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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 20, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Football Alabama 51 up i 18 Auburn 33 s. Miss. 14 Jsu 34 Sam Ford 9 Tulane 17 Georgia 14 Texas a amp a 20 Ole miss 47 Usu 18 Memphis St. 13 see sports Section Ca be Anniston i it tar Quot Alabama s largest Home owned newspaper vol. 88, no. 275�? Anniston ala., sunday september 20, 1970 Price 20 cent astronaut trained to set off Small explosions on Moon Washington apr astronaut Edgar d. Mitchell is training to set off a series of Small explosions on the Moon when he visits it next february. He also will set up a mortar to fire four High explosive grenades. These will b e detonated by radio command Long after he and Alan b. Shepard jr., have left the Moon rejoined Stuart a. Roosa in the Moon orbiting Apollo 14 spacecraft and returned to Earth. The firings first of their kind represent a seismic Experiment aimed at measuring lunar vibrations to provide information on the shape Structure and thickness of the Moons outer crust. The National aeronautics and space administration said saturday the data obtained might help in the search for water in the Moon. A some scientists think local concentrations of ice May lie buried near the lunar surface beneath the penetration of the suns heat during the two week Lunary Day a Nasa said. A if so a seismic velocity Survey might detect Petroleum companies use this technique on a larger scale to locate Oil bearing Sands in the Earth. The Apollo 14 Mission is to be launched from Cape Kennedy fla., Jan. 31. Shepard Mission commander and Mitchell lunar module Pilot Are to spend a Day and a half on the Moon while Roosa remains in lunar orbit. While Shepard deploys other scientific instruments and gathers rocks Mitchell will Lay out 310 feet of Cable. He will stick three vibration detectors called Geo phones into the lunar soil at intervals of 150 feet a one in the Center and one at each end of the Cable. As he walks Back to a Central recording and relay Sta Tion he will fire 21 cat ridges one every 15 feet using a Yard Long tube called a thumped. As the thumped is pressed against the Moon and a Cartridge fires the explosive Force is transferred to a plate and transmitted to the lunar surface to create seismic Waves for detection by the Geo phones. After the Cartridge firings Mitchell will place a four barrel mortar about to feet from the Central station. Before arming it he will aim it away from the area where he and Shepard will be working later As a safeguard against injury in the event of an accidental discharge. Apollo scientists initially planned to wait at least a year before the radio command firing of the grenades. A spokesman said that with the increased Confidence resulting from Apollo successes to Date the mortar firings May begin six months after the Landing. One grenade is to be detonated at a distance of 500 feet from the mortar and the others 1,000 feet 3,000 feet and 5,000 feet off. Digest Tate and local a Federal court jury in Mobile saturday returned guilty verdicts against two men charged in the $26,000 robbery of a Spanish fort Branch Bank in 1968. A Mobile City jail inmate was charged with arson saturday after a fire in a cell damaged 16 mattresses and one will officers said. Some 350 workers at the Cli Matrol industries Plant in Decatur began returning to work this weekend after an injunction against their strike. National a state of civil emergency was proclaimed and a 9 . Curfew was imposed by the mayor of Thibodaux la., saturday following fights Between Blacks and Whites that spurred further violence. Chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien of the democratic National committee called saturday for an investigation of allegations that the chairman of the Federal maritime commission has solicited political donations in violation of the Law. Details Page 3a. A Texas firm claimed saturday it had invented an electronic device that can distinguish Between types of metals and would allow airline officials to Check passengers for weapons without causing alarms because of simple Metal objects like keys details Page 2a, an estimated>0.000 youngsters at a 6 months to 32 years mostly slum children carry High amounts of Lead in their blood mainly from nibbling on paint chips. Some suffer irreversible brain damage some died and Many go for Long periods without treatment. Details Page 4b. Vice president Spiro t Agnew says in an interview the democrats a Are in a boxy on the Issue of Law and order and violent dissent. Details Page 8a. A three year Survey of Public education in America has found that the formal classroom environment found in most schools is a detriment to education and casts a a a grim and a Joyless Quot Light on learning in Ernest Hemingway a Quot islands in the Stream Quot a big novel about the sea which was found among his papers after his death in 1961, the image of Hemingway himself is easy to find. The 466 Page novel will be published oct. 6. Details Page 3b. International the soviet equipped syrian army moved tanks artillery and infantry up to their Border saturday night opposite guerrilla held Ramatha Jordan. The guerrillas in Ilantha set up defences against troops Loyal to King Hussein. A Man identifying himself As a u. S. Marine on leave hijacks a jetliner to Cuba a wrestler and karate expert on Board is asked to disarm the Hijacker but does not succeed. Details Page 2a. Jordan a military governor orders a cease fire in his army a War on the guerrillas but the palestinians say they wont Stop shooting. Details Page 2a. Its the Glamor boy against Quot the mayor Quot in a French by election with the former Jean Jacques Servan Schreiber expected to lose to the latter Premier Jacques Chaban Delmar. The weather fair to partly Cloudy and continued quite warm through monday with a slight Chance of a few mainly afternoon thundershowers. Details Page 7a. Al so inside Book reviews 2b reporters notebook id classified ads my sports my daily record. 7a television ,. 2d editorials ,4a women s news sect. E movies. So viewpoint. In by Page in sine set turn Mac Mcgrire a hot a one play starts today final adjustments were made saturday for the unveiling of Anniston a new one Way Street system at 6 a m. Today. Putting the finishing touches on a sign Are from left Gary Blackwell. Curtis Bruster. Ellis Watts and Willis Smith. Beginning today the traffic patterns Are 10th Street one Way East Between Glen Addie and chg hard avenues Lith Street one Way West Between Glen Addie and Highland Gurnee Avenue one Way South Between 9th and 15th streets Wilmer Avenue one Way North Between 10th and Lith streets. Glen addle will remain two Way for its entire length. Mideast strife raises risks to presidents visit there Washington api tile Mideast strife is raising risks that president Nixon strip to the Mediterranean will project an Aura of confrontation with the East rather than negotiation. A High Point of Nixon a sept. 27oct 5 european Tom is to be his personal review from atop ilk Carrier Saratoga of the mighty 6th Fleet the Symbol of Allied strength in the Mediterranean and the main min tiry Arm of . Policy in the Mideast. The 6th Fleet is being bolstered avowedly to help evacuation of americans from embattled Jordan if needed. The White House says a purpose of Nixon a journey is Quot to give impetus to the president efforts to bring . Citizens still in Jordan by Robert a. Dobkin Warrenton a. Tap a Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said saturday that As Long As the jordanian army remains in control there Are no plans for the United states to evacuate . Citizens who Are in thai troubled country. Laird described the situation in Jordan As Quot rather fluid a and said the jordanian army appears to have things in control. Nevertheless he said the United states is continuing to go ahead with contingency plans to evacuate americans should the situation change. A we will do what we think is necessary to protect americans Quot Laird told newsmen. He declined however to discuss details of the contingency plans. Laird a comments were made to reporters during a news conference following a two Day management session of top civilian and military department officials at a resort in the Virginia Hunt country. With Laird was adm. Thomas h. Moorer chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who said that there has been no significant buildup by russian naval forces in the Mediterranean since the jordanian crisis began. Moorer had been asked about russian Fleet activities in response to the buildup of american forces in the Eastern Mediterranean. However he said russian activity had been routine although there has been repositioning of some of their see Jordan on Page 7a col. 4 welfare Reform foe says its stymied shout an Era of negotiations Quot but it seems increasingly unlikely that the Kremlin and its Arab friends will read it that Way. The soviets whose growing naval might is challenging the allies in the Mediterranean have warned against intervention in Jordan by see Mideast on Page 7a col. Ii Washington a opponents of president Nixon s welfare Reform Bill Are now convinced they now have the votes to keep it bottled up in the Senate finance Cornin tee. Sen. John j. Williams r-dei., senior Republican on the panel and a foe of the Bill told a reporter saturday he strongly doubts the committee will approve the Bill this session. However if the committee does refuse to release the measure this would not necessarily mean the death of Nixon a family assistance plan. The committee also is consult Ting a far ranging social Security Btl. This legislation is considered certain to he sent to the Senate for action since it would boost benefits and Congress never has shelved such a Bill in an election year Rackers of the family assistance plan have been saying All along that if the Bill is kept in committee they will offer the plan As an amendment to the social Security measure on the floor. A Dpi stration strategists insist they have approximately 60 votes in the full Senate for the welfare Reform. Williams said opponents of family assistance will make a fight to limit any welfare amendment on the social Security Bill to a limited test of the Nixon plan. Of this were successful the Senate House conference on the legislation would b e powerless to put the plan into effect on a National basis. Toe House passed it As a separate measure and not As a part of the social Security Mil. A democratic source said he doubts that Williams assessment of the situation in the finance committee is accurate. This source said he und a stands the c o in in 111 c e chairman sen Russell b. Long. D-la., is committed to action on a separate welfare Bill. The Issue probably will come to a head in executive sessions expected in the week starting sept. 28. The panel now expects to wind up its Public hearings on both the welfare and social Security Bills this week somewhat earlier than originally planned. The House passed the Bill in april. The Senate committee has been struggling with it since then. Nixon has repeatedly told Congress the family assistance plan is his no i priority Domestic legislation for the 91st Congress. The plan would establish a Basic Federal payment of $1,660 a year for a family of four and would make the working poor eligible for Aid increasing the welfare Rolls from tin present to million persons to a potential 24 million. Controversial a third colleges opens san Diego can if. Al a the University of California s Quot third College Quot described by the catalogue As a study of social problems and by a state legislator As an Quot Experiment in racism opens monday with 200 underprivileged students half from minority groups. The catalogue says the aim is the Quot study and alleviation of contemporary social pro Blem to Start t h e relevance of science to human lives is being studied As Well As the dimensions of the Ai Bai crisis mule i Solanum non Western cultures and nations and communication a California assemblyman John Stull Calls it a a wild and wooly Experiment in Quot it will inevitably and eventually result in eliminating the University itself a the Republican lawmaker said in a recent speech. The school was proposed to University regents by faculty of Hie 6,000 student University of California at san Diego in january As a seven year Experiment to draw Low income minority students with three qualities motivation persistence and potential i he two existing College in the six year old University designed to evolve into 12 sen autonomous col Leges by the end of the Cen Turyn stress Fine arts social sciences and science math. The University itself is part of the nine Campus University of California system. School official said students could choose from four majors science and technology Urban Aud Rural development third world studies and communications. Stull contended the courses Range from straight Mickey met. Be to thinly veiled racism. With a smattering o f legitimate courses thrown in Quot Provost Joseph Watson 30, a negro born in Harlem has been a chemistry professor on the san Diego Campus since 1958 last year he was the a my Black teacher on Campus. Now he says half o. Toe transfers and nine new faculty members Are nonwhite. An Effort was made to recruit a a High percentage of Blacks Quot Watson said but added that the main criterion was picking teacher who Quot can contribute to our program a Only half of the student who applied for third College were admitted tile first ear. Of those half would never no. I been accepted o. Ute University last year because of it ours and Grade requirements a University spokesman said. The formerly inadmissible students made it under Uchs spacial i per cent waiver used to bring in minority students and those considered economically disadvantaged. They include Black athletes and musicians regarded As assets to the Academie Community but unqualified scholastically. A faculty St deut committee goes Over the High school transcripts of a p p i v i n g student arid its recommendations Are reviewed by a a Cully committee and. Finally by the Chancellor or vice Chancellor ninety per cent of the list students Are getting Soma financial support e 11 ii e r Grants of the . And state paid educational Opportunity program or Federal Loans a school spokesman said at least in per cent of the students Are from neighbourhoods poorer than the University Avei age Watson Isnit concerned about getting a formal name for the school Quot maybe Well have a name tour years from now when Tae or St class graduates and can help find the right two a lie mud. First we it i aul a know exactly wha the spirit and character of our College ;