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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Anniston, Alabama Anniston Oxford take wins Wellborn dropped of 8�?T sunny skies due sunny skies and mild temperature will continue throughout the weekend with a High of 70 today and 75 sunday. Tonight s Low will be 37. See Complete weather on Page 2. The Anniston Futar member Abc and Nea a your Home newspaper since 1882�?T a and up news news Day night from 6 a m. Toll ., Abc a and local news is flashed Over station whoa. The Star s final edition is presented each weekday at 4 The Star arrives sunday morning Long to fore breakfast time. Vol. 84, no. 44 12 pages i Section Anniston Alabama saturday october 30, 1963 10c daily 20c sunday 50c a week by Carrier testers Enro Ute to South vote watchers due 12 areas from wire reports Washington a Federal examiners were on their Way to 32 More deep South counties today under orders from atty. Gen. Nicholas Deb. Katzenbach to Speed registration of negro voters before next years primary elections. Acting Aper complaints from civil rights leaders that he was moving too slowly to enforce the new voting rights act Katzenbach deplored slowdown tactics of Southern officials. He sent examiners to South Carolina for the first time and listed additional counties in Mississippi. Alabama and Louisiana where he has found interference with registration of negroes. They will open their offices Early next week. Warning is Given in an implied warning to other Southern voting officials the attorney general said a in evaluating compliance with the voting rights act we look for full compliance a not Only the suspension of unlawful literacy Testa but the provision of reasonable Access to new a where masses of unregistered citizens Are seeking to Register for the first time local registrars must take the necessary Steps to meet this new demand promptly marines Stop assault kill 56 Viet Nam reds a a Mac Mctroy photo goblins ready for Outing tonight these and other Little a a goblins will Call on Anniston residents offering the ultimatum a trick or treat a As halloween celebrations will be noted throughout the City. These a a spooks Are the children of or. And mrs. Claude Kitchin. Disobedience hit Hoover takes Jab at King by United press International Nom York site for u. S. Rally new York apr a massive demonstration of support for american fighting men in Viet Nam was being marshalled today on new Yorkus fifth Avenue. A turnout of 50.000 to 100.000 was estimated by leaders of the i March. Five holders of the medal of Honor the nations highest military decoration Are grand marshals for the demonstration billed As an answer to the anti Viet Nam protests two weeks ago. Parade new evidence the Parade was new evidence of swelling support for . Policy in Viet Nam elsewhere other signs of support appeared particularly on the College Carisia. The new York March has the a wire photo counties Are listed a. ,. It civil service commission Fri director j. Edgar Hoover indirectly took another verbal Quot a Kink 0. A chairman John w. Macy said swipe at negro Leader Martin Luther King jr., today. Writing Quot a Ner Ana Ine t ounce 11 his examiners will set up shop in the november Issue of the of big a Law enforcement bulletin. The november in the designated offices Early Hoover said civil disobedience next week to begin listing Voiers a the favorite weapon of civil immediately. Rights demonstrators a will the new counties Are Jeffer make the nations crime Ion Neshoba. Hinds de Soto. Problem worse and Lead to Holmes and Walthall in missis anarchy. Sippi a Tauga. Elmore and Hoover did not mention any Greene in Alabama Claren names but King is the chief sex Don and Dorchester in South potent of civil disobedience to Carolina and West Feliciana in protest what he considers in Louisiana. Just Laws. Ordered South Friday was the a this doctrine is based on fifth and biggest group of . The startling theory that if one examiners dispatched since the does not agree with a Law and voting rights act became Law believes it to be morally Unin August. It brought to 32 the just he May disregard it to number of counties where achieve a particular objective Quot examiners have helped negroes Hoover wrote Register a 15 in Mississippi to effects Are noted in Alabama 5 in Louisiana and the a a frightening a effects of 2 in South Carolina. This theory Hoover said Are a. A a contempt for Law and order and. Pride in lawbreaking a and the snowballing of such Dis obedience into an a anarchic Hoover clashed with King earlier this year Over Fri activities in the South and called the Atlanta civil rights Leader Montgomery Ala. Apr a the most notorious liar in Lowndes county officials have the been ordered by a Federal judge 55,000 signed up to allow Justice department at the u. S. Civil service com tourneys Access to Many of the Mission reported Friday that county a jury records. Federal examiners have Regis at a Brief hearing Here Fri tired More than 55,000 negroes Day . 5th circuit court of in 19 counties in Alabama mis appeals judge Richard t. Rives Sis Sippi and Louisiana. The a granted the motion by Federal airliners were sent into attorneys for permission to sex areas 67 Days ago. I a Amine and copy the records in Miami authorities Friday Rule bares jury flutes is cosponsored by City councilman Matthew j. Troy or. And the new York journal Ameri can. Among those scheduled to participate Are veterans groups labor and fraternal organizations youth and student associations and a number of hungarian a Freedom silent Vigil held a a silent Vigil against the Viet Nam War will be held at the same time by several peace organizations in times Square. In Memphis tenn., the intercity Council of College students has adopted the men of the 1st brigade of the 101st airborne division now in Viet Nam. The Council representing six colleges and 20.000 students will act As a Clearing House for gifts to servicemen in Viet Nam. I a 30-foot Telegram from More than 2.000 students and faculty members a Marquette University Milwaukee wis., has been sent to american troops in vie Nam in support of their efforts the Telegram Cost $800 and each signer chipped in a minimum of 40 cents. At Provo Utah Brigham Young University students apply nned March in support of John a position. The City com. ,. J _ a Mission granted a permit to a he Sot and her Boyfriend. Pat no students and mayor Verl Dixon gent of Waukegan 111., Are said a i support you tut spending the weekend at the seventy Honolulu High school ranch amid unconfirmed pupils Are spearheading a hawaiian drive to have ear ii new York qty lass Winner new York City a Colette Agnes Daiute Center Friday night was crowned miss teen age America of 1966 in Dallas. Miss Charlotte n. C., left Cynthia Anne Byrum was first runner up and miss Detroit Judy Jacobs right was second runner up. The wide eyed 16-year-old Beauty was the favorite of fellow contestants. Commission to eve problem la britishers rules out military intervention Salisbury Rhodesia apr prime minister Harold Wilson ruled out British military intervention in Rhodesia today As the two governments announced a Royal commission would examine the problem of Independence for the British Colony. The announcements came be Luci a in a a ii Johnson. A to Rodin g planned visit stirs speculation Johnson City Tex. A eighteen year old Luci which they plan to use in con confiscated secret files of the p01"18 the it a Here ,0 see Pup l Send a postcard to a . Section with a suit in which the Florida Kun flux klan during president and mrs. Johnson s iceman in Viet Nam before have intervened the arrest of grand dragon permission to marry. Christmas. The suit originally filed in Charles b Riddlehoover on the reports were said to have in Springfield. Mass. The August by several Lowndes charges of illegal Possession of come from a longtime family american International College county negroes seeks to have firearms by a convicted Felon Friend in Austin Tex., but White chapter of Young americans for fore Wilson a scheduled departure for London after a week of talks with prime minister Lan Smith. At a news conference Wilson said a period of time was needed before the african majority Rule could Desia. This several victims in teens by Ronald i. Deutsch Saigon South Viet Nam apr . Marines using pistols and fighting hand to hand from their tents beat off a a human wave assault by the Viet Cong in the Early morning darkness today to Miles Southwest of Danang. A . Military spokesman said 56 Viet Cong Many of them teen agers were killed. He described casualties among the 300 marines As moderate. One Marine squad however was badly mauled. Two of its 14 men were killed and the rest wounded the spokesman said. Camp is mortared the Viet Cong also mortared the . Special forces Camp at plei me in the Central Highlands and launched a flurry of new assaults in the Mekong Delta. A 13-year-old boy was among the Viet Cong dead at Danang. Marines said he had been Selling soft drinks to americans in the area and they found drawings of key . Installations on his body. A we dropped a lot of Viet Cong with pistols a said sgt. Harry dowdy of Salisbury my. A they came right up to our holes. We fired at a Range of to assault is second the assault by an estimated too Viet Cong from a Force of 400, was the second against marines in the Danang area since thursday when a Viet Cong suicide squad infiltrated the Marble Mountain air facility and destroyed and damaged 38 helicopters. Danang is the site of the big american air base 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The guerrillas broke through rho the Marine defense perimeter take Over in could not be Meas today and overran Bunker Post ured by Calendar time he auditions. After an hour s Battle the his remarks were reported by vet Cong broke and fled. Marines and vietnamese fanned out ii Pursuit. The South african press association. Solution seen possible he added that he believed a democratic solution of the rhodesian crisis was possible. The White rhodesian were under self delusion he said if they thought they could escape the consequences of any illegal action he said referring to the threat of a unilateral Independence declaration by Smiths a White minority government. By a a. Friday afternoon following a i thursday. After self youth found Safe by Jean Quillen Safe but sorry 14-year-old was returned to his Home a these not be underrated a the county jury commission in the documents stated that House spokesmen Here and in joined from practising what the klansmen could Only leave the Washington would not verify negroes called racial Dis Crimi group a feet them. Nation in jury selection. The suit later amended to include the episcopal society for cultural and racial Equality and several White ministers As plaintiffs and additional Lowndes county officials As defendants is to be heard nov. 26. Freedom will hold a demonstration in court Square in support of . Policy. Flames hit Hollywood set flames leap into the sky in Hollywood Friday night on the outdoor Western Street at Paramount studios. Waiters Scurry around quickly emptied tables in the foreground after guests at a party had to flee when the fire broke out causing $200,000 damage. Consequences should Wilson Disopa franc extensive area search by the announcement of a Royal a enforcement officers and commission took much of the interned friends sting out of the dispute Over Konoid Selff Sun of or and self Oxford it. 4, Rhodesia a future. Wilson and is y g Smith disagreed on the exact escorted to his Home at Apter a of reference of the com proximate in 3 30 . By or. Mil l Iii Kilt it the it i. J a Mcintyre a lans 3rd Lowndes showing Mission but it assured that talks Between Britain and Rhodesia would keep going. Declaration is unlikely and mrs. Harlan Clark of the new Birmingham Highway. The boy had been the object of an Are wide search by state $30 k fire destroys Mill at White Plains senator to see voting examiners fort Deposit Ala. A sen. Thomas Mcintyre d-n.h., planned his third appearance in Lowndes county in two Days town Ite Plains a the de Day. This time to observe Federal morning meeting with state atty. Gen. Richmond Flowers and a later meeting with gov. George Wallace followed by the two trips to Hayneville. In the first of those visits to Daniels. Tai of Thomas Coleman of Lin Alabama and decide later deputising local citizens and Hayneville who was cleared by whether to recommend Legisla later met in private with the a Lowndes county circuit jury Lien giving Federal courts Juris Rey. A. H. Bullard a Presby of a manslaughter charge Stem do Tion of cases involving crimes Terian minister. I Ming from the Shotgun killing of against civil rights workers. Friday night he returned to Mcintyre said that everyone Raysville at the invitation of Perdue he talked with in Hayneville had this would make a unilateral trocar and other Law in declaration of Independence by for Cement agencies since thurs Smith unlikely. Afternoon when he Drotoz a statement issued by the see youth Page of col $ rhodesian government said a the British government Sug imps de to the rhodesian govern victim ment the establishment of 3 Royal commission to Settle a 4 i Constitution and to determine it Rill ass Uli whether or not it was acceptable to the people of Rhodesia a Montgomery Ala. Ipi a whole. A Alabama atty. Gen. Rich a the rhodesian government mond Flowers was struck in rejected this but proposed in the Mouth by an unidentified Stead the appointment of a joint Man Friday night at a High Royal commission to decide Only school football game his aide the question whether or not the reported today. 1961 co institution with adjust George Linn said two men ments to make the country inde about 25 years of age. Assaulted he was Gar e. Hubbard feed Mill at voting examiners at work. Bite Plains was completely Mcintyre who is in Alabama the Lowndes county seat mein Mcintyre questioned Mutuc or a ecu we we u. Norn old inf Rudi Atiniz or ti�?1 ,h4j Fth. It As destroyed by fire Friday around on a self sponsored tour Konoid Tyre spent about two hours talk about the refusal of circuit been a very cooperative very. State1fr re l a us if Irvine Quot the same 4 30 pm mrs. Hubbard wife ering the possibility of mangling with local officials inspect judge t. Werth Thagard . I can sic they feel deeply committee members. Twos people of j x mar veiled 1 hey there or. Owner reported that civil rights killings a Federal of ing the Lowndes county jail. Grant a delay in the trial. The about these things investigators a it of payed Hun would consist of a Flowers a Linn said and held who would be sir wit his hand As if to shake of the owner reported that civil rights killings a Federal of ing the Lowndes county jail Grant a delay in the trial. The about these things investigators accompany eur Nim. 1 a the joint Drums of fuel near the Mill 1 Fen a was in Hayneville twice and visiting the Small grocery county prosecutor declined to the first person he attempted in addition to the two uniformed proposed burst adding to the Blaze. She Friday. Onre he talked to local Stere at which Jonathan Dan a Specular a on the matter Point to see on his arrival in Hayne St. To trooper who had acted chairman Maimu estimated the loss at the Mill officials and toured the scene of leis a White civil rights worker my out to the new Hampshire vile was sheriff Frank Raiv his escort during the Day. A i ?. A a e at around $5000 a civil rights slaying and later Fri a Keene n.h., was killed lawmaker who is also an actor but he was told that the sheriff speaking to about 50 persons of Khz the and extended his hand another neighbors assisted the family he spoke to about 50 negroes at Mcintyre had a lengthy Eon Ney that such decisions Are up wus out of town for the Day. Most of them Young negroes he sons. On up j _ 0. Re Mout in keeping water on the House a Church. Venation wed Lowndes county to the court. He then talked with s. M challenged his audience to a live rhodesian Tom Sward wild eau next to the Mill to protect it fonday was a Busy Day for the s licit or Carlton Perdue about Mcintyre told newsmen that Champion or. Clerk of the Board up to the responsibility of Good to he appointed. Lima i us or urn the lame. Senator beginning with a mid the trial and subsequent acquit he would appraise the situation of Revenue about the process of great american citizens. Gover rement. A big gift do a Tiv Lviv v in Rhodesia and two other per when Flowers turned around ;