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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 6, 1953, Anniston, Alabama Truman miffed columnist Drew Pearson says former president Truman is Mif fed because of the treatment he received at the hands of president Eisenhower since the Republican administration moved in. See editorial Page. Wet Ermston a and up news vol. 71 no. 355 Quot your Home newspaper since 1882�?� Anniston Alabama. Sunday. September 6,1953 member a b c. And Nea notes Day night from 6 a. In. Toll p. In. Acc i p and a new is lashed Over station whoa. The stars final edition is pre entry each week Day at 4 p. In. The Star arrives sunday morning Long before breakfast time. 40c a week by Carrier White House Secretary prisoner Exchange ends by dulled statements in americans freed slate department chief is called to Denver for conference monday Denver sept. 5 or a the White House today sought to discourage speculation that Secretary of state John Foster Dulles had incurred president Eisenhower s displeasure by recent statements about the German election. Trieste and India. Dulles will Fly to Denver late tomorrow and Confer with the president monday. Murray Snyder assistant White paper Alliance who is Here cover Jap House press Secretary branded As ing Eisenhower. Story quoted Tullys Story said in part Quot or. Dulles was called it was Quot completely untrue Quot a published report that Eisenhower was Quot gravely concerned Quot about dulles1 Learned from an authoritative statements earlier this week con source because the president is Kerning the German voting and gravely concerned about the Sec Trieste. Rotary of states comments on the Snyder referred to a Story in the German election and the Trieste Rocky Mountain news Denver question. The president it was John Foster Dulles written by Andrew Tully a report Learned was displeased and a. Called to Denver or for the Scripps Howard news pc pensive when he first Learned of or. Dulles remarks. Then when angry reaction started coming in from the italian government and Adenauer s opponents he decided to Call or. Dulles Here to i Snyder said Dulles arranged the meeting with the president before his speech to Tho american legion convention in St. Louis wednesday and his Washington news Confer Adenauer is la fared Germany a Oles in crucial test an Man fined 55.349 for r4 traffic tickets Jerry Leverson deft listens open Mouth As he hears himself fined 55,349 for his collection of 84 traffic tickets. Ile was brought to speeders court in Chicago after being sought for Over a year by assistant states attorney Joseph Depka Center and states attorney John Gutknecht right who testified against him. The knee thursday. The White House cd a Raj Fri the find after viewing the warrants amassed under Leverson a own name and a Bonn Sun. Sept. 6 Germany elects a new lower spokesman mid do lies ask<�?~�1j0 assumed name. House of parliament today with pro Western Chancellor Konrad Sec to in Sov Adenauer expected to emerge victorious from the crucial voting t�01 i Ai wlm a Oil nday i the Stormy Campaign which closed last night was marked by asked about attitude communist attempts to sabotage the elections with violence and a Snyder was asked flatly whether tempest stirred up by charges that Eisenhower was Quot gravely concern a a w 0 Secretary of state John fostered Quot about what Dulles has been i to \lltllori7es dues and tried 10 interfere in saying. I Hopes dashed thousands in per fort s Crew reported among final group of repatriates from wire reports Panmunjom. Sunday sept. 6�?the big Exchange of korean War prisoners ended Here today As the communists returned 111 americans including american officers alleged to have confessed to germ warfare charges and the Crew of a b-29 bomber. The final group included Marine la . Frank Schwabel highest ranking american officer a alleged to have confessed to a waging germ warfare in Korea. Communist newsmen disclosed that the Crew of an american super fort w As among the returnees. The reds had charged this Spring that the b-29 was shot Down Over China across the Yalu River Border. The last of the prisoners were not turned Over to the allies until German politics. I done to know the presidents motorists Jam nations highways but traffic fatalities running Low As 33.000.000 germans prepared feelings concerning the statements i Ross a s. 8 off Kin of Loral nurse is among i aint group four alabamians including the Nephew of a memorial Hospital nurse were among the last americana repatriated in the final Exchange of prisoners of War at Freedom Village last night. Gaining free Dom were maj. John j. Dunn Nephew of mrs. James l. Carter of Anniston and husbands of the former miss Catherine Wilson now of Philadelphia. Ile was a member of the 24th division. Maj. Walter r. Harris is my husband of mrs. Eur i Usu ii vote m us elections that May made by Secretary Dulles Quot Snyder i make or break the Western defense said. Quot he has not stated them to re ill Piv total of accidental death listed Aell Alliance Adenauer pledged to keep anyone i know Here in j ill i i cell it vol . I Sil a _ a. Ran recovery the country firmly on the Side of asked whether the president m i Lute saturday nit i a toll a it the West if he is returned to Power might have expressed an opinion a v by United press Quot this european policy will be on Dulles statements to someone to in. I sol a i to motorists jammed the nations highways saturday heading Genia m. Harris of birding million appropriation proved not Only to be in line with m Washington Snyder said he did a a toward open country for the labor Day Holiday but the number Ham. A member of vhf 323, i a. In la Imp a a nitty German reunification but also will not know but he said it was Quot in i i lip i of deaths in traffic accidents appeared to be fewer than expected mag 12. A a <1 i p ill a Iii err n y he pm a he said in a recorded accurate Quot to give the impression seventy six persons were listed As dead in traffic. Eight others . Andrew j. Evans. Jr., action to deliver radio Inte Niew. That Quot someone had Access to the a drowned five died in air plane crashes and eight in miscellaneous husband of mrs. A. J. Evans. Policy attacked Denver. Sept. 5 i p a Presl but Erich Mollenhauer Leader Dent Eisenhower made an a enter the socialist opposition which rip statements recalled j a in \1 Ai id n t a May of $45. Ped into Dulles pro Adenauer state principally responsible for pro 000,000 for Iran to help the new moots sharply attacked Adenau tests from abroad were Dulles. In traffic from 6 p. In. Friday government of that country restore Eros foreign policy. Statements that the failure of the Jacksonville a announce to Midnight monday. Almost six internal stability and develop a in a recorded interview he Adenauer government to win the it it it was made yesterday that persons would have to be killed healthy Economy. Warned Quot this policy of building West German elections might in jactg0nviie state College is trans every hour to reach that total. P ii shortly alter the a s. Fund was up strength carries with it the risk danger reunification of Germany. Fernung Extension centers to the the actual rate was fewer than i i u Iii be t up for Iran. Moscow radio an of further increasing tension in the and also that this country was co Efie Campus and in the future three an hour. Flounced Russia had reached a International situation without give open minded on the question of we evening sessions there generally perfect Holiday weath s Quot Quot Trade agreement with the new Iran ing the German people More be whether Trieste should be returned on m0nday and thursday. Or lured pleasure seekers to the in government which will a greatly to Italy. Roil u c. L. rotary president president. View. And a. Giving Koffi ration for full to not a a at Danu Tor an Oveis of his views. J. A a a a my a 4.1 All total of 97 accidental deaths. Of a i the National safety Council a in i of of i estimated 440 persons would die 1 1 111 Ull Llu in held Mont Lay and thursday to veer away Tan _ increase Quot Exchange of goods Between the two countries. Registration for the fall semester a pen to i 1 a Lari a numbers. Last minute prediction a the the president met for 45 min on Thul s Lay am Frt 20 Hurt in rash Ere Campaign closed were that Aden utes this morning with James c. Lon in Graves Ballat Twenty persons were injured the Moscow radio gave no de Auer s c Hristian democrats would Dunn. U s. Ambassador to Spain. Jacj Sonve frown 6 30 t0 9 p m saturday in a single Accident in cent popular who reported on the status of . Cast Sui by Ein on thursday which 16 automobiles piled in ninja lashed by a Gravy wind a Tirri cd use Jinni Atlantic tails of the soon i mum agree get a 34 to 38 per men but coupled the announce vote and would be Strong enough negotiations for an undisclosed _ ment with propaganda attacks on to form another right of Center co number in air bases in Spain. The United state s. Anition government. I Nixon to see mus it Sadegh overthrown the soviet Iran agreement grew up on . Buchanan due to head rotary club local atm Nesenman to fill unexpired term of colonel Aldrup c. L. Buchanan one of the com to 50 a in. <8 50 p m. Saturday Unity s civic leaders has been est. Then they passed through elected president of the Anniston Freedom Gate ending the historic rotary club to fill the unexpired Exchange. Term of . Earl we Aldrup. Hopes Are dashed i colonel Aldrup elected to head More than 3.imm americans were the club last Spring has received jr., of Montgomery a member of the 58th fighter Bomher Ming. 1st la Jack m. Tailor husband of mrs. Jack Taylor of Selma a member of the 6147th Tao. Contr. Squadron. A Complete list of All prisoners from the Southern area released last night is carried on Page 2 of today s Anniston Star. Hamilton. Bermuda sept. 5 17, and will he held every the Jersey Turnpike. Police said up a Giles and mountainous sets monday and thursday evening at the crash apparently occurred buffeted Bermuda tonight but it Fri a during 33 Days of Quot opera notice from the army that he is disorders threatened i Dunn later told reporters he was a Ltd it thereafter through the seines when several fivers Mowe Jud appeared islanders would be Tion big switch Quot but the end of Tang transferred this month to the socialists generally were sex Quot very optimistic Quot about a Success Ion which ends on Jan. 29. Denly due to poor visibility the fury of Hurricane the Exchange dashed the Hopes of Texas. Oui of Trade talks in Tehran in ported to win second place again Ful and prompt conclusion of the e. Baskin Wright director of the by .n-f�?�1 11 ill Quot r0r in a Marly 8 000 american families now commanding officer of All july and August and was reached Tuth about 29 per cent and to re air base negotiations with the evening session stated i new Memphis forecasters at the Island s Wrath who have relatives listed at nist0n ordnance depot he will be sept 3 Moscow said. I his made Mam in opposition in the new Bun Franco government. College had been operating extern couple was injured when the Bride or station predicted the for nge of missing in action come commander of red River it appear the russians managed to de Stag lower House it Eisenhower will Confer later next Sun centers at Anniston and pied mrs. Patricia Requeno of Dayton the tropical storm would sideswipe the men accused by the reds Argenas at Texarkana Texas. Deaf with new Premie r Kamiah the Campaign closed with week with vice president Richard moot for the past four years. These o lost control of the car while the isl d bringing Only Moder of waging germ warfare came of gained Zahedi after talks were started new threats of communist disorder. M Nixon who will visit Denver centers will he transferred to the trying lately High winds. Back to free loin a a by Only one or p a was elected with then Premier Mohammed hundreds of soviet zone trouble briefly. Colte a can up Fuk and Bruse they said the hurricane1 Quot Eye Quot a Ute Nan smile i and out pc by in the 4 Mossadegh. Makers were reported massed on the White House tried to give realer service is aim cuts and bruises. Would pass to Westward. Happily to Marinaj cd of directors. Shed 1 overture w Mossadegh last the Iron Curtin Frontier. West the impression that the Dulles con or. Wright pointed out that this Lenne see officials went All Outt curve expected reception ten or. Be manager of the Anniston month and immediately appealed Germany mobilized its too too Man Ference would be relatively routine change is being made primarily to save lives during the Holiday. Atlantic storm third and Gray faced As it from Long indoor go re of the j c Penney co or for economic Aid from major a police Force and 4 500 000 Young but the fact that it was scheduled to give greater service to i hey had All state hoopers patrol worst 0j the season was moving confinement. Buchanan has Long identified him Lions. Volunteers to protect the polls for labor Day normally not a Boun and neighbouring counties in my roads and posted National the North Northwest at 15 Schwabel and e w self with the civic life and Progress agreement foreseen 1 the polls Are open from 8 a in. Working Day at the White House running the off Campus centers. Guardsmen in jeeps with live and to Jug Deg an hour. However it colonels in the fir it p1 q a a Anniston. Rum was known to be striving cd a nest until 6 p m. Mid left reporters covering Eisenhowe the number of College hours give let live Quot placards at Busy inter t0 by a slow a looking Straign a Ais a native of Texas and a friends with the new Nicht est. Some results will be Eros summer setup somewhat cur in students had to be limited but sections. Nevertheless three per h Northeast tomorrow appeared undisturbed by me com a>s0ciaukj most has bugs a a ways. The North motion caused by their arrival. Be amp a be Wuh the others Are listed in the following trucks the 40 is Odd residents a record breaking heat wave still tourists Here had taken All. Canada was moving in to put it winds of up to 90 Miles an hour see storm. Rage 2, . I expected to make friends with the new night est. A a a iranian regime and such a Trade known tonight. Loos. With the classes operating As an sons died on tin state s highways away from agreement had been predicted As one Issue cited the president after the Dunn integral part of the College Resi it Hie weekends first 2u hours. Aint it can Mainland. The soviets gesture of help to the the election Battle was fought meeting and a Large amount of dance credit will be Given Tor All Cool air moves in poverty stricken Iran government. On one great issues for or against paper work went to the Cherry work taken v White House announcement pro Western Adenauer and his pol Hills country club for an afternoon another reason he continued is a Aid Eisenhower set up the fund Jay 0f rearming Germany in a1 of Golf. That a number of courses in science for Iran in response to urgent a Hance with the West. I earlier today the president re and in theve us us it als fur As stance Quot from the re an Adenauer Victory would to revived heat treatments by his Phy could not in offered in the Cen v a 1 a gently restored Shah. A it hot in the Arni to the ailing eur Simian or. Howard m. Snyder. A see Csc Page 2, . 7 j be motorists age of. 3> a or. Eisenhower acknowledges of Jean army scheme. His defeat that there is a great peed for in would be a great moral Victory immediate assistance to restore a f0r the russians. The communists measure of stability and establish were hopelessly weak in votes but a foundation of greater economic they were straining every Effort development for All the people of 0 sabotage an Adenauer Victory. Iran Quot tin announcement said. J troops ready the Shah of Iran asked for Finan Green uniformed West German annal help from any a Friendly Quot Frontier defense troops with Armor country about two weeks ago after de car and trucks patrolled the. A Royal coup had overthrown his Border to head off any invasion and maj. Roy Bley and its. Firm w Hose store he operates Here. or. Buchanan first lived in Anniston in the late 1920s and Early lingered along the Atlantic sea cautions after forecasters warned siege by of Tunisi 3?�?T ssh 1 he v As also Mimir of bushmen held Quot Wowch writer that full by u Ane Force Gan to have Quot confessed Quot for others Hope is killed a a wonderful news Anniston w Oman Gomes at last told Kin is free a he went to Chatta to the ust of germ wait Are. Sooga tenn., where he directed the inned nations and the com the Penney store in that City for munits had agreed to end the sex a number of years change today but a a Hippo it a a i in 1949 following the remodelling communist prisoners was delayed and enlargement of the Anniston by weather and it was believed but Mes it i returned with his fam tilt reds would by deliver by and again has taken a vigorous monday. Part in local affairs the United nations warned the tenure ends july i communists it had lists of a num Joe is now chairman of the Cit Ber of Allied prisoners who have advisory recreational coun not yet returned and said if they cd a trustee of memorial Hospital Are not freed today Quot we shall ask and Active in work of boy scouts for an explanation Quot Myca red Cross and a wide 283 extra released Imge of Community organizations. The lists apparently were com tenure us president of the enemy Premier Mossadegh. Attempt from East Germany. The. Quot a a tvs a Quot \ a West German police were equipped m Cody Hall she now makes her Home in Phila when the reporter identified her Flemings father was e la Lff tit lid with radio cars. Fire hoses and pow Vyn Clin handing movie thriller Delphia where she a been waiting nephews s outfit a the 34th regt., year age i tins month in an a u o.1 my a us _ Erful five barrelled water Van in Quot n a a a Entje Tith Lite is Max for Here a one a of the lox. Of the 24th . Quot that of Mobil wreck on the . Name brought Back but he tar huh will end next july i. For dec aft Clear and Cool Sun mounted on trucks to break up night brought Quot wonder captured and the last to be in Kerful High sunday 83. Not with Man flattening squirt. Fuir Newa to mrs. James l. Car leased. I but As the prisoner Exchange Hope. However aued to 12.752. Must other officers of the club Are Charles j. Crews Dis of than South koreans it includes h. O. Tittel vice president americans and 24 More Murphy Cole the communists w Ith Only a few were reported doing their Day. Highest temperature this Date 103 in 1925, lowest temperature votes this Date 32 in 1934. Best to elect their bos Max re i or 24 hours ending at 230 p a Maun in the Ruhr steel City of yesterday Solingen West German officials highest temperature 77 degrees heard reports the hods would to lowest temperature 66 degrees to run in ten of thousands there rainfall .07 inches. Sunset today to vote on out of town ballots 603 p. Sunrise tomorrow 5 21 something permitted under the a. In. Barometer falling. German electoral setup. Freed prisoners when colonel Aldrup term would has faded for today group raises the number Bave concluded Anniston memorial Hospital repatriation for the major ends ended last night Hope and despair James. Koreans it includes u o Tittel vice one of the longest imprisonments still existed in other Homes in this son. Pvt. Charles j i Rew Dis of Themi by path koreans h. O. P a u j ing hours of the last sex of any of the pow yet released area where the Long awaited news in Hajj Quot britons than promised but it fell Alexander treasurer and the clones of War saw and brings release and Joy again tailed to comic t a a i a. A in. A Short of Allied Hopes and sex lowing directors Allan Draper deflation. Red Smith jew King 111, Home John j. Dunn who had been miss Hope even though they never asked to watch Tor on Ira use 27iti there were no accurate figures Roberts and Wilfred Tia Braith Ter nurse. The change loth i 00 americans died in notorious Jimd Viire sir ii i word ump 5 at a Yoktone �0 at Camp a i is a i another too at the mining in tvs a m the return of a her Nephew. Major to a family which never gave up of 13 men me Roar a. Aren. A even though they never asked to watch for on the list or. Trew Ura a incur ing since Lite very beginning of the heard directly Tom him. Of exponent Only five have been a i a a a a a a Gued j Sald about Var without nov official word of to and his Wilt wine in Japan returned by Tho communists a a -144 1 a a a a it 7dea?h. When ii tarted Quot mrs. Cartel Ltd. Hath a. Been reported by the my. Norm. Brown of Iso e but a. The Good new. Came to a and he was flown Over to Korea communist As St. She has been wading for mrs could my in this mrs said lung Dir ih433imb sax a a a notice of the major s release. Listed As a prisoner of War by the Ort p. Fleming son of mrs. K. La Mil Gurnee ave Quot of i done to know How i feet a communists. Fleming of Eastaboga re 2. For mrs. Dunn an army nurse re i be never heard a Catherine. Maine in Japan until late in 1950 him since Atherine if the former miss when she finally returned to the Mother said last night United Staten. Moville vet Ion delayed local stores set 0,1 cities vie to Holiday monday House action on a Senate apr _ a a proved local civil service Bill was Anniston stores will be closed held Over again last week the All Day monday in Observance of Anni. R a Uei Alt a press reported yester-1 labor Day the chamber of com played to her the associated press the fires of Hope. Dunn was be Dave. And the controversial measure Meree has announced. Is still on the House Calendar. Next wednesday they will cancel the proposal came up Tor House the afternoon closing and remain she cried action a week ago last tuesday open All Day. The wire service said. Hut has been drug stores will open tomorrow ova sgt. N l Ard husband of mrs. Ursine Rick a Hen word about Ard of Jacksonville pvt been mis ing 1 his Buckner Nephew of mis but i be Oliver of 623 Palmetto ave circuit judge Leslie longshore yesterday signed a writ of certiorari ordering the Anniston civil service Board to bring up a record in a hearing of charges against demoted Pollee t turf j la Hick Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor arrived peek the latter x attorney taut today to Greet some of the signing of the writ gears the to tit m Ament who wore freed it we a for Ai. Oppem to the devlm4� John s exe Bange of he three member based Tahah sgt each new group told Stone found the former chief guilty of if some unexpected charges lodged out mrs. Or be hot old Over since that time at the at i of clock in the afternoon and Catherine Wilson whose Parent i no Ted mat -. Caid ust can i give a Quot wonderful fag 2, . 2 a sea pos. A a a i Tai ii a Krail make Theu Home in cold a inti min sin. Cafier Saia just i Tau v us. I to quit. I 01 Cli cat Gale. Eur Upu Usu o Iii ;