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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Anniston, Alabama A tic Frau stat of amp tar a ill raise a established ims mrs. Edel y. Ayers chairman of the Board Ralph w. Callahan president h. Brandt Ayers Cody Hall Steve Traylor editor and publisher executive editor managing editor p. A Sanguinetti vice pres., Gen. Manager Sam Ogle or. Circulation manager Almus j. Thornton Secretary treasurer Harry m. Ayers president and publisher 1910-1964 subscription rates one week. A a Ore month. $2.40 including tax mail rates on request the consolidated publishing co., props. Publishing every afternoon and sunday morning at West 10th Street. Entered As second class mail matter at the Post office in Anniston Ala. Saturday september 19, 1970 if history had waited san Salvador a capt. Christopher Columbus landed the Santa Maria Here today after an unscheduled Stop in Havana. The Spanish Seaman and explorer lodged a complaint against the a a piratical act and said development of the new world might be halted if punishment were not meted out to the Hijacker and the Spanish government assured such incidents would not be permitted to happen again. Athens a the future of higher education Here and around the world is at stake unless Campus disruptions Are stopped and academic freedoms guaranteed against the incursions of student radicals a College president said Here today. A the learning experience cannot grow and develop under the conditions prevailing on the Campus Here today a said Socrates. France a first units of the roman troops scheduled to be withdrawn by the administration under its phased reduction of the fighting Here was to begin today. A too bad a said the commander of the troops Julius Caesar. A i was going to Divide All Gaul into three parts and. A Rome a it was a Victory for the doves Here today As the Senate voted 88-32, in support of a Resolution cutting off defense funds for troops standing guard in the Rhineland against the vandals. A this is a civil War among the natives of that land and i done to see that its any business of ours to be meddling in a said the author of the Resolution. Boston a student activists broke up a Tea party in the Early morning hours today hurling obscenities and cries of a establishment pigs at participants who. Valley forge a War protesters invaded general George Washington a Winter training quarters Here today burning tents stoning his chief training officer Baron von Steuben and chanting a Joy Joy George the third a London a sir Walter Raleigh wont be doing any More exploring not in the near future at least. The dashing British Seaman was in the Tower today jailed on charges by a women a lib Leader who called the bobbies when she saw Walter doff his Cape and spread it Over a mud puddle for Queen Elizabeth. A flagrant exploitation of the feminine mystique a cried the. Lisbon a plans for a vast modern Armada were cancelled Here today when the administration announced new cutbacks in military procurement funds. A a we la just have to leave the English Channel to the English a commented the King. Paris a overriding his protests that major new medical discoveries were imminent the government today closed the experimental laboratories of or. Louis Pasteur. A a we be already proved that we can whip disease a said a government spokesman a and now it is time to devote 3ur resources and priorities to More pressing needs. A moral ifs a Good thing history happened when it did instead of waiting until now. Pc. H. What other editors Are saying alternatives the Huntsville times Choice of its own speaker is fundamental to any real Effort to Reform the Alabama legislature and make it a truly co equal Branch of government. But a secret ballot a even in that critical decision a is too High a Price to pay. The question arises in Wake of a proposal by a subcommittee of the stale constitutional commission calling for a secret vote on the election of the principal officer of the House of representatives. That it is argued by the unanimous subcommittee o n legislative and executive branches is the Only sure Way of protecting lawmakers from manipulation by the governors office. We recognize the logic for past experience has demonstrated that pressure to go along with the governors Choice for House leadership can be awesome indeed. And we must agree that a legislature Independent of the executive is a prerequisite of All other proposals to Reform the Alabama legislature and make it an effective formulator of Public policy. But Anonymous voting in a representative body strikes us As too hazardous to the whole idea of responsible government. Allow it in organizational matters and the precedent inevitably will be carried Over into substantive ones. What Are the alternatives that can assure legislative Independence in spite of recorded voting Well there is courage among the legislators and the integrity of the governor. Or is that too much to expect uptight ads Atlanta Constitution a you Only go around once in life and you gotta grab All the gusto you can Well now hold a minute. What if you done to happen to want any gusto what if ail you want in the world is a Little peace and quiet what if you re a bit weary of people who reduce life to a Joyride on a merry go round and who sum up their philosophy in one word grab we yield to nobody in our respect for the psychological insight of the advertising geniuses on Madison Avenue. That a Why we re beginning to feel a bit nervous about the creeping belligerence that we be noted in ads be gently a Why fool around i want the an uncompromising Young ilk Alist lays that View out in a current whisky and. Okay Fella. Your priv Ege. But Why so uptight what a wrong with a Little Good natured fooling around if you like it a whisky Wise that is Ana then there was this arrogant boor wearing shades and a Turtleneck who when his girl Friend snitches a cig Aret As they Are stepping into a venetian Gondola grabs it Back and shoves off without her. With Guys like that around who can blame women a lib the and writers sense and Are appealing to a growing and rather disturbing spirit in America. Its elements Are ego selfishness an unwillingness to Compromise an inability to relax and a humor that prefers the Cut of the knife to the tickle of the Feather. It seems More common in Young adults the up and Comers. We Hope it does no to become too common. A civilization made up of selfish egoistic uncompromising uptight Sou pusses Bode Good like a civilization should. Home Christian science Monitor a in the midst of All this and especially in the quiet moments my thoughts keep turning to you three. You May feel that you Are men but to me you Are just boys like my own sons a and i wonder to whom you Are turning for Comfort and strength and thus did a Minnesota schoolteachers wife respond in an open letter to the three Black youths who slew her husband in a robbery attempt while posing As hitchhikers. Not with resentment or remorse. She offered even to take them into her own Home in the company of her own 19-year-old son if that were what the youths needed. A ii hate made you pull the trigger a she wrote a i can Only Pray that you can come to know the love of god that fills the heart and leaves no room for hate. Please if you see this find a Church someplace where you can be alone and then read this again. Know that god forgives you and that my family and i forgive you a then go out and make something worthwhile out of the rest of your it should make All of us pause that a father and Mother and sons should have so treasured love in their Home that a spirit of forgiveness could predominate Over a sense of toss. To them Home must be a Power a Healing and Regeneia alive Force Winch no personal loss can overcome. Saturday notes by Barbara Hodge Hall maritime Leader tends to politics by Jack Anderson Washington Helen de ii cd Bentley the Salty tongued Federal maritime chairman has been soliciting political donations from the same shipping executives whose companies Are regulated by her commission. Despite the obvious impropriety she was asked by no less than vice president Spiro Agnew to pass the hat in shipping circles for c. Stanley Blair the Republican candidate for governor of Maryland. This would appear to violate Federal Laws which prohibit commissioners from soliciting or accepting favors from anyone in the industries they regulate. Confronted by the evidence mrs. Bentley acknowledged to my associate Brit Hume that she has contacted a about ten top Echelon shipping executives to Tell them the vice president is personally interested in the Blair Campaign and would like them to help in any Way they she asked some of them to buy tickets to a Black tie $l,000-per-couple Ball that Agnew hosted last night Friday at the fashionable Washington Hilton hotel to raise Money for Blair. Mrs. Bentley also admitted attending a Blair fund raising conference sept. 8 in the Manhattan office of Spyros Skouras the former 20th Century Fox movie magnate who is now chairman of Prudential Grace shipping lines. Skouras played a key role at the 1968 Republican convention in obtaining the vice presidential nomination for his fellow Gree american. After Richard Nixon accepted Agnew As his running mate Skouras agreed to raise Money for the cop Campaign Chest. Mrs. Bentley admitted to Hume that she flew to the Manhattan meeting in a private plane As the guest of j. Walter Jones agnews political confident and financial adviser. Jones also Heads the Money drive for Blair a Campaign. A i was asked by the vice presidents office to go Over a list of names with them a said mrs. Bentley a names of people within the shipping she remained at the meeting for an hour she said then left to attend to other business. Her return fare to Washington was paid by the taxpayers. Mrs. Bentley is an unorthodox Federal maritime chairman who believes in settling maritime matters privately with shipping Heads. Out of these backstage huddles come Multi million Dollar decisions affecting the big shipping companies. Only the most foolish shipping executive therefore would ignore an Appeal from her for a political contribution. Like mrs. Bentley Skouras also contacted other shipping executives in Blair s behalf. The of Man was less candid than mrs. Bentley however in discussing the political huddle in his office. He insisted to this column that mrs. Bentley had dropped by to see him a on business a and that the subject of Biair a Campaign had come up Only incidentally. Footnote moonlighting to raise Money is nothing new for Helen Bentley. In her previous Job As maritime editor for the mighty Baltimore Sun she did a booming Side business As a Public relations consultant for the Industry she was supposed to write about objectively. On one occasion she pulled Down $2,000 for merely mapping out a suggestion for an Industry Public relations look Back sept. 19, 1920 or. And mrs. Eugene e. Thompson announce the engagement of their daughter Florrie to or. Cecil b. Wright the marriage to take place in november. Sept. 19, 1945 capt and mrs. James l. Pollard and Linda Pollard have arrived from Myrtle Beach s. C., and Are visiting Hium Nome of or and mrs j. T. Gaines on Rocky hollow Road. Campaign. A i did a lot of moonlighting a she acknowledged a but i always did it with the approval of the Congress has let the military Money Bills fall three months behind schedule while the members roam around the world on vacations and junkets. The worst offender is House armed services chairman l. Mendel Rivers d-sc., who let the measures gather dust while he watched a gala air show in England. While Rivers Galla anted some of his More dedicated committee members stayed at Home to get the work of Congress done. Among those who stuck to business Are representatives Les a rends r-ill., Charles Bennett d-fla., Jack Brinkley d-ga., Lucien Ned i Alvin of Konski r-wis., Otis Pike d-n.y., Mel Price d-ill., and Charles Whalen a Ohio. The sons of Italy supreme Council called upon president Nixon the other Day to thank him for ordering the Justice department to Stop using the terms a a mafia and a la Cosa Nostra As synonyms for organized crime. A a the shall never forget what you did to bring this about a declared their Leader a. V. Cortese. He referred to the president As a your brother in every sense of the the president spent 45 minutes telling them the history of his White House office. Star readers its hard to say just what makes it seem like september when the Sunshine is still pure August and the humidity fit for a respectably steamy july Day. But there a been a definite change in the feeling of things. Maybe it has something to do with the slant of Light for nothing on the surface of this tiny Green planet of ours can hold Back the grand cosmic sweep of the circling year that moves Sun and stars and Earth in the ageless Majestic pattern. Night Falls earlier and the children a voices fade into Back doors for waiting supper and Homework. The window Darken As we do our evening chores and there is no longer time to sit out afterwards in the Twilight. And the Sun Hasni to yet silted up Over the House next door when we crawl reluctantly out uttering dire malediction against the injustice of it All. The Dew is deeper on the morning grass to last far into the Day and the spiderwebs Glisten like Silver lace on the Juniper Bushes that surround our doorway. But its More than that. The air is different win As an Early morning breath in the smokes As we go off to work hot and Lazy at noon Dusty and Mote filled at Sundown. The heat can Bear Down As unmercifully As Ever but it seems a bit past its Best e forts like an oven Cooling after the cake is baked. There a a sense of smoke in the air real or imagined a ghost of past bonfires or the powder i last years leaves. Familiar wings reappear at the Bird feeder old friends we be not seen during the High summer months. Its not time yet for the exotic exciting migratory Birds the ones who keep us hanging out the window with binoculars in Hopes of a rare and treasured species but we Haven to seen the Titmouse All summer or the Perky Chickadee and its Nice to have them flitting and twittering Over the Sunflower seeds again. You really have to get out in the country though to be certain that Sall is in order for the coming of fall. The family took a ride last sunday afternoon along our favorite route through Choccolocco Valley and around by Camp co Taquilla towards Home and came Back reassured that nothing a changed for still another year. There arc still Trees and Field Flowers and doves and Sticke burrs and feathery weeds and Placid slow stepping cattle. And september is progressing properly guided by a timeless celestial hand. We were looking especially at Trees this time prompted by the necessity for a school Leaf collection and it gave us a slightly different perspective from that of a Bird watching expedition for example or an excursion after Spring mosses. Suddenly the whole world is full of Trees and leaves and acorns and squirrels nests and a smattering of tent caterpillars. Instead of standing serenely As Scenic and Anonymous masses of greenery Trees take on their True identity As Oaks or elms or Chin berries or Cedars. We pulled into Dusty stopped speak out collection needs Home in a recent Issue of the Anniston Star i read with interest the article on or. John b. Lagarde and his big game trophies. I wonder How Many citizens of this City and county know of the great value they really Are in a Short time As a big game Hunter or. Lagarde has achieved what few other Hunters have in a life time. He is known world wide for his accomplishments. How can we allow this collection of trophies be taken out of our City Many Are now extinct. They should be placed with the great Bird collection we now have if our City fathers cannot or will not prepare housing for them maybe we As citizens should undertake such a project. Opportunity like this Only knocks once. Do we want the great culture items to stay in our City or not Ernest Crenshaw 1312 e. 9th St. Anniston school bus problems i have been driving a school bus for a year now and i would like to use your column to express a few tilings that school bus Drivers encounter. Children and parents think a school bus Driver is an a old Grouchy because they make their children behave and be quiet on the bus. They done to realize thai Many of the accidents that happen each year is because some child is misbehaving on the bus. The Drivers attention is distracted from the Road momentarily and sometimes that is just Long enough for an Accident. In some instances Small children have been run Over by the bus and the Driver not know it because of too much noise. This has actually happened and someone in an automobile ran the bus Down and told the Driver. But you Lei a Driver Correct a child then watch the parents their child would never do such a thing they just can to picture their child misbehaving on the bus. The Driver must be mistaken or he is just picking on their child. Let me Tell ail parents no adult will blame your child with something they Are not involved in. You will be a whole lot better off of you cooperate with school officials and the bus Driver. Give too per cent operation and your child will be better off. Because some parents and the majority of them give too per cent cooperation and for some strange reason we never have any trouble with these children. Another thing children can not understand is Why they can to put their head and arms out the window. A few years ago a child lost his Arm on a Bridge and i believe this was the Coosa River Bridge. In another instance a few years Back a child had his head torn off by a tree. This happened at Ensley. There Are Many things i could cover but i will not go into them. Mainly is cooperation Between bus Drivers parents and school officials and children. We have the Best buses the better Drivers and the safest record or equal to anyone in the state. Leu keep it that Way. Mrs. Sue Heflin 2211 Barry St., Oxford kindness remembered i want to thank the people of Anniston for your wonderful kindness during our recent Hospital stay. Your thoughtfulness and concern mean so much in our first dark hours of sorrow. Especially do we appreciate the Hospital staff the sheriffs department and Hubbard Sou company All of whom went beyond the Call of duty in responding to our needs. May god continue to bless you and your Community. W. F. Bill Littlejohn avd family 420 n. Mccrary re. Columbus miss. Help appreciated a few weeks ago my daughter in Law Priscilla my two grandchildren and i were driving Down Leighton Avenue near a Street when we were in a collision with another automobile. As we stood in a Little huddle dazed and bleeding a negro woman walked up to my daughter in Law and started on precarious perches along curvy country roads dodging the cars that invariably appeared As if by magic the minute we came to a standstill. We leaped ditches and climbed Banks and disentangled ourselves from Briars and beggar lice. We braved chiggers played peek a boo with invisible rattlesnakes leaped with the Grasshoppers through the weeds and Brambles. And our botanist picked leaves. Its astonishing How Many different Trees grow in Calhoun county. Its even More astonishing How after the first Quarter hour of collecting they seem to turn into the same few routine species of Oak Sweet gum Pine and sumac All of which you collected at the first Roadside pause. But we did come Back with a few treasures including a Sou Wood Twig and its Spray of Flower like see pods a romantic tree of Apalachia storied in Folk song and legend. This one we did not even know existed in this immediate area and would never have noticed along the Roadside if we Hadnot been looking for specifics. Our Best discovery however was september itself for there was no doubt about the time of year out in the country. As surely As one can read the Calendar on the Wall the signs of earliest fall Are there for the seeing Welcome reminders that nature Hasni to left us trapped forever in a Summers Lazy grip. The leaves still look Green from a distance no doubt about that but the close up View is far different. Ifs already hard to find a really Good specimen for most of the Trees Are weary from their yearly Battle with insects and the weather. There a a Rusty coat on the surface of the leaves and a Brittle feel to the ragged edges. Holes spoil the shape of most of them scars of nibbling Worms and beetles and ifs a rare Leaf indeed that Isnit missing a lobe or tip. The Over All Green is deceptive too for most of the foliage has taken on a definitely yellow or Reddish Wash and some of it has even burst out in Scarlet too impatient to wait for the big show itself. Fruits Are everywhere a Black honeysuckle berries red Dogwood see pods the Bright Rusty tassels and candles of sumac. Hickory nuts Are falling Many acorns Are already on the ground under their Parent tree. On grass Vine Weed stalk and tree seeds hang ready for Harvest the Hope for next years world. There a autumn a dust everywhere along the roads roiled up from passing cars and blow by the slight september Breeze. Things smell dry and powdery like a Sun warmed Bam and half remembered scents tantalize the nose until we want to Scurry off through the underbrush like a Beagle snuffing ail the Beautiful mysteries the air brings. Ifs september All right we re reassured of it. And we know now once again that october will follow with its riot of color and kind Harvest and november will fold us into the Friendly indoor cosiness of leafless Winter until ifs time flu Spring again. Pressing hard on her head. Priscilla said a a your re hurting me the woman said a i know that i am but you Are bleeding too much. Trust me in a a she also gave us towels to take to the Hospital. A White woman came by and was loading us in her car when the ambulance arrived. I Don t know either of these women but i would like to. I want to return the towels and i want to say a thank Yoi a both for your help and kindness. Beulah k. Burne 1200 Christine ave. Anniston cancer drive Success by much hard work Long hours and generous donors Calhoun county has reached its goal for the 1970 american cancer society. My thanks to one and ail who contributed to this very worthy cause. To mrs. Elias Bodenheimer who very efficiently handled the residential door to door March to w. A. Morrison jr., who did a thorough Job in handling the special gifts for the drive to James Standridge and Clyde Parnell for the Fine Job they did with local Industry to mrs. Shirley Green for her work with clubs in the county to the schools for their efforts throughout the county to Don Sills for his Effort to Dean Miriam Jackson and or. Bernard Hammett who worked Long and hard in Jacksonville. The members of the Anniston emergency and Rescue squad spent Long hot hours of work collecting from our Good people on both Golden memory Days. Radio station whoa donated generously two Days of broadcast time while their people worked diligently from 5 a m. Until sign off for Golden memory Days. Members of the Moose Lodge and . Helped so much on oui Road blocks. Thanks also to the Anniston Jayc ettes who did such Fine work in the downtown area. And to the countless number space would not permit to name thanks for a tremendous Job. Joe Conyers chairman Calhoun county cancer crusade american cancer society Anniston ;