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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Anniston, Alabama Weather forecast Alabama partly Cloudy this afternoon tonight and thursday with scattered thundershowers in West this afternoon and thursday yesterdays High 84 today slow 60. But of Milton vol. 63.�?no. 228. Complete a. P. And a p. Leased wires. Member Abc and Nea Anniston ala., wednesday sept. 19, 194s7 new Day and night prom it s. In. An til la p. In. American broadcasting company a United Presa Brand to with prs atiil#4in� a re flashed Over radio station whoa. The stars a a final edition of pwt news is presented each afternoon except sunday St 3 45 of clock. 5c a copy�?25c a week by Carrier Jap Cabinet purge looms say leaders Macarthur prepares enlarged list of persons sought As War criminals Tokyo sept. 19.�?<jf a it general Macarthur Headquarters announced today it would Issue soon a new and lengthy list of suspected japanese War criminals while reliable japanese sources predicted an imminent purge of reactionary elements in the Cabinet of Premier Higashi Kun. Premier Prince Higashi Kuni himself in a press conference yesterday told Allied correspondents that his government intended to determine responsibility for starting the War and try its own accused provided general Macarthur approved. The Prince did not elaborate however and there was no word from Macarthur head us. Ters on whether the japanese would be permitted to punish their own War criminals. Paper suspended demonstrating its resolve to keep a a firm grip on the conquered japanese. Headquarters suspended for one Day a second Tokyo newspaper a the English language Nippon times. The paper was ordered 30 minutes before press time to withhold publication of its thursday morning edition not because of objectionable material but because its editors had failed to submit for american censorship a Printer s proof of an editorial on the recent Chance of foreign ministers. Tuesday the big japanese in three b-29s winging Way non Stop pal Lee so a trillium pledges rapid from Japan to National capital named War i 1 #1. A Secretary in. Horton Ohio nominated to supreme Oitt Symington property chief army demobilization no padding planned this map show the route at the top which generals Ramey Otic Curtis of mar and Emmett Olton Nail Are using for their unprecedented non mop ft.500-mile flight from Japan to Washington i it. T three b-29s, with Armor and Turret weight removed and carrying 10,000 gallon of fuel Are the plane they use. They expressed the Hope of Landing about 6 30 p. M., after a 30-hour telephoto. 4 1 flying generals now More Titan half Way Home Fly Auto or ing Arr ii Canadian Rookie report excellent visibility expect to land at 6 p. Tonight Washington sept. 19.�?<u.r>�?two of the b-29�?T on the flight from Japan will be forced to land at Detroit for Lack of gasoline the War department announced today the third plane will try to make Washington non Stop As planned. The War department said the Lack of gasoline a caused by headwind which the planes have been bucking for the past five hour. Act to smash strike threat Washington sept. 19.�? a three mighty super fortresses winging their Way non Stop from Japan to Washington via the great Circle route reported that at 9 a. In. A Ewt it today they were 370 Miles South past of White horse Canada the half was Point on their 6.500-mile flight. An hour later at to a. In Ewt the planes were Over fort St. John. --4british Columbia 375 Miles North fudge paper Asahl. Was ordered to in. I it i West of Edmonton. Skip publication for two Dave for j a i Ivy Lay i 11 3 o tile Silvery sky giants manned by action come a labor department reshuffled for Lrae Down skip publication printing inflammatory articles. 9 sources who spoke for impending Cabinet resignations said vice Premier Prince Fulmar of Konoye probably would Lead the list. He is a minister without portfolio. Two other Cabinet members without portfolio who May step Down at the same time the sources said Are it Oen. Toe Ishiro Obata and take tora Ogata. The latter who also is chief Cabinet Secretary was named by Macarthur on a list of members of the Quot Black dragon society but it was understood american authorities had taken no action against him. In order to give the japanese government time to prove its Contention that he was not a member. They described Higashi Kuni As personally interested in the gradual democratisation of Japan both As a Reform step and in compliance with the wishes of general Macarthur and said Konoye and the others had opposed the premieres attempts to smooth relations Between the japanese and american governments. Mrs. Macarthur arrive meanwhile the american embassy residence got Busy suddenly making preparation for the expected arrival today of mrs. Douglas Macarthur. A and out in the Pacific the largest Carrier task Force Ever assembled a being formed into special a car rare division 24�?� to carry Back Home the victorious draftee army of general Macarthur. Brig. Gen. Elliot Thorpe chief american counter intelligence said m the new list of japanese wanted for questioning will be much larger than the original one of 47 which began with Hidekl Tojo and ranged Down through his Cabinet All but two men of that infamous japanese Cabinet which started the War were on the first list and general Thorpe said their omission Quot was a clerical the next list to expected to bulge with names of japanese wanted for interrogation concerning the tortures of Allied prisoners in nip ponese War Camps where mistreatment was heaped alike on generals and privates in the ranks. 9 the Gladsome task of demobilization in which interest was heightened by general Macarthur estimate that 200.000 regular army men can handle the occupation will be carried out in part by at least 36 carriers. At Pearl Harbor the Navy announced the Saratoga 25 escort carriers and a seaplane tender capable of taking 20,000 or More service men Home monthly will operate for that purpose under rear t adm Henry Kendall. If that Means a demobilization program so vast that Mainland railroads can t handle the , the task Force will even pack some of the men through the Panama canal All the Way to East coast Porta. And said Admiral Kendall hell get More ships of they Are needed even so the Admiral estimated a year would be required to finish the work. Ques Tio Mark for big five May set precedent for a number of postwar disputes in Europe London sept. 19. Up foreign ministers of the Allied big five j buckled Down today to the thorny i problem of what to do with Trieste the Adriatic port whose Fate May set a precedent for a number of postwar disputes. The Council of foreign ministers was armed with the views of Italy Yugoslavia and the British dominions. They were presented in three formal sessions of the Council yesterday and last night. The pressure under which the Council worked was reflected in the fact that the ministers were Back in session at la a. In. Despite the fact that the last meeting has gone in until 1 20 a. In. Unofficial views were expressed freely that a clash of soviet and Anglo american views on major Points was threatening the Success of the meeting. A British official commentator said the ministers heard the views of Australia new zealand and South Africa last night. Herbert Evatt external affairs minister spoke for Australia acting High commissioner r. Campbell for new zealand and High commissioner Heaton Nichols for South Africa. Canada the spokesman said declined an invitation to be heard he said the canadians a a Felt they did not wish to express their views archbishop is masking. Regent of Greece left London today after a last minute conference with Phil lip Noel Baker minister of state a spokesman said foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin had discussed with Damaskinos the Council s failure to invite Greece to be heard and there was a Chance a greek represent i Tulve might appear later. I Bevin told Damaskinos that Greece was at Liberty to present her views in writing to the Council at any time the spokesman said chief of Jap Force in Siam kill self London. Sept. 19.�?<u.��?lt. Gen. Hamada Hitoshi Deputy chief of staff of japanese forces or Siam committed suicide sept. 7, Hie Southeast Asia command officially announced today. Blue ribbon Crews were streaking across the Canadian Rockies on the homeward leg of their ambitious project. Not record flight their non Stop hop would not be the longest on record however. The established record of 7,158 Miles was set nov. 5-7, 1938, by two British Royal air Force Vickers Wellesley planes which flew from Egypt to Australia without refuelling or stopping. They left Japan at 4 p. In it Ewt tuesday and were schedule to land Here at about 6 p. In. It Ewt it a barring bad weather or unforeseen incidents. From White horse the Mammoth planes headed for the Vicinity cd Duluth Minn., and then planned to Roar Down the Home stretch to Washington via Hayward and Green Bay wis., Lansing. Mich., and Detroit Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Gile in command the Lead plane was commanded by it. Gen. Barney Giles Deputy chief of u. S. Strategic air forces in the Pacific. Maj. Gen. Curtis e. Lemay chief of staff of the 20th air Force commanded the second plane and Brig. Gen. Emmett of Donnell commander of the 20ths 73rd bombing Wing was in charge of the third. As they blazed their Way Down through Canada the flying general reported in a radio message that their flight was favored with unlimited vial Bill to. They said there was Only a scattered overcast. White horse a the half Way Point from the standpoint of mileage but not flying time. The planes were expected to make better time on the last half of their flight because of the steadily diminishing Gas Load. Giles messaged Washington Early this morning that the flight expected to arrive Here about 6 p. In. Ewt a marking an elapsed time of 26 Hofts since the Takeoff from Japan. Detroit. Sept 19. 0jf�?a new strike threat among 10,000 c or Amer c nip Oralynn employee a voiced today a the government s reinforced labor department sought to Avert labor disturbance throughout the automobile Industry serial ignore Truman on jobless Fay measure Washington sept. 19. Apr senators flouted an Quot Earnest recommendations of president Truman by voting today to return the United states employment service to the a to Tea. By a vote of 56 to 23, they approved an amendment to unemployment compensation legislation which would give the states once again the responsibility of finding jobs for the unemployed who draw jobless benefits from state administered funds. Detroit sept. 19 of Job the Cio United Auto workers Union acted today to bring order into its own House and beat government conciliators in settlement of sweeping strike threat in the automobile Industry. As a Battery of Federal labor department agents was ordered into the explosive Detroit labor situation. Richard t. Frankensteen Law vice president scheduled Daylong conference with strikers and management at the Kelsey Hayes wheel company. A 28-Day strike of 4.500 Cio members at Kelsey Hayes has forced Ford motor company to suspend production of 1946 passenger cars in la plants. Some 50,000 Ford employees Are Idle. This dispute Over dismissal of 12 Union stewards is the major blot on the production scene in the automotive Industry. It Drew the government s first attention As president Truman consolidated Broad labor controls in the department of labor. Secretary of labor Lewis Schwelm Lenbach said Edgar a Warren of Chicago whom he named As the labor department number one trouble shooter yesterday might be sent to Detroit for first hand direction of settlement of the current demands for wage increases in the Auto Industry. Within a few hours after Shewel Lenbach designated Detroit As the testing ground for the revitalized labor department Power to keep Harmony Between labor and management there were signs that the strike tension Here was subsiding. Here is the picture 1. Richard t. Frankensteen International vice president of the Cio United Auto workers and candidate for mayor of Detroit said he personally would attempt to Settle a dispute at the Kelsey Haes wheel company parts supplier which has idled 50.000 Ford motor company workers. 2. The deadline set by the Law for general motors to reply to demands for a 30 per cent wage increase parsed without Union leaders calling for a strike vote. They a id. However that the strike ballot probably would come later. 3. Law officials said that even a Small wage increase would be acceptable for the present of the full 30 per cent was not forthcoming at one. 4. Studebaker local no. 5 announced that it had accepted a proposal for a raise of 12 cents an hour. Washington. Sept. 19.�?<m�? the Senate today unanimously confirmed the appointment of senator Harold r. Burton Ohio Republican to he a supreme t Hurt Justice. On the motion of chairman my Carmi d., Nev of the judiciary committee the Senate suspended its rules to approve the nomination less than 24 hours after it was sent to the Senate. President Truman sent three major nominations to the Senate they Are 1. Senator Harold r. Burton. Ohio Republican As associate Justice of the supreme court he succeeds Republican Owen j. Roberts re signed. 2. Robert a Paterson present undersecretary As Secretary of War. He succeeds Henry l. Stimon resigned. 3. W. Stuart 8vmington As surplus property administrator. He takes Over from a three Man Board which he formerly headed. Get a lift congressional republicans and democrats alike got a lift out of or. Truman a unexpected Choice of Burton for the supreme court but for slightly different reasons. Republicans liked the selection of their 57-year-old Senate colleague because they regard him As a High in qualified lawyer and because he is one of them. Democrats chuckled at the political strategy of the president. Some said he was influenced in his Choice by Robert e Hannegan democratic National chairman. Burton s exit from the Senate will give gov. Frank j. Lausche of Ohio. A Democrat a Chance to appoint one of his party members in that doubtful state. That would up the democrats in the Senate to 66, Cut the republicans to 39, with on progressive. Or. Truman s choir of the 54-year-old Patterson a Secretary of War brought Praise and criticism from both Side. Some democrats grumbled that he is a Republican. Some republicans replied that be in t in their fold. Likes old friends with Burton appointment or Truman demonstrated again that he like old Senate friends beat while he was in the Senate the president worked closely with Burton a member of the War investigating committee which or. Truman headed. It was or. Truman who arranged the luncheon at which senators Ball a Minn. Burton Hatch cd Ami and Hill a Ala got together on the so called b2h2 legislation. Tiu was the forerunner of the Senate pledge committing the United states to participate in postwar world peace efforts. The Ohio senator whose first Senate term would expire Jan i. 1947, will become the second Republican member of the supreme court when i nomination is confirmed. The other is chief Justice Harlan f Stone. The presidents Choice of Patterson As War Secretary indicated to legislators that the War departments policies will undergo Little change. Patterson has borne much of the Brunt of congressional Exchange for i aged predecessor. He had several clashes with the War investigating committee when or. Truman was its chairman and the impression got around then that the president a no rooter for the undersecretary. Mort legislators thought or Truman must have changed his mind Soldier says War department no railroaded him for one can accurately Forseca amp to future needs he Sava Washington. Sept. 19up a I. Joe today accused the War department of Quot railroading a him to Camp Shelby. Miss., a the pens y for complaining to Congress about conditions at fort Belvoir a. Pvt. George a Mark 37, Cleveland o., made the charge before the Senate military affairs committee during its hearings on sportier demobilization. A Mark balding father of three cities revisions by Gen. Al Arthur children was drafted last May he admitted he had no claim for discharge under present army Rule but said he was appearing for other father soldiers aim have legitimate hardship claim for release now that the War is Over. The Chain of events which led to his appearance before the committee started last wednesday when Mark served a spokesman for a I. Lobby which buttonhole senators to protest they had to Cut Gran with Bayonet at Belvoir. Since then he testified he had become Well acquainted with the High command for a g. I. With Only four months service. Mark testified that he had been questioned by several officers about the grass cutting Story he a confined to Barracks part of the time he got orders yesterday for shipment to Camp Shelby miss., although other in his unit were being sent to other stations. T think i am being railroaded to Camp Shelby Mark said a Are the it afraid because i Arn too rinse to Wash Langton Quot Mark said it was True that the men at Belvoir had to Cut the grass with bayonets. He made other complaints too that although the army has 800,-000 surplus bedsheets he has had Only two in the last to weeks Soldier at Belvoir had to dig ditches and fill them three or four times overseas veterans were still being Given Rifle nomenclature to keep them occupied. Bar of Dia Chargua will Strahill rite Frei front Pron ii of Washington sept 19. Jpn president Truman declared to def that there will be Quot to padding lit our armed Force Quot and that Quot a Ane i coing to be held in the service a Day longer than is the president said in a statement that no one can accurately forecast at this time the future military needs and noted that general Douglas Macarthur had revised his own estimates of the number of troop necessary for the occupation of Japan and Korea. Macarthur first estimated that he required a Force of 500.000, but Cut Mark read a list of about a dozen Juhl 1� 400.000 and then to 200,000. Men with from six toll children rapid discharges planned who Lour been denied release on a the army s plans a Tor the hardship ground postwar control of seas urged by in avy Secretary for Rramal save Kry to future Victory and to i lie Freedom of country a will be in control of the sea and of Hie skip above them Washington sept. 19.�? a pm postwar control of the sea with a Navy capable of Quot delivering atomic bomb attacks a urged Loda by Navy Secretary James v. Forrest i before the House naval committee. Testifying on legislation to determine the size of urn peacetime form Tai said the key to future Victory and to tile Freedom �?�?-4of this country Quot will by in the con Navy lord Haw Haw Given death for t re a so n convicted in Obi Bailey and sentenced to Hung for crime Tokyo paper says Jap officers seized Palace to bar surrender a Tokyo sept. 19.�? up the to a Allied occupation had been pc lev two fugitives caught by Birmingham police Kyo newspaper Manichi amid today that a group of Young officer took Over control of the Imperial Palace aug. 15 in an attempt to prevent emperor Hirohito from announcing Japan surrender. Manichi said Ute officer killed lieutenant general Mori Comman Birmingham sept. 19. Alabama Highway patrolmen Early today captured two fugitive who i a Era of the Imperial guards i prix had sawed their Way from the Ful ton mise., jail Only five hours before. The escaped convicts were identified As James Roland Smith. 21, and James Walker decry 21, both m a Charleston. A c. Committee okeh Bill for reorganization Washington sept. 19. The House committee on executive expenditure today approved unanimously a Bill authorizing the president to regroup coordinate or abolish the bulk of the approximately Joo executive agencies and their functions. One Gen. Shigemt has Numa chief aide de Camp to the emperor and severed Telephone communications from the Palace before they were i amp shaded by of. Gen shit Piehi Tanaka commander of Eastern army Headquarters a Manichia account of the asserted revolt was not immediately confirmed. The uprising was said to have begun at i a in. Aug 15�? Ufi a. I Tokyo time More than to hours after the officially controlled Tokyo radio said that the emperor would accept the Allied terms a it assert edly ended at 7 in rn., about three hours after the japanese reply to the allies not out lining the emperor a role in the ered to the Swiss government Quot Stop i m commander in chief a Tanaka was said to have shouted to the insurgent guards who let him pass through the Palace Gate. This was about 4 a. In. Manichi said. Meanwhile the insurgents were scouring the Palace for Koricho i Kido lord keeper of the privy Seal. He had moved his room that night however and the searchers were unsuccessful m Almeh i said. Quot Tanaka then lectured to the Young officers for three hours that they Mutt not commit outrages Mea the emperor had reached a decision the account Faid. Four of the Young officers committed suicide or the spot. The others were taken to the guard Home. The revolt if confirmed might provide a possible explanation for a delay of some 24 hours Between the Tokyo radio announcement at 2 49 p. In. Aug 14 <10 49 p. In. Aug. La pwt that the Imperial Prescript would be forthcoming a soon and its so Tut i delivery by the emperor Over the radio. I. S. Forms policy to control j a ton Washington sept. 19 a a a acting Secretary of state acheron said today the United state government and not Oen. Douglas Macarthur is formulating american pol icy for the pacification and control of Japan acheron avoided specific mention of Mac Arthur s name at a news conference. But in Sharp quotable sentences he Ste Ted his View that the Quot occupation forces Are the instruments of policy and not the determinants of policy for Japan his declaration was the latest in a round of incident involving the White House. War department and state department since Macarthur surprised them two Davs ago by an bouncing that the occupation army in Japan it Ould be Cut to 200,000 in six months Queen Elizabeth bring 14,534 Veteran Hume new York sept. 19 the Queen Elizabeth with 14,534 troops aboard arrives today on it fifth trip from Europe Awee be Day. Six other troop ships carrying i,-194 members of the armed forces also will Dock. Three Brothers auditing death _ Llvy Lien a Wii re m maj i Jwj Rota dystrophy his Pell he gave what appeared a i a i he Thna taint in friends Salisbury n a sept. 19 the local welfare Board sought an institution today that would take the three teen aged sons of or. E Pinion ail helplessly crippled and doomed to die by in use Aula r dystrophy. The oldest of the boy is 19-year-old David Pinion who has t walked in la years and who knows that he will probably die within a year. The others know that they will soon die too. As the disease Withers their bodies. Billy 15, has t walked in five years and Lloyd 12, took his first step two years ago. They huddle together now in a dismal Little room trying to keep each other company their father died la years ago and with a sister they were sent to an orphanage one by one they were sent Home to their grief fat Teken Mother a they became unable to care for themselves St the institution. Doctora have been unable to explain Why All contracted the rare disease and lost the Ute of their legs St shout the Fame a their alter Anil in the orphanage is apparently a Normal healthy child London. Sept. 19. Of William Joyce lord Haw Haw of the German radio a convicted of treat on in old Bailey today and sentenced to hang. A jury of to men and two women required Leas than 25 minutes to arrive at a verdict after Justice Tucker had ruled that Haw Haw had left this country in 1939 Quot wrapped up in the Union Jack in order to carry on German propaganda. The Justice informed the jurors after listening to three Days of Legal argument that Joyce was not a British subject but nevertheless be owned allegiance to the British Crown when he left the country because of the Protection afforded him by a British passport. This was despite of his american Birt ii and the fact that Joyce later took out German citizenship. Joyce will make an immediate Appeal his lawyers announced Joyce stood quietly while the trial was thus ending with dramatic suddenness in his sentence to death. When he walked away toward to be the nazi Salute to Friend in the courtroom. When tile result of the trial was heard outside bomb scarred old Bailey a waiting crowd of londoners raised a cheer. The convicted Many a brother Edwin Joyce a British government worker mad the sign of the Cross when the sentence of death was passed and after the prisoner left the courtroom he Knelt in silent prayer. Tool of the seas and of the skies above specifically he recommended an Active Fleet ready for Battle consisting of approximately 306 Modem major combatant vessels including la battleship 15 aircraft Carrier including three 45.000-ton ners 21 escort carriers. 20 heavy and Large cruiser., 29 Light cruisers 176 destroyers 40 destroyer escorts and 90 submarines in addition to supporting Craft. All the battleships carriers cruisers. Destroyers and submarines would be new ships completed since 1940. A Laid up Reserve of seven old battleship 22 Carrier built since 1940, 58 encore carriers 14 heavy Crul ers 19 Light cruisers 191 destroyers 257 destroyer escort. Jio submarines and supporting Craft. Quot a ready reserved of too additional major ships. Forrest and Fleet adm. Ernest j. King chief of naval operations were called As principal witnesses at the hearing. Committee chairman Carl Vinson a Asaid the two would be asked Quot to justify the Navy plans for a Fleet of 1,079 combat ships and 558,000 men. Meanwhile new demand were heard from similar recommendations from the army. Rep. A l. Miller Ltd. Neb said in an interview a we Are entitled to know How big an army we Are planning to he added that the demobilization controversy could be cleared considerably of the information Wert available. Others echoed Millers comment. Some lawmakers have contended the army want to maintain a larger Force than necessary. Shirley Temple Lovi Ell air f Ore a sergeant u a. Ond Nim Hollywood sept 19 Shirley Temple on her Sec career at the age of 17, becomes a postwar Bride tonight when he marries army air Fortes by i. J in George Agar or. 24. Saturn expects bumper crop of babies again this Lear n r new York sept 1� no Isnit Only in your town All America is expecting another bump or crop of babies. Tilt National birth rate made its it and sailors were Home from overseas duty that a new birth record is made. The greatest jump i the latest War was in 1942, the year after Pearl Harbor when the rate in fest spurt in 1941, the year after. Creased from Isi birth per thou Clare i life it Ani u. To get Trade for i it Oan Washington sept. 19�?cup a rep. Clare Booth Luce Ltd con raid today in an interview that the United states Quot must help Britain financially but urged that a we get something in return such As a Chine to expand our Trade in India. A Congreve adopted the selectee Are vice Law. It Wax the biggest jump since the first world War the rate continued to climb in 1942 Aud 1943 despite a nationwide shortage of Hospital bad and a Scarcity of obstetrician in 1943 there was 2.935.171 babies born in the United state an All time High. The 1944 figures Arentt available vet but it a estimated they will bring a new record which will be broken in turn by the 1945 total if the birth rate pattern of the second world War follows that of the first the figure will swell to a new Peak in 1948, it waa three a is altar the Lait Sand to 21. There were 2,808,996 babies born that year. In 1943 the rite in toll v maternity to pita i Begarif booking deliveries a much a eight months in Advance. The lying in period in most cities was Cut to six or eight Davs Lew if the mothers were Strong enough to walk. Tile Hospital situation was reported just As tight today. There was very Little Chance of its loosening up for several year he Pic i managers raid it was the result of War salaries and increased incomes Tor service men. Women who used to have their babies at Home were taking advantage of the increased car and service a Alia we in a i t urn to their Homes of More than 2.000,000 soldiers Between a a Day and Christ Mas 1945,�?� the or cadent statement said. Quot Between now i and Christmas the discharge rate will steadily Rise from the present daily figure of 15,200 to not less j than 22,000 per Day and by january 1946, to More than 25 too per meanwhile p r e a a Secretary Charles g. Ross told reporters they would have to put their own interpretation on president Truman new conference remarks yesterday on Macarthur s occupation fore statement. The president had observed that Macarthur reduced his preliminary estimates and commented that he was pleased to know that Macarthur thought he could get along with fewer men. A reporter told Ross that some of those who attended the conference interpreted the president s remark As being sarcastic and that other thought he waa supporting Macarthur a a estimate. Ross a Aid it was up to the reporters to do their interpreting. The president said he wanted to make one thing dear that the Speed of demobilization is not governed Quot by our future needs for occupation and other defends Benim the services he added or carrying on demobilisation As rapidly a they can and a we shall not really face the problem of the size of makeup of the occupation forces until next by that time in said Quot we ought to know How Many men we shall need for occupation and to what extent that need can be met through the president said that the army has Given a fall of us Good reason for the same Confidence in it ability Quot to win the Battle of demobilization As it did in in a ability to win the saying soldiers Are being returned to civilian life at a rate in excess of "65 per hour 24 hours per Day a he added that Quot such a performance justifies full Confidence a Quot the army and Navy mean to do the task set for diem with the minimum number of men the president continued. Quot there will be no padding in our armed forces. America is going to keep the full strength she needs for her National commitments. But the rest of the men Are coming Back Home and coining a fast a the services can get them general Mac Arthurs san ounce met in Tokyo that perhaps 200.000 soldiers would be enough to polka Japan increased pressure for 1. Speedy release of million from the armed services and 2. A Quick end to the draft. Critic of the War and Navy department s i Rte tit demobilization plans were Gleeful. Republican contended privately that the supreme Allied commander s announcement i Tad put the armed service directly on the spot. It became increasingly Clear meanwhile that Macarthur Mace is announcement without consult j Jig either the White House the War or state department. I the state department worried Leek i the announcement create an impression abroad that the United state intended to withdraw from the Pacific at an Early Date leaving the japanese to run their own show. From the War department viewpoint it was Plain that mat Arthur a idea about army strength might produce complies turn in three Fields size of the postwar military Fores necessity for unreal military Are i re and the c a gently hot question of demobilization. War alter almost Ell the Soku trs pita. Public to gel inert ate in soap oils october i Washington sept. 19 till consumer today could look Forward to thee my of soap cooking oils and palate after oct. I. But sugar supplies re due for a Sharp slash in the teat fire month of 1945, they will drop Alme to the Low Point Tea bed Al 1942 of tot Pacific Unpeng adat off. Al ;