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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Washington a acting Quot with great reluctance a the Nixon administration has blocked for 60 Days a threatened nationwide rail strike. President Nixon signed executive orders Friday barring a walkout by four unions against 160 rail lines and creating a five member Board to investigate the dispute. Unless Congress enacts emergency legislation the unions will be free to strike if no contract settlement is reached in the next 60 Days. The orders signed under provisions of the railway labor act affect some 400,000 Union members about 70 per cent of the nations railway work Force. Asst. Secretary of labor William j. Usery a top labor troubleshooter said at the White House he had hoped for a settlement negating the need for the executive orders. It was a with great reluctance a he said that the labor department recommended the president sign the orders. But he indicated Only a few Points of major Hud official Affeldt quits in rift Over discrimination Washington a a top government open housing official resigned Friday accusing the Nixon administration of encouraging a cd perpetuating racial discrimination in housing. Robert j. Affeldt said he became a a very very frustrated in his one year As director of conciliation in the housing Opportunity division of the department of housing and Urban development. He is leaving the $24,000-�?�-year government Post to return to the University of Toledo As a Law professor. A the Nixon administration is not Only indifferent to fair housing but is actively opposing it by acts of commission and omission a Affeldt told a news conference. A was a result of this policy the Federal government is encouraging and perpetuating racial discrimination in housing employment and he accused administration officials of sabotaging the department a a limited conciliation o f discrimination complaints and of refusing to withhold Federal Aid As he contended is permitted by Law from communities that balk at enforcement of open housing. Affeldt a comments appear to reinforce similar complaints recently from private civil rights organizations some members of Congress and from the chairman of the . Civil rights commission the Rev. Theodore m. He Burgh. Secretary of housing George Romney while publicly committed to an a open communities policy has said the language of the landmark 1968 open housing Law is too gentle to Sanction Large scale cutoffs of Federal Aid to cities and towns that resist open housing. A despite Sweet rhetoric to the contrary it is my firm conclusion that Secretary Romney is a housing production Man not a civil rights mar.,�?� said Affeldt who described himself As a political Independent recruited to a civil service Job by the Nixon administration. By coincidence Affeldt announced his resignation about a he same time asst. Atty. Gen. William h. Rehnquist was telling the Federal bar association that Federal employees who differ publicly with the administration May lose their jobs. A the government As an employer has a legitimate and constitutionally recognized interest in limiting Public criticism on the part of its employees even though that same government As a Sovereign has no similar constitutionally valid claim to limit dissent on the part of its citizens a Rehnquist said. Affeldt a departure follows the forced resignation last Winter of Leon e. Panetta civil rights chief at the welfare department and a vigorous proponent of Tough school desegregation enforcement. Affeldt was described by a department spokesman As a Strong effective and popular administrator. Affeldt said Romney asked him on three occasions to stay. Affeldt said he is not aware of any White House interference in open housing enforcement. He blamed instead former general counsel Sherman Unger and other department officials he said Are More interested in producing housing than insuring equal Access for All races. Stopping use of violence Dean of students plan Cambridge mass. Apr Archie Epps is Young Black the new Dean of students at Harvard College and says he a a patient Man. A i know the value of having patience. Students change their mind a says the 33-year-old native of Lake Charles la. A by my own conduct and Demeanour a Epps says he Hopes to dissuade the use of violence at Harvard As a method of bringing about social change. But Epps said Friday in an interview he is not opposed to protest but he believes it should to a prick the conscience of your opponent rep. Nichols signs discharge petition rep. Bill Nichols thursday signed a discharge petition that could result in bringing the crime control act of 1970 to the House floor for consideration. The act has been bottled up in the House judiciary committee since May of this year. Such a discharge petition is used for expediting legislation which has become dormant in a House committee. Nichols said a the crime problem in our country has reached an alarming level and All possible remedies must be initiated to rid our Law abiding people of this urgent among other things the Bill provides additional funds for improving methods used by police agencies in the fight against crime. Then have Faith in the Good sense of human nature to take As Dean Epps views his role a s multifaceted As Counselor and ombudsman for the students and civil servant for the faculty. He said h i s door always will be open and that he will provide a reasonable and accurate information to students and a will intervene on their behalf when that is Epps an assistant Dean at Harward the last six years said one mistake that Liberal institutions have made in recent years is attempting to mimic the politics of the Black student movement. A the result has been that Blacks who Are not political activists have found themselves without anyone to go to a he said. A i feel i have the responsibility to provide detached compassionate and critical advice to most Blacks who come to Harvard he said a find they cannot go Back Home again in the philosophical sense and Are not Able to accept Harvard. They re really in exile until they find their approach to the White society and Over All he envisions the University a primary Job As doing a what we do bests educated then we have first rate bearded teacher is fired Chattanooga Tenn apr John Morrison a Junior High school science teacher suspended sept. 9 when he showed up for the Start of the school year wearing a Beard was fired wednesday. The Hamilton county Board of education voted 5-1 to dismiss Morrison for insubordination. It said he would be reinstated at red Bank Junior High school if lie shaved his Beani. Last thursday the Board rescinded a five year old policy against beards but Hor a a extended to teachers a general jcll0iy Uhic grooming code adopted last j month for students. If Morrison decides to the boards decision he s s save is shop furniture Fuir 3400 North Noble St wanted to buy clean late Model used cars Junior Fant his $ used cars 630 Quinter a. Rhone 237-8675 girl plans to sue slate education Board Seattle a a 16-year-old High school senior says she plans to sue the state Board of education Over its requirement that girls take a Home economics course in order to graduate. Chris Robinson said thursday a that women Are made to take Home economics while men Are not is a Clear Case of the methods that Are used in our educational institutions to keep women As the a second miss Robinson said her suit would be handled b y american civil liberties Union attorneys. Disagreement remain to be resolved after weeks of government sponsored talks. Those issues should be dealt with by the Board he said. He said a five member panel instead of the usual three member Board was formed a so that an equitable settlement May be reached at the earliest possible its members Are to be named later. Under the 44-year-old rail labor Law the Board will study the dispute and submit its recommendations within 30 Days. Over the following 30 Days the unions and rail lines Are to consider the recommendations during negotiations. A strike had been called for sept. To but government mediators won agreement from the Union to delay for five Days. There were selective shut Downs in some areas tuesday until a Federal court order blocking any strikes took effect. U. S. Dist. Court judge Howard Corcoran said Friday he would leave his order in effect until it expires sept. 23. Earlier this week c. L. Dermis president of the brotherhood of railway airline and steamship clerks claimed the Industry negotiators remained Adamant in offering Only a one year 7 per cent wage increase offer. The unions want a 40 per cent or higher increase Over three years. Besides the clerks the unions involved Are the United transportation Union the brotherhood of maintenance of Way employees and the hotel and restaurant employees and bartenders Union. Hostage release Appeal renewed k in be entitled to a hearing before the Board and if the Board Sticks to the dismissal he can take his fight to the courts. Morrison a attorney said Morrison had not yet decided what to do. The motion for Morrison so insubordination because of his failure to comply with the boards policy for teachers to wit the Board feels that a Beard is disruptive and or potentially a set sept. 30 the Alabama trucking association will hold a safety education clinic sept. 30 at the Down owner motor inn on new regulations adopted by the department o f transportation in regard to Driver qualification. The Anniston clinic is one of eight being held throughout the state. The clinics Are open to All truck owners and operators private and for a hire carriers members and non Mem hers of the association. Gene beavers Anniston foundry truck dispatcher is in charge of the Anniston meeting. Attendance at the session May be arranged through the Alabama trucking association 660 Adams av�., Montgomery. London a Britain has renewed its Appeal to Israel for a gesture to Aid the release of 54 Hijack hostages held in Jordan diplomatic sources said today. The Point was made in talks Friday Between foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home and his israeli counterpart Abba Eban the sources said. Eban is Here on what is said to be a private visit. Home reportedly stressed that Britain is determined to maintain United front with other governments whose citizens Are held by the Palestine guerrillas who Are demanding release of arabs held by Britain Israel West Germany and Switzerland. But he was said to have made Clear that this a fall for ally policy would be endangered if Israel continued to hold out against any Concession to the arabs. Later Home met relatives Mario Savio returning to College Berkeley Calif. A Mario Savio Bushy Haried and firey Leader of the 1964 free speech movement that gave birth to a new dimension of Campus protest says he is reentering the University of California. Savio now 27 and still Bush haired was asked by a newsman Friday whether he would re enter the Berkeley Campus political Arena. He replied a i am going Back As a a University spokesman confirmed Savio has been readmitted As a Junior in biological sciences for classes which begin oct. 5 for the 28.000-student Campus. A in applying for readmission or. Savio provided Clear evidence if serious interest in pursuing academic studies at the University a the spokesman said. Savio gained International notoriety in december 1964 As the Young Man speaking from the roof of a police car containing an arrested student which has been surrounded by protesters. He subsequently led a sit in at sprout Hall where 770 arrests were made of students and no students. Many observers consider the free speech move Ament to be the Start of student protest techniques that have spread across the country. Later Savio dropped out of the University and was denied re admittance to in 1966 after his arrest during demonstrations against Navy recruiters i Campus. In 1968 Savio ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate a i the peace and Freedom party ticket. Since then he has been a familiar but re actively inactive figure in the Berkely Community working until recently in a Telegraph Avenue Book store. He has avoided publicity recently and when asked about his plans he said Only a when i have something to say you will know about unlike his student activism Days he was reticent in an interview Friday. Special carpet shampoo 25% off Reg Price the Houe masters janitorial co 237-088$ zip Iii zip code Taipei a the Formosa Post office has a Way to get people to use the islands new zip code system print the codes on the Stamps sold in the various zones. The weekend death toll stood Alabama today stars daily record obituaries briefs hospitals Williams rites today of the eight britons held by the guerrillas and assured them that everything possible was being done to Speed the release of the hostages. But he warned that lives of other hostages would be endangered if Britain acted unilaterally by releasing Leila Khaled the 24-year-old Arab commando arrested in London after an abortive attempt to Hijack an israeli Airliner. The 54 hostages were taken from passengers and Crew of three airliners hijacked to the desert and later destroyed by the guerrillas. Swiss sources said Hie hostages had been moved from danger areas of the Amman fighting. List Price to be higher on lord a ars Detroit a new car shoppers will find sticker prices up an average $153 on 1971 Ford and Lincoln Mercury automobiles when they go on Sale Friday. Ford was the first automaker to announce its full Range of prices for 1971s, and the increase averages 4.6 per cent. If the Industry follows suit this years jump would be the highest since an average 7.17 per cent on 1957 models. Ford also said wednesday rising material costs and a new wage contract yet to be negotiated with the United Auto workers May require a subsequent adjustment obviously meaning upward. Ford put a manufacturers suggested retail sticker Price of $1,919 on its new minibar the Pinto which went on Sale last Friday. Gmys new subcompact the Vega went on Sale a Day earlier with a sticker Price of $2,091. Sticker prices do not include destination freight charges or state and local taxes but do include dealer preparation charges and Federal excise taxes. The Standard six Cylinder four door Ford Sedan goes up from $2,771 to $2,908, the Mercury Monterey four door Hardtop from $3,248 to $3,410 the thunderbird two door Hardtop from $4,961 to $5,206, the Lincoln Continental four door Sedan from $6,787 to $7,131 and the two door Coupe from $6,552 to $6,884, the Mark 111 from $7,857 to $8,253. Accidents kill three in state Fred Williams sr., 77, of 1000 Robertson rd., Anniston died Friday at Anniston memorial Hospital after a Short illness. Funeral services were scheduled today at 4 . At Gray Brown service Chapel with the Rev. Mack Finney and the Rev. Doyce Gunter officiating. Burial will be in Highland cemetery with Gray Brown service mortuary in charge. Survivors include his wife mrs. Ruby m. Williams a daughter mrs. Fletcher swin Dall of Goodwater two sons John b. Williams of Anniston and maj. Fred a. Williams of fort Benning a. A sister mrs. Jennie self of Anniston two Brothers Walt Williams of Anniston and Homer Williams of Jacksonville and to grandchildren. Pallbearers will be Earl Harvey Jim Murray George Devore Luther Clements Kavie Cole Jim Dickinson Hugh Hamilton and Brent Creel. Or. Williams was a Veteran of world War ii and a member of St. Marks United methodist Church. He was a retired cities service gasoline distributor. The family has requested in lieu of Flowers that donations be made to the St. Marks United methodist Church building fund. Mrs. Lula m. Faulkner mrs. Lula Mae Faulkner 89, of Indianapolis ind., died today after a Short illness. Survivors include a son Howard Faulkner o f Indianapolis two grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Mrs. Faulkner was a native of Georgia and a former resident of Anniston. She has been a resident of Indianapolis for the past to years. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Gray Brown service mortuary. Accidental at three in All victims Anniston Ivian fined a Young Anniston Man Terry elders age and address not available was fined a total of $120 in City recorders court this morning i charges of assault on an officer resisting arrest and disorderly conduct fighting. Anniversary planned the mount Olive Baptist Church at 101 s. Christine St. Will celebrate its 86th anniversary sunday at 3 30 . The speaker will be the Rev. Julius James a former president of Indiana Baptist Congress and an affiliate of the Southern Christian leadership conference. A a a Road reopening set Willabee Creek Road Between Friendship in Calhoun county and Abel Gap in Cleburne will be reopened to traffic in about three weeks according to Calhoun county Engineer r. C. Word. The Road was closed earlier this year when work began on a watershed program. A new Road skirting a new Lake is now nearing completion. A a a revival planned the Pilgrim Baptist Church revival will begin sunday at 7 . With the Rev. J. C. Parker of Birmingham As evangelist. A a a guest speaker slated William sleight of the ministry of missionary Supply for Baptist International missions inc., Chattanooga will show slides and telling of his work on the Island of Antigua in the West indies at the Faith Baptist Temple sunday at 7 . A a a Coppock reunion set the Coppock reunion will be at Shoal Creek Baptist Church sunday beginning at to . All friends and relatives Are invited. A a a Community supper set Che aha acres Community supper will be tonight at 6 30 . At the clubhouse. All residents Are invited to come and bring a covered dish. Or or or singing scheduled a singing will be tonight at 7 . At Friendship methodist Church at Blue Mountain featuring the Kinsmen quartet. A singing set a singing will be at new Oak Grove Baptist Church sunday beginning at 2 . The Corbon Trio will featured guests. Anniston Anniston memorial admissions mrs. Betty Turner 30 s. Allen mrs. Neva Estes 1028 Carter St. Jane Pate Heflin Gwendolyn Whitley Talladega mrs. Betty Tyson 521 s. Allen Fred Williams 1000 Robertson re. Franklin Green Oxford mrs. Sara Taylor Goodwater w. T. Abney Fruithurst mrs. Gloria Peoples 900 Gadsden re. Mrs. Nellie of Dell Anniston it. 4 mrs. Janice Wright Weaver Edward Ballard Oxford mrs. Mary Rooks Munford Jimmy Jones Heflin mrs. Merle Poore Anniston it. I mrs. Jean Whaley Anniston it. 3 Larry Ervin 320 s. Wilmer ave. Felicia Baker 115 project or. Mrs. Ailene Bagley 1416 Johnson or. Mrs. Grace Ford Jacksonville mrs. Sylvia Satterfield Wellington mrs. Lorine Wheeles Blue Mountain mrs. Joyce Angel Heflin mrs. Florence Jackson r5 Cooper Homes miss Bonnie Moore so Barber Terr. Stacey Wilson 518 Highland ave. Births Lanelle Willingham girl Betty Rutledge girl Bettyjo Turner boy Gwendolyn Whitley boy Jane Pate boy Neva Estes girl Cleburne Hospital Heflin. Admissions Albert c. Estes Centre mrs. Pauline Thornton Bowdon mrs. Julia Miller Anniston mrs. Tiny Cason Heflin Charles Burgess Heflin mrs. Ruth Lambert Heflin cambodian Mili tary command i a ians big assail it on reds of traffic mishaps. State troopers said two children were killed in a wreck on Alabama 51, one mile South of Clayton this morning. Details were not available. A Tuscumbia Man 30-year-old Thomas Ray Hunt was lulled Friday night in a two car crash on u. S. 72 near Bis Hometown. Officers said Hunts car was hit As it pulled out of a truck Stop into the path of the oncoming car. The associated press tabulates weekend accidental deaths which occur Between 6 . Friday and Midnight sunday. Phenom pent Cambodia apr the cambodian military command plans a big assault to smash through a communist Strong Point that has stalled the governments largest offensive of the War there for nearly a week. Limited . Air strikes already were being carried out in preliminary attempts to dislodge an estimated 1,000 North vietnamese troops dug in at the Village of Taing Kauk 47 Miles mirth of phenom penh. Officers at the operations rear Headquarters in Skourn 45 Miles North of phenom penh said today they were not sure when the assault against the North vietnamese would Start but added they had been told by the High command that the attack would be preceded by massive . Air strikes against the Village. Officials in Saigon said that once the cambodians decide to launch their assault additional air support will be available from South vietnamese and Cambodia air forces. The officials said they were not aware of any massive commitment by the air Force but added a great Deal depends on sources in South Vietnam said that because president Nixon wanted to keep a Low profile in Cambodia cambodian air Power would be used first followed by South vietnamese air strikes and then american planes if needed. For the second consecutive Day newsmen were barred from the front lines the first time the cambodian command has kept reporters from any Battle area. A spokesman said the order was to prevent cambodian Maneu vers from becoming known but there was speculation that the . Embassy and the cambodian command would prefer not to have reporters present if massive american air Power is used. The operation stalled in front of Taing Kauk since monday is aimed at reopening route 6 to Kampong Thorn a provincial capital and reclaiming an important segment of cambodians heartland from communist control. Communist troops attacked the government task Force South of Taing Kauk during the night but the command said it was Only of a har passing nature. The key to the coming Battle according to commanders was whether sufficient air strikes would be committed to destroying communist positions across route 6. Communists fighting from these positions stopped the offensive monday after inflicting heavy Ca ualies on Lead Cambodia units Field commanders said they had been told that if communist resistance was too Strong the attempt to open the Road to Kampong Thorn would be abandoned but the command has said publicly there will be no change in its decision to reopen the Road. One officer involved in the a Tensive said Friday that the communists were still pouring troops into the area and that heavy fighting appeared certain if and when the governor it resumed the offensive even if air strikes d i d materialize. Two North fires who presented at commands news briefing and said Large numbers of cambodians were with North vietnamese and Viet Cong units. The officers who defected sept. 12, said the cambodians who were forced to join communist units had proved willing soldiers against american units. During the Brief american operation in May and june. They said Many cambodians now Are deserting when ordered to fight fellow countrymen. In South Vietnam american intelligence officers in the past often have cautioned the command against accepting reports from defectors because of an inclination by deserters to Tell their new masters what they thought the allies wanted to hear most. The . Command in Saigon reported Light and scattered ground engagements involving american forces in South Vietnam. A spokesman said three americans were killed and eight wounded by boobs traps in incidents North of Saigon and South of Danang. Of vietnamese deserted were the cambodian maalox Reg liquid $1.59 special Economy drug 224 $ Noble i. 236-7571 99c veterans of zoo were honorable charged ofter january 1955 you or eligible Dis 31, for too a Aid tuition for Over 200 approved court with International correspondence school for further information Contact John d. Tubby 725 Mimosa drive Anniston ala., or dial 2 7-5919. Marquise Trio Sot $249 diamonds very Lorf Stock. Any by ship $5 to $7500.00 terms gladly weekly or monthly govt own Diamond can m Homo Untch you a Iti a of ave Welty in Noble by. / ;