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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - September 5, 1973, Anniston, Alabama I Abr Anniston tar wednesday september 5. 1973 hippies attempting to get organized new York a remember the hippies those agents of chaos of the 1960s? Well they re alive and trying a new tact organization but As the song says it done to come easy. Take this eight o clock at night on a Street in the East Village and 16 people Are waiting for a meeting of the youth International party Yip. The old revolutionary Fervour abounds. There is a lot to talk about High school recruitment new protest actions. The clock drags past the scheduled starting time. Quot hey when Are they going to open up someone asks. No answer. Much foot shuffling a few people Drift off Quot Don t look at it As 16 people look at it As one 500.000th of the City s says David Spaner an undaunted 23-year-old organizer from Vancouver More foot shuffling then comes the word there will be a further delay somebody lost the key to the building. So much for organization on this night. So much perhaps forever. The hippies were dreamed up Back in 1967 by Paul Krassner. De Sanders Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin it was to be a Quot non existent organization according to Krassner. For the growing coalition of psychedelic dropouts and new left activists. Four Beautiful new houses left in Glenndale a or Cha financing visit from 5 to 6 . \ i Wist i a i 0� South Noah stir Tui Nham a fwd Yum we tossup the main commitment however. Was to the Art of the Luton. Theatrical stunts like dropping dollars on the floor of the new York Stock Exchange won headlines. Next came the democratic National convention in Chicago. Before the blood there was a Quot threat to put Ltd in the City s water Supply Young people recognized the satire authorities scurried to guard the reservoirs. Then came the Chicago conspiracy trial and the hippies moved from theater to circus. But Hoffman and Rubin the Best known Yip strategists have been ousted As spokesmen for the group Hoffman was arrested in new York last week and charged with Selling cocaine to undercover police agents. And Yip has moved from a Small spontaneous Core group to a honeycomb of cells in different cities across the country guided by relatively unknowns. With the High pitch of the 1960s Long gone the hippies Are struggling to survive they Lack Money and Media coverage. The latter is a serious setback to a group dedicated to actions tailored meticulously for Tele Vison cameras. Quot my personal evaluation of the scene is that without Strong personalities Yip is going to said a. J Weber Man disgruntled Yippie and self proclaimed Bob Dylan expert. Who has Analysed the mighty by sorting through their garbage. Quot they re Anonymous Over there. They re failing to capture Peoples interest the interest of intellectuals College students rolling Stone the 28-year-old Weberman went on a what we need is an Angle. I Don t believe in just standing on a Street Corner giving out the current National organizer of Yip is Dana Beal 26. Who was a Radical Leader in the Village in 1967 charged with dealing in marijuana and so in 1968, he went underground for two and a half years. During that time he organized Yip chapters in cities such As Vancouver and Milwaukee As Well sunday school leadership conference thursday sept 6�?7 00 . Twenty second Street Baptist Church sponsored by Cal Bap Assoc. Conferences state approved Leader general officers John Sawyer adults. Charles de Howell youth. Miss Lane Carter older children m la Bennie Denton younger amp Middle children miss Lillie Falkenberry older preschool m in Charles Hallam younger 6r Middle preschool mrs Charles de Howell Ray Ronald or Assoc National bundt director Nursery provided Skyway i Mui it open 6 45 shown of dusk rated r he was Bestmann before during and after the wedding. Starts tonight first Anniston showing ii i Ioas the first National Yip action a 1970 marijuana smoke in. He was picked up in 1971 and he served ten months in jail. Released before the 1972 conventions he helped Lead demonstrations in Miami where he Tom Forcade and others broke with Hoffman and formed the hippies. They complained that Hoffman and Rubin endorsed Democrat George s Mcgovern and cancelled their demonstrations out from under them. A i look at myself As a custodian. But i m too stoned to do a Good Job we need people that the Media can focus on. Somebody to get said Beal adding that collective leadership May be the Only Way to survive bad times to Beal the Yip goal is to fight for a a freaks a rights and to work for personal Freedom. This years fight has been full of pro marijuana and anti a xon actions. A we re committed to neither violence or non violence at this stage we re committed to said Beal son of a Michigan historian Beal foresees the next protest Issue for freaks As an economic erne Quot we were always plugged into experiential reality. We could go from a struggle against police and repression to a struggle for food a he said. The focus of the hippies these Days is their National paper a the hipster they Alan bean Champion of space space Center Houston apr skylab 2 commander Alan l bean today became the world Champion of space flight logging More time away from planet Earth than any other Man. At 6 09 . Edt bean surpassed the Mark of 49 Days 3 hours 37 minutes set by a longtime Friend astronaut Charles Conrad or. The new Mark was set while bean was in a scheduled sleep period As the space lab soared Over Japan Conrad recorded his time on four space missions a geminis 5 and la. Apollo 12 and As commander of the first skylab flight. Bean a 41-year-old Navy Captain has flown two missions. He walked on the Moon with Conrad on Apollo 12 and is in the 40th Day aboard the skylab station with 19 More to go bean s record which eventually will exceed 69 Days could stand unchallenged for several years after the eight week skylab 3 Mission later this year the United states plans no More Long duration space trips until the 1980s bean and his skylab 2 Crew mates or. Owen k. Garriott and Jack r Lousma earlier set the single Mission endurance record breaking skylab i s Mark of More than 28 Days. The schedule for the record setting Day was filled with medical solar astronomy and Earth resources experiments. On tuesday the astronauts relayed live television pictures of Delta to Mission control As that Tropic Al storm blew ashore on the Texas Gulf coast and lashed the space Center with heavy rain and High winds w ind gusts of More than 60 Miles per hour were recorded at the Center but there was no damage to facilities or to the nearby Homes of the three astronauts. Describing Delia Lousma said Quot she s a Breezy lady. She s pulled herself together after having a hard time Riak my up her mind where to go. You can see it s taken on a Nice circular pattern Quot loneliness Moss furniture ended for oldsters a wire photo Spaner left and Beal with paper. Claim big jump in circulation a mtg us Osani Looman Mvi Utti Homs want a on a a Mai Auman m Jian to sch second feature r meet Cousin Zeb sister sue Uncle Luke and Cousin Trisha All the Loving claim circulation of the 25 cent monthly paper has jumped from 1.000 to 15,000 in less than a year. Beal said the paper is supported by donations noting that John Lennon and Yoko Ono Are among contributors. The party also claims 30 accredited chapters across the country with others in the works. Beal estimates hardcore membership at 500 to Forcade. A member of the let underground press Syndicate said members Are Quot sex weather people old White panthers and others a a pot the Yip Home office is in the East Village Down the Block from the hell s Angels apartment. On a Street where children play around the bodies of fallen winos. The tiny hot dark office is above a Darker Danker two room basement with Bare Ora tresses. Rats Roaches stacked newspapers and a Shower stall with a View a a gaping Hole to the Alley above. When it Rains the apartment floods. It is Home for four Yip workers imported from Boulder colo., Vancouver Brooklyn and Columbus Ohio to work on the paper their spirits Are High. Quot people expected a revolution overnight in 1970,&Quot said Steve a 23-year old from Columbus. A a but revolution is a Long process. The government is feeling the kicks we gave them in the 1960s a they even try to see the apathy today As a Good sign it s progressive that people Don t care they re open to the left or the right so if we can get our act together. A said David from Vancouver. A right now. New York Yip is like a big Boulder sitting on a Bill waiting to get pushed Down. Theres More potential than actual activity Quot said David 18, who was kicked out of High school in the tenth Grade for leading an attack on military recruiters who came to the Boulder colo., Campus when the key to the building was found and the meeting finally got underway that night there were 12 people on hand Beal and his girl Friend in or Man and his girl Friend the four workers and four newcomers. One older Man mouthed phrase like Quot delusions of capitalism which seemed to be his version of Joe sent >016/ but it did no to work. He wore a headband out of style and a Boston Blackie Mustache out of style and in the end Weberman thought he was a spy the Agenda included subjects which sounded like a Tri his meeting Untone themes finance and upcoming articles for tin paper from the Young workers came a barrage of organization talk about meetings and interim meetings and publicity outreach programs for High schools a Kinfolk i the closest of Kin color released by Clover films All you care to eat Spaghetti Plain or meat sauce includes salad and garlic bread is 39 i Pius tax every tuesday and wednesday 4-10 pm it pizza Koy 831-6666 a i carry outs to extra Quot these Are Nixon times. All the kids want to do is get High Quot said Weberman. Who was ready for action not meetings. Quot How Long has it been since you were in High school Quot countered teen aged David. They finally focused on food actions possibly a Quot feed in at a supermarket to protest food prices. A a Hight we Don t steal the food we stand there and eat it in the store you can to get busted for shoplifting unless you take the merchandise outside Quot said Weberman. Getting enthusiastic. However his face paled when his own favorite supermarket is chosen As a possible target. As the talk droned on Beal periodically turned to a Quot Galaxy science fiction Magazine the meeting ends with nothing definite decided except that one of them could take a Small fan Home for the night Beverly Hills Fla a after a lonely widow committed suicide the Developer of this Small retirement Community vowed to do something about it. A loneliness killed her Quot says Developer Sam Kellner. Quot i made up my mind right then it would never happen so Kellner founded the suicide prevention Bureau which offers a place for old people to while away the lonely hours gossiping and playing cards. He named the place the Friendship club staffed it with a hostess and installed a 24-hour hot line for emergency Calls. Hostess Betty Ward said the club is limited to widows widowers and unmarried senior citizens who live in the Community of 6.000 Quot they plan dances outings and sometimes dinner parties Quot she said. Quot i look Forward to coming Here every said Sadie o Leary 75. Frank Vietje who moved to Beverly Hills from Huntington n y., last november after his wife of 42 years died. Said. Quot id just be sitting Home looking at four Walls if there Wasny to this place to come Kellner said the Community where the Homes Are in the $15,-000 to $30,000 Price Range was planned especially Quot for the poor person the Man who works All his life and after 40 years the Boss gives him a Gold watch. 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