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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama A fee unit grim of amp tar established 1982 mrs Edel y. Ayers chairmen of the Board Ralph Vav. Callahan president h. Brandt Ayers Cody Hall Steve Traylor editor and publisher executive editor managing editor p. A. Sanguinetti vice pres., Gen. Manager Sam Ogle or circulation manager Almus j. Thornton Secretary treasurer Harry m. Ayers president and publisher 1910-1964 it subscription rates one week. T .90 one month. 2.40 including tax mail rates on request the consolidated publishing co., props. Publishing every Ane noon end sunday morning at West 10th Street. Entered As second class mall matter at me Post office in Anniston Ala. Monday september 28, 1970 that old feeling like a haunting refrain a and not a romantic one a that old tune Pushy soviet testing of american Mettle is ringing again in our ears. Eight years ago when president John f. Kennedy backed them Down in that a eyeball to Eye Baum confrontation it was the missiles they were implanting in Cuba this time it is what appears to be a submarine base at Cienfuegos Bay. Their full intentions Are not immediately known the government says. Nor is it possible right now to know what will have to be done about it or How the Kremlin will counter react to our reaction. One thing is Clear in the situation and should have been Clear to realists a Long time ago and that is that peace and quiet done to come by unilateral declaration of Good intentions on our part. It can be arranged sometimes when the interested parties have a healthy respect for each other but it is rarely bestowed As a Reward for just being in troublesome. Remarque a Monument Over half a Century ago a Young Man named Erich Maria Remarque emerged alive but deeply affected from the ghastly experiences of world War i. Remarque was a German and saw with trenchant emotions what the War had done not Only to his country and Europe but to the souls of men especially the a a Little men the men in the ranks who fought and died in the trenches. The result was Remarque a most successful novel and one of the most memorable works of the Century a car quiet on the Western front a a sensitive poignant and powerful anti War novel. Remarque who left Germany in 1932 when nazism began its Rise and became an american citizen died last week in Switzerland. He had written other novels a Marc Detriomphe spark of life out a car quiet on the Western front remains his monumental work and one of humanity a most appealing expressions. The natives Are restless whether it is an Orval Faubus in Arkansas or a Carl Sanders in Georgia sex governors have fallen upon hard times in getting another shot at the statehouse Here in the South this summer. The segregation famous Faubus was knocked off in the Arkansas democratic primary by an unknown Small town lawyer and Sanders with a moderate progressive reputation got the political Wood Laid to him by Small town Peanut grower Jimmy Carter also a moderate. Recalling even George Wallace a come from behind Effort to overcome Albert Brewer and noting persistent reports from Florida that gop incumbent Claude Kirk May be in trouble one conclusion is that across the South the natives Are getting restless. Some of the old faces and old a a verities no longer hold the same appeals to the voters who seem to be in a mood for both new faces and new approaches to state problems. That May not be a bad thing. No time to be passenger among the state offices promoting tourism one of the popular mottoes has been a stay and see a a Little thing to encourage the natives to find their fun right around Home. The Way the sky jacking cult has been growing the tour offices May Well Start urging us to a stay and see a and the air people Are working on methods to put an end to the air assaults however. And if All else fails they May concentrate on freight and turn their passenger problems Over to a panel of experts from the railroads. They be just about solved their passenger problems. New Yorkus Lindsay mayor May drop own Bombshell Quot barbarian a by David s. Broder Start Washington Post Sonvico new York it is a typical Day in the life of mayor John v. Lindsay. The times is headlining the continuing investigation of alleged High level graft in the police department a dispute Between the controller and the mayor on management consultant contracts and a strike of building service employees that has left half a million Bronx apartment tenants with trash piling up on their doorsteps. Every Entrance to City Hall is barricaded and mounted police Are on duty to guard the building against a noon demonstration of welfare mothers protesting a reduction in school clothing allowances. Inside Lindsay is meeting with mayors of Albany Buffalo Rochester Syracuse and Yonkers to plan strategy for prying increased state Aid and liberalized Home Rule legislation from next years session of the legislature. In the afternoon there will be a two Nour session with City budget officials on ways to make up the deficit caused by the shortfall in revenues from taxes on Stock transfers and corporate and personal incomes. The City like its residents and its businesses is feeling the sting of recession. But the visitor who expects to find senator Church slates probe of Brazil regimes torture by Jack Anderson Washington the United states has pumped almost 1.5 billion into the brazilian military dictatorship a regime that officially countenances the gris Liest kinds of torture sadism and slow death. Even women and priests have been horribly inhumanly abused. Their tormentors allegedly include brazilian officers who have received military or police training in the u. S. Sen. Frank Church a Idaho As head of a Senate subcommittee that oversees latin american affairs has been gathering evidence since january. Much of it has been smuggled to him from inside Brazil. The senator has had the Library of Congress translate it in secret. Appalled at what he has Learned Church is preparing questionnaires that will be delivered around oct. 15 to Secretary of state Bill Rogers Secretary of defense Mel Laird and in s. Information chief Frank Shakespeare the questionnaires will demand How much u. S. Aid has gone to Brazil who in this country has received decorations from the dictatorship and what the Usis a secret polls show the average brazilians think of american support of the regime. Church also had a committee staff Man Pat Holt draw up a confidential detailed plan for hearings in january and february. Holt a memo made available to this column acknowledges that the . May gain Short term benefits from working with the militarists but contends that a Over the Long term such a policy May be he Calls for six full Days of bearings. Nervous officials at the state department however have begged Church not to give his findings a Public airing. While they done to deny that torture has been permitted in Brazil they assert the Junta has become More moderate lately. But Church haunted by the evidence in his files has replied that unless the hearings endanger u. S. Security he intends to Shine a spotlight on the bestial practices. His purpose in t to poke into brazils internal affairs but to find out whether u. S. Funds help to subsidize the torturing. Grim affidavits accepted As reliable by Senate investigators familiar with to Cir source attest to the torture of women such As Gisela Maria Cosenza Avelar 25, a social worker with a child. First her torturers threatened to starve the baby. Then the woman herself was a violently stripped and subjected to the Wrath of. Capt. Jesu and sgt. Leo. Who alternated or combined the most diverse types of physical psychological and sexual some of the abuses committed upon her during a nine hour ordeal were too vile to be described. The More printable included torture with a High voltage wires were rigged to the woman a body and she was shocked until Quot her body was wracked by spasms and involuntary she was also forced to stand Barefoot a on the open part of sausage cans of different Heights. Within a Short time the cans began to Cut into the soles of her feet. The Muscles of her legs became stiff causing tremendous pain. When she lost her balance and fell she was beaten and put Back in the unfortunate mrs Cosenza Avelar was then Hung from her Knees governments the last a Hance by d. J. R. Bruckner the in its Angeles times the president of the Bank of America a. W. Clausen reminded japanese businessmen in Tokyo earlier this month that Trade policies of nations Are influenced by Domestic politics. These in Tom Are increasingly shaped by the a rapidly deteriorating Quality of contamination of the planet he said is a a multinational will shape1 the economic and political accommodations we will be making Over the remainder of this or As lord Ritchie Ca Ider the British scientist says a hours is a global in the world of business this is axiomatic National changes in Trade policy monetary systems inflation tend to get simultaneous the simultaneity magnifies the effects of any changes or decisions. The same principle lies under the development of technology which magnifies the effects of All action not Only spatially but in time. The two begin the interact Clausen suggested for instance that the Price of saving Tot environment might Force nations to rethink the entire concept of what in inflationary. We Lack a philosophical foundation for understanding these developments. Possibly the closest analogy is the classic concent of sin it would be a Nice irony if business and technology were to revive sin. La the classic concept sin has its roots very near the creation and its effects Are eternal it changes a Many a soul and his destiny forever and it May change that of others the sinned against. Listen carefully now to scientists talking about ecology a businessmen talking about Trade. Trade and the u. S. This summer agreed to work out some common Prin Cipe on pollution control. The very Inadequacy of such a step emphasizes the problem. The world has no mechanism for adequate agreements no Legal foundation for them beyond treaty Powers. How inadequate those Are is illustrated by the Complex frustration of reaching a worldwide agreement Banning nuclear weapons. National institutions Are simply disappearing As realities. Look at business. P r Iva Tely created International currencies Are fueling larger amounts of business every Day. Multinational apportions and Banks with a reach beyond governments Are springing up. They directly affect the lives of individuals across National Borders. So does that child of technology pollution. Nations have lost the ability to transmit the effects of action to their own people or to shape those effects to National purposes. This problem is not academic it is the most real political problem in the world for if National institutions lose the Power to do something for people to make them Happy what is their use the development of business and technology has diminished their legitimacy any meaningful Effort to preserve the worlds environment will necessarily diminish it More. Conversely a failure to Deal effectively with pollution would destroy the legitimacy of National institutions completely. The authority of governments is pretty far gone. In this nation privately conducted popular campaigns have produced More Chance in business practices and standards pollution control efforts and health care in a few years than government did in a Hundred the lesson is not lost on the people. Right now the u. S. Government is debating whether to build a supersonic transport. Ecologists warn that the set might produce disastrous permanent changes in the atmosphere. But Russia has an set in the air so have England and France. So far we have not seen a guerrilla movement among environmentalists but the possibilities Are awesome. So far the nations of the world have been unable to reach Accord on internationalizing the seabed a 70 per cent of the planets surface. And so far this is Only an Effort to draw lines or prevent the drawing of them we have not begun to discuss protecting life in the Tea. But a group on the California coast is offering a Bounty for seizure of russian fishing trawlers in International Waters. What will happen when Large scale exploitation of the Earth a a ast under the Waters begins As their authority declines get Ruments Are tempted to resist mull mat tonal agreements protectionism in Trade is a sign. It is possible to imagine a world of nations whose governments have to spend their energies preventing their own people from interfering with other nations and people. It would not be a stable world. The scenario could be a lot uglier a technology spreads its effects some argue that worldwide Industrial development among emerging nations is dangerous. Some powerful men in this nation argue that we should grab All the worlds resources we can because they Are limited and the struggle for them in a few years will be fierce. National institutions we Are reminded possess nuclear bombs. Last Spring the Diplomat George Al Anan published a suggestion about this situation. The powerful the advanced nations a big enough to matter few enough to work together a might set up an International monitoring body with fill Access to National knowledge hut completely Independent it would be made up of scientists technologists scholars who might begin to publicize implications of scientific and then Lotical decisions to outline choices to sound the alarm. The political result of such an Effort an unknown but we Are beginning to see the political results of doing nothing. It might be after All the last Chance for governments to really do something for people. And wrists a head Down while capt. Jesu operated the a Crank giving her electrical shocks through the wires attached to her at the same time sgt. Leo beat her body and the soles of her feet interrupting occasionally a to devote himself to sexual acts on the deponent a other signed statements Tell of army officers who poked Billy clubs into the orifices of their victims bodies women whose breasts were abused until they gushed blood and Young women forced to strip and dance before jeering officers. Who Are the sub human brazilians responsible for these atrocities Here Are the names most frequently mentioned in the torture statements a sgt. Leo Machado capt. Jofre Lacerda capt. Pedro Ivo maj. Vicente Teixeira it. Col. Waldir Teixeira goes capt. Portela capt. Schubert capt. Padua and maj. senator Church is trying to find out How Many of them were trained in the u. S. The Senate foreign relations committee traditionally does not hear foreign witnesses. However the Holt memo suggests calling american clergymen scholars businessmen labor leaders and government officials who have served in Brazil. The memo emphasizes that Many u. S. Clergymen in particular have a special knowledge of Brazil. Footnote Church also will inquire into a secret brazilian american military agreement signed in 1942 and renewed in 1952. Under this agreement the brazilian air Force received m-16 rifles which allegedly were used to kill Amazon natives opposing government land programs. Secretary of defense Mel Laird a Public suggestion that t h e United states might evacuate american citizens from Jordan caused an uproar in the Pentagon. The generals warned that a Rescue operation would be extremely dangerous and that Liard s Call for the Protection of Jordan was unrealistic. His Honor sunk in gloom is in for a Surprise. At 48, John Lindsay is notably grayer than he was when he moved into City Hall five years ago a but his enthusiasm seems unimpaired. It May simply be another demonstration of Winston Churchill a remark that Quot nothing in life is so exhilarated As the experience of being fired on by the enemy a and being so far Lindsey has survived a though scandals and resignations have exploded All around him and More investigations and confrontations Are just ahead. Three out of every five voters in his City opposed him last year and yet he remains in City Hall because the opposition was divided and he looks quite Chipper. There Are moments he says in which he even sees glimmers of Hope. The past summer was Calmer than he expected. The youth boards worked a magnificently a the Block associations a closed in on dozens of situations before they got out of hand a the crisis Alert system delivered Early and reliable intelligence. School decentralization and Model cities programs a though plagued Vith difficulties from the Start a Are now beginning to have some payoffs. Not least from the mar a viewpoint is that some disputes that formerly focused on City Hall Are now being settled in the neighbourhoods. A the collisions Are taking place in the communities because that a where the Power and resources Are now a he says. A a it a not always the Case of some . At City Hall rejecting what the local people want. They re getting the idea that these Are their own Lindsay himself is still mulling a and still Savouring a his own big decision on where to throw his weight in this years new York gubernatorial race and what role to carve for himself in 1972 presidential politics. The temptation to Settle at least some of his old scores with gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller r by endorsing the democratic Liberal nominee Arthur Goldberg is a powerful one. Rockefeller failed to Back Lindsay for mayor last year while Goldberg crossed party lines to do so. Now Rockefeller has welcomed the endorsement of Mario Procaccino the conservative Democrat who was Lindsay s main rival in the 1969 mayoral race. It would seem both symmetrical and satisfying for Lindsay to Complete the Circle by endorsing Goldberg. And the advisers and staff men who Are eager to see Lindsay enter the 1972 democratic presidential race Are urging him to do so. And yet Lindsay holds Back. A i done to plan to do anything at the he told a visitor Hist week. A i done to know if i Ever the mayor Speaks of reflecting the a interest of eight million new yorkers in his decision and dwells the importance of consulting the members of the bipartisan advisory committee which was formed during his last Campaign. But As Lindsay knows full Well he cannot speak for the advisory committee whose members Are already choosing sides in the gubernatorial race on their own any More than he can speak for eight million new yorkers wha will decide on their own a regardless of the mayors endorsement a whether they Uke Rockefeller or Goldberg. Lindsay a action is significant Only because of what it will reveal of Lindsay and his own plans for the future. A visitor can Only guess that tile mayor who has so Many bombshells exploding around him is Savouring the experience of dropping a Bombshell of his own. Berry a w orld a a it a a Security Mao gelling Sharks out of the area before your swim a t ;