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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Anniston, Alabama A ire two the Anniston Star monday september 7, 19s3 i. S. Corporal capital humane society seeks slide denies to halt Toon on loss events to reds Lloyd wires society tie is unaware of contest planned Here humane society officials in Montgomery today sought to head off three Quot Coon on a log Quot contests calling on mayor e. C Lloyd and the mayors of Birmingham and Mobile to use their influence in stopping the matches. Mayor Lloyd wired the society saturday that he had been unable to get any information on a contest reportedly scheduled near Here today hut he gave assurances he would investigate and Stop it if possible. The mayor was out of town today and not available for further comment. Mayor James w. Morgan of Birmingham notified the Montgomery chapter of the humane society that he has no authority to Stop a contest scheduled by the Alabama Coon Hunters association at a Trussville Lake. Outside City limits explaining that the event would he held outside the City limits mayor Morgan said he regretted it would not be within his jurisdiction to Stop it. The Montgomery humane so never a . Sex prisoner say on return Home v pc Lono distance speedy soil to re working against time is easy for sculptor Carlo Taliabue As he works to Complete a bust of Model Margery . At a meeting of the society of Western artists in san Francisco. Calif. It took Taliabue a teacher of plan tiny and sculpturing 20 minutes to Complete the bust. Travis air Force base. Calif. Up a army Corporal a Slick a the Boyish looking sex prisoner accused of Quot ratting a on Fel Low in toners in Korea claims he told the reds nothing they did not already know. Quot Slick Quot returned to the United states sunday aboard a plane earning 13 other former prisoners six of them litter patients one of the other passengers said Quot Slick Quot had very Little to Sav on the flight. The animosity against Quot Slick Quot came about for two reasons he told an air Force officer Here one was that he told the reds about in escape plot hatched by some of the prisoners and the other was that he refused to take part in Camp quarrels. He said the reds called him in one Day and began questioning him about the plans of some of the prisoners himself included to escape from a prison Camp near the Yalu River. Quot i admitted the plan because i knew they were aware of it Quot he said. He added none of the other a jilt a 0 v a = a / it a Quot f a saw., i or pfc fit % go or galls go through Asur it f Quot. It a a. A a cd site v a a a a b9esw a isl a it a it a mass. When you fluid Ano symmetrical Chicago Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park presented this View of symmetry from a hovering helicopter. In summer Fountain operates daily. City b1uefs Call by the Montgomery humane so a a a f x i a t i prisoners immediately involved in piety chapter said yesterday that attic cd t it m Elf Tel Ltd of Tui the Labruere angry at him be Noble and the child was sent Home their station when the Call proved unnecessary. J cause they against. No answer had been received from a request asking the mayor of Mobile to prevent another Coon on a log match sponsored by the deep South Hunting club. C. P Campbell owner of the Drums still throb but they Are the tsetse Fly that for generations he said. Trussville Lake where the Jeffer heard today by Peoples in the midst has devastated vast regions of of Slick said he refused son county contest is scheduled a change. Fica with the terror of ated world traveler say the others might have disliked ?_ it e. A j c me because various clique Washington a africans jungle1 scientists Battle the Scourge of Camp had friction Between them to Hawkins to spa a the Rev. Virgil Hawkins re after treatment. Tired methodist minister will speak p on a appreciation Quot at the regular Roy in jibes Arm mule killed Bxs car _ police reported today that a Strtt the Elt Han it club tomorrow Ai noon in on Ruvi. Wandl a tired from Mut urls ku1�?~> 1 on South Noble action Between at the Jeff Davis hotel memorial Hospital during the Street yesterday when it was i weekend after attendants treated struck by a car. Take Tot suffers Burns him for a possible fracture it it Fhi two horses sought sleeping part in these disputes. Carolyn Jean Pruitt. 2-year-old left Arm he a Hurt when he l x Hutchison of Anniston said yesterday three contests had continent in transition land of sickness. In Nigeria mrs. Gros Quot i Felt i should not be fighting Oxford re 2. Child was treated fell while playing. 3 aug open Ting his la Bot been held there already this year new consciousness this is the of Venor talked with men who have americans but should have been at memorial Hospital yesterday for a Egv Holiday today searching for Quot and i have never known of a dog Rte described in the August a cleared hundreds of Square Miles fighting the first degree Burns suffered when p till it child pair of 5jray horses. The in killing a Coon or even tearing it tonal Orographic Magazine by an of this human and animal plague he denied reports he had be Coffee spilled Down her Chest \ flying baseball a yesterday no j both mares escaped yester up balt a a observant world traveler. building new communities from the come a a Btu a St no Home Aller receive struck 6 year old Charles aderho Jay one re j. Be Coons not chained a a Grosvenor daughter of ground up. I Quot i have been swayed too is a a of Jacksonville. By i Over the eve Brown. He said the <4ons at his Lake Are Alexander Graham Bell and wife she attended the historic first much by the commies As i Only a hot Salt dismissed from memorial of the president of the National meeting of an elective parliament had four years in school cant girl Bra hrs shoulder Hospital after he Given first by the ans meet sept. It society or. Gilbert in Northern Nigeria. Sultans and write and can Only read a Little. I memorial Hospital attend Aid or a Cut. I the regular weekly meeting of Anni Ion Lodge knights of Pythia is being omitted this week on Beman of Delta. It. I for a broken Anniston firemen answered an count of labor Day. Next meeting left shoulder. Details of How the alarm on the Birmingham Highway will be held on monday night fracture occurred were not Avail sunday afternoon but returned to 14. Alike a. A a a a number give the operator the out of town Telephone number whenever you can. Then so does no to have to Call a a information in the Distant City and your Call goes through faster. Other not chained and Are free to jump. In the water a Man in a boat geographic society or. Gilbert in Northern Nigeria. Sultans and write and can Only read a Little. I memorial Hospital attend Aid or a Cut. Keeps them on the log Grosvenor. Tribal chieftains in turbans and read enough to understand ants during the weekend treated the Montgomery chapter sent with three maps and 32 Page silk and Satin Robes took their the literature the communists 14-Monthold Carolyn Jane free of irm answered telegrams of protest to the mayors outstanding color pictures. Mrs oaths of office in a shining new gave of Birmingham. Anniston and to Grosvenor tells of a 30 000-mlle government building. I he said he got no special treat bile asking them to prevent Coon free month Quot safari through africans women Long secluded mint in the Camp on a log contests scheduled during changing she made the in their Homes Are venturing out we were All treated labor Day. Trip Quot Ltd h1, husband partly As to serve As nurses in missionary Beans Rice and they condemned the sport a 11 delayed Celebration of their gel hospitals. Girls Are allowed to at Quot Slick Quot refused to talk to news Fouth in nil Mimoni Ano Tell Oran company buy savings Bonds physically and mentally cruel and Den wedding anniversary partly to tend schools cited a state Law which forbids gather new material and new ideas anyone to cruelly kill Quot override an animal. Torture or for the National geographic. From slaves to schools men Quot because there s nothing to Johannesburg africans largest explain and the army Hasni tac City South of the Sahara did not used me of anything a. However even exist to years ago Gold he later consented to an interview although the Grosvenor had mines some More than 9.000 feet with maj. Thomas Barbour Travis been to Africa before the coun deep have lined Quot Job Burgh so Public information officer. Tries they saw now seemed far Dif streets today with skyscrapers rattling Good Road Al Dorado Kan. Up a county Engineer l. W. Newcomer Ferent. Gone Are slaves Medicine even to. On sundays native min thinks maybe Linmore Road should men. And Zulu wars. In their place ers forget Quot civilization Quot and dance have been named Rattlesnake Are jeeps and trucks hydroelectric to primitive rhythms in Barbaric Boulevard. Construction Crews in plants modern hospitals and Leopard skin costumes one Short stretch of the Rural Thor schools a and africans learning o us of Are killed 13 rattlers. To govern themselves. Youth advertised in Harper Bazaar fabric of France luxurious hand beading dramatizes France s finest Corde Lilli Ann brings you the Couturier look. Beautifully textured French w ool Corde lavishly illuminated by four thousand hand sewn beads a suit with a very knowing very cosmopolitan air. Custom folded inn Rhody half lined skirt. Black Only. Inc Dis Noble St. I land of Whit . I it re a a in Quot Fri a map a flying Ever town. Table word a raffle death of Etta Mountain the Gro Maor looked Fri in on for a Cem no. Caused by Down on the tip of Africa rounded f a ror by Bariholomew data in 148. Air death toll was running to plane re the. Taxicab of modern Quot a. A f i Bunch Africa. Or Enamor found prediction of Tatami. The Ion Saye up to on siding your but that did not prevent her from trying a ride on an Ostrich. There were other contract. In port Elizabeth a new dial Telephone system had just been in fourth of july weekend was mar red by 21 deaths 15 in traffic accidents. A Birmingham negro. Jimpsey Finklea. 50, was fatally injured tailed headline railed the aus obd it a uht no a a a pm Din car ran Thoro with the word. Thank hot �?~,iai1 and overturned near to or Bell. But a Southern Birminham on Mph Way in Rhodesia she travelled far into the anus a Quot Birmingham area wreck past when ate Taw the atle,,., a a us cd death of Robert Bruce baffling ruin of Zimbabwe tem ?. 1 Bessemer. Hawa kit pled City built by an unknown peo Quot pie at an unknown time. In the w ids of the flu Sluwe game Reserve and in Kruger National Park the Grosvenor photo a graphed lion Straffe. Antelopes a a orned aver five mile. North and six rare representatives of a vanishing race the White Rhinoceros. But it was in such places As the University of the wit water a two car collision in Birmingham sunday. Man thrown from car i William Thacker 37. Was thrown out of his car and killed when it of Berry sunday. Officers said he lost control of the automobile on a Sharp curve. Two fatal traffic accidents were reported saturday. The victims Rand where 4.000 students take were identified As James Thornton. Courses in the arts and sclera it Medicine Law and engineering 29. Guntersville and Herren. Or Frances Leona Neeley. Of that mrs. Grosvenor most Felt Ai fatally firmed saturday when Ricas modern Tempo and direction by dress caught fire at her Home in the Hurricane Community Madison county. Of mrs. James to i relatives said she threw Kern Sene on Trah she was burning in asses at la ome her Yard and was caught in the leaping flames she ran St it too feet into a Cotton Field and fell. Mrs. Mable Pearl James 73, a life Long resident of Anniston. Cued at 6 of clock last night at 630 a i4fh St., after an illness of three weeks. Adenauer continued from Page one she is survived by two sons tora Beasley of Gadsden and lace Waldemar Kraft running on the Beasley of Anniston four Daugh refugee association s ticket was ters mrs. Curl Williams mrs t. Debated in his District near Harn a. Major Cannon and mrs Nigg by Prince Otto von Bis Lewis Marlowe of Anniston and Mark grandson of the Quot Iron mrs. Jesse Vav. Hilton of Marietta Chancellor Quot a one sister. Mrs Bonnie Al Bismarck a former Diplomat Xander of Anniston a brother to Bead the foreign affairs Emmett Shelton of Johnson City committee in the new bundestag Tenn 18 grandchildren and which will Convene in 30 Days three great grandchildren. I a a 11r.v,Ai or vet win a in Hurricane Heads ducted at 3 a clock tuesday after noon m the clan addle Baptist for Eastern i a. Hurch by the revs Milford Walker Floyd Batties and it. D. To a Waits burial will be in the Kula bos i on. It a in a u r r i r a n t Ion Baptist cemetery. Mrs j ame rjro1 beaded North Tor a Brush was a member of the Lupton Ike Insl Thuc England coast Baptist Church. Today after sending heavy seas Aetna , will be i churn a Coak 4 of us t anti. Or ,. New Jersey and Long Island. Pc Cohnin a ,f�"1 at least 2r persons were Rel i umn0n or pm Rte it aboard Small Emit Bains John Ford James Henderson k z. Rayfiel Frank Tolbert vie Sasnett Fred Mange Norris Baker cd Ris Cannon Frank new York t i Boston the guard indicated most of them probably were Safe. Kirby or k l. Hardy or Neal i la -srvic��?~8 Lff a la a Sellers r. B. Pinson. S. L. Collins Robert Todd. Claude Conner Jack Bates Jess elders cd Bowen George Stephens d c i or Burdette infant funeral services for the infant son of or and mrs. John d. Perryman Bill Dougherty Norris Burdette Anniston of. I. Who Hubbard. Marshall Welch Milton died saturday morning at me Woodruff and him Sprayberry. Modal Hospital were held the body will lie in state at sunday afternoon at the grave the Home of mrs t a. Cannon tide in Edgemont cemetery. At 830 a 14th St., until time of the Rev. C. R. Adams pre services. Tided at the services. A a he is survived by his parents it is estimated that if All v. S and grandparents i and mrs forests were in one plot they would c. J Hurde in. Oxford and a cover an area equal to All mate and hrs. Ii e. Backus. Amus East of the Mississippi plus Kansas in by. I and Louisian. It Urray was la charge. T after installation of Perma Shade awnings and mule hide roofing this Home is located at 719 West 23rd Street and is the property of or. And mrs. Horace Robinson. The colourful and durable Perma Shade tunings and mule hide roofing installed by la Sene l. Evans manuf Seturins Ltd spam Hac not on enhanced the value of the Home but also made it More comfortable. Re roof with Quality req Fig Asbestos or built up no Down payment a payments As Low As month on f. H. A. For the very Best roofing and guaranteed workmanship rail a. Lur free estimate. Many patterns and colors to select from. All applied by experts. The House you have can look like a Bestone roofing and siding shingles a Beautiful it durable it fireproof no Down payment payments As Low As $ 5.00 Mont Call us for free estimates All workmanship guaranteed h you Jive in a suburban Are such As i Acton Hie. Pied Mont. Fast Boga or ainu Bere a of Rico for tree estimates Anniston write or a All our service includes a Asbestos siding a stucco a a Concrete porches a roofing a a painting a ornamental Ron underpinning aluminium screens a aluminium awnings a weather stripping Eugene Evans manufacturing company 413 s. Noble St. Phone 681 ;