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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Page fourth Anniston Star monday september 7, 1953 grave responsibility Al c Anniston Star Washington wizardry consolidated Roble Kutno co propel Tutor established in 1882 published every afternoon and sunday morning at lha Corner of Market and eleventh streets. Entered Etc second Ciarea mail matter at the poet office in Anniston Alabama. Harry m. Ayers Ralph w. Callahan Wilfred Galbraith Taylor Smith Arthur Phillips president and publisher business manager associate editor managing editor circulation manager subscription rates by Carrier and motor delivery one week a $ -40 one month i 75 by mail in r. T. Z., i year $10.00 phone 5830 labor it n labor i a i 933 approximately 17,000,000 Union members in the United states and Canada now Are celebrating labor Day the Holiday is a Legal one in every state in the Union in the territories and in Canada. Indeed the chances Are that the Union member and his family Are celebrating in much the same Way As their neighbors at athletic contests Picknick ing fishing swimming or on the Highway. Like other holidays this one can be expected to Endrin tragedy for literally scores of families. It s a distressing commentary on contemporary american life that celebrations have a Way of claiming human lives 558 citizens having died in labor Day weekend accidents in 1952, 432 of them As a result of traffic mishaps. Beyond this sad circumstance however there Are other thoughts that suggest themselves on this seventy first Observance of the Day set aside in Honor of the Workingman. Union members for the first time in 20 years Are represented in the Cabinet by one of their number Secretary of labor Durkin. Yet ironically for the first time in the same 20 years the political party in control in Washington is not generally viewed As Friendly to Union labor president Eisenhower reportedly having taken matters into his own hands in some recommended Taft Hartley changes which Are understood to be generally pro labor. Labor Union membership in the United states is estimated at 15,700.000 to 16.200,000 by the u. S. Bureau of labor statistics. U. S. Unions in Canada have another 800.000 members. The United states has 215 unions 108 pre american federation of labor affiliates 33 belong to the Congress of Industrial organizations 74 Are independents. Labor unions on this labor Day Are in a period of transition and re alignment of forces. The a. F. Of l. Convention in san Francisco later this month is expected to take action on a recommendation of its executive Council that the International longshoremen s association be suspended from the federation. The United brotherhood of carpenters withdrew from the a. F. Of l on August 12, in protest against a proposed a. F. Of la. I. 0. Agreement against membership a a raids on rival unions. This matter is scheduled for discussion at the forthcoming conventions that of the c. I. 0. Being scheduled for Cleveland in november. Worked out by a joint c. I. . F. Of l. Unity committee the agreement if adopted Well might constitute a major step toward organic Union of the two big Union groups. In the 71 years since the first labor Day Celebration the average Union member has moved up from a lower economic level virtually into the so called Middle class. Factory workers were earning their highest average hourly pay in history As of mid july $1.77, including overtime and other Premium pay. And employment was at almost a record High level. There were almost 5,000,- More non farm workers in july than at the time of the korean outbreak in june 1950. There is moreover a Sharp contrast Between the material rewards and the liberties enjoyed by workingmen in this country and the lot of workers elsewhere particularly in the soviet orbit. It will be recalled that just a few weeks ago the soviet army had to take Over in order to re establish the so called a a workers paradises in East Germany. Movies striking bark conversion to three dimensional and widescreen productions has brought an upheaval in the motion picture Industry similar to that set off when sound films were introduced 25 years a30. Starting at a time when movie houses were suffering a marked decline in patronage from 90,000,000 weekly attendance in 1947 to Only 45,000,000 in 1952, the so called a three i revolution understandably is being seeded in an attempt to win Back audiences lost to other Media. The new realism has been gained by the use of two distinct methods either separately or in combination. Stereoscopic photography adds a third dimension to the image rounding out the forms and giving the viewer a sense of depth which is lacking in conventional films. Panoramic projection of the film on a wide curved screen extends the picture Over a radius comparable to the Normal Range of human vision. The first two movies to utilize the now techniques w Ere a this is cinerama a which opened in new York City la it september and a Bwana Devil a which had its premiere on the West coast in november. Both films were produced outside established Hollywood studios but their phenomenal Success at the Box office led to a virtual overhaul of the Industry As leading companies hastened to follow up with pictures utilizing similar techniques. The first dozen pictures in the new form were so called a a quickies which capitalized on such visual effects As a fist clashing toward the audience a wild animal chaining or dancers leaping into space. But better Grade stories a re being used in current productions in an Effort to h Jid the audience recently won Back to motion pictures. A the Robe a soon to be shown in pm pal cities is the Type of film in which the Industry is staking its future. And if qua to steadfastly is stressed there s reason for a believing that movies will he Able to bold their own to Competition with i other forms of entertainment postal rates applying to newspapers Ion have figured prominently in Post office department explanation of its annual deficits but there never has been a Clear showing of just How much the rate for newspapers ought to be if the entire Cost of postal handling were to be met. And such hardly would be a desirable arrangement inasmuch As National Progress is dependent upon an informed Public. One illustration of the Long standing controversy is provided by the occasion when the postmaster general appearing before a congressional committee quoted a High figure As being the loss to the department in handling second class mail. The following Day a Post office department auditor told the same committee the accounting system of the department was such that it would be impossible to give any accurate figure on the loss resulting from the handling of any one class of mail. Also there was the statement of the incumbent postmaster general on july 13 of this year to the effect that the annual deficit of his department is $720,000,000. That was the same Day he asserted that taxpayers pay �?o80 per cent of the Cost of handling publishers second class but after the Congress decided to Shelve legislation providing for increased postal rates the postmaster general issued a statement on july 28 in which he declared that the annual deficit had been reduced to $315,000,000. Wary Fleming counsel for the Indiana press association engages in some interesting speculation when he wonders Why the postmaster general changed his figures to the tune of what amounts to approximately $1,000,000 a Day in the Brief Span of 15 Days. Or. Fleming s speculation takes this course a was the postmaster general a High figure of $2,000,000 a Day loss Given on july 13 in the Hope of scaring Congress to pass h. R. 6052 the postal rate increase Bill without proper investigation since that figure was Cut in half on july 28 does it mean that tax papers Are paying Only 40 per cent of the Cost of handling publishers second class mail rather than the 80 per cent he claimed on the previous Date and what part of publishers second class mail is devoted to the handling of newspapers Only a such questions obviously Call for precise answers before it truthfully can be said whether or not users of second class mail in general and newspaper publishers in particular Are failing to shoulder their fair share of the Burden of operating the Post office department. Or. Field rests his Case following his impressive recital of figures showing the scope of the Myca program in his City a recapitulation reprinted in this space two Days Ages editor Edfield of the Selma times journal gets Down to Bedrock when discussing the value of organized efforts aimed at character building he eschews Quot Bare statistics in favor of a actual results a declaring results of the Selma Myca program Best can be stated we think by quoting the report on juvenile delinquency made at the last meeting of the Southern division of the National recreational association at Jackson miss. This report stated that Selma. Al boasted the lowest juvenile delinquency rate in the entire nation. The Selma editor also foregoes what might be regarded As an invidious comparison of y programs in his City and Here in Anniston limiting himself instead to a few words of encouragement for Anniston ians and to a restatement of his High estimate of Selma s my can an estimate which we must agree is supported by Strong evidence. Apropos of his Bill of particulars in the premises editor Fieldsa its a if Myca leaders of Anniston Are discouraged by this report they should not be for they have time ahead of them to equal it and certainly they have a great Community which should be responsive to efforts in this direction. A the times journal has no doubt but that the Anniston Plant of the Myca has been planned to provide for future developments and that it eventually will take rank with the Best in the nation but our Model City contemporary definitely is out of line when it tries to compare its Myca with that of Selma which is an organization of world repute a is Lull tourists spend appearing in the current saturday evening Post is an article entitled a these southerners just love Yankees a the Burden of which is that tourist attractions in the Tennessee Valley Are adding greatly to the Prosperity of the Region accounting for income in the amount of $400,000,000 in 1952 alone. More than 20 000, persons visited the t v. A lakes last year the article states adding that the figure a is increasing every # in 1936, according to the to t author there were Only in the t. A a. Area some 600 boats valued at $60,000, whereas today not including trailer boats there Are 22,829 recreation boats valued at More than $22,000,-000. To provide living facilities docks etc., for boat owners and guests there is an estimated $38,000,000 Worth of recreational facilities on t. V. A. Lakes not counting the hundreds of motels restaurants bait and tackle shops etc., located away from the 10,000 Miles of t. V. A. Shoreline. The showing in Fine is one of great new wraith being channelled into a Region which not so Many years ago was virtually Bank lust. The source of this new wealth complementing what is being realized from expanded Industry and improved agriculture is being cultivated More and Moie Here in the South. We have a great tout is potential Here and As editor Reese Amis of the Hunts Ville times wryly has observed each tourist a is Worth a Bale of Cotton and he s a lot a a amp Ier to labor s crossroad on outside looking in columnist declares by Drew Pearson led to one of the worst depressions Washington labor Day 1953 Iii history. That s what we Lune to represents something of a Cross look out fur today. Road for organized labor. For this i to labor reactions is the first labor Day in 20 years the above viewpoint has caused that labor has been on the outside two significant Ami 1 in Poi taut look inc in moves in labor circles i a m i the greatest stimulus in labor for 20 your labor enjoyed a j d Gnu a pm Ard on situation Whereto it top Leader 0 he a y. Of l. Pearson were not Only consulted at the in White House but where the Basic an v a policy of both Roosevelt and tru Man was aimed at what might be called a people administration. But today labor sees the Man it safely ensconced in the White House naturally inclined to favor the policies of Hie businessmen who backed him rather than the labor leaders who bucked him. So despite the appointment of Martin plumbers organized labor frankly recognizes that it is a Long Way from having any voice in Washington. A Durkin says that he s been consulted on All labor problems remarked one top labor Leader. A but what difference does that make when the Secretary of the Treasury increases interest rates on the mortgages Winch every Workingman has to pay a for what difference docs Durkin s consultation on labor problems make when tile Treasury pro 2. A much greater Effort to push policies that will help lower bracket groups generally regardless of whether they belong to labor unions. This includes social Security health benefits lower taxes for Tho lower brackets Public Power As against private Power. Regarding Point no. 2. Most people Don t realize that the a. F. Of l. Maintains a Man in Washington Nelson Cruikshank whose Job it is to watch Congress regarding health legislation not merely for organized labor bul for tin Public generally. It was Cruikshank among others who helped increase n Durkin head of Chr Al Donjon .pproprl.o�?z. Or # t. Cancer heart psis etc., Mur hers. As Secretary of labor la 1wraith a a Low. Mrs. Hobby Secretary for health and welfare Cut the Money in half. Also the Public does t realize that the a. F. Of l. Maintains an expert in Washington sex Congo Sman Andrew Biettler of Wisconsin. Whose Job it is to watch other legislative matters such As taxes Public Power Gas and Utility rates which also affect the lower bracket Public. On Tho general welfare front also both the Al and Cio now operate their own network radio Ike Security rules in gift suspension reveals rigid out rots by Peter Edson Washington a 1 Nea the toughness of the Eisenhower administration s new Security program for government employees has just been revealed through the suspension of Gayle v. Gift. 33. Stenographer in the department of of Greet Justice s anti Trust division. The apparent reason had miss gift has now solved her problem by resigning her Job. Nothing to do with anything that miss gift had Lone. It came after her father a Charles gift a former machinist at the naval gun factory in Washington had declined to answer questions put to him during hearings in the Mccarthy investigations into government printing office Security measures. On the grounds that it might incriminate him. Gift refused to answer questions about communist religion Day by Day in in w by Earl l. Douglass during the next few Days Jou will frequently hear this word of eau no Gate crashers Tion Quot if you drive Don t drink the greek embassy is planning if you drink Don t drive. To present Gate crashing at the there is a reason for this most reception for the King and Queen people think alcohol is a stimulant. Of course it is precisely the opposite a it is a depressant. It takes off the brakes. How would you like to Start out on a week e i us for the first time in his poses a sales tax which increases in por some time the Al has the Cost of living for every work sponsored Frank Edwards a far Ingman or when the Eisenhower Niin ded Liberal commentator administration proposes cutting v. Hile the Cio is now beginning a out cheap government electric network program with John Yan Power thereby increasing the electric Bill which workingmen have to pay concluded the top Libor Leader a we Are in the same position today As with Herbert Hoover. He had a labor Man. William Nic Kels Doak in his Cabinet. But j Hoover s policies were among the most reactionary in history and 1 Decook. Furthermore some labor leaders stung by the on sided treatment Civ a their views by certain newspapers especially in one newspaper cities arc discussing the establishment of a Dally news-1 per with a National circulation Mew hat along the lines of the los Tau science Monitor. On their forthcoming official visit to Washington. On invitations sent to members of Congress. A Little card of admission w til be enclosed. These cards will be non transferable. When Queen Elizabeth ii of England was being feted in Washington a number of unidentified women turned up at the British embassy. All of them had perfectly end vacation with the brakes of your car in poor working order alcohol takes the brakes off the Driver and that constitutes the worst of All hazards. The result of this kind of thing is that with the brakes off his inhibitions a America must act Stokes lauds so seeth by Thurston Worton by Thomas l. Stokes tic what we preach and set an Washington a As Fine a Testa example to the rest of the world mint of Faith in our freedoms a that will make Crystal Clear the of their meaning in our history contrast Between our democracy and our place in the world and and the totalitarian communism As Stern a warning against Chip which seeks to destroy it Ping any of them away As has a we he said a appreciate come from the Eisenhower and the nature of our strength. We ministration is that by assistant must not give in to misguided fear Secretary of state Thurmon b. Regardless of How difficult our Morton in his keynote address to problems become. We must re the amvet3 convention in in member that All the munitions Indianapolis. He did not have to Call the world mean nothing to those Good invitation cards to show but temporarily deadened the Driver it turned out most of them were thinks he is better than he is. Capitol Hill secretaries who came that he can take chances which on their Bosses credentials. New courses the Birmingham news announcement by Birmingham Southern College of the inaugural of course he should not take. He speeds up cuts in and out of traffic. Drives recklessly. The worst aspect of All. So far As driving is concerned however is that alcohol slows up the reflexes. If we get into Ary sort of fighting r 0 mum Jam. Our reflexes must be in Fine ohm that so far working order if we Are going to a the state de any name it View a Quot Clear about who j0 and what he was talking a Tho six a who have reek Jie sly threatened i cd to personal Fri a it in their Eagger i Iii a t d and i j placed Zeal ii. Stokes meetings supposed to have born Tion this fall of graduate courses held in his Home and whether to in chemistry biology history and escape unhurt. The slightest Trace apartment is con had Ever been a communist or English is to be welcomed Ai a of a Rohol in the blood a and that earned. Means chiefly senator or knew Edward Rothschild. The lat significant contribution to after drinking the smallest Quantity earthy. What Thurston Morton said Ter was a go employee said to the scientific and cultural life of 0f any and of liquor a slows up Carrus special significance not have stolen a u. S. Merchant mar the Community. The Southern re the secret code. It was intimated search Institute that valued Agen to that Rothschild might have attended communist meetings at the gift Home. Or. Gift did testify that he had never discussed communist activities with his wife who died a year ago or his daughter who had not by whose service and significance in the Field of scientific studies is growing will cooperate with the College in the chemistry and biology courses. The need for facilities for graduate education in several Fields special St Knific a dangerous de Only because he is a High state department official but because who Lack the moral stamina to Wield them in self defense. A we dare not toy with any of our precious liberties in the fat belief that we can find Security in the process. There can be no Security for an Amenia without individual Liberty. These Are no Idle words. A now i believe we need a sound Security program in this country particularly in the Field of government employment. I think the Eisenhower administration has met the need to take every conceivable Security precaution against sabotage and communist invitation. I believe Congress has an obligation to conduct regular invent lived with him but the fact that has Ion been left in several Quad she was his daughter was the apparent cause for her imm Diat ters in Birmingham. The Southern research Institute for instance suspension from her department has found that applicants for pm of Justice Job. Although department of Justice officials said that the reason for the suspension was Given to miss gift at the time of her suspension. She insists that she does not know the charges against her personally. Under the new Eisenhower Security order a sympathetic association Quot with a communist is sufficient ground for suspense government employment suspension the government bad ass in which to notify an it ploy of the charges against h the employee then has another Dav in which to answer to Char ploy ment there frequently inquire edit. That my nation is not dead. As to the availability of graduate right has prevailed Over wrong school possibilities. The previous a Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Sex Lack of it Uch opportunities has lied Shah of Iran goes Home caused some potential research workers to decline offers of pm i place my Faith on the 80-Odd ploy ment. Million women who weren to con the committee of too succeed tarted. A actress Ann Baxter ing so Well in its efforts to bring on Kinsey report new and expanded industries to the a a had thought of seeking to personally i would still be into from bring Industrial research Organiza dined to keep the pressure on a aft r tons to the City. But again in this from a Security viewpoint a until Pursuit the absence of readily available facilities for further Grad Tive Emit 1 m a 1 r i the reflexes Gree. This is not preaching this is As assistant Secretary for Congreve gallon into the manner in which just Plain common sense which atonal relations he is the direct the government is operating with will be sent out in wholesale lots connection Between the department a vet to finding out whether or Over radio and to in the Days and Congress and because he was not the taxpayer is getting i Money s Worth in efficiency. Quot but i also believe in Freedom of the press Freedom of speech Freedom of Assembly and in Tho right to in considered innocent until such time As you have been Riu a adjudged by a jury lifting Tho which lie immediately ahead. So they say now i know and i never doubt himself a member of Congress declaring at Indiana Polis that America must act As Well As speak As the Leader of the free world Morton said we must prac farm Aid cd Lav e presented in a court of a ii uate e reach a higher level of readily. A gel. Omar it a for pro red to be w new and braille v Fease Pic like Cai the top Vav that Alabama the do Advocat lotion shit he me Fie. Freedom to express opinion no matter How unit it May be. Freedom of Mon be at the very Bedrock r american it Usi Stant Secretary Morton her Are recognized and a i principles of our nation. He had to say them show no r of which be spoke. That hereby singled out and carried for saying them also re the temper of our time. No e x tvs it Side glances the Tuscaloosa news i the first National Bank has re. Your instituted its farm service department with the employment of Clarence Turnipseed to head it. The announcement of this service can be hailed As a Milestone for agricultural and agricultural economics in this county. For Many year the rankers association had a closer working r retired says Economy de Between its member institutions seemed to him and the Farmers. Discussions have listing before you re amp cd been held at Bankers meetings of the Biti stressing the value of the agricultural Economy to this area and is one out of every four wive the need for closet uts tween in the City of Birmingham a Faith the Banks and the Farmers in or Ful to her husband London eng Der to provide the proper credit daily sketch editorialized on Kin for the changes that have been sey report. Taking place on the farms. I am for a Strong National do mechanized farming has changed Fonse in it our interest As Well As farm Economy and at the same my own. Sex president Harry time has brought new problems in a Sonal knowledge there has been Truman. Farm financing. The swing to the h 8r�up at the state Capitol who 1 attle Industry that hag taken place been after mrs. Green of there can be no Freedom in a throughout the state in the last few Lucial Scalp and for what reason it cars is another Factor in this As not a a been determined. In the picture. Beginning it seemed Only personal in announcing the appointment of or. Turnipseed to head the farm service department Bank officials stated a we have always Hern interested in promoting Good farming practices in this Trade area and or. Turnipseede a appointment is a step to encourage and work for better farm practices Here and a broader and better relationship Between the Bank and the Farmer the Sylacauga news miss Luis Ramer Green has resigned As director of the Public Library service of Alabama her resignation came As the result of an insult being added to an injury. For several years and to o u r country the speak freely Tor emeritus times. The Draff Ca so ably Small out for 1954. Hershey draft Barits a in the press cannot a Tom Wallace Edi it of die Louisville by f All have been Rea 1 this year but look. A Gen Lewis b. Ift director. Jealousy but it enlarged Over the years. The Climax came during the closing Days of the legislature when additional funds Wert refused her department. This was the injury. The insult came when the committee reduced her personal salary. Leaving Lier no alternative but to resign. A a former member of the local la Ufary Board we became familiar with the work of mrs. Green or Turnipseed is to newcomer and have followed her various Suc to this area. Hrs work As a soil ceases from that time she has conservationist from 1935 to 1951 done More fur Library service to spots when used for picnic spots makes him Well acquainted and Alabama than the average Crook looks it says a judge. Its hard to keep a straight face when you re crooked. Carelessness is Why Beauty cease to the average s tally Breaks too lot of digging. Beauty Olfin a pots. Dub event but it takes a / / 17 t in a a a pm. On to a >96t Man. A Wester tall was i cow he is i Bandit 7 feet 2 inches i d up by police and i for a Long stretch. There i considerable hiree to take it on one condition officer that you Bay one for club raffia tickets i w hat could be fairer than Bat of ment whether the elephants used by Hannibal in the third Century b c. Were of the african or asian variety. Quite familiar with our agricultural groups of i Divi practices and our needs. He is service under he Well fitted for this new position. Since leaving the pcs he has worked As director of the state chamber of Commerce s agricultural division Bas served As Secretary of the Alabama cattlemen association and h is worked with in a farm equipment company. His work with the Farmers and explorations for Oil in Western the Hank can he a important to states sometimes bring up w Ater a As the location of a new in instead but this is often divert Dusty la this county. And livestock on rang. T rectum now Rea recesses in the r All in All she has Public Library in any stat Iii t injuries can to i Are next to individual or lab Bookmobile guidance and Dill the further est Cal districts and made Alabama s Erv in it unequalled e South. Bad enough but ;