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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama After vote Al Birmingham Ala apr the minister and a staff member of the first Baptist Church of Birmingham resigned and 225 members walked out of services sunday following the rejection for membership of a negro woman and her 11-year-old daughter. The walk out culminated a Long dispute among the 1,800 members about opening membership of the Church to the Black Community. Meeting in a special conference after the Sermon the members voted on a a satan six die in state accidents by Thi associated press a Headon collision sunday night killed an elderly woman and sent Alabama a weekend Accident death toll to at least six. Mona Barnett 78, o f Cullman fun. To died in the wreckage of a two car mashup about 16 Miles West of Cullman on . Highway Mildred e. Adams 58, of Orley died in a two car collision near her Hometown in Winston county. John Sutherland 63, of Berry died in a two car collision near her Hometown in Winston county Luther Guinn 52, of Quinton was killed when his car ran off a Walker county Road and crashed. Gayle Smith 21, of Sheffield and Ralph Davis 21, of muscle Shoals lost their lives in a one car wreck in double Springs. The associated press tabulates weekend accidental deaths which occur Between 6 . Friday and Midnight sunday. Now Many Wear false Teeth with More Comfort when Dan turn slip Down and come Loose Sprinkle on some i to use fast the denture Aube j a Ive powder. Fas Teeth holds dentures firmer longer you feel More comfortable. Eat Mort naturally. I fas Teeth la not acid there s no Gummy gooey i Unity Teste. Dentures thai lit Are essential to health so see your dentist regularly. Out i a i Keth St by drug counters. Wanted to buy clean late Mode used cars Junior Fant new b used cars 610 Quinton ave. Phone 237-8675 Ding count to withhold membership from mrs. Winifred Bryant and her daughter Twila. Or. J. Herbert Gilmore jr., minister of the Church for two years resigned after charging the Church with expressing a a a racist position. A i have said before i will not be pastor of a racist Church. I meant it a or. Gilmore said. Miss Betty Bock minister of youth activities also resigned saying she found the churches action inconsistent with Christian principles. Miss Bock said however the resignations would not be effective until nov. I and that the Church a will probably have to vote on accepting following the two resignations or. Bryn Williamson Birmingham physician called on Church members who disapproved the barring of Blacks to voice their objection by walking out. Some 225 left the Church auditorium leaving about 300 members seated. A two thirds majority would be required for membership acceptance mrs. Bryant and her daughter had sought Church membership after the youth had been enrolled in a tutoring program the Church was conducting. Berlin apr communist East Germany convicted a Young american of agitation against the state and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment sources confirmed Here today. The sentence was considered unusually High for the alleged offence. One source Cesared a there has been no parallel to this in recent a . Spokesman said a we Are aware that this sentence has been he had no further immediate comment. The United states does not recognize East Germany. Contacts in such cases Are carried out through East and West Berlin attorneys. The closed trial of Mark Hussey 21, Jericho vt., a student began in East Berlin a week ago. There were three sessions and at the last one on Friday informants said he was Given the seven year fire leaps Mountain Road map wire photo police probe shooting of Heflin Man a Ball of flame jumps across a Road in the Santa Monica mountains today As costly Brush fires continued to Burn out of control. The flames leaped from the right Side of the Road to the left and ignited the Manzanita tree just beyond the truck then moved on up the Hill. Huge fires continue destruction continued from Page i sunday for investigation of others previously burning. Awn. Fire officials said More i heres a firebug in the tires sprang up later a area starting these things a a fire official said. A the has been observed starting at least five one Man was arrested saturday and three others Nixon Tours Rome meets hostages geared to have been of incendiary origin. One body found saturday was identified As that of a Chatsworth Man. One unidentified body and a third identified As that of Jack Burton 38 of Northridge were found sunday. The fire storm that rampaged toward san Diego gave residents Little warning. Continued from Page i attention a Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of a a outrage and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages the president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the Mediterranean. He made the reaffirmation Premier Emilio Colombo who accompanied Nixon on the trip to meet the hostages. Nixon said the hostages were a very proud of being americans. They never lost their their slogans were a thumbs up and a they had no complaints about what Hano Ned a he added. And he said they were a glad the Doucy we followed was one that the president spoke to reporters briefly on the ramp of the plane that was to take the hostages nonstop Home to new York. Nixon spoke of what he said was a dilemma faced by his administration and other officials trying to gain release of the hostages. He said that while helping to obtain their release it was not possible to move in a with massive Force for fear of hurting them. A while we showed great special Lilly insulin Nphu-40 99c Mph u-80$1.89 Economy drug 22nd a Noble so. 236 7571 us Savi he ogre of Begora John Kelly a continues to be great Kelly Supply co 13th s Walnut Power we also showed great restraint a Nixon added. He called this a a landmark cases that would influence american foreign policy in the future. His meeting with Sara Gat began Only hours after cars belonging to . Military men at two italian bases were set afire a reminder of the scattered violence that accompanied Nixon a second visit to this nato nation in 18 months. Reporting on the Nixon Sara Gat talks . Presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon a reaffirmed to the meeting that the United states is committed to a Strong nato and As the Southern Anchor of Ziegler said he was not aware of any discussion of the Middle East situation. Lie said Nixon praised Sara Gat for Italy s efforts toward social reforms and stated a this is one of the ways for Italy to contribute to the strength of the Alliance and defense of the two ears were burned in Verona and two at the nato base in the Naples suburb of Bagnoli which Nixon is scheduled to visit wednesday after spending a Day with the . 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. The attacks on the cars followed a night of hit and run Batties Between police and roaming bands of leftist youths in Rome. More than 204 persons were taken into custody. Only 12 were detained. With Nixon for the talks in the Quirinale s sumptuous Hall of the Lille tapestries were Secretary of state William p. Rogers Henry Kissinger Nixon a assistant for National Security affairs and . Ambassador Graham Martin. Sara Gat was flanked by italian foreign minister Aido Moro Egilio Ortona italian ambassador to Washington and two aides. Nixon and Sara Gat held a private meeting sunday night Atter a welcoming ceremony in which the president vowed that i s. Military strength in the Mediterranean would be kept at Levels a to preserve the peace against those who might threaten the Nixon a schedule for the rest of the Day included a helicopter flight across town to Confer with leaders of Italy Scenter left government a private audience with Pope Paul i and another helicopter trip to the . Carrier Saratoga in the Mediterranean for an overnight visit Nixon bolstered the 6th Fleet last week during the Jordian Ian civil War when it appeared that . Forces might be called to evacuate americans from that Middle Eastern country. In Italy As during visits to Yugoslavia. Spain Britain and Ireland. Nixon is seeking the views of leaders on Long Range policies to promote Pearl m the Middle East and i Southern Europe. Putative continued from Page i at grand Junction colo., when he attempted to Tako an Airliner to Denver. Fri agents there said Bond was armed when arrested. Two other suspects both Young women Are sought in connection with the Holdup slaying. Police said Gilday had commandeered the car and held the hostages at gunpoint ail Day sunday in a residential neighbourhood of Haverhill in the northeastern part of the state toe area where the search by 800 police officers had concentrated during the weekend. A the winds suddenly raced Down off the Hill slapping branches from surrounding Trees a said Glenn Napierskie of i. Helix near Al Cajon. A suddenly there was fire everywhere. We All leaped for the cars some of us still in night clothes. We raced through smoke and flames and at times thought we were caught. Everyone praised the fire firemen. A we spent the night sitting in our car watching the flames leap Down the Hill to our Home a said mrs. Dorsey Meachen of Pine Valley sitting with a bowl of roses marking her 41st wedding anniversary. A i was certain it would go. 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And the Grapefruit juice in this new diet acts As a catalyst the Quot trigger Quot eat As much at Yau want of the permitted food listed in the diet plan and still lose unsightly fat and excess body fluids when Tho Tai end bleat Are Pone you Witt cease to lost weight and your weight Wilt remain constant. A copy of this very successful diet plan can be obtained by sending Tita Grapefruit oct dept jul 7044 Hollywood blvd., suit i Hollywood Yeti 4002 Money Back guarantee la Atter trying the diet plan you have not lost i pounds in the first seven Days and Ivy pounds every two Days thereafter simply return the diet plan and your 12 will be refunded promptly and without argument tear out this message As a reminder. Order new and we win Rush your diet plan via first class mail decide new to regain the trim attractive figure it your youth while envying Hearty break list lunches and dinners. Cut by Basil Penny Star staff writer Ranburne Cleburne county and state authorities this morning were continuing their investigation into the sunday afternoon shooting of a Heflin Man by a member of the Ranburne police Force. Joe Ledbetter 24, of Heflin it. 2, was struck by three bullets from a .38-caliber pistol fired by Jimmy Price according to Owen Mcelroy Cleburne county sheriffs Deputy. A spokesman at Anniston memorial Hospital said Ledbetter was in critical condition in the intensive care unit this morning. Mcelroy said the county and state investigator Harry Sims have a list of about 15 names of persons who witnessed the 4 30 . Incident in front of the Ranburne town Hall. He said the officers did not want to release any of their findings until they had talked to All the witnesses. Billy Buchanan of Ranburne said he was standing in front of the Hall when the shooting took place. He said Ledbetter his wife and two children drove up in the family car. _ followed by the police in their medication that gives prompt r a Relief for hours from such Hemor Hoidal discomfort and his son Jimmy the Onty other member of the Force. Buchanan said the officers apparently were going to lock Ledbetter up but he did not know the reason. A Joe was trying to keep them off a said Buchanan a and Jimmy pulled his gun and shot him twice. He fell on the ground and started screaming and begging them not to shot him again but Jimmy shot him Buchanan said one of the bullets hit the car in which the two children and Ledbetters wife were sitting. A it could have easily hit any of them a he added. Following the shooting Buchanan said both officers loaded Ledbetter into the police car and took him to Heflin. He was later transferred to Anniston prison term. The state prosecutor had demanded this from the court but it was still unclear Why the punishment was requested to be so stiff. It was understood that Quessey was accused of criticizing East Germany and of trying to convince other persons of his viewpoint. He Vias defended by East Berlin attorneys. According to his father or. Flans Quessey Mark came to Germany and then to East Berlin to do research on the works of the late playwright Bertholt Brecht who lived in fast Germany after world War in the youth was arrested in East Berlin Jan. 4. Three other americans cur gently Are known to be in East German jails a Jack Strickland 28, Santa Barbara Calif., sentenced prison ment on charges of helping persons flee to the West. A Lyle Jenkins 31, Norfolk va., sentenced to 24 years in prison on a similar charge Strickland with whom he was arrested in september 1969. A Frank King 24, a former medical student at the University of Michigan oriented in july this year on charges of distributing fascist propaganda. Calhoun Butani Gas i. Supplies 421 noblest. Doctors report Way that relieves itching pain of swollen Hemor Hoidal tissues Host applications give prompt temporary Relief in Many cases there a a most effective patrol car. He said Ledbetter c in gently on probation for an earlier offence struggled with the officers a Tab Price the chief. And actually helps shrink swelling of Hemor Hoidal tissues caused by the inflammation the answer is doctor tested preparation to \ there s no other Hemor Hoidal formula like preparation h and it needs no prescription. Ointment or us p kit is tories. Cadillac 1971.the new look of leadership in every respect All nine of Cadillac a magnificent models Are totally new in looks. Body contours Are Crisp and classic. There is greater Glass area a new lower door Sill design permits easier entry and exit. They Are also new in luxury. 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