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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Anniston, Alabama The weather for Anniston and Vicinity unsettled i probably focal showers tonight and Friday. Vol. 341 daily and sunday. 20 ctn a week Street Sale a copy Anniston. Ala. Thursday sept. 23. 1920.8 pages i Lilied press leased wire service and n. E. A. News and feature service Large mail order House in Chicago announces ten to 25 per cent reactions Franklin automobiles 17 t0 21 per cent off h 4 1 m i is isl of i by did All of in hats All com to 11 tils a Fuji Ronn no f a to. Of of \ a i Law enticement measure Defeated 16 to 15, assured of three More votes ceh Tau beverage Bill adversely reported i i i t Isla it v i i i v in spa in i Quot mov six it xxx i my v a it in lose i x i if Irish question not one for u. S. To act upon says Harding Marion Wept. 2 1.�? i nit Ini press a Iri ii Jitu aim not one in him ii aim Roca officially should Ihme involved senator Warr ii t. Hardin. Mid Iii a mat Etui Iii Todd v. Then i it a widespread a input Iii i Niter state Iri it Independence Llor Dong de Ria red hut in Midlil thai a Gierha has already our idled la roil j to it Trout in i a lion if urdu. A a . Hair Iii explanation of a cabled inter rat w front him appearing Iii Rondon i hot purport my is Mon him. Malm. The Irish Jurat iou i i to Domestic Iff Aii. Commissioner of education j accommodations lacking explains contents of fed j for three million school a a publication children sat a neither Cox Nur shortage of 90,000 Harding got support teachers estimated Calhoun census 47,822 population of Calhoun county announced by emus Bureau at xxx a Lii no on today is 47.h22. This n pow a Tel an increase of a,707. 22 per rent Over census of iou of a,707 Grain Anniston Modo ois this Cit a population timing 17,737, use a ii in Ltd with 12.791 ten your ago. Anniston therefore gained 1,179. is s i a cent More than All rest of county. No figurer hat As yet but Eti announced for Oxford Jacksonville and Piedmont larger Chien of county exclusive of Anniston. It la pro a Hie that title it ill consume greater part of 3.761 gain made county outside of Anniston leaving but a Small gain for Rural population and tile remaining towns of fount. Sia \ i tilt tills a s i n. W Xix in v i Henry May Start a tire factory also a a a a a ati., spi. 41. Al nit of inti Henry Ford will not stand f t h raise of tire prot Quot it for i automobiles be said hero a a while on a tour of manufacturing plants in Thia be. Ton. Quot if to it build is raise prices i i tan finance an Independent company Arni make them myself a said Ford. The time h to arrived for a downward trend of prices but not for a decrease in in ale of wages t Iii. Ago. Kept. 23.�? i United Prue a Price cute of from ten to 20 a a Lent on Many hues of merchandise Are shown in new in lewd catalogue. A it of star., Hoe tick a i o., Ami Montgomery. Ward a it The reductions effective immediately. Follow closely announcement by Glenr i a Ltd that he had lowered prides of his automobile pre War Levels. Muslims to in Bine she Tings and poplin id list of a plea reduced. Cuts in menus and women a clothing and she Quot also were announced. Reduction of a Poi cent to furniture were announced. Triers of food it pre not affected. Automobiles<h1uc�i of Racuya n. Y., sept. 23,�? i United press a h. E. Franklin manufacturing company today announced a reduction in prices of Franklin automobiles ranging from 17 per toil to 21 Rrt. I ii Franklin president a ,Cine tins action endorsed of in by Henry Ford for a general lowering of commodity Pri Ltd to a pre War level. Xxx Ages of Franklin Plant will t it get to affected hut an Effort will. Made to a lower priced ii ter is i. I Inklin asserts that Price re. Let tops Are necessary to stimulate Mesa generally and do away Urb unemployment which in increase. Opera tire it Ca pad to. Toe i. Ank in Plant Emp nos More than ,-60 1 persons. Within recent weeks it has a leased 2 400 employee pre, Ltd in cent he. Line Washington. 8 re 23.t United \ Genera Price reduction a f Many Neie a ii he forced by action of Henry Ford i lift no prices on automobiles. William Lewis Treasury department economist eld today. Sewis also said slashing of All j Auto Price will be Mother result of Ford a action. As examples of Soma con mod j my sept special a Defeated by Mote mole Only i Walden adjournment ran Proton Tell increase Long approx Flat in for tale Law enforcement de i Ai of men t becoming Lix. Retiree Absentee Ute irs lire pit do <1 to support lh1 Bill. Which will give administration a majority it Wax pox ii in Liou of by a Large majority xxx Eddie Dii it Ltd a a. Kill Hje a it Chi for ii mend men to to Public service Law and by in1-xk> Hill Wax no we a it Ful in i luxe tiler is u.-Mir-anet1 that Senate will also aet favors bus on Mea ure. Cereal Bey rages hav life chalice to become legalized a special session. An a verge report on Bill permitting Sale of tile beverages was made by tire Houx Temperance committee wednesday. Furong opposition by anti Baloon league developed against measure Bill levying a 1 to on soft drinks is also probably dead. As stand a Ltd feted in hous j wednesday was Day of he special session. So far no Bill has bedtime Law. No measure has As yet a find Bourn. Hut members of these it arc . 1 a 1-Journment May by it Ach. <1 about Middle i f next week. The governor had expressed h it be that lawmakers woy1 com pie re their session in i ii working la v s Law enforce me it measures Defea Taine As a big Surprise to members of whole legislature three Days previously a ate by a Large majority had voted to take he Aik a Bill from unfavourable Calendar and place it on favourable Side of Calendar. A similar measure per i no in it Gnu x Ole to to la. When Roll was called Secretary Mill. R found there was a vote. 15 to 15, a recount was demanded and grand Al of Nathan to. Miller presiding officer had cast i Bill. Fat a a it it was Dis overed 15 had voted against Rny Asur and 15 for. Hut that vote of senator Kuddle ton. Of Elmore county had not been recorded in negative. I is vote gave majority to opposition he fight Law in Ireland will do All possible to Stop reprisals London it Nore it win Ideiil tells of horrors attending murders fond Ltd s. Al 73.�? i la Alto it i Presa a confronted by complaints. Attacks on Irish citizens and prop try by Volunteer Poe Irish Oil. Today stated it j doing Over Yob no pos Sibb to it prevent police replica a for murders of con St fish i to san i e to. W have done. A re a Lou g and w la a Ontina to do everything in our Power to prevent reprisals a mat. In fit said reports Here included barges that Shin Fellers had been killed j part Quot tour and proper destroyed in various schools Byrl cities sine sat inlay whet an a. In affair t in. Amp Aigi App a to Ila pc a put. Ii t Bein both police j cd t Man of l London no w a Corie Spon i a t. In ii rib g sacking of j by official Balbriggan in police reprisal do edit Dart i it a i it i. I in Hoir it any i 1 f xxx of Quot incident in unhappy history i by Leal i Ilin i ii in Imp i Mon i i i. \ it i an i ski v in Itell i Xin of i Tox inti Choli Roll i Ulm Mion of i St Hool i it la i i m sin i i Xxxii ii. I m i mix i. \ la muh oils i ii Ltd in pro staff i indent j i idled pre. Stuff urns indent j Washington sept. 2h.c i listed pre ii lie Nan i fund investigating is in in it let to Ibi it called i la it in Venn i i filial Slat. C Uii Iii Sibum of education to in wee Cha re that Ottileu in a of it it Vas eaiiilidiu1 to. Iwa ii spread i a a Sci Hii life a tin1 Bun an. Publ . Sen at it it i k in v Quot ii t it edit of l.11 in Quot Sci cd i. To to Hor i Coin pm i by t Ion. My t. New Xor. S. It 23.-Ilie Edn eally u i i i. Iii Iii i ult. Ii till entering fruit War condition a a confronted by a a lore a ii in situation than that of Iii if other leading Conn Irle of world i Quot Eon Ling to Luff in Ilion in tiled flu i listed pit a i Olla i it i Tun 11 a a by e of ii re Fly i of. I. To it i a i y i a x t att nip posit on a it a a Ion a a. Ii flu Lull f it n s Rit it is i a it Ani. Irs a a i i Al Quot to pit Siut to a of both i a and Ida till i i a t Kom fir re. I extra i is it an a nil i it it to. R i ii. On edit of it to. In Ila ring a it it it i Kisovec t Aid i a plan to in j it it Micro a Dei pm i. Marn i i rid in a g a t a j i plat i in i b t ii of it lilt in g pc in Merit Acher to thur i a Rig Hudder subsidy i while i a a i . H by Kepi i of . I i . Its of f labor. N in print la Mil. To jut St were a tot Cal it of . Land a a Briggan Des rib i a h p. Reful town. Hitherto untouched by political roubles was scene of Anto i Dent rut Hon worthy of thag vagary of dark a a Quot no horde it t Indian. Turned Loos in any am in to to to to it i l in Pioneer Days could have shown less mercy More Barbaric a Rue Tetlie correspondent said Quot Black and tan police Quot a so called of their Black and Khaki uniforms a it allured a Barber named Lewless and a Dairyman named Gibbons demanding names of Iowa Simi fein leaders. Law a. M and Gibbons refuse woos placed against a Wall Ami rho loth were badly wounded dispatch said. L. to a victim were dragged from a surgeon s care and beaten to jeep St a Way correspondent described a a ton horrible to Lefter i be a i Fofi v and know it to i Rue Quot dispatch said. Quot Gibbon had i in n be Yonne Ted Lett is Felt be in a in other to Imo it id and Lam la. It Iona i Lei t Bro Taco ton. Thir of .1 cd neck. His head and Batter i past ree Gullie was cloth41 in h t ight just an he was us d from n Iphill Ivi o in Public issues ais1 i. Taxt ii i. Stiffed Quot on Ark i Why cot cd i a not followed by a in i Claxton said it tend d to he in edit . I by Nee. Of a political i it a a of a of a Gaii Ifft Harding. No Harding Lefter i in editorial referred of a letter fro Mcox to , express no deep intercut in education. A i it in t you have he same sort a f expression a in Harding a a ask i Keny n no a said Claxton and explained a tried to have editorial a Al it <1 win n he saw it. But it h id already be n i anted. Senator Recd pit to Ltd from a let iter from Harding to Claxton. A i pressing interest in s hda. I Claxton said that hard inc a letter i was cd in a Othir a in of i school life a i Kenyon i lid Quot by Hob service a a in t pub it iou of Bur in i distributed senti month y to i too Tea Obeis a propaganda in favor of is it ago of i actions one Issue Kenyon quoted a statement that schools it Pup fir in e . Upp ult h i in vet la i we of on of a i an in s a Liei male 75 to Bdl reefed in a it hold of taller to a tur in h of forc sment old was made by fens in Mcdowell Leah d Rogers Knox Vili i 1�?~kol�?~be of senator a a it Etc 1 fought f it a his hid a Well As Hgt should nation i 3gans1 Era. Be a Ltd John c Ftp Forrer opponent of i i voted for it As did senator Prest Wood of cd a a in ton opponent of it in Locc t i. Americ it federation of la Hor has vent out "8. It go a opponent of indu Etris re la at Therio f a Jar gtd uie Ltd in it nth hous n,1�?~,n kit ties which May be forced Down in j is Frida swarmed into Montgom Price by forums cur. a med a on every train tuesday. First i agricultural machinery stoves hearings pc Quot Jne Jweid during i 0-110 to i hat Dwarf Waterproof nil Bilo of Arf Tod to aum against i Rorrer Iol Hing and building ? note rial. Weevils doing big damage in Calhoun Fields i Quot Little in ii and hoi so Judici to <1 Quot Ake report a Ltd pair Ltd a lib f that i we l he a j at for a a fat t ii Fak of Joo , though Lilly that a. Ii ii a Romi k , term., kept. United press a Knoxville a to Zena Quot re buying firearm today to Homes a oat marauder who assaults and shoots women in Horn. The sixth death in Lea than a Vohs under similar circumstance came lust when mis Alic Muca refill ult vats Quot a it j. Of us sit of hum a a it Quot narrow Nat it on said "8 Coj ice Quot mercy published by George a Bureau it f p ibid in i and was turned Over to la Hon Bureau when that by discontinued lie said of rotary charge of Dif cont in Fie cause o Quot i said a i of hint s log school 8cr\ a it i flu a May i of of funds ii very Little about a of i was 1 919. Aul i. Roll f a. To ii open cond i to a and Ca use of u. I. In,.,j ii. To hat Argentina Mon i in i j a opt in s. A la i in Rajani jul p housing shoring j Fusil a pm. Lit v of Era but shortage of Feasor salaries slightly increased lilt la k of a. it on i this Quot most serious Quot Phi,.r h Laxton Cninmisrlon-11 Quot of a a a of Al w aft Hington Der lured la Public Soh for a new year Tina Quot of utmost Siroun cd sir ago of ,.�?� k of s. Iting a. On i Ron to two fifths of american teacher Quot. Of add Ai preparation he said. The using situation in require i minimum of three to four years a a i f n expenditure of f ,,. Ii i \ is Portage he dec cd it would never i they a a paid thre what they receive data gathered i. Lit Fen Ahafi Ais. In. A Iowa that Mian Bidi i in i a overcoming of t a cd ens to pig an 11. m w muh its ire Iii fight to practically no opposition develops to premieres Elevation Versailles s. Of 23.-- United it i xxx till it serious opposition Premier Alex Indre Millerand w is elected president of francs today is Natin Nui Assembly 11, succeed president Paul a i a Toi who renin cd Bec of 111 it. 4 it ii Xiii lid a vote w us 95 i he Only other Camii Diodata was miners determined to unionize Alabama mines says Leader hire Bingham Ala., sept. 21.�? Ftp noted preasly United Mina worker of America Are in fight to bitter end to win their strike to unionize mine in Alabama according to fan Butner personal representative of Prev to Dent Lew i of National organization i Gen rali1mo of Ftp King fore. I in to hts late in i Mavo. Delory of Lille who polled address at convention of of a supported by who jail prove i Miller j t. Int j Titi four i n. T to to la k end u materials now with Price appear pea k. Malaria were .en Ell Les from ten to to new York pity ti.,., knifed i. A i re a Jar k extern by.iin but that to Ionising by i -. A it in Cit ii. R a i Etc f jailor Ai d a in Ettice to build it their Public he in get a on t Kuin t a j i Jenera j zen to it n he Bill until n Kik if week of i t Fer a any definite a on tiie Macasu More a a dictated at hat Nett of Thev Are ire in t. A id was killed. Attorney Merritt in adv Clatl i selves rid shoot a Reward of 4500 Haft been for apprehend on of Thalin is said to operate Aith i Aud a pistol. A pro. Reports from Many for Rev bit of w Wanjan have varied program at luncheon Maftei bin it Kenyon called St of nation pro a gut great lakes by i in a a a spec-1 is by be i re 8 a tary a a 11 leis and other off my. A he bulletin a a j Fernmer t Puhff Eafin n he knew nothing a pout of. Senator brought out tile fact that Nenty to publish Quot school service Quot both while to of ,. Had it and when it a turned Axer third time Toda Yita Interior department came. A. _ from Quot. The presided a a Fiat Ana top War fund. D in some cent. In in Range it no $1,500 toll svs to Grade a too to $3,700 f Ami it a ii c i is. I. Us. In a Iii i form y f a. Navy i Anil be a Pov Axt a Aid Boston mayors i like threatened heavy damage la being Don Tai a he ,., crop a Calhoun and adjoining counties by to a Weevil. Farmers from various portion of this District in of Preva j Jence of a Tell in their a lds in in alarming extent. In Soma a Zisl we Here tile Cotton p aut a1,1-Nejir healthy and Well filled with Boll it has been found on exam j notion that fully fifty per cent of j Boll have been attacked by Weevil. Boann Fey 23�? United in a .31. A ice of it if mayor a .1. Patera was threatened this after noon y third time he in revived a letter saying he would a shut at Midnight it a signed _ Quot reds and Bor a crud drawing of a Aku and Eros ton a two announcement is made Toth a at no Rio is bbieuiarr7n and neat it in unit of that Noble of Vimr mayor recently. I american Cotton association War in n a. 1 a in Nith police placed extra guard of off it it tt4 a by fourty around mayor offic. Jar Ger in and county _ _ if Arm demonstrator l. O. Prentic. Socialist of Ster both of workers it g to try Morf complicated Quot a three beat i its of Cotton Branch form wednesday organization of in Coldwater convicted sheriff is granted Paro a Mont Al n try a f St pet 11 Filer of grave of Quot to ,. A i of murder in to August 27 and give a a a a a a Tri f re it k a a a of in Willvr it it a. Fehlner Lia. I # of 30 by g x w e i la a be might Arm my i. 9 Rad i. To and. Mill Randy select was conceded almost from hour it was Annot need i Lese Bane i would resign it was made certain yesterday when two chamber of National is a by in caucus Gay nomination a do Al groups desired Miller to defeat but saw there w a no i Hance of Sun is when Knout pert i and l a Bourgeois refused to accept nominations at Arnst him. Millerand de in voting from th., St it t. Lev and a no far ahead a Hen i a pit to i no was half com pie Ted. Usual Stopover privileges Are Given veterans school buildings to be used for housing veterans at reunion usual atop Over pro Villega have been secured for Confederate veterans Anna and daughters of Veteran for thirtieth annual reunion to be held at Houston Texas next month according to an announcement made ave Dena div by general b in of Pavilion commanding . I mirth brigade of veterans Thia information a just been transmitted to Genera Wilson by no ii. Forrest general Secretary of reunion committee and fourth brigade commander la and i it us that All woh Inland to go to Houston know it con Quot Salon granted by a hot Railroad owing to failure of commit to to secure an Laau of government equipment in has Baen thess in Many previous reunion. The reunion commit has purchased 6,000 mattresses for in of veterans while in a Are assembled to Houston but of Wil be necessary Lur each Veteran to carry at least on Blanket vat i a a a d visitors will be quartered in school buildings year instead of tents Union executives hers. The plan of Opar Tiona outlined by Van Milner and accept a by Delegate provide for Central Headquarters in Birmingham to supervise work of a corps of organisers and Al id workers in ovary county and auction of mining ares. In his address. Van Ritner said of operator and Quot their newspaper representatives went to fight us is accept Challenge a they say they will fight us of they have to Gulf Man Jug Coal and grass grow in Street of Birmingham. I say if a goes that far we will he h a to mow Down a he Grain and dig Coal beneath it Quot Home service Section doing splendid work miss Schopke a report shows 305 families Are aided in August t i a a Eleanor Al choke executive goer tory of Home Bervie Section of red Cross has just made a comprehensive report to local chapter for month of August which shows unusual activity on part of local worker. Services for 0s families have been rendered during month according to Mia chop key a re port financial assistance for Soldier Familia to amount of is a been rendered in loan to civilian famine he bean aided and loan of41 has been mad Relief material to amount 121# 63 and office expense to amount of $�,3 95 has been recorded. Vocational training a been secured for 1$ men. Seven have Beer. Awarded Victory medal six lock Al children have been supplied with Hooka under a Aback to school program recently inaugurated compensation has Ben secured for 12 employment has been secured Chr signed up tonight a k Wani a Welcome Lodr Hal Day 3f theirs a a. 11 ,0i0 fax Artel e,.tlon.rj k no a of Oklahoma Hick w. I. Jon of i Fri of y Quot it a ret i Ned thursday 1 Rorn a a York a Solo a ice ived an tenth tuday encore. Calhoun county Branch of american Cotton Osseo found in one Cotton Field a claim v. _ a a a a a a a a with is wll formed bolls on it i Keller by state and thirteen of Boll were wee b a a so ild and a statement a pierced and lint in them a to then that contract lad rotted due to water entering Lylw a paving would prob it by be signed tonight were feat tour Ltd a lunch#.,n of where Weevil had pierced Boll. The earn was True of most of Field of is acre no Section of county appear Albany no a a a sept. 21.�? United piss Cor Pii actions in ouster of socialist members of Assembly continued to pile up today. The three ousted men Charles Solomon August Claessens and Louis Wald Man now take attitude that were not legally n embers of Assembly when they w a re ousted second in tuesday , inasmuch of they had been sworn in without certificates of election Hap at look clock in morning to Eula on in afternoon and . Prentice went to Leat five alone. The thre beat were completely organised Farmers at each place allowing considerable Enthus s. Asm on subject of organisation. The Al Wanie dub a Alabama. For widest Frank Bailey presided to Lis a escaped Weevil. Cot j1 a if it glad expressed ton Fields with Large healthy look a Farmta Kiwan lans to members no plants and Wem Fornix a Bolis a a 1 cub Hope bid Oft Are found to be almost destroyed i a i get at joint banquet. By Weevil bolls when opened re Dent Bailey also told of visit using found Black and lint nods Den kiwanis club and has become and disclaimed a rotted. In some bolls five Worms Quot a a guest of Anniston Roar found. I iwo conservative Cotton Farmers say a Hal Cleveland was welcomed crop in this county will be Home by Bob Carr on behalf of much under last year s yield and Swan land and on demand of that was lefts than 60 per cent of j members that he Tell of his in average yield. Trip he told How dry new York y 1 any in big bomb explosion Quot it on suggestion of h. F. Williamson matter of organising a Home building association on plan of a realty Bank was deferred and committee was discharged. Whanger reports rout of entire soviet division London sept. 13�? United priest a general Wrangell gom Munique today asserted Hie Foros had routed 34 division of penalties Are provided for violators soviet forces operating in of Law. Crimean Region. A a. Granted m parole gov k i by he Berty in order that pm vat .i it m and also might make plan it presentation Quot it Board of Par Don of Petit n for h a Perm. New t Lea for it it a to he is first sheriff Ever to be convict d of murder no a result of 4 Quot Ltd a brought about while St Empting to make a u arrest for in other felony. Bill offered to Reg late bathers attire in Alabama Montgomery Ala. Kepi. 23. Spec Iada bathers in Public swim toil poo a anti to by <11 in Wear something More than a Emile in future of Bill of repro a native f. C. I it so of Dale Canty becomes a Law. The measure resulted from in inspection of municipal and thei swimming pools of Montgomery by . Deew. Women must Wear Milt which will exclude from Public gaze contour of body. Cotton fruits must go. Nothing but Wool May be used. Men must Wear suite which will Cov a their , no women Cen go into a Public Pool without stocking fevers men a. A a. Ifor four sex so idlers and medical \ i a a Bali a been is treatment afforded for to. Five civilian have been Given medic treatment three Soldier Parent have been Given life compensation on sri Fucai Arm has been furnished. Bonus pay hts been secured for Ope and clothes have been supplied to three families August report of miss 8-h put shows hat 263 persons were sided by red Gross in other ways Back allotments letter writing searching for relatives and matters of that Esturs being included in he activities establish and Quot veterans we 1 expel. To be entertained by City a f Houston w Iii a it cd Ive meals there 1 de la ii i Elf to Ili Mexico City of 2$. A United Kress de la Huerta provisional president of Mexico was operated upon for appendicitis at to of clock this morning his condition was said to be. Favourable. Mine strike to be an endurance test is belief Coal production in state 100,000 tons below Normal for week Birmingham. Aln re it United press a with lines deft wifely drawn end contentions of both sides Well stressed s Rake of United mine workers of America in Alabama today Settle d Down to whet has been describe d As a determining conclusion miners declare their Allen commends Industrial Law to this state lighted Boi ii Tork t policeman extinguishes fuse of High explosive on waiting platform authorities believe reds Are responsible h Okes of people Xvi be waiting Foh train at he. Point on elevated xviii be Bomi \\a8 Pound. Labor leaders oppose it because it takes away their jobs he says Birmingham Ala., Bapt. 21._ United press a solution of Industrial quarrel is found in Kansas Law Sud Alabama will do Well to emulate that stats according to governor Henry j. Allen of Kansas in a letter h blaming new York supt. 23.�? listed prose a a d nit mite i mib with a lighted cum was Doncov Rcd lit a Nehr Ortii of Ivy old Avenue Brooklyn Karld transit Elva a Hoe today by policeman m id Una i Sand nolo. Ile cd ten Alicd . Ranti Neilo who was on strike Dutye a smoke issuing from a package when a entered washroom. Ii found a slow burning fuss attached to Palt Keg and stamped it out. At nearest police station it was found package had a bomb containing a enough dynamite to blow up neighbourhood. The police were reticent regarding details of bomb s construction. The elevated platform which is unusually High St this Point was covered with scores of people. The b. K. T. Strike which began several weeks ago and was marked by severe violence during first few Days is believed to be practically a landed through return of men to their poets individually and hiring of new men. Coming so soon after Wall Street bomb expos on which nov curved just a week ago today bal of dynamite bomb in elevated station led Anni official to believe it May he been re a Felt of a bed plot rather than work of strike sympathizers Federal operatives immediately prepared to investigate this Angle a report Marl to off Leja of a b. To. Is id that Hie package a found to contain Oak in. But a explosives off tale at Bur in of cont Bustle Len. However that package contained one Mick of dynamite when received at their office there was no fuse attached i hey said. Til explosive a sen 5 to teat Laboratory in my Nile pal building Manhattan for a further examination. Deputy police commissioner Tach took charge of investigation St elevated station. Tit patrolman who found package said when he saw it smoke was issuing from it. Ii1 said he Aque Decd out fuse and immersed a bomb in bucket of water. Captain Henry Duane hied of detectives i i eleventh District examined tube As did a Deputy fire marshal Latt a said it contained a a mite. On Eon in in parts. Pana sept. 23. A United press an unexploded Shell with fuse attached was found lying on sidewalk in front of hotel la by police today just aft. It arrival of mine Deschanel v of of former president of France. 4 bolshevik its Are retreating to de he had penetrated Ukran la it Northeast he said after ins a was reported from w Arsaw that a ing 2,100 prisoners j Junction of Wrang a forces with Wrang a communique ind cat Vrh poles was expected Short intention of fighting to finish j Ham news. Upon reiteration of Coal opera-1 Quot Radical leaders All op-1 tors that Thor will be no Reco gnk posed to it Quot wrote governor Hon of Union. A because they realize of course Coal production in Alabama was that of government is Success-190,000 tons below Normal during Ful in giving to labor and to capt i week of september 1$, Accord Lital Justice in Jedju diction of ing to Federal mine statistician quarrel and at same a a. Vans. Fourteen mines were time in evading strikes there will shut Down and a number of oth Quot is he no future need of highly paid j air in a Short Force 5� was so. Gabor j trolley strike at Nashville is brought to end men vote to return to work after being away a month Nashville. Term., Hept. 23 1 United press a Union Street men at a meeting yesterday afternoon at labor Temple officially called off strike which began August 22, and decided to return to work end of strike came St end of a month in who h on person. I Agnes m St son of a he on. Tee was killed while Riding on a car several re is were burned damaged and Many Petty d of order were Regis ered against strike Aye paths is and striker. The is men arrested tuesday in connection with plot to curtail car service in Nashville wet again questioned by City detect 1 this morning but no further development were brought to Light. By Ven of men und Raffeet pure say have confessed to to ing part in recent disorders occurring on railway lines police yes erday continued to quiz men in custody with hop of throwing Light on mysterious killing of miss Watson but examination added no now in get on murder. Officials of company were telling striker applying for re employment today that Only such places As remained unfilled would be filled from their ranks. Men can be re employed on in by losing their seniority right in regard to wage scale adopted Over a year ago by which rate of ply increase As employee s term of service ;