lead fuel. Nova. We changed our attitude about change and gave you tally w hat you asked for. New colors and fabrics new Power beam headlamps a Mort naive St and Poi Arri six Nova. Still americans not Loo Small Noi iou big car. I big i Immke you amp was ;