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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Vol. 88, to. 277 -4alabama s largest Home owned newspaper a Anniston ala., monday september 28, 1970 Price 20 state Ani county authorities continue their investigation into the sunday afternoon shooting of a Heflin Man by a member of the Ranburne police Force details Page 2a.National Jim Hendrix who works As landscape Gardener at some of Seattle a Plush residents says he wont change his occupation despite an estate estimated at $500,000 left by the death of his son internationally known Rock Singer Jimi Hendrix. A i have no kinds of plans of any sort a to change work said Hendrix 54. A $200,000 system of space age devices is being installed at the University of Miami to keep student demonstrators burglars and vandals out of key buildings a or in them if necessary. Orville Briscoe director of insurance and real estate at the school said installation of the system would be completed by the end of the fall and would make the buildings they protect virtually impregnable. Included in the system Are ultrasonic motion detectors that can spot the slightest movement in a building after it has been locked for the night. In an attack on Federal tax Laws the supreme court has been asked to extend the fifth amendments guarantee against self incrimination from gamblers to Moonshiner. Its an old argument but judging from a decision in a lower Federal court Legal opinion is now divided. At stake Are Federal income tax Laws requiring the posting of a sign at a lawful distillery furnishing of Bond registration information and Purchase of tax Stamps for whiskey. Time Magazine says president Nixon did not watch television news programs during the Middle East crisis preferring to rely on his own special news summary. A there is an old Quaker the Magazine quotes Nixon As having said a the most important Quality in a crisis is peace at the the minister and a staff member of the first Baptist Church of Birmingham resigned and 225 members walked out of service sunday following the rejection for membership of a negro woman and her 11-year-old daughter. Details Page 2a. An Ohio businessman tells of three harrowing weeks As a hostage held by palestinian guerrillas and How at one Point he believed it time to write a a last letter to his wife. Details Page 6b. The head of the presidents commission on Campus unrest says there has been a lessening of Tough administration talk about students but Campus reaction indicates much indifference or cynicism about the panel s findings. Details Page 5a. Reports the russians May be building a naval base in Cuba bring a Call from sen. J., w. Fulbright for diplomatic handling not Bluff. Details Page 5a. A 16-year-old Brooklyn boy using four salvaged supermarket carts As a makeshift Hauler single Anderly collects 5v tons of reusable trash Over the summer As part of an environmental action program. Details Page 7a. The nations railroads claiming they arc caught Between labor unions on one Side and Bankers on the other ask for their fifth hike in freight rates in four years. Details Page Quot a International president and mrs. Nixon Are getting a taste of living like Royalty with stays planned at some of Europe s most famous palaces and historic Homes during their eight Day european tour. Details Page a. Viet Cong guerrillas strike at four towns and the old Imperial capital of Hue in a blow at the South vietnamese government pacification program. Details Page 7a. President and mrs. Nixon brought Italy a president Giuseppe Sara Gat a reproduction of a brass lamp owned and used by America s first president George Washington. The original a a Don Hie candlestick lamp with a suspended brass and Linen Shade a is in the smithsonian institution in Washington. Author Erich Maria Remarque who gained Fame with his classic Antiwar novel a fall quiet on the Western front a was buried in a Swiss Village cemetery sunday after a private family funeral the German born author died in a Locarno clinic at the age of 72 Friday after a Long illness Remarque a widow Paulette Goddard walk eded alone behind the hears followed by friends and relatives to Yards the Pittsburgh pirates have won the Eastern division title in the National league the win was their first title in to years. Details Page in. Its showdown week again. Coach John Vaught s Ole miss rebels and Paul a Bear Bryants Alabama Crimson tide Start preparations today for their big one saturday in Jackson details Page 2-b,the weather variable cloudiness today with Clearing tonight. Continued Cool. Partly Cloudy and a Little warmer tuesday. Details Page 7a.also Luckie classified ads. 4 5bmovies4b comics. 3bsports .1-2b daily record. 4btelevisiona editorials 4awomen�?Ts news. Ca 11 pages in Taco sections Nixon Tours rom hostages met by president Rome apr president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome s Airport to Greet freed american sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan. Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met Tup americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Such was the crush around Lebanon on guard alter pact president Nixon Aik president Sara Gat a wire photo ,. Chat at Quirinale presidential Palace two alabamians arc among hostages due to arrive in new York today. The two soldiers Are sgt. Lennett Cain the son of or. And mrs. Louis Cain of Smith Highlands near Bessi Mer and spec. 4 Derrell softies of Huntsville. Cain was on his Way Home to be discharged trom toe army after a tour of duty in Greece when his plane was hijacked. Settles who had been stationed in Germany was on i he Way Home on emergency medical leave to see his wife who was ill at the time of the hijacking. The smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back into the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome a Little longer than scheduled. Nixon said afterwards a i flunk i feel As Happy As they Ile told reporters that what the hostages went through May mean a the possibility of this happening again in the future has been substantially reduced a he r feared to measures thai include armed guards Allard aircraft and Security at airports. A it sometimes takes an incident like this to bring world see Nixon i 2a col. 2 28 hostages return Nicosia Cyprus a americans left Cyprus today on the last leg cd t h e i a homeward bound journey after being held by palestinian commandos for three weeks. Four of the 32 americans who arrived in Nicosia sunday aboard a red Cross Airlift from Amman Jordan remained in the cypriot capital. There was no immediate explanation Why they stayed. A the 28 left aboard a trans world airlines jetliner for new York with a Brief Stopover in Rome. Six other hostages remained in Amman but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon said sunday that they also had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy which has been acting As a go Between for the International red Cross. An egyptian embassy spokesman in Amman said that the six were being freed unconditionally but added he loped the Western nations involved would free the commandos they held. The guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hostages the release of Arab commandos Lido in Britain. West Germany. Switzerland and Israel. Although Britain West Germany and Switzerland have indicated they will free see in commandos held in Day they will not go free until the release of All airline Hijack hostages in Jordan is confirmed. Reliable sources in Jerusalem said Israel was planning to free 12 Arab captives apparently As part of a Deal for the release of the hostages. Palestinian guerrillas Billa hijacked three Airliner to Jordan sept. 6 and f. All but 54 of More than 400 passengers and Crew members were released be before Jordan a civil War erupted sept. 17. The hijackers members of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine later blew up the three planes plus a fourth hijacked to Cairo. The loss was estimated at $50 million. On Friday 16 of the 54 hostages were rescued by the jordanian army. One of the 32 who arrived in Nicosia Mimi Becher. 20, of Brooklyn n. A a a said everyone aboard applauded and cheered when the red Cross plane took off and again when it landed. Another member of the group. David Raab. 17, of Trenton. N j., said they passed their time in Captivity playing chess and scrabble from sets made out of cardboard. To keep their morale up he said they would give each other a thumbs up signal from time to time. A a in a so relieved to be said miss Beeber a student at George Washington University in Washington d. C. Laying and unwinding. We have cheeseburgers and Vodka Collins and the Shower Hasni to stopped running since we got to the she said the group also kept spirits up during their confinement by singing beatles songs and old favourites. Another freed hostage Barbara Mensch 16, o f Scarsdale n y., said she was not afraid of the guerrillas but became frightened when the shelling started sept. 17. She said the guerrillas tried to indoctrinate the group about Palestine adding a i must say in a More sympathetic now that eve seen How they live in the refugee Raab. Who will be a fresh at Yeshiva University said that during their Captivity in Man the Instate played cards cooked their own special foods and toward the end. Rationed water. A it was exciting to be part of this whole fantastic thing but i would t want to go through it again a he said. By the associated press Lebanon guarded against renewed guerrilla attacks against Israel today after King Hussein of Jordan palestinian commando Leader Yasir Arafat and eight Arab nations signed an agreement in Cairo ending the jordanian civil War. Observers at Tiberias Israel reported that lebanese troops were out in Force along their Border sunday App a r e n 11 anticipating increased guerrilla activity. The peace agreement signed sunday by Hussein and Arafat set up a three Man committee to ensure that its provisions Are carried out and to report any violations to the eight consigning states. Foremost among the agreements 14 Points is that Hussein a army and t h e palestinian forces will withdraw from Amman almost destroyed by to Days of fighting. The soldiers were to return to their Normal Barracks and the guerrillas to positions a Best suited to their activities in the a liberation a p presumably the Israel Jordan ceasefire line along the Jordan River. The pact prohibits a fall prop a g a n d a campaigns inconsistent with its objectives and orders the return of prisoners taken during the fighting. It directs that a raid in Northern Jordan and other guerrilla strongholds North of Amman be returned to the a military and civilian situation existing prior to recent events a in effect any Northern portion captured by the army would be returned to guerrilla control. Its final article expresses support for the palestinian revolution a until it achieves its objective of full liberation and defeat of the usurping israeli the agreement came after a week of meetings among the leaders of Egypt. Tunisia saudi Arabia Kuwait. North Yemen Lybia. South Yemen Sudan and Lebanon. Hussein and Arafat arrived sunday and the final draft was completed during two sessions. The Delegate from South Yemen left before the signing ceremony and the governments of Syria Iraq Morocco and Algeria failed either to attend the conference or to sign the agreement. Sporadic fighting was reported in Jordan. Arafat Sal Fatah guerrilla organization said at its Beirut Lebanon office that its forces were shelled in Amman and Zarqa but were not retaliating. Amman radio said commandos had fired on government troops there. Second fugitive captured Worcester. Mass. Apr William a. Gilday 41, sought in the Holdup slaying of a Boston police officer was arrested today after a Chase of about a Hundred Miles. Gilday was pursued in a station Wagon in which he held two hostages at gunpoint. Police said the hostages were unharmed. Gilday was reported captured on state route 122 near the Junction with the Massachusetts Turnpike just South of Worcester. Gilday was believed armed with a revolver Rifle and Shotgun. It was not determined immediately if any shots were fired in the Chase and capture. Police fired at least 30 rounds at Gilday last Friday in a wild Chase and gun Battle in which Gilday slightly wounded a Lowell police officer grazing his forehead with a Buu to fired from a speeding car. Gilday was arrested shortly after funeral services were completed for Boston patrolman Walter a. Schroeder 41. The father of nine who was killed wednesday when responding to an alarm of a Bank Holdup. Another suspect Stanley r. Bond was arrested sunday see Fugatte p 2a cot. I huge fires spread on California slopes los Angeles apr huge fires spread on Brush covered slopes outside san Diego and los Angeles today after destroying hundreds of Homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. Three persons were killed. One Blaze devastated 150,000 acres in Southern san Diego could advancing to the outskirts of several sap Diego suburbs. A spokesman for the state division of forestry said this fire covered a greater area than any single fire in tile state s history. Another Blaze blackened 115,000 acres around the los Angeles Basin. Fire fighters managed to Check the Western Progress of the san Diego area fire sunday night As winds wildly erratic during the Day subsided but the fire moved southward toward the mexican Border More than 50,000 residents fled the san Diego area fire and thousands of others were evacuated from Canyon Homes As flames raced along a 35-mile front mirth we St of los Angeles other fires some believed set by arsonists burned in various parts of Southern California for tile fourth straight Day. Weary fire fighters battled flames from the air and the ground. They faced another Day of temperatures above too degrees and winds stronger than 60 Miles per hour. They were there with raw. Red eyes and almost on fire Quot me Man said of the firemen. A they had not slept for hours but they saved my property Quot san Diego. Los Angeles and Ventura counties were declared disaster areas by gov. Ronald Reagan who urged californians to donate clothing and toys for families left homeless. Federal and state teams were ordered in to assess damage and pave the Way for Federal Relief funds. Evacuation centers were set up in the fire ravaged areas. Many of the evacuees were taken into the Homes of friends and strangers. A Southern California military bases were ordered to stand by to receive fire refugees. The san Diego area fire had burned about 200 Homes in Pine Valley Alpine Jamul Harbison Canyon Crest Al Cajon and other communities along a path 30 Miles Long and to Miles wide a tile communities Are a a Tor disaster area a lire official said. The fire began saturday i Cleveland National Forest 50 Miles East of san Diego from Sparks spewing from a fallen Power line it roared Westward through Brush revered mountains and Lush valleys to the outskirts of Al Cajon and Spring Valley near san Diego. South of san Diego flames approached National City and Chula Vista. William b. Marty director of san Diego county civil decease said 40.000 to 60,000 persons were evacuated from Homes in the county Over the weekend including 6, from Alpine late sunday in some cases he said. A officers merely asked them to move away from their Homes for awhile because of flu potential fire a stall division of forestry spokesman said the san Diego county fire surpassed the 12j,000-Aere mat Pilaja Blaze which burned from Kern county to los Angeles county in 1030. Northwest of los Angeles flames burned a path from the Pacific Ocean at Malibu into Angeles National Forest near Newhall firemen fought to keep it out of tile populous Topanga Canyon. Bis new fires broke out sunday in the area joining nine see huge p 2a col. Is i to freed Lio Tagi s arrive Iii Horn. A. Walk to Airport with Security guard ;