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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 27, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Football Alabama 46 Florida 15 Auburn 56 Tennessee 23 Georgia 38 Clemson 0 g. Tech 31 Miami 21 Colorado 41 Ole miss 20 Penn slate 13 Kentucky 17 o _ see sports Section c a be Unni Stolti fat tar Quot Alabama s largest Home owned newspaper vol. 88, no. 276anniston, ala., sunday september 27, 1970 Price 20 cents digest stale and i Oca i this weeks profile on James Dunn principal of Calhoun county training school along with viewpoint and a feature on the administration of medicare that would normally be found on Page 5a appear this week Only on Page 2f. Page a was changed to make room for late breaking news to keep our readers and subscribers up to Date on the world nows front. Two circus Lions were shot to death near Wetumpka after the animals escaped from their wrecked trailer and attacked a dog. Details Page 4d. Legal action is sought against school districts outside the South which Are still practising racial segregation. Details Page 4d. Coroner Jessie York has replaced Raymond Wheeler As sheriff of t Olbert county. Wheeler has been in the intensive care Ward of a Florence Hospital since set. 21 from injuries suffered in a wreck. Details Page 41. As i us complexities of Urban life grow so grows the need for cities to hire the Best administrators to handle the problems. Anniston City officials salary situation is not comparable to the big cities. Details Page in. Jefferson of \ n judge William Barber has rejected an injunction against probate judge j. Paul Meeks for adding candidates to the general election ballot because a challenger to the Alabama Independent party failed to prove his Case. Details Page 4d. National u. S. Sen. George Mcgovern saturday he is Quot thinking about Quot seeking the democratic nomination for president in 1972. Mcgovern spoke to reporters in Philadelphia after arriving to help Pennsylvania democratic office a ekers. Mcgovern said he will review the situation after the november elections. He said he has already increased his staff a to serve the National Gale warnings were hoisted along 200 Miles of the South Florida coast saturday night As tropical storm Greta developed quickly Over the Bahamas and moved on a course that would bring it Over land South of Miami. The National Hurricane Center ordered the Gale warnings up from Marathon in the Florida keys to Vero Beach whipped by hot winds a Wall of flame continued across the Santa Monica mountains North of los Angeles saturday destroying hundreds of Homes and Cabins and burning thousands of acres of Bushland. Residents fled their expensive Homes As the Mammoth Blaze completely out of control swept through the tinder dry canyons and hillsides of Malibu and Chatsworth to the Pacific Ocean. Parren j. Mitchell a Black College professor Defeated 18-year incumbent rep. Samuel n. Friedel in the sept. 15 democratic primary an official count showed saturday. The figures released by Baltimore md., auditors at the election Board office showed Mitchell won by a vote of 23,942 to 23,476 in the disputed 7th congressional District primary. Ute final unofficial returns the morning after the primary had Friedel winning by 182 votes. The new tally is expected to be certified tuesday by the Baltimore City Board of elections. The presidential commission on Campus unrest brands terrorist students and Quick trigger police As criminals and recommends president Nixon use his moral leadership As a first step to prevent violence. Details Page id. President Nixon acts out sunday on an election season show the Flag tour of five european nations with emphasis on the crisis Ridden Mediterranean and the 6th Fleet details Page a. At least half the nations interstate buses appear to violate Federal safety standards government officials say. Details Page id. International cambodian soldiers stand atop abandoned enemy positions in the Village of Taing Kauk and claim their first major Victory of the War. Details Page 2a. Thousands of italian leftists summoned by the communist party March to protest president Nixon s visit for which 12,000 police have been assigned details Page a. The weather mostly Cloudy with periods of rain and a few thundershowers sunday. Occasional rain ending sunday night and Early monday highs sunday in the Low 80s, lows sunday night in mid 60s. Highs monday 68 to 78. Also insult daily record. Or. Stei Crotan editorial. Movies. Profile 41 reporters notebook Ieie sport a Section 4a Sylvia Porter Send television 8d 2f women a news b Section guerrillas free Hijack hostages Beirut Lebanon i a it a radio Amman a n n o u n ced saturday that All remaining hostages from three hijacked airliners believed to be 38 americans a had been freed by palestinian guerrillas and were in the hands of jordanian authorities. Later an official egyptian spokesman in Cairo said All the hostages had been handed Over to the egyptian embassy in Amman and were free. They Are the last of 54 hostages held by the guerrillas since the popular front for the l Ibert Ion of Palestine a pulp a masterminded the Hijack of the three Western jetliners to Jordan sept. 6 and 9. Sixteen British Swiss and West German hostages released in Jordan Friday arrived in London saturday night smiling but weary aboard a British Royal air Force plane. The popular front announced at 3 30 . 9 30 . Edt saturday that the remaining hostages would be released Quot within 24 hours without any the statement said Quot All the remaining hostages were Safe As of last Amman radio broadcasts monitored in Beirut gave the names of 23 hostages in jordanian hands but reception was poor and monitors missed some details. Earlier an egyptian embassy official in Amman told newsmen in the jordanian capital that the captives would be handed Over to the internat i o n a i red Cross through Egypt a embassy in Amman Quot without the hostages were among some 400 passengers and Crew aboard the three hijacked Western airlines. Most of them were released and the planes were blown up. A pooled dispatch from Western correspondents i n see , p-5a, col. I Jordan gets new leaders King Hussein of Jordan named a new government saturday hoping to placate Bis Arab critics who trom Cairo accused him of plotting to liquidate the Palestine guerrillas. They also charged that Jordan a army violated the cease fire Hussein named a h in e d Toukan chief of the Royal court and former Deputy prime minister As prime minister. Toukan is a palestinian but the King kept military men in key positions. It was guerrilla rage Over the naming of a military regime that helped touch off the civil War last week. The King replied angrily to a charge from Cairo by president Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan who said his peace Mission in Amman was fired on Friday blamed Hussein for this and declared a we Are convinced there is a plot by the jordanian authorities to liquidate the Palestine liberation Numajiri who arranged the cease fire Friday Between Hussein and Yasir Arafat guerrilla Leader who Heads the palestinian liberation organization echoed t h e charge made earlier in the Day by president carnal Abdul Nasser of Egypt who accused Jordan of violating the cease fire and trying to liquidate the guerrillas. Cairo radio said Hussein would Fly to the egyptian capital sunday to talk with Nasser and other Arab leaders. It did not say whether the trip would be made on his initiative but after the Days exchanges it seemed a confrontation was clearly needed to clarify the situation in Jordan. Hussein was conciliatory in his reply to Nasser saying his army had observed the ceasefire Quot despite endless provocations by the palestinian guerrillas groups of whom were trying a a to sabotage the but replying to no Maririo a charges Hussein in a message to Nasser accused t h e sudanese president of Quot falsifying the facts in making a a grave charges against me and my Quot i Appeal you brother Nasser and to All the other Arab Kings and presidents assembled in Cairo to prevent the situation from plunging to a new abyss in the conspiracy against Hussein denied he had any intention of liquidating the Palestine people who make up More than half the population As Numajiri had charged. Hussein named Toukan to succeed the government of Gen. Mohammed Daoud who resigned in Cairo last week As prime minister and sought Asylum in Libya. The King accept the Daoud cabinets resignation Friday. Named with Toukan was a 13-Man Cabinet including six military officers held Over from Daoudi a government. Military men still hold the key defense and Interior ministry Post. The formation of the new Cabinet does not change the position of the palestinian resistance or alter the general situation in Jordan a spokesman for the Palestine liberation organization said in a Cairo broadcast. Quot we must now move into a new phase of reconstruction and Unity Quot Hussein told Toukan in a letter. Quot we appoint you to form a new government to Deal with the traces of the Black in see King pm. A col. 6 a v cancels la visit Paris api South vietnamese vice president Nguyen Cao by said saturday he would not visit the United states oct. 3. As had been announced earlier to address a a March for Victory rally in Washington shortly Atter making the statement by met with Henry a. Kissinger president Nixon a senior adviser on National Security affairs who came to Paris to Confer with members of the u s delegation to the peace talks on the Viet congas 10-Day-old Quot new peace initiative a official said Kissinger a visit to Tkv was a Courtesy Call. By had accepted an invitation to address the rally sponsored by the Rev. Carl Mclint re hut said diplomatic advice from Washington and Saigon changed his mind he made he disclosure due my taping of the lbs v show a face the nation a to be broadcast sunday. By is in pan to Quot supervised Saigon a peace conference team. Several u s. Senators had protested Kyd a planned visit and Antiwar groups planned rallies to oppose the a March for Victory and Kyd a participation. Informed sources said the decisive move was the arrival Here Friday of but diem Saigon a ambassador to Washington who reminded Tkv that Mcintire did not have Nixon s Blessing. The informants said it was possibly Bui diem Strong v conveyed official us. Displeasure at the proposed by visit. Reached lags Wood at no. H i Conli o in e. Mcintire called the switch a International political he said Quot we believe they be been trying to break this dear Man. They be been sneaking around in the dark trying to Stop us. By is our fellow combatant and we re not Goi in to let Nixon deny us t in principle of Freedom of speech a he said he and his wife would Lea a immediately for Paris to talk to by. Lbs in new York said by s exact words with reference to his decision about coming to the United states were Quot to say that the Nixon administration tried hard to discourage me to come to see March pm. A col. 4 police Milan killer mystery manhunt continues we map of it Oto a Campaign goof of 8327,000 62 / Ages Iii h sections John Wheeler chairman of the one Day Appeal Campaign of the United givers fund shows the Campaign s goal of $327,000 to the Rev a Strat ton Lawrence president of the Board of directors of the fund. Victory Day for the drive is nov 12 Haverhill. Mass. Apr four hit of five persons charged with murder in the machine gun staying of a Button patrolman and described by police As revolutionaries remained at Large saturday one of them William v it Day ignored a plea from la is daughter to surrender and eluded a polk1�?T dragnet Wilday. 41, charged in the murder of patrolman waiter k Schroeder during the i of output a Boston Bank on wednesday has last seen it die Haverhill area also sought Tor murder were Katherine a. Power 20, Denver Colo registered As a senior at Brander University in Waltham Susan Saxe 20. Of Albany n a june graduate of Branders and Stanley r Bond thut Cambridge a special student at Grundeis last semester police say they believe the Trio flew to Las Angeles thursday. Robert Valeri la o f Somerville the fifth person charged was arrested a few i Tours after the 126,000 robbery of a Branch of the male a tree Bank co. In int Brighton Section Edmund a Mcnamara Bolton police commissioner a d ammunition and military supplies found in mis g Powers Boston apartment showed a a positive links Between the robbery slaying and a Radical revolutionary Campus groups a Mcnamara s charge was called Quot completely untrue by t buries i Schottland acting president us Brandeis a we have no evidence that they w re revolutionaries a he said Friday. He said he did not know if the three students knew one another during their semester at Brandeis but said that at on time they All worked at the student strike Oiler mat Ion Center set up at to e school during protests Over the u s. Move Lulu can a Dia a spokesman for the Boston police department said Radical literature was found in miss Power s apartment bit did no. Specify what groups were invoked tis a kids change organizations Uke they change he said. C ii Day a daughter Hall we j tamed 18 on Thor Jay the Cia die search la be Taber began appealed Over a local Indio station for Siklay to give himself up. B rises Vav Usu Muon j a u a a. Official said saturday it will by some time yet before its known How the soviets Ini no to use new naval facilities in Cuba. The White House served notice f riday trial it views with the utmost seriousness the possibility that the soviets May be building a Bast for a missile firing submarines at Cienfuegos on cubans South coast. I s. Policy since the 1962 Ceil is reaffirmed by the Nixon administration is to keep soviet strategic weapons out of the Caribbean the officials said that although us Intel hence has spotted soviet vessels moving i get and other equipment into Cienfuegos Harbor recently it is not yet Clear whether the reds Are building Ai installation designed tour port submarine operations. I s intelligence is keeping a to fuse watch but there was i 0 my cation from the administration saturday mat no a a tint development had to a bed a crisis stage As f to Bee mystery pm. A col 1 a wire photo Hussein l of names new government. Ofter making ii Oev with astr Arafat ;