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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 18, 1970, Anniston, Alabama One Way traffic patterns begin sunday at 6 a. M. See Story below in column Urt Nitim fbtar4alabama s largest Home owned newspaper vol. 88, no. 273anniston, ala., Friday september 18, 1970 Price to cents digest state Ami i Mac Al members of the Board of directors of the Community improvement Board of Calhoun and Cleburne counties inc., will go to Atlanta today to try to get Back some of the $75,0c0 reduction in funding made by the regional office of the office of economic Opportunity. Details Page 6a. The Kranis club of Anniston heard six Republican candidates for state and county office speak at their meeting thursday. Details Page a. A wide assortment of devices allegedly being used to Dodge desegregation of schools around the state was assembled thursday by delegates to the Alabama state conference of a act branches. Details Page 2a. Alabama a draft quota for october is 213, but local boards also will Send 82 others to the testing station to make up for those expected to fail or enlist for voluntary service. Details Page 6a. More than 30, Gallons of motor Oil spilled into the Back Waters of Guntersville Lake thursday an Oil company spokesman said. Details Page 6a. National while Security devices to keep hijackers of planes Are being tested government and airline officials work on the tougher problem of foiling the air pirate and bringing him to trial. Details Page 6b. A Tough anti Hijack Security web begun in the Bahamas and extended by one airline to Miami snares its first gun Toter at Freeport. Details Page 6b. A group of mothers dissatisfied with Pupil transfers under a desegregation plan in Jackson miss., has opened a a a neighbourhood school in an old school bus. Details Page 6b. Mrs. Dorothy a. Elston treasurer of the United states was married thursday night to Walter l. Kabis of Odessa Del. The Bride received a a dear Dottie Quot letter from president Nixon expressing his and mrs. Nixon s a warmest felicitations and or. Martin e. She sets who was credited with preventing a smallpox panic at the 1904 St. Louis world fair by concealing from newspapers the fact that two fair employees contracted the disease died thursday. He was 94. Sheets was resident physician at the fair. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew made an unannounced trip from Washington thursday to lunch with Wall Street executives at the Bankers club. There was no official report on what he told the sailors and brokers present but one listener said later Agnew talked on a Vietnam Cambodia and Young liberals and International the latest Viet Cong peace plan has a familiar and unacceptable look to Washington officials. They say they find Little new in the proposal. Details Page 2a the Vatican confirmed today that Pope Paul i will receive president Nixon during the presidents european trip. A Vatican communique said the audience will take place on monday sept. 28. The Pope and the president last met on March 2, 1969. During Nixon s last european swing. They spoke of conflicts in Vietnam and the Middle East among other subjects. A 13-ton Salmon fishing boat with a Crew of 18 capsized in a storm in the North Pacific today. One body was recovered and nine persons were missing the maritime safety Agency said. Flight after flight of warplanes today pounded the North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops who stave blocked the governments first offensive of the War some 50 Miles North of phenom penh. North vietnamese troops attacked the cambodian Force along Highway 6 thursday and killed four government soldiers. A panel of lower court judges rejected today a Public prosecutors Case that greek shipping multimillionaire Stavros Niarchos be indicted in connection with the death of his wife. The prosecutor said he would Appeal the decision to a higher court. The weather partly Cloudy and continued warm through saturday with a Chance of showers and thundershowers mostly during the afternoon and evening. Details Page 6a. Al so inside classified ads. 4-5b comics. A daily record. 4b editorials. 4a movies. Sports. Television. Women a news in. Us 7a a u. S. Mideast action not firm Washington a Nixon administration sources were quoted today As saying no decision had been made on whether to take military action in the event King Hussein a regime in Jordan appears near collapse. The statements were made in response to a Chicago Sun times Story which asserted that the United states is prepared to intervene in the jordanian civil War if Syria and Iraq should enter and if the Hussein government appears in danger of falling. The Story which w a s withdrawn after it appeared in the first two editions of the Sun times was also printed in the Washington Post with the Post crediting the Sun times As its source. The voice of America also used the Sun times Story on its worldwide English service thursday night. The Chicago Story which followed a briefing by president Nixon to newsmen in Chicago was not attributed to any source. The Sun times also reported it is Washington a belief that from out of the shy Frank Gargano jr., right returned from his Job cleaning up wreckage of a jetliner at Kennedy Airport thursday to find this wheel of a Boeing 747 jumbo Jet in the g a front seat of his car. Wheel dropped off while the trans world airlines Jet was taking off. It landed safely six hours later in los Angeles on its 17 remaining wheels. A a Ville gets begins Airport Grant Sunda it by Basil Penny tar staff writer Jacksonville Jacksonville mayor John Nisbet said today he Hopes Las administration can Complete negotiations to obtain a Large land site so that the City can qualify for a state giant announced thursday. The Alabama aeronautics commission thursday approved a 115,Odo Grant to Jacksonville few use in obtaining needed air strip land. The City a Airport committee last month told the City Council that it had located a a possible a site for such a facility. In its actions the state authority granted $116,000 to 14 Alabama airports. Talladega received $7,000 for an Airport control Tower. A a we be really not firmed up the said Nisbet of the City s plans to Purchase bout 250 acres the site is just South of the town on acreage the committee described As favourable for an Airport. The state commission requires that a municipality must have a land site before monies Are released City officials in recent weeks have been negotiating with he lend owner a Quot to have not vet Sec Jacksonville p a col. 7 should Iraq and Syria move against Hussein and i f Hussein is unable to Cope with them then Israel might move directly against Syria and Iraq. In later editions the Sun times said the state department declined thursday to Rule out the possibility of . Military intervention in Jordan because o f american hostages held there. Robert j. Mccloskey a state department press spokesman told the Sun times he a would not get into statements of total self denial because it was a obvious we Are facing a serious asked about the meaning of a total self denial he made it Clear the United states is primarily interested in american and other hostages held by palestinian guerrillas. The Post quoted administration sources As saying contingency plans had been formulated in connection with the Mideast crisis but no see military p 3a col. I fighting spreads to Northern Jordan a wire photo one Way traffic patterns will go into effect on several downtown Anniston Street at 6 a in sunday City Engineer Chet Smith announced today. Smith said that the City will be installing the signs indicating the changes to Lay and that the work Wilt probably continue through saturday evening the signs will remain covered until the 6 sunday unveiling the new traffic patterns will involve the following Street loth Street will become a one Way Street East Between Glen addle and Highland avenues Lith Street will become a one see one Way p 3a col. 7 by the associated press fighting Between Arab guerrillas and the jordanian army spread into Northern Jordan today after a night of bloody clashes in Amman the capital City. Guerrilla radio broadcasts said army tank units attacked palestinian strongholds and that heavy fighting was going on in what the commandos had described earlier As a liberated the guerrilla broadcasts from Baghdad and Damascus said the tanks launched a three pronged attack on Ramatha Turra and i Kassaras villages controlling the Amman Damascus Highway the palestinians pipeline for supplies from Syria. The government radio in Amman gave no indication of the military situation in its first broadcasts today. It said shortly before Midnight the army was in control of Amman and military governor Habis maj Ali warned the guerrillas that his forces had been holding Back their firepower to save lives but could increase their attacks tenfold if the commandos keep fighting. Radio Damascus proclaimed that Northern Jordan from Amman to the syrian Border was a a liberated it delivered an order from guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat naming himself the administrative authority and calling for the resumption of Normal activities in the area. Guerrilla spokesmen in Amman told newsmen that hundreds of civilians had been Cut Down in crossfire Between guerrillas and army troops in Amman a Clashe Are taking place at All entrances to a guerrilla broadcast said. A the army is still shelling the City a radio Baghdad said one of the Northern towns where heavy fighting raged was Irbid Jordan a second largest City. �?o7711 main target is the refugee Camp and neighbouring residential districts a the broadcast reported. Irbid in the Northwest Corner of Jordan near the israeli Frontier is where 12,000 iraqi troops Are based. Although the guerrillas have appealed for intervention by the iraqis and iraqis ruling baath party had promised Aid if needed there was no indication the 12.000 men were involved in the fighting. No figures were Given in casualty estimates for any of the fighting. Reports o f casualties generally used such terms As a a hundreds or the guerrilla command rejected an offer for Safe conduct to the jordanian israeli front if the commandos would Lay Down their arms and quit the capital and surrounding areas. Cap wire photo passengers searched passenger is frisked before boarding British overseas airways corp. Flight for London in Miami thursday night. Airline employees Are searching Luggage and frisking male passengers As part of new Security procedures started during the palestinian guerrilla hijackings. See Story Page 6b. I i pages in Taco sections Nixon said ready to Aid Israel More by John m. Hightower Washington api president Nixon reportedly was prepared today to Promise israeli Premier go Ida Meir extensive new economic Aid and continuing military assistance while urging her to end promptly her Boycott of Middle East peace talks. The Plain spoken 72-year-old israeli Leader went into today a round of talks with Nixon and other High officials expected to emphasize her governments dissatisfaction Over american failure to demand that Egypt Roll Back missile bases deployed near the Suez canal in alleged violation of the military standstill agreement sponsored by the United states. Against the background of new Middle East turmoil entered in Jordan mrs. Meir was scheduled to meet Secretary of state Vav a a in a Rogers at the state department. That meeting was to be i it to wed by a while House conference with president Nixon who returned to Washington thursday night following a two Day visit to Kansas and Chicago. U s. Officials hoped Nixon a fresh Assurance of support would by sufficient to offset mrs. Metres concern that Israel had been placed at a severe military disadvantage on the Suez front since the cease fire Wert into effect aug 8 she has refused to let her representatives engage in preliminary peace exchanges with Arab envoys at the United nations because of the missile Issue. The United states has backed israelis charge that Egypt has violated t h e Miu tary standstill Accord which is part of the cease fire agreement. Washington has called on Egypt and Russia which supplies the an aircraft missiles to deployment but the ministration say what rectify the Nixon n and has refused to a a rectification Means and officials Here see no Prospect that the new antiaircraft emplacements will be pulled Back from the ceasefire zone. Diplomats report israeli leaders feel they have been let Down by the United slates. The Nixon administration is designing an israeli a i i package reported to total $400 million to $500 million but officials say no final decision on exactly what the package will contain has been made. T he Aid would be Given Over several years it is under stood that Israel which has been under growing economic pressures because of the costs of War sent the i rut d states some time ago a shopping list of things it needs the coat i billion Over five years. Substantial american economic assistance to Israel stopped about eight years a of the United states has supplied Roi diary armaments i n considerable quantities since that tune but they have been sold not git i to or a ;