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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Vol. 88, no. 274�?~alabama�?Ts largest Home owned newspaper a Anniston ala., saturday september 19, 1970 Price to cents digest state and local correction the annual Thrift Sale at Grace episcopal Church will be oct. 3�?not today As uncorrected listed in a Story in fridays Star. Proceeds from the Sale Are used in the churches Community Servie projects. Accidents have claimed the lives of three in Alabama so far this weekend. Details Page 3. National the Nixon administration has blocked for 60 Days a threatened nationwide rail strike acting with a great details Page 3. Robert j. Affeldt a top government open housing official resigned Friday accusing the Nixon administration of encouraging and perpetuating racial discrimination on housing. Details Page 3. One of the nation s most outspoken nutritional critics calling the United states a a nation of nutritional illiterates a has asked he Federal government to set up National nourishment standards. Robert b. Choate who stirred up a nationwide controversy last july when he told a Senate Commerce subcommittee Many Well advertised cereals Are solely lacking in nutritional value appeared before the democratic study groups consumer affairs and food and agriculture task forces Friday. There could be Power a a brownouts and fuel rationing in new York this Winter state Public service commission chairman Joseph c. Swindler said Friday. A with Breaks we can get through the Winter a swindler said after addressing a conference on Thermal discharges. But he also told newsmen a this is the year of the fuel smiling vacantly and uttering not a word Charles a a text Watson has appeared in the same courtroom As four old friends a the defendants in the Sharon Tate murder trial. He showed Only a Glimmer of Recagni Tom for the three Long haired women at the counsel table Friday and never looked at Charles m. Manson Leader of a hippie style family of which Watson was a member. Mrs. James Radcliffe Mother of a youth from Titusville fla., who spent eight Days in jail alter stealing six empty pop bottles said after his release Friday she believed a it was a lesson for Douglas Radcliffe 17, was picked up with three other youths at Midnight sept. Ioas they stood beside a pop machine at a Merritt Island store. Radcliffe was arrested posted $100 Bond and on sept. To pleaded guilty to Petty larceny. The empties were Worth 18 cents. The food and drug administration says a chemical linked to cancer in Laboratory animals is a component of some commercial hair dyes. Or. Elizabeth Walsburger a chemist at the National cancer Institute has reported that the chemical 2,4,Tda caused cancer in animals in several experiments. Malignancies were produced both through feedings and injecting the substance under the skin she said. Defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird has approved a plan for a new National military Chain of command separate from the joint chiefs of staff. Officials said Friday the new setup puts the chairman of the joint chiefs at the top of the new operational command. The present chairman is adm. Thomas Moor or. A Hacket of letters written by u. S. Prisoners of War that were seized by customs agents wednesday a Are in the mail to wives and families of the servicemen a spokesman for a delegation of Young leftists say. The 374 letters were mailed immediately after the government returned them to the group Robert sheer 34, a Deputy chief of the u. S. Peoples anti Imperia list delegation said Friday. The 11-member group recently returned from a trip to China. International a Bill aimed at stopping the flow of profits from gambling and illegal transactions to foreign Bank accounts has been passed by the Senate. The measure massed i a voice vote Friday now goes to a conference with the House. Sponsors of the legislation said use of secret foreign accounts is costing the u. S. Treasury hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. In an election that might be a precursor to die 1972 parliamentary balloting prime minister Indria Gandhi a Congress party and moderate communist and other leftists have joined to grab control of the Kerala legislature. Using an agreement not to run opposing candidates the Congress party won 31 seats the pro Moscow communist 16, the socialists 9 and the moslem league la at 67 seats a Bare majority of the 133-seat Assembly in the Southern India state one seat still was undecided Friday. Britain has renewed its Appeal to Israel for a gesture to Aid the release of 54 Hijack hostages held in Jordan. Details Page 3. The weather partly Cloudy and continued warm today through sunday with a Chance of showers and thundershowers most numerous during die afternoon and evenings details Page 2. Surrender or face firing squad also Lucille classified ads comics Dally record editorials. Farm news movies sports television. It2 9-11. 51 King Hussein issues ultimatum Beirut Lebanon a Cairo radio said today King Hussein has agreed to an egyptian cease fire proposal but shortly after the broadcast Jordan a military governor gave palestinian guerrillas an ultimatum to surrender or face firing squads. The ultimatum from Field marshal Habis maj Ali had a three hour deadline it appeared to mean the egyptian cease fire Effort had collapsed. Maj Ali said in a broadcast by radio Amman that the guerrillas who did not sur Render would be executed As mutineers. The Cairo broadcast said president Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt had proposed to Hussein that he and the guerrillas accept a 24-hour cease fire. According to Cairo Hussein agreed. Cairo said the agreement had been worked out Early today in a meeting Between Hussein and Gen. Mohamed Saadek Egypt a chief of staff who had flown to Amman Early in the fighting. It said Sadek then went into conference with Yasir Arafat Over All Leader of the guerrilla movement and other officials of the Central committee of the Palestine liberation organization. M a j a i is announcement made no mention of the egyptian initiative. He stressed that the ultimatum was imposed under the martial Law decreed by Hussein at the Start of the fighting on thursday. The egyptian Effort and maj Ali a ultimatum came in the third Day of fighting. Casualties were reported soaring past 5,000. Royal forces were reported attacking the guerrillas called fedayeen in the North. Maj Ali a proclamation said a this is the last warning to the fedayeen. A fall guerrillas must Lay Down their and surrender by 4 . Anyone who resists the Royal forces after this time limit will be treated As an outlaw and killed or arrested and tried by courts martial on a charge of armed Mutiny against the authorities. A this crime is punishable by the deadline was to a.m., Edt. Maj Ali repeated earlier assurances that guerrillas wishing to surrender would not be harmed. Maj Ali a proclamation said those who wanted to surrender should raise White flags and Advance toward the nearest unit. A guerrilla broadcast from Baghdad Iraq defiantly proclaimed a the guerrillas never raise the White Banner of surrender. A this is because the guerrillas emerged from the disgrace of the White banners which were hoisted by the jordanian regular troops in the West Bank of the Jordan in 1987�?��?an insulting reference to israelis defeat of the jordanian in the six Day War. In Beirut guerrilla spokesmen said before news came of maj Ali a ultimatum that Nasser a proposed ceasefire had virtually no Chance of acceptance by the guerrilla leadership. The iraqi news Agency said guerrilla spokesmen in see Jordan on Page 2 col. I efforts fail on peace talks 12 pages in one Section Washington a israeli prime minister Golda Meir has inflicted a heavy blow on american Hopes that the Middle East peace talks it mild be resumed in the near future. Mrs. Muir told president Nixon there can be no peace talk until Egypt removes the missiles Israel claims were unplanned along the Suez canal in violation of a military standstill agreement Nixon and Secretary of state William p Rogers lied Friday but failed to persuade the 72-year-old israeli Leader that talks under United nations mediator gun Nar jarring provide the Only Avenue to peace. In principle mrs. Meir agreed. But she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a country Winch violated a lesser ceasefire agreement virtually the Saint Day it agreed to observe it president Nixon and Rogers Are reported to have understood mrs Muir s argument although they would not it with her conc usum. American officials concede the standstill cease fire violation could not have occurred without the knowledge and complicity of the soviet Union. They say there is no quarrel with the harsh words the israeli Leader used at her Friday press conference when she accused Moscow and Cairo of bad Faith and said a Otney both Are the Nixon administration consoled itself with the conclusion that because of the Jordan situation the question of resuming of political talks is hypothetical anyway. Tin United states however would not take mrs. Meir s or of for an answer. Diplomatic prodding will continue on several fronts officials said. Moscow and Cairo will be urged anew to a rectify the the violations which violation which has been interpreted As removal of their missiles deployed in the Suez canal zone contrary to provisions of the standstill cease fire agreement and new lorts will be made to persuade or. Muir to end see efforts do Page 2 col i one Way Street patterns this map shows the one Way traffic patterns which will go into effect sunday at 6 a in on certain streets in the downtown area. According to Anniston City Engineer Chat Smith the traffic patterns will be 10th Street will become a one Way Street East Between Glen addle and Highland avenues Lith Street will become a one Way Street West Between Glen addle and Highland Gurnee Avenue will become a one Way Street South Between 9th and 15th streets Wilmer Avenue will become a one Way Street North Between 9th and 15th and Highland Avenue will become a one Way Street North Between 10th and Lith streets. Glen addle will remain a two Way thoroughfare along its entire length contrary to the announcement in fridays paper that it would become one Way for a certain Block. Lone gunman jets to Cuba u. S. May intervene militarily Miami apr president Nixon told a group of Chicago newspaper editors the United states might intervene militarily in Jordan to Aid King Hussein if Iraq or Syria go to the Aid of palestinian guerrillas fighting Hussein a government the Miami Herald said. It was also possible that Israel might go to Jordan s Aid the newspaper said Nixon told the editors. Nixon said protecting 390 american citizens in Jordan would provide an a a excuse for intervention but the True purpose would be to see Nixon on Page 2 col. I a wire photo hijacked Airliner Waits for Takeoff. Man unities for Aba instead of Cairo heavy assaults hit guerrilla strongholds Beirut. Lebanon apr Jordan from Syria to Back King Hussein a launched the guerrillas. The rein a Cave artillery and tank Forcemeats included units of assaults against guerrilla the Long Idle Palestine libera strongholds in North Etc Hon which crossed the Jordan today As the number of dead and wounded soared past 5.000 in the jordanian civil War. The guerrillas claimed in radio broadcasts they had repulsed the a main attack at a town 30 Miles North of Amman in the heart of what the commandos have declared a a liberated in other parts of the country the appeared to be gaining the upper hand palestinian reinforcements were reported streaming into Border with soviet made heavy weapons. Hie Semi official Cairo newspaper Al ashram said at least 5,000 combatants and civilians have been killed or wounded since the fighting began Early thursday. A guerrilla communique broadcast by Baghdad and Damascus radio said the opened the assault at Dawn with an intensive artillery barrage on the town of Ajlouny and guerrilla petitions surrounding it. The bar rage was followed by an armoured Advance. A your Forward forces Are now engaged in Savage fighting with the advancing forces a the communique said. A fighting is continuing and our position is Good a a the guerrillas said the also resumed its heavy bombardment of the town of Zara 25 Miles Northeast of Amman for the third straight Day. A tanks and Field artillery Are intensively shelling the town and guerrilla strongholds there but our forces Are standing their ground a the communique said. There was no immediate Batiste Mideast on Page 2 col 5 Miami apr a gun toting Hijacker who wanted to go to Cairo settled for Cuba instead saturday and took an Allegheny airlines Jet and its eight crewmen to Havana. The Younghi Jacker a believed to be armed with pistol gasoline and dynamite was aboard the Boeing 727 on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and took Over just before the plane made a scheduled Stop at Phil Adelphia International Airport Federal aviation administration officials said. He allowed 90 passengers to leave but kept aboard three flight crewmen three stewardesses and two men believed to be Faa inspectors or airlines personnel the Faa said. The plane sat on a runway for an hour while it was being refuelled. A the Pilot John Harkin said Over the radio he talked the Hijacker out of Cairo and persuaded him to go to Havana instead a said it. Robert Baker chief of Airport police at Philadelphia. John Balder Ama one of the passengers released by the gunman said the Hijacker described As a tall thin Young negro a grabbed one of the stewardesses by the neck and took her to the front of the planet just before it landed at Philadelphia. Passengers said the Hijacker then told another stewardess to bring him a Small canvass bag stowed under his seat. \ passenger who helped the stewardess get the bag said it held a butane Gas Container with a White plastic bottle taped to it. The Hijacker Quot Jet the bag in front of him and announced a a in be got something Here to blow up the whole a Young female passenger who declined to give her name said the Man sat about two seats behind her and that she saw him take a Small pistol from a canvass bag he had under the seat. \ Vietnam phase oui i under was Saigon a the . Command today disclosed the first Steps have been taken to phase hit the marines five year old pacification program in Vietnam and said 12 . Air Force Jet fighter bombers have left Vietnam As part of president Nixon a cutback in american forces. The command said the Danang Headquarters of the marines combined action Force which oversees the combined action platoons in scores of vietnamese hamlets will be inactivated next wednesday. It disclosed that inactivation of the program has been under Way quietly for the last see Vietnam on Page 2 col. I ;