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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Cai Hohn butane l Oas to supplies Page three Tho Anniston Star monday september 7, 1953 general will attempt to smash ecord fighter Pilot aiming for Pace of Almont too Miles an hour Iii Sabre Over 02-mile course in Ohio to it Ion o. I it a a crack Queline Cochran in a Canadian fighter Pilot seeks a new Speed built f-86-k. Officially he will be record on a 62-mile course Here to out to Best the record for the of Lxi pm no at a pack of almost closed circular course set by col. 700 Miles an hour. Fred asian in a Sabre Jet at Brig. Gen. J. Stanley Holtoner 635 686 Mph. Will Fly an american f-86 f Sabre Jet on his record try Over a closed the Thompson trophy race a main event of the National air show a Irani in a i a a Lam event or me National air Snow counties. S e v c Quot Herc is a he a Ingle entry. _ terrific speeds of Jet planes have the 42 year old new yorker made it too dangerous for More exerts to race ins Jet plane faster than one Pilot at a time to Fly the than the t/j.47 Mph straight course course record set last june by miss Jae m strikes is Russia Holiday gives emphasis to red workers plight by James Marlow Washington of a Nineteen years ago Joseph Stalin said a equalization in the sphere of demands and personal life is reactionary Petty Bourgeois nonsense worthy of a primitive and ascetic sect and not of a socialist society organized in a marxian this was a Way of saying that in the soviet society which was supposed to be classless because everyone was equal there would be Many classes. Or. As George Job would not be prosecuted for striking but for sabotage. Because the communist party is the government the communists can make the theory a reality by being in a position to impose the penalties. The penalties Are drastic. This makes russian Trade unions not an aggressive instrument of the workers demands but an aesthetic to keep them quiet. Since the government makes the plans for Industrial production and sets the Cost it fixes the wages. In Orwell put it in his a animal Stead of bargaining therefore farm a everyone would be equal Trade Union leaders Are party tools but some would be More equal for persuading the workers the Duck dog and dolls Betty Dierkes 15, took her pets Cindy a dog and Daffy a Duck for a swim in Fox Lake Iii. It was Duck soup for the Duck and Betty did All right but Cindy got mighty tired after dog paddling for five minutes. Wage rates fixed by the government Are not Only All they can get truckers slighted official a unionized Cleland who hav Sargent. Neb. Can make history Holtoner who commands the Edwards air Force base in California can by setting a new record add his name to those of Jimmy Turner and Cook a m m a a a made be meeting in october up a suite history a same event. Liquor commission chairman Tai the air Force Hopes t0 crack Coonrad was sorry today for complaining that he might a Send up driving a truck.�?�. In. A w he mentioned the truck driving to an rats w in How ado or Tho biggest and most important Fate a a of of surgeons in is try the stand i take on certain j Apt Russ cd m. Dobyns of Eglin air Force base fla., 11,000 surgeons specialists sandwiches save at a. I i cafe owner s life than others. In the soviet society not every a a. One would draw the same kind of but All they should expect. Pay or be Able to live in the same with russian living costs High kind of House or afford the same and wage rates kept Low the eco kind of food or clothes. The re nomic Progress of the russian is a s a Man got for his work de Only what the government wants it Pended on the kind of work he did. To be. That it is very slow and poor which meant How useful he was to was publicly acknowledged by Maili of must party which ran Venkov recently with his Promise e government. To raise living standards. Thus a physicist working on the while a communist in an Amerl Friendly Jack Ward met. Finance company i Oom Noble St. Phone 6755 Jack Ward Mur. Is to Tao skin Ati he Loans secret let Loans of to la months Early closing on saturday Ihre. Quot hut re a ads in other events mfr mid Quot president a the Royal cohere of Las Divorl two thicken salad atom bomb or an artist or a Movle in Tabor Toi twas feet Oreave Nat Mal or show a a a Yfe. Amp a we it ruled Quot. To set amp of ghz. It of Quot has a a Quot a a we truck Drivers retaliated by say Varelas the owner of the adventure restaurant grabbed at a convocation on the closing evening of the Congress or. _ the meeting the 39th annual Fred . Rankin of Lexington. To defend himself when two gun his wife and two children. Clinical Congress of the Macri will of installed As president men entered sunday. They consid difference emphasized tries for can College of surgeons will of of the College for 1954 and will prod shooting him until one of the ing their jobs arc a just As Honor Ait tudo in dorm it cd r a urn rho Tho in co be of surgeons will of of the College for 1954 and will in d shooting him i Able and in some cases More a Lirar a r in l it or 1?> m int for attending doctors Post Grad speak on a the responsibility 0fibandit� interrupted remunerative than being liquor or to i uate pours its forums panel Dis a heritage of a a wait a he said. Country and maybe a car and stoppages or urge other Domon Stra son ants but a factory worker Lions of workers strength for High a chair had to squeeze into one room with or pay his allegiance was to the Rte i m rile to fit nn/4 �,li1 party and whatever he did was in accordance with party orders. J open Hites till 1 while speeches remunerative commissioner. Sized. Than being liquor Coonrad apolo today s labor Day but if tomorrow the communist emphasized the import party got control of this country Farmingdale. N. Y. Up new event listed i. 7 a a a 2 a wait a he said. A a there a t h i Anc. And economic Progress of his tactics would be just the oppo cart Harold i Collins will t v pus Slons up or television pro the subject of the speeches by dough in that paper bag on the american workers they were at site and his sole Mission As a labor for a dash record to Pintur. S Foss and Hankin indicated that the men took the sack la Ltd a it Quot Ltd in. Sometimes without Leader would Bolo Hypnotise the letter it a set by Milf Cohran Quot Quot a it xh�?~h�?o5 in new surgical pro a Quot a Quot we Quot it Quot a a Frow and fled. Mentioning it. Emphasizing the Dif. Workers into accepting Tho wage on june 3 the Speed test on a ii a a. ,. Lar raft Between the College of it contained two sandwiches Fenre Between the positions of rates decided for them by the Par a the Congress will have its surgeons and other medical or Clas was taking Home to his wife. American and soviet workers and to. This once militant communist the Oles which labor unions play would become the enemy of Union general electric Coro t Quot Ivy a Quot 1, in a May a Willits wife Rar it i omitted to play in Tho Militancy. It would be Worth his Vitlip surgical procedures Demon controversy Over medical a Anis win i inn Tum it h Mil in i in chirp. A a a a n oui cuts Ann Omer medical or in plane no. A Quot Conrad Matt Mer two countries. And in any contrast of this kind Tosie the Riveter of world War la urls today a Combe Quipp Dalbert Merritt Bill tires. Fame has elbowed out it the test their a form in e a scr a. P he a by Quot a ttys a Quot Crai Quot members aviation Industry by Winnie the actual fighting conditions it hic ago Campus will be Tele of the College have drawn cult. , va., a a welder. I the in Quot he. In to Headquarters under scism from other physicians for woman was haled into court on a retirement is caused by orate the 50th Annivera e of two d on Cursh it a of a issuing warnings against a igbo to vicious dog charge by neighbors improvements in plane designs Arni Rcd flight he Molte no u n, Labolito v surgery by surgeons unknown who said her canine. Lady does no to a. A a owner or inc manufacturing methods a recording Vine i in Harol 1 l fos5 president of to the patients and against Phy act like one. She declared shed go highest wage a Plant will Bear and to officials of Republic aviation s Sabre Iek Flat no i Ann the c Pollere of surgeons will simians who receive Kickback to jail for 30 Days rather than pay even Trike to obtain its demands huge Plant Here. I Fri ids fiem to a j speak in the can a growing fees from surgeons they recon because Moat of the work on Tho record in the a Max trophy race Boll a Ion and mend to patient. New sleek Thunder Streak Jet planes major William t. Whisner. 29. Of m a. An an a Home to care for the Doc nothing stands out More ironically Milwaukee apr when a than he Rolf of communists in the american labor movement. In this country a Union can bar unknown who said her Ranine. Lady does no tax a freely with an owner for the life to be otherwise. Mallory cleaners 121 East 13th St. Buy savings Bonds is done by spot welding it was in Shreveport la., crossed the finish editable that a Vine would win. Line first to Complete the flight a company official estimated from California w Ith an average that about a third of its labor Force peed of 604 547 Mph is women. And that proportion he ended the race with an empty May increase he added. Women fuel tank. Flocked in droves to the employ _ ment officer when the company an a it i if ii. A it n a it i bounced it was adding Between Holly of till lit i 6.000 and 7,000 employees to bring its total up to 30.000. Jacoby Oil Bridge by Oswald Jacoby f nobody has Ever discovered where North found his raise to three Spades in the hand shown i today. He thought that two Spades ally ileum Heel was a decided under bid and hoped after Tomato tossing that the double raise would Spur his partner on to game but would the Devil Aachen. Germany up a the not cause him to consider a slam. Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina last of a layer of tomatoes had North guessed wrong since South where the Golden anniversary of been cleaned from Here to decide to bid a slam. It was a the first air plane flight is being Day. They were spattered Over bad slam contract to be sure but celebrated in 1953, got its name thoroughfares when communists South would have made 13 tricks according to legend from a Brand tried to hold an election eve rally against any opening Lead but a Dia of rum so potent that it could a kill Aachen youths pelted the rally with mend. I tomatoes. J As it happened. Fact was Able Quot a to signal for a Diamond Lead by doubling the Siam. Some experts follow the understanding that a slam double Calls for a Lead in the j i first suit bid by the Dummy. This is better than no slam double convention altogether but it in t flexible enough. A better Rule is that the double of a slam asks your partner to make an unusual Lead. Of East had not doubled. On easy credit terms aim re Ftp Kwh if letter ii a for Hie feet to come come in end be kitted a to Fleites the improve Vironie the feb Veneble Menner. Just pay 50c weekly or. J. Dumas Koy. Opler Shrut tit Chorizo North d 7 k 9 6 3 v 5 a q to a j 10 9 4 West East 74 a v 98 6 4 v k j 1073 a 96 53 2 a Aku 52 873 Routh a j 10 5 2 v a q 2 a j7 q6 both sides Vul North is South West i Iso i pass 3 pass 6 pass Pas double pass pass pass opening Lead 3 a $25 Fine. In Russia a strike is unthinkable but after a few hours her Prin arc Ridln to the communist theories had to be compromised. Her j husband bailed her out because1, government owns All Indus he said he needed her at Home ,, p,.ant Mana a is a a Mem to take care of the dog natural pm a yes a the spa a ment. So Are 1workers. But everything in Russia including the plants be n act a Longs to the people. Therefore a snot in make worker who struck would be strik paint selection easier ing but a8aiiwt his own is sabotage Chicago a a a paint Manu a lure a strike is unthinkable in facture has solved the problem of Der Tbs kind a reasoning a strike. A. In am a. Kii it Omavi f \ # in of i it it. Lac became not a strike but sabotage. A worker who led his Fellows off a How to please the female a or male who wants just the right Shade of paint it has an automatic color Dos during an ice storm in 1952. One pending machine that can pro couple who operated a dog Kennel Duce any one of a thousand shades near new York City is reported in seconds. To have left their House where the machine will be used in electricity had been Cut off repaint stores to make it possible venting operation of the Oil Heater the customer to choose his ing Plant and moved into the Ken color have the paint mixed and Nels which was heated by Gas carry it off within a few minutes which required no electricity. Dividend compounded Semi annually deposits received Between september 1st and september 10th will receive 4 months dividend. Per annul no service charge on deposits or withdrawals. Deposits insured up to $10,000 withdrawals May be made upon the presentation of your passbook at our window. Small or Large accounts Are Welcome. Dividends declared and payable june 30th and december 31st. Anniston Federal savings amp loan Assn. 908 Noble St. Phone 6894 Noble Street have your eyes examined now no appointment facilities Florsheim scotch Grain Ford to wait and get his club a a a. I a ���., West Hicks later on. It was very in would have Lead hearts his part Likely that East was void of clubs nerds bid suit. Since the double particularly since East had Over called for an unusual Lead West called with one heart instead of had to choose Between diamonds caking a takeout double of one and clubs. A a slam double never club. Calls for the opening Lead of a since All the evidence was Trump since this is almost in against a club Lead. West quite variably the worst possible Lead properly opened a Diamond. This against a slam. It enabled fast to take two tricks and West reasoned that his partner thus defeat the slam before Declar would not double for a club Lead could get started. If he had High clubs he could of _ card sense a a with both sides vulnerable the bidding has been North fast South West i Diamond double ? you. South hold Spade 5. Hearts k-6-3-2, diamonds q-j-9-5-2, clubs 7-6-4. What do you do a bid three diamonds. The double raise behind a takeout double is a shutout bid showing very Good Trump support a Singleton or void suit and perhaps 6 or 7 Points in High cards. Today a question the bidding is the same As in the question just answered. You South hold Spade 5, hearts k-6, diamonds q-j-9-5-2, clubs k-7-6-4-2. What do you do answer tomorrow is oin Aii found no Good Samaritan a Premium leather from the world s Foremost tanners $19.95 Florsheim Combs the world for Fine Calfskin. Carefully grades them and accepts Only the Best of die loft plump blemish free skins the Are embed with a tiny Job blk Gram and custom styled to give them a Richer look and an extra resistance to Wear. Ake Fields Yakima Wash in a chivalry was dead. Mrs. Margaret Graham of Yakima told sheriffs officers she ran her car into a ditch when she was blinded by lights of an oncoming car. A car stopped she said and a Man got out and asked her if she was Hurt. She said no. So she said the Man got in his car and drove off leaving her in the ditch. A second car stopped she said and a Man got out and asked if she was Hurt. Again she said no. She told officers that the Man then pushed her into the ditch took her purse containing $45 and drove off. Asks police help for Auto repair Omaha neb. Or a the desk sergeant used to All sorts of alibis and request heard a new one when a Young Man walked in and requested to be Given a ticket for failure to have a safety inspection tag on his Auto. Police complied but asked Why. A the Boss makes me drive this car but he wont keep it repaired Quot the youth said. A i figure this is a Good Way As any to get the old Wagon in the Little town of Azria in Northwestern Libya holds the world s official heat record a 136 4 degrees -.fahrenheit. Pm ;