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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Its not a matter of life and death by Dick Kleiner Hollywood a a i have Learned through life and death a says Herschel Bernardi a that my Job Isnit a matter of life and for Many actors and actresses the career i s everything. There is no life for this Type outside their career. Herschel Bernardi today represents the other extreme. Hell do his Job of course and do it Well but it is not All important. What happened was this a after five solid years on Broadway a i had done a fid Dler on the roof and a Zorbas a i developed a tumor in my Throat last year. That a Why Zorbas closed. A Well i had the tumor removed. The operation was on a Friday morning and the lab doing the Biopsy was closed Friday afternoon so i ditto to find out until monday morning that the tumor was benign. A even so i had to go away. I talk for months. I went to Rancho Lapuerta in Tecate Mexico. And i sat and i meditated. You be been there then you know that Mountain in Back of the place a Well id go up that Mountain and sit and think for hours to end. And i came to the conclusion that life Wasny tall show business. I came to the conclusion that you have to look at life with the third Eye an outward Eye that takes in for a Man with a family to support it gets expensive just sitting and meditating on a mexican Mountain for months and months. When he came Down from the Moun Tain Herschel Bernardi says he was broke. A so i was amenable to doing a to series. In fact amenable is hardly the word. My agent said i had to do a to series. Fortunately one came along that i liked very that one was Amie soon to be in View on lbs. He says he still likes it and has High Hopes for its Success. Bernardi used to make a Good living besides acting in doing voice overs commercial spots for to. But since his operation his voice has changed. A maybe changed Isnit exactly right a he says. A a let a say my control of my voice is less than it was. I did an album recently and i had to do several takes because i control my voice too Well. I can to smoke of course but otherwise in a he looks contented As Well As physically healthy. There a that calmness in his eyes the calmness that bespeaks a Man who knows what constitutes life and death a and what does no to. New Day i dawning Iii Linda on to rustic House is for rustic Canyon by Joan Crosby Hollywood a Lynda Day has a fragile sexy look with her Long blonde hair Ber vulnerable eyes and her sensuous Mouth. Its probably Why to has cast her As a perpetual victim in her guest roles. But the Lynda Day who will be a regular in Abc tvs no a series the silent Force will be a lady who works undercover to rid the world of crime and a lady who is Able to take care of herself. The Lynda Day who is real however is totally different from either of her to faces. She s exuberant cheerful full of fun and a fairly Normal american girl who was having cottage cheese for lunch because she wants to keep her Good figure. She was also having mashed potatoes with Gravy. A a that a because i saw them and i can to resist mashed Lynda is a a service brat a who was bom in san Marcos tex., but raised wherever the air Force sent her officer father. She eventually wound up in new York making television commercials. She also studied Art and modelled and one Day her assignment was to be the Bride in a photo layout for Kodak. A Young Man who was also studying Art and doing commercials was assigned to be the Groom. His name Chris George. Last May they were married after a courtship that saw their careers take parallel roads. Now they Are both working on the same lot Paramount and for the same network Abc. But Chris a new series the immortal takes him on location so much Lynda is denied those cozy lunches she envisioned. But a hats Lynda a onto Small complaint. She a a Gilt who can say with a lot of sincerity a i guess in be been one of the Luckiest people i know. I can to think o f anything to complain about in my own while she talks easily she feels that actors have a right to privacy. A the Public knows too much about actors and actresses today and they lose respect for us. Look at Claudette Colbert and All those groovy people. We did no to know to much about them. We done to really even know if they went to the John. Personally i done to think they did.�?�. By Dick Kleiner Hollywood a los Angeles Topography features a Bunch of narrow canyons and it is quite fashionable to live in them generally in a House clinging to the Side or hanging Over the top. Kristina Holland who plays Jimmy Komacko a Secretary on the courtship of eddies father on Abc lives in one called rustic Canyon. She a married to Ron Poindexter the choreographer on the Glen Campbell show and they have a rustic House in rustic Canyon. Lately though things up yonder have been getting a bit too rustic. There was the Light a Tarantula the size of a Coffee cup wandered in. But that was Only a Warmup for the main event. A i was in the living room with Susan Tolsky a Tina says. She and Susan became friends when Tina did an episode of Here come the brides the show in which Susan played Biddie doom. A and Ron came in and said a now done to get excited but done to move from this and he went Back to the garage and then came through to the bedroom carrying a he killed a Rattlesnake in their bedroom. Since then they be gotten screen doors instead of leaving their doors wide open. She still likes it up in rustic Canyon despite the Flora Fauna and creep. She likes most of everything these Days. Besides being a a Semi legs Lara on Bill Bixby a show she has time for movies a she has done a the Strawberry statement and a a doctor a wives lately a and for enjoying her new life As a housewife. Tina Holland is a san Francisco girl who was called Kristina Hermansen when she was born. Its Daniel All the Way. She started out to be a Ballerina but she inherited a trick knee from her Mother and the knee Cap goes sliding off to the Side once in a while and that a no Good for a Ballerina. A it severely limits my she says. So she concentrated on singing and acting where a trick knee is not a serious Handicap. When she began to make it she decided that Hermansen was too hard to spell so she changed it to Holland a name from out of nowhere. A and then a few months later a she says a i married Ron. So for a while when people asked me my name id say a in a Tina Erer or a and nothing would come out because i Wasny to sure what my last name name was at the but its Kristina Holland to you. And More and More people Are becoming aware of it because she a a very talented Young comedic actress. Kristine Holland movies on to 8 00 . 2 31 13 a George Peppard Raymond Burr Gayle Hunnicutt. Tough private detective is hired by business tycoon to serve As a bodyguard to his mistress. 8 30 Pony express 6 a Charlton Heston Forrest Tucker. Buffalo Bill and wild Bill Hickok have their innings in seeing that the horseback mail service goes through with a bit of Romance on the Side. 10.00 flame Over India 13 a Lauren Bach Kenneth Moore. Career Soldier assigned to Rescue Indian Prince and american governess when rebellion occurs among moslem tribesmen. 10 30 a Man could get killed 2 a James Garner Sandra Dee. An american banker on a confidential Mission is suspected by everyone of being a secret . Or British agent. Tattered dress 2 a Jeff Chandler Jeanne Crain. Renowned criminal lawyer defends wealthy couple against murder charges it three faces of eve 5 a Joanne Woodward David Wayne. Intriguing study of the three personalities which struggle to Contin a simple Georgia and Mary Good for laughs on to tonight Best bets a there Are two Good new situation comedies Back to Back on lbs and they provide a very Good hour of viewing. First is Amie with Herschel Bernardi As a warm blooded greek married to sue Ane Langdon and having budget problems. He a a loading Dock Foreman who is suddenly called to the Bossy office where he figures hell be fired. Only he is i it promoted to an executive position. Be Mardit a reactions to this dream come True this end to his budget problems this life of attending Board meetings is great to watch. Also done to miss watching the wonderful performance o f Roger Bowen As the Boss who keeps his Mallet wielding hand in his pocket so As not to injure it and thus let Down his Polo playing buddies. Also Good a and and to miss a is Elaine Shore As arnies Secretary. 8-8.30 lbs premiere a the other Good news of the evening is the return of a delightful and talented actress in the Mary Tyler Moore Snow. This surrounds Mary with funny but real characters As it chronicles the life of a 30-year-old spinster a ridiculous word to apply to mar who has left Home after breaking off a two year Romance with an intern and come to Minneapolis to live. Tonight she must fight a Pushy neighbor who becomes her Friend for an apartment and she gets a Job As an associate producer on a to newscast. Valerie Harper plays Rhoda Ber enemy Friend Doris Leachman is Mary sold Friend with Lisa Gerritson As her Nasty Little girl Edward Asner is her hard drinking Boss Gavin Macleod is a news writer and Ted Knight is a Zambone newscaster who enters a room As if he expects applause. There Are several funny situations Here Fine dialogue an air of realism and Mary herself to recommend this one. 8 30 9 lbs premiere a a 1-1 15 Abc a Yankee fans and computer programmers should get a charge out of today a final computer baseball tournament game As the 1927 Yankees babe Ruth and All the Guys meet the 1961 Yankees Roger Maris and friends to determine the greatest team of All time. A 1 15 conclusion Abc a this time the game is for real As major league baseball presents the Pittsburgh pirates in new York to take on the mets. The backup game has Chicago at Montreal. 1-2 30 Abc a the wide world of sports is off and running with the Southern 500 Stock car race from Darlington s. C., and t h e americas cup yacht races from Newport r. I. A a 6 30 7 30 lbs a Mission impossible is Back for its fifth season at a new Day a new time and with a Story that has broken out of the restricting Mold of last season. Lesley Warren is the newcomer to the cast As the Imsu a lady of All trades. Robert Conrad is the guest As a hired killer who likes to keep his jobs spontaneous. He is hired for an assassination. But who and where and who is scor Pio the Man who hired him Well our gang picks him up at the Airport and very cleverly turns a a Blank hotel into the one he has chosen. From there they have to keep close watch on him to learn of his Mission. A Clever plot and one which nearly costs Barney Greg Morris his life. Season premiere first of All fish to be d o a estimated undoubtedly was the Cap. The chinese have raised them in Ponds for at least 2,500 years. Herschel Bernardi ;