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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Page five the Anniston Star monday september 7, 1953 Phi a a i Ike a return due sept. 19, reporters say school Days writer assembles Book of Nous front Slimmer while House in in miss ii v Khz chooses surgery a a a a a a a a am it miss Noah. To continue studies i / miss Dobson across i writing tool 4 report 8 arithmetic it Coll note 12 studied in geology 13 Medley 14 a essays of Quot in by Merriman Smith English Denver Ipbac stairs at literature the summer White House 15 excavate now that the local dog track has 16 foreign closed for the season reporters 18 parts of year covering the president arc making 20 grind Teeth their own Odds. Best bet today p1 pitch the president will return to Wash 22 lampreys in ton sept. 19. Studied in geography to a less he changes his plans the 2 italian City president plans to return to Fraser. Colo., for a one or two Day fishing excursion before he leaves. 56 pare 57 drink slowly Down 1 seed vessels 2 great Lake 3 used in photography study 4 studied in Art class 5 wolfhound a o to l. P i j Llna n 7 v a m Jet 7sr 5. It amp h a tit j o e a Al o n or at i a Ltd 7-7 n Ilta Quot i n b. In Job l. A a i o e u e Vern a. In 3 incl jul to v a g a Rny a Nini. L. C out v a to c in it in it. C fax v t of p a a u a t it a t i in in a t in i in jul pm Al t a n 2 a g in a i in e a n or v in in i i t in v a e in v a s a $ e n o re. In a a for ministry 23 heating devices 6 washes lightly24 otherwise to work Here Fraser is Well named Quot the ice Box Bra debt finally i catches up w Iii a r t t a a re vim plans made for their future Hon Kong Way Hack in 1033, Chan Chi made a bet with Lam Kau and lost and Accord ins to Lam we shed. I both men forgot what the bet was about hut when Ham met Chan on the Street the other Day he remembered the debt had never been paid. The ensuing argue a ment ended in a fight. Surgery is apparently rated the magistrate had a sense of High among the specialized Fields Justice Chan the alleged Welsher being chosen by the student rotary of the class and honorary was fined 1iks25 u s$4 15or nurses graduating Friday eve president of the student coun this is the second of five pictures and Story features on the 1953 graduating class at Anniston memorial Hospital school of nursing 27 pronoun 30 afternoon parties 32 grammatical sender of America a Early morning tem 34 she features have been running in the 35covers with a a Al a j Metal plates a 36 worm the White House is beset by self 37 former styled jokers who Delight in calling socialist Colorado resort hotels and attempt Eugene Roanoke also plan to Lake up in to clean out several floors of j9 piece of surgery at a later Date. The our its in he no me of he pc i statuary u. T i or r a Dent 40 subterfuge daughter of or. And mrs. A a Man identifying himself As a 41 encountered Dobson she is a graduate of major somebody called the Broad 42 come in Hanley High school at Roanoke Moor hotel at Colorado Springs the 45 showed during her training she was other night and in the August name contempt a. Is Iii of the president demanded the 49 one who president of the choral club Sec. K hotel s Best series of rooms. Scatters the Broadmoor room clerk had 51 greek letter sense enough to Check the White 52 wings in latin 7 canine 8 intends 9 seaweed 10 cravats 11 meat dish 17 less attractive 19 sounder mentally 25 soaks flax 26 donkeys 27 of it Nesity 28 belonging to that girl 29 formerly 31 last 33 dark Reddish Brown 38 girls nickname 40 drive Back 41 ethical 42 kind of cheese 43 egyptian River 44 former russian ruler 46 Grant 47 toiletry cast 48 moist 50 Knock Mer required to put up Bond for Mim Betty la layer. 21. Of tem practice at memorial Hospital. Switchboard in Denver he 83 opera for future Good behaviour. In. Plena to enter the urinal a a int a a fore throwing out i. Paying guest _ Field following a phase of work m Arm ret Noah 2-> of the a jul thu u Ait it ing at the memorial Hospital. N k Community a i May he the 1nr a is out of a a Hir i re distance of Hies i Miyer daughter of or. School but if a person wanted to 55blackbud v. I miss Noah the studied on Oast and mrs. H. G. Hilyer of Jem i Ison was graduated from Riverside Calif. Up a uni Jemison High school before in verify of California scientists Are tearing training Here. After working for a Post graduate miss Carolyn Dobson 21, raising flies at the rate of 10.000 a week to determine How the in Hopes to take a sects develop resistance to differ course in surgery ent sprays and insecticides. So far. There have been indications that resistance May weaken sufficiently in succeeding Genera i tiros to make possible a rotating program. More than s Hoo different insecticides have been tested in the experiments being conducted by r b. March entomologist at the Citrus Experiment station. Her training she was a member while she 0 la judiciary committee. On graduation she Hopes Cleveland o. Up a Glamore will take a Back seat in the 1954 Quot mrs. America Quot contest in favor of the More durable qualities involved in Home making. The new system was agreed upon by officials of the super Market Institute meeting in Cleveland recently. Next year s mrs. America will Brt chosen via the institutes 9,090 super markets throughout the country on a state wide basis officials explain that when the i selections Are made state winners a Riverside Calif. Up a the and hair families a move to a tourist Home in Elinor Village, a a z thinking conservation officer who Ponds is being used today to in a. Herr. For three Days. Thev signal corps operator growl this ,a,.,r w.,u ,. Air will he critically judged on Overall i i 4 i i 7 8 4 0 ii t it h s i j 4 i a i n h 24 ii the i i ii b to St to ii ii it 35 % ii la to 41 i 4j 44 4b 47 to it 50 it ii 55 u so 7 i atone. N. Y. Up a Many Rural churches closed for financial reasons could be re opened if women Church workers would Stop wasting their energies on bazaars and get into the ministry the woman pastor of the Tatone congregational Church Here believes. The Rev. Esther Vodola said that while prejudice against women ministers still bars members of her sex from City pastorate the Rural Field is open. Quot hundreds of Rural churches throughout the country have been closed because the Small congregations can t afford to support men clergymen with families Quot explained miss Vodola. Quot however whether single or married women can live More cheaply than men with Large Tam Hies. Areas where Many families now Are without regular Church affiliation would Welcome qualified women miss Vodola said there is a trend toward More women preparing for the ministry and the breaking Down of barriers in the denominations which still bar women from full ministerial status. Mrs. America will have to be smart Mil i mild Albite help saves life of Fawn California agriculture daughter of get the president on the Telephone the mrs. J. W. Noah is a graduate of in Denver he could Call Dexter conservation officer Alexandria High school. During 7771 chances Are the president might he Busy but the caller would at �T�01 least have the questionable thrill a ,. ,. ,. Join the tuft at memorial to. Of hear or the Fravel Voled army i2a.qu.i.�?~2�?~ so mate of a a a a cd in Mill of pita. A. Is the Denver White Lansing Mich. Up agricultural yield Home making capabilities. The mature Parent this is the presidents favorite fishing Story As of today or. Eisenhower on one of his july trips to Camp David i hide mourning Quot heart from a me it a "5v. A ? a a a Quot is Rine sentries that an Angler in the Vicinity recently had landed a nine Pound Trout. Or. Eisenhower was puzzled be by Mckiel Lawrence to exploitation. She will just have cause he knew perfectly Well that this Mother hos false idea of a kind and Loving person but was Able to save one of the once a theory is proved on the two fawns she was carrying. Algae it can be applied to the the spotted youngster is doing cells of Citrus Trees and other Fine on a milk diet. Commercial plants. Itching a a dry wont new clothes to. A a a a j a Willis .1 v Chi my fourteen states now Nave Laws a new warmth fiber used to in my rate Hui of a kind and Loving person ii Alto go on making her dishonest its nine Pound Trout could not exist in requiring that All new cars be some boys clothing is made from tp70f15i i Iii. Us i i ill Viv a ways doing things for others lures of love and kindness. He Small shallow Brooks above equipped with turn signal devices natural Gas and common Salt. Lulu Lulu of that s what mrs. C s parents until she can question the false Thurmont my. A a a a Why scratch an it i a Ufler hopelessly p medicated Retinol ointment eur in is Solms actins in place of miming natural Oil softens soothes and five. Long Laitine Relief i need a hundred1 to dragnet Johnny hey Joe i rather die Young in a walking behind you i forgot More than you la Ever know i m your girl Forbes e. Forbes it Miller Riano co. F 10th m. Rhone 5606 taught her. And she has never proposition her parents gave her., it Wasny Tuntti the president questioned the truth of their won t be Able to accept her came t0 Denver that he solved position. Anger As inevitable under her Cir the mystery an old Cato tin so it been most confusing to cum stances. She simply can t be neighbor and Washington Friend discover that though she is Al Levy a demand for consideration Poyd Aker supplied the Midway doing things for Jeanne her cd uld end in anything but equal Jar Fie Tail. Daughter. Jeanne Doc s not respond App r for no front seems that two kids from Thor to this kind of kindness and Tov a Mont walk a by 8late fish she is an ungrateful i consider 1ur a a a a no 0 0 01 a hatchery one Dav and gazed with ate girl. She thinks nothing of ill that a a w0bder at an old nine Pound Trout leaving her bedroom in disorder c. Own furs at of hrs that makes Wajc l Haf prove Dana million. For her Mother to tidy. So. I often so fearful o Arou my kids scooped the lumbering old timer from the hatchery Pool and get up until noon. Then Quot a a a a a beaded for the plus they happened to pass a Thor impudent. Last week after a party she and appease them. Did no to get up until noon. Then what responsible for her state when her Mother a it ked for help her idea of a kind and Loving per in cleaning up the utter. Jeanne Usa idea a kind and fish. Man impatiently wielded a dust cloth Loving person is not always doing a Fly disgusted for ten minutes and then ran things for others. He is a person had been casting dry flies All Day upstairs to dress for a movie Date to interested in helping others �?~thj1"1�?T they old him mrs c does not relish this treat do things for themselves the fish for $5. Ment. More and More often her i bothered by a strange sort of resentment of it settles Down on starlit log conscience the Fisherman dammed her in a Cloud of such discourage a res i Cut or. R�.,. 8 Nearl y Brook threw in the still ment that she thinks. Quot of for the 1 10 Nene Racior mapping Trout and minutes later Day when Shell be gone and i t Hau Dhim jul proudly on won t have to put up with her any Forcht up Tor j. 1 a Royal Coachman Fly. More Quot Mccarthy found a baby Starling on a by bout. Ina waiini4 in Hoe Var a toe i a. But always of thought is hastily suppressed. It has to be. It la impossible to rec beat the fad when ironing a garment which person. Nest was blown Down. She fed it with an eyedropper Woncile such a thought with an idea in"1 of. Arned t0 ail led Foj Nfn 0n top of the five spot he of yourself As a Quot kind and Loving Quot it Loose. Gave those 1 now when she goes into the or Trout and As the president Tell it. Quot that fellow had to pay a $100 fades slip a paper cleaning bag if you told mrs c. That the in Yar 1 t0 Han clothes. The staring the. Ironle up. The. Kind and Hul thought poke for 90op do Quot Quot do Quot Chat it he simply >0 privacy Clear spot is. Ask your grocer for roman Cleanser bleach whitens clothes Emst reservoirs of secret fury at the Shu a a family that exploits her. She or Mccarthy Calls the Bird believe you. Of you told her that her chronic discourage ment was seepage from the secret reservoirs of fury she would t believe that either. Junior. And sphere lira Hava Corvallis. Ore. Up an Oregon state College zoologist has new kind if Buller gone into the Woods to listen to Concord n. H. Up a the animals Small talk. No. I problem in Washington these or. Kenneth Gordon says the what you said would have to be Days is Quot butter Quot according to u beasts of the Forest make sounds ignored like the fury so that mrs. S sen. Styles Bridges Ltd. H i that cannot be detected by the unc s precarious peace Tan he main rut not the kind you spread on aided human ear and he wants to 4 tamed and she can continue to bread. Bridges told a group of know what they say in private. I regard herself As a Quot kind and Lov Farmers. He said he was referring so. With assistance of special my a person. To persons who Are Quot for Economy sound equipment or. Gordon so for mrs. C. There seems to but. 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