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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 7, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Golf finals today three time Winner Oscar rag. Ley and medallist Chris Banister Battle it out today at the country club in the annual 36-Hole Cham. Pion ship event. Bagley is defending Champion. See sport Page. A re hmm Stotri a and up new your Home newspaper since 1882 member a b c. And Nea nates tiny night from i a. In. Toll M. Abc up and a new i flashed aver station Buma. The Star s final edition to presented each week Day at i In. The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. Vol. 71 no. 356 Anniston Alabama monday september 7, 1953 40c a week by Carrier Truman blasts r gof attitude toward people sex president says republicans help wealthy Al expense of others Detroit Mich. U pm former president Truman sailed Back into the political Arena today with the charge that the Republican administration is helping big business at the expense of the rest of the people. The former chief executive who steadfastly has refrained from any Public statements on the gov pro american coalition wins crucial Victory in Germany landslide is blow to soviet Ernie nth a Domestic and foreign policies since he left the White House on Jan. 20. Accused the Eisenhower administration of operating a on the theory that if big business is Well off. Enough of its wealth and income will trickle Down to the rest of the population to keep the system going or. Truman addressed a labor Day meeting sponsored by the american federation of labor the Cio and All other Michigan labor organizations. A this administration has raised interest rates All across the Board or. Truman said. A that May be to the Benefit of the Money Oil the. Binner a major William t. Whisner jr., Winner of the Bendix trophy rare stands beside the Bendix trophy at Cox Airport in Dayton Ohio after completing the Jet dash with a Speed of a Little Over 603 Mph. Maior Whisner is the nation s seventh Jet Ace and is credited with destroying five and one half enemy planes in Korea. U. S. Jubilant Over result of election i pc i it a Ivy outcome hailed As shot Iii Arm for european army lenders hut it surely does Hurt the rest of the save Veteran Hurt he said it hurts the Veteran in buying a House or starting a business and the Small business Man needing credit to expand As Well ii Arry s trip Man 88 the taxpayer paying interest on raps gop pollens thai up by a Rbt a it is a perfect example of that discredited old trickle Down the Dulles gives report to Ike p i the former president said policy problems extending from in of v or. Truman said there were Sochina to Germany. A other signs that the government by Donald j. Gonzales Washington up . Officials today hailed the landslide Victory of by est German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer s pro american a i coalition As a crushing blow to i full l0ftts soviet prestige in Europe. American jubilation mounted Adenauer Victory assumed importance of i Alk Indi massive proportions. Officials said rated by fart to Lievre hot decisive outcome of the elec if eld Oil Holiday Denver Tut a president Els. A a. Cal lower and Secretary of state Socrat 1 arty came out bold a for Ltd linking the future of free Germany John roster Dulles today tackle a u. A with the United states and its Al 10-Point docket of a or foreign. Lies. The Victory guaranteed German participation in Western defense plans for Europe. The importance of the business dons would be a shot in the Arm for a unified european army. Adenauer and his Christian dem election woes a communist agitator is led away by West German police after being beaten up by his own comrades when he tried to give himself up in Blemstedt Germany. Ile was among thousands who crossed the Border in an Effort to sabotage Best Germany s elections police charged. Secret Prol la i. Ii i the in a or inc Ltd of he Quot the socialist position had Cam results i by democrats she a re a a auth killed in crash t we wc7 a Repp. h. Nuht f. Plan. 7 Farmer a is being told that he ought Dulles arrived Here sunday night a. T0 8� alone aboard an Force plane put at Hardy claims Republican a strength necessary his disposal for the trip and was plans. Ala Jar setback seen officials Here saw Adenauer s involved Iii Deal it in munition untrue in the Field of foreign policy. Or. Scheduled to Start his conference sweep a8 8 major setback to rus. �?�.�?T. _ _ Sian prestige comparable to the j Truman said a we Are entering a with the president today at 9 a in. Labor Day quiet Here Adenauer team scores Triumph Over enemies Chancellor is Given working majority in parliament As voters ignore warnings from Malenkos Bonn Germany up a Chancellor Konrad Adenauer pea american coalition scored a major Victory for the West in the cold War today by winning a working majority in West Germany spars lament. Adenauer a three party team smothered its opposition under a Avalanche by germans who chose to stick w Ith the West during the i next four years. The voters turned out in droves to endorse the rearmament platform of the 77-year-old Chancellor and ignore warnings from russian Premier Goorgin Malenkos that an i Adenauer Victory would Lead to War. At the same time voters removed the communists and the nazi like German Reich party from West German politics by denying them even one seat in the bundestag lower House. None of the 38 seats in the bundesrat upper House was at stake. 306 seats taken i Adenauer a Christian democrats teamed with the free democrats and the German party to win 306 of the 487 bundestag seats in the contest. The coalition failed to gain the two thirds majority that would enable Adenauer to Amend the Constitution and end the court dispute on whether rearmament is Legal however it was believed that the Konrad Adenauer a a. Wins by landslide i i7 n Ici a t re re in a a a a tiny Center party and the refugee period of negotiation we Hope m . Une. Up Riser i a . Re re a a cd a it. Association which won four and 27 fruitful with the rus a live got a docket of about in romanism a Contro it Jam up Herron. I l of Graham dip. Fair. Kip bring respectively would join lines of Motorist onto nearby Highway forces with Adenauer and give him i the majority. In a voting explained under Germany election Tys waged a Washington up d e in o Siang. Items to discuss with the prexy Many Tirats demanded today that a wha hip the negotiations Are Dent a Dulles said upon his arrival the communists had House armed services Subco Mig for Jufu a up hem a a he Gaid at Lowry Force base. I violent propaganda Battle in an of a but we must negotiate from Dulles not surprised fort to unseat the Adenauer gov by Cody Hall with fair. Trip skies beaming and no special events to strength Quot he continued a a strength High on thin docket undoubtedly ornament. They denounced the 77 keep them it Home Hundred of Annu tonne Quot Ore to the red tem cd voter tw0 by you i Quot hat the communist under he smashing Victory in West Chancellor a. A a a Mill la today taking their Chance with a rising toll of labor Day weekend Al re a he a Volod for the Cind Date stand and Reunert Quot pm Germany sunday of the Chris n5t a ant warned germans his con. ._____.___,1 of his Choice for a bundestag seat. Allies reds be pcs Are withheld tee publish a All the fads about a secret investigation which linked a prominent local Republican to an attempted a four per cent Quot Deal on Vvs a Navy munitions contract i m Tri i m inlaid he i a a in rent a Quot a riot of i a tinted control of the West German the five county Anniston Highway patrol District contributed to Hen he enfors a on a cond both Side gain men be ml1h.p"xrommird.y f2�l he Hect in i balanced budget but &Quot.ane.-,Lor Konrad Adenauer Over govern Jnene would dash Hopes for a a Hanoi. The party of his . The. Again a a said the subcommittees in a a her it a unification of the country a. A1 la party receiving the greatest Pera i la i i s. Of Fiti it a in a a re run Stith a i a of im1p� r7u. A a a to not at the expense of National de social democrats led by or in Catlon of the country at closed door hearing lost june k t r Ich Duenhauer fetish and july a show clearly that neither political party has a monopoly he said when he was president on influence Hok pm the budget balanced a until la. Said he and other Democrat Quot a in members will insist at a sub the Christian Democrat sweep e committee melting tentatively scheduled for tuesday that the full five motor deaths. A sixth has been killed in a Home accidents h it. O m fatally burned after pouring Kero e Dulles said when he arrived Here ook Secretary of state John Foster he was Quot not surprised by the re l Al a off the spot for his Ungren a w v suits of the German election. He dented endorsement of Adenauer i i \ i in a Rizir Rke it y rum Alook Taal was. # a in the re Vino n1 Tho rom scheduled in the immediate a Ine my re Oil Fhy received the first news of the in me closing stages of the Cam. Nn4e#ft_ Urett. A f i j u melt Starit than All the Victory from newsmen Page Quot Stime officials had feared a balanced budgets in the world. He is met Bim at the or Field. He a Quot in re yemeni rend Vin. Killed instantly saturday night it stage of votes in each constituency will name its candidates to children he Bunde a referred to the korean War. of to a cart i a a a a a a a a Dull it yemeni Las week thai a ii came Loo late Quot a Quot win it fir we live no rear enl too . Read a Nikii. Privilege for t be people to \ Ole a , atm to a feet t a fint comp in it i r i 11 v overturned was James h. Her Lenin Ieiri rip i a k r a a report recalled Mun san. Korea up it both _. A sides in the completed prisoner sex the no come of Tho rotting was Chat he a of. N a re i awl Roua to Iho com Mumau. Who Othef men How fat a. The endorsement might react n an it saturday Man Lic 111 i it i to z the owes in ims and had won 15 la a a Ion by Gam. Adenauer. By they Quot Hen i ear re off hww.y_37 o7d p2?i,.ment the about 13 Miles North of b Edo wee bearings be made Public. Iless it chairman for a change in administration last november. An Adenauer defeat would be a Dis <4? the outcome Quot for the chances of Ger i the endorsement had made run 17 of Graham it. 2. Was travelling alone from ii Shanor that this was a him Campaign. Socialist candidates de Highway patrolmen said there was no immediate com a but i Don t think they voted for Man up unification led to an outcry Dulles a last minute Issue in the the against their will. Authoritative United nation sources said they have document i. A i Quot to new bundestag. Are evener commo. Lives if i i Iii Jih pro the a Saint a a nist8 Are hold a Back Allied part. Even War showings owners _ by Hundy cd by the neutralise All tic Man pen to a pm. Muon hot a pie s party led by former Reichs. Geum Back am of Chicago up a a tenement fire Chancellor Josef Wirth. Adenauer s i. I y five Iii one family Man William e. Hess la Oby "0�?z rim ii in that a Quot made Prohor intervention Quot this was Fob bounced la As _ outrageous in or youth a. Travelling alone when a a. Congressional sources said he has in sir Nufi a and a a Ald Lowed by a published report that sen Ion and the criticism was death cough him. Thro other per to it a nday Kopd a a cast n . Or mfr Interior minister Gustave prisoners. No in in Ion of hushing up the a Yves Prem Quot Huhm is he or Eisenhower was unhappy Over Quot Hoed in some seem is of the sons were injured in Calhoun nun Eddren. Heinemann and lamed pm Elan a a a probably would he Belier to. Me Hub by. Rem arks about Germany. Vlester european press. A accidents during the weekend. In in Are in Noemo our. The Quot a a hem off a dead a a one in. A Quot Quot Ptah other Lunes these re Ary of a a Dulle no surprised _ under _ i Sloe Tjho _ r piping radio voice of come Rio nist China charged the allies Ter and hat instructed a he Sunborn 0j change a getting Mittee staff to begin preparing a full report. Is a Chi authoritative information about i a i it Loop Nulf the hearings made available to reporters Over the weekend showed that a principal figure a Warren l Stephenson a Washington socialite who travelled last fall on president Eisenhower a Campaign train and later became executive Secretary of the presidential inaugural committee served in gop club Stephenson who could reached for comment also aerie for a time As Secretary of the s n War and had been held in the by Republican members of Congress Early this year. The subcommittee inquiry entered around testimony that Steph i Kin of Anniston residents freed Anniston relatives of . Ford e. Morris said today he had been returned to Allied control last week Atter exactly 34 months of imprisonment in a communist prisoner of War ramp. The Glencoe army Man was a Quot captured in the Early months of of Hill i us Organ Zedi a ,. Nin. State said recently about Trieste Dulles said in Denver where he memorial Hospital Are Maud in Story apartment House razed by Italy and Japan. A Sone to Confer with president Frances Curvin 16, of Jacksonville. The Flam s leaped to safety from. A a a. Reporter asked Dulles whether Eisenhower he was not a fur i. I. And Patsy weight. 8 year old third and second floor windows. Adult her tmrrow4.d Jofus tac with holding Back More than too there was any friction Between prised Quot at the outcome but he de negro girl of Jones Hill. Two men who jumped from the counterparts in ?8 prisoners accused of part. Himself and the pc Vincnt dined further comment. The state miss Curvin suffered cuts and third floor were taken to Michael a. D d whistle in ramp and War crimes. A not that i know he replied department would not formally possible leg fracture last Niht Reese Hospital broken charge i Ralpd report called to True comment on the election results when her car left the Roy Webb All of the dead were negroes. major Gen. Blackshear a earlier the White House labelled immediately. Road near Jacksonville hurtled five of the victims were mein pledged 50,000 Ger chef in Delegate to the the report of the presidents Dis diplomats Felt that Adenauer s across a wide ditch and turned hers of one family. Three other. Dense of Western military armistice commission Young children Ute of Lofv comm Criego Mically Quot Tho charge. Nist aggression the Ftp led nations announced. _ a a. Ami police Rescue Ari Naur s a own Chr Mig 0. Thai la would re Parialo la of in press Secretary who also said that conference on Germany a future child under treatment for a brain squads were searching for More cramp is a part won captives who wanted to go Home while or. Eisenhower had not proposed by the Best to take place concussion. She was struck Down bodies but it was believed that i the free democrats an and Aid that the last were turned communicated his feelings to any a Quot Switzerland oct. 15. By a car saturday afternoon on would be the final figure. It it ked 48 und he German party Over to the communists sunday the report of the presidents Dis diplomats Felt that Adenauer s across a wide ditch Ann turned mrs of one Tan pleasure As a completely defeat would have seriously Hurt Over. Her condition today was victims were be this Label was supplied by Murray Dulles effectiveness at the Forth Good. Another family Snyder assistant White House coming big four foreign ministers in fair condition was the Wright firemen a police squad car officers Ray took 15. When a operation big switch Quot end notorious Camp 5 during a part of his Captivity tie is now Enro Ute Home. U i the sergeant s name was a own offered to hip a cantoral a a a a Hurr mrs a in. Manufacturer sell launchers for the Navy so mighty mouse Quot rockets. The testimony showed that ports of names of returned prisoners and he had been listed by the Anniston Star As still among St. Pm Irwin sought a fee of four per Amurri a still cent of the Sale Price but the manufacturer Birned Down the offer and reported it to the Navy. L a Iilah i1 pc Lull h i a one in Denver he did not know i officials Felt now that the South Noble Street. What the president May have said six a it the Adenauer Victory would police were notified today that Hederman and Dan Creedon were popular voting the Chris a a to in sons in Washington. T e 0 a tremendous significance Quot in the husband of mrs. Mattie Dill of credited with saving the lives of democrats received 12 440 799 a meeting of the military armr Eisenhower met Here aug be negotiations if they take place. 306 w. 15th St., was injured in an several of the apartment residents 45 2 per cent to Only l939 774 a a mice commission at Panmunjom la with Dulles and Henry a abut they also Felt it would be Peculis automobile Accident in Detroit after they spotted the fire and ran it it it for filch Ellen Loday the communists a Harg Dortho Lodge or the us representative arty significant to is. Efforts in muh., last night. Further details through the it icky Halls of the Haut re social democrats. J in. With three More violations of to the United nations to discuss uniting the Western world against were unavailable. Building giving the alarm. Afu a he of us on of he election he korean truce. A most dangerous hours i firemen said the fire May have f Etc Franco ex-1 violation charged the meeting of the . General communism. Assembly to up the political i to. _ conference on Korea. Donti of a to Iii Hospital Dulles during the course of his conference today was expected to f. Dean relaxed today in an army Ward the most dangerous hours of the been caused by a cigarette butt. Pm its a j satisfaction _ Xii a _ _ a a l i a i a a a fun mama Are of i of to i it at the flames raced through two exin the the reds complained that u a results thu h Vav ,11 Call for personnel Lac do re lloy 31 and that i n. Poets for the political conference As a captive of the reds Congress has frowned on the practice of seeking percentage fees for keeping to line up government contracts hut there is nothing ii Mcchord Force base. Legal about it. Wash. Of a a Northwest airlines a i up f a i of f t a Stephenson who a id he makes constr nation w allowing a i in o a t i pm 11 in util is ojlt4 i Ives $20,000 to $24,000 a year As a Man helplessly through foggy skies fact users representative first i a a landed and burned Here Early told the subcommittee he always yesterday. The 32 persons aboard worked on a salary basis and was escaped death pretty sure he had not offered to Twenty nine of the 32-26 of them take a Job on percentage passengers including three in. A i facts a and six Crew numb is realities rather were injured or burned when the Long Holiday Are expected this Tokyo Ufi a maj. Gen. A William afternoon and tonight when Home four Story apartments at 3616-3618 Nab oration Quot by North Atlantic line 00 a 31 and that u a ? South state Street after Midnight t,.autk plants violated the Neutral Corri Dor on sept. 4. Commented Bryan said the had notified bound tourists Jam state a Mil Kiaie Cucui Aii i a a Tui treaty nations give the president a full analysis Hospital As doctors began a two highways when most of the residents were terrorism charged of the , proceedings plus his week treatment of amoebic Dysen-1 Public safety commissioner l. Asleep. Ill \ 111 Iteld Lmh educated judgement on the pros Tery he contracted in three years b. Sullivan said four Otth first mrs Sally Cribbs lost five Mem a he West germans had Hede Quot in intended to increase a a Alii i ii is Roii a. L. Ai a Ai i. A Lam i or in thu t i. _ flan Iii ifs Dollte Ioc in i see \ Outh Page 2. Col. 4� hers of her family in the fire. I. S. Accident toll hits 431 it a terrorism. They were Reier the a a a a a a a a a or free Tarini to the 100.1100 Breen uniformed a Emilile a la a Rune 080 of pol fee a to were Assw Evi but ,50.000 it Quot a a athletes and Young germans to.,. Us 70,000 polling place the i a. Also asked for permit from sabotage Balmy weather and the crucial election issues brought More than ,. % 000%0 germans in the p.,11 reins no of of Homo m<1 a the h. Aii Nouer jumped ahead Voith the a n a a a. Hrs returns so never lost Hgt a Ltd Quot Quot Quot a Quot sum to Send armed guards into the demilitarized zone with North korean and chinese soldiers who a from wire reports Many As too lives might be for a time the Highway death Many other americans worked a Pace toll lagged and National safety a Holiday foregoing pleas it 12 30 a in. .0 plane burst into flame As its Pilot. A traffic deaths across the a aced.a., c .1 for Iii output a Apt Russell Bird of Seattle at i t Ion combed steadily toward Sec of the miscellaneous Fauneil president Ned a dear ure for an important conference sunday the socialists. Tempted to land with Only one the predicted total of 440 for the Tali ties reported were Cau de by born a a congratulated Quot motorists in Denver with Secretary of state wanted to make Germany 1 a a a a a a a a a a a a a Al Puffer state Ana Naa opposed no Man s land where prisoner 7 30 p m Edt were exchanged in a big switch. W to had or a a . A a Neu i he is Fatih a armament program forecast Clear sad in Ltd feat today Root tonight. The Hick parties fall temperature today Wilt be about numerous splinter m de Recs the Low ionic it by the Wayside. About 53 Durees. Scored an additional highest temperature this Dato tory by winning a seat in in 1925. District by polling lowest temperature isl data per cent of the votes 55 in 1918. Adenauer won with Only for 24 hours Endon today Buss Max Reimann highest temperature. 4 4o stir no i beating in the frees lowest temperature la at i n 50 too Jackpot w ill go to the James Egan w As drunk. To e Ion cd ii Almous accidental causes. Piziali . N tnt-4iitarian received a new miss America. The prize in stable replied that Egan had Dif Auto fatalities seemed to be deaths. Back Home. Al8epy its a Havil it Industrial Hood Ruhr steel Derrr eludes a $5 too scholarship in a acuity keeping ids Liet. Climbing rapidly toward the High it o a g u is Man a Tver Edh ii ton a a i they mock the false Insua Cit v of Solgen once a communist rainfall a hrs. Lum Obile s2 >00 in advertising in Tummy Faff had total predicted by the National och ring tragedies in Lake Mal Man poured out that that is the they 8r,, Sunset today. A a i do sements. A wardrobe a per difficulty keeping his feet. safety Council despite an in than Oft it no ago a ruling Milt Trade a 11 a a purchased Only at the Cost it former storm troop Mujer Rise tomorrow $.21 a. We anal appear Anre tour Worth said the magnate timing Egan Cousin Mart that had led persons thrown from their sail a a Denu. Re. A task a w us wot a Beata of a atts Rimmi Awuah. I Pras Roani Case Azikiwe Sac pour Cai us Tutu my former Shortr troop i sea ads Nauss fas i cat Al is ;