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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 6, 1935, Anniston, Alabama The weather Alabama fair slightly cooler in North and Central portions sunday. Monday fair warmer in North portion. U. P. Leased wire report in in Teton in it tar issued Dally and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Nea feature service final edition vol. 53.�?no. 342. Cotton .10.70 Anniston Ala., sunday. Oct. 6, 1935. Fourteen cages today 5c a opy�?20c a week by Carrier Calhoun a Cotton Harvest May bring in million dollars ethiopians air Koko Farmers of county already n beginning to Market crop Here expecting $160,000 government benefits or fires first Ruhs crop of 13,500 Bales would result in $810,000 for Farmers Calhoun county a 1935 Cotton crop 6 now beginning to move to Market. With attendant government Pav flits will bring to Farmers of the county nearly a million dollars this i fall. Figure for the estimate were based i on the production in 1934, when approximately 13,500 Bales of Cotton were produced and on the Assumption that the crop would move at a payment of is cents per Pound which includes the differential payment guaranteed by the government. The Cotton crop. It it estimated will bring Ai it proximately $810,000, including the differential payment and the government benefits will to Al $160,000. Under the differential plan Hie government will pay Farmers the difference Between 12 cent per Juno and the average Price for at Day of the Sale. The average Price will be taken from prices of ten Cotton markets. It will be possible for the Farmer to receive More or less than 12 cents under the plan depending on the status of the Market where the Sale is made. If a Farmer Sells for to cents it was explained and the average is la cent his differential payment will be one cent per Pound. If he sell for la cents and the average is to cents his differential will by for two cents per Pound thus in reality giving him 13 cents per Pound. Participating in the differential benefits is equivalent to agreement to participate in the 1936 Cotton control program. 4 rental payments to Calhoun Farmers will amount to approximately �?�120.000 tins year and tile Pant. Payment Are expected to amount to around $40,000. Practically ail i armers of the county have received Thier first checks of the rental payment and the other checks Are expected to be received soon. The parity payment checks Are expected to be delivered around the first of a he year. Former president takes administration to task for huge debt Oakland. Cal., oct 5 Olp for me president Herbert Hoover formally opened the 1936 Republican presidential Campaign tonight with a slashing attack on new Deal financial policies and the direct charge that president Roosevelt would not have been elected in 1932 had the voters been Able to foresee the Quot now demonstrated principles of this or. Hoover spoke at a dinner in his Honor As titular head of the party Given by the Western states Republican convention at the Salish rites Cathedral. Stating that for the Brief period of i address he would confine himself to Quot this policy of deliberate spending of Public Money a Hoover stressed the following Points unemployment was steadily d creasing in 1932 when disclosure of proposed. New Deal policies Brough on the Bauk panic. The United states is the highest taxed country of any in the world except England and new taxes on the working class Are inevitable. Devaluation is the new Deal form of repudiation of debts. Coast port dead my Duwa crumbling t h i order us embargo Council s report shows Ethiopia was not the aggressor president Roosevelt recognizes state of War Between Italy Ethiopia suspect optimistic sanctions against Duce expected monday warns americans of risk involved Abyssinia invokes article 16 of league covenant in conflict Export of arms and munitions to belligerent nations is prohibited the ethiopian air Force of a single plane that is in fighting trim. Here a Robinson the Alabama negro aviator i pictured behind the machine gun mounted in the observers cockpit. He faces an Aerial version of Horatio at the Bridge in Italy a roaring squadrons attack. I is Al schools open to i doors tuesday plans monday drive annual teachers Institute to Charity organization to wheels of maritime Industry stilled by Lamaj Sheremen s strike be held at Mechanicsville monday Start $25,000 Cam. Pain november 5 san Francisco oct. 5. the maritime labor controversy held the san Francisco waterfront deadlocked tonight with Complete suspension of the great Pacific Harbor s Marine Commerce by monday apparently inevitable. The wheels of martime Industry virtually were stilled As employers and Union longshoremen came to doom to 36 elementary schools Geneva. Ort. A up the a a Ruf of nations Council took the first step today towards Pisigna Ting Italy As the aggressor in the ethiopian dispute thus preparing the War for Speed application of International penalties. Italy s resignation from the Lea gue was a infected to result if any but the Mildest Sanction or penalties Are imposed. The result of today a deliberations follow 1. Tile councils committee of 13, come rating All members except Italy published its report on the dispute. Holding Ethiopia guiltless of aggression and by implication censuring Italy. The report made Only one recommendations that hostilities cease pending a settlement. 2. The Council decided to vote formally on the report monday. Its adoption is considered certain since the membership of the committee of 13 and of the Council is identical. Penal cities expected 3. The Council approved appointment of a commute of six to designate the aggressor. When the committee reports on monday probably naming Italy a the aggressor application of penalties becomes automatic. The single recommendation of the committee of 13 was that Quot any violations of the covenant should be immediately brought to an end.�?T4 the committee reserved the right to make further recommendations when it considered them advisable. When the report was submitted to both Baron Romeo me Iii Iel definite plans for the 1966 com of Calhoun county will open Lor Munty Chest Appeal will be Shap the 1935-36 term tuesday followed monday night at a meeting of the Council ing the annual teachers Institute the advisory committee and sub Aloisus of Italy and Tecla Hawaryat which will be conducted monday committee chairmen it was an ethiopian Delegate sat at the table. At Mechanicsville school. Bounced saturday by e. C. Knowl Alois said he would submit the rein addition to the 36 schools ton director of the Campaign the port his government with the full three others will open Elemen meeting will open a 7 30 Oclock reservations and hoped to sub tary department Quot. They Are that at the Alabama hotel Mit Italy s observations on Monciv. Chee Alexandria and White Plains the Campaign will open novem Hawaryat also agreed to submit if Irris Over the Issue of Quot hot cargo where the High school classes have Ber 5 and the goal will be $25,000 to his government. Passenger ship sailing were can been operating since Early in sep a an increase Over last year be warlike preparations celled freighters Lay Idle at their Timber cause of increased demands on the Aloisi commented that the warlike docks and in the Harbor Stream. Miss Norma Smith of the state Chest a result of elimination of ethiopian preparations confirmed More than 2.000 Union members of department of education will be in the National program in behalf of measures taken by the italian the International longshoremen s charge of the Institute w hich is needy people. Forces could no longer be retarded association were without work held annually for general instruct transients cared for by the Quot Sal pm medially after Aloisius speech gang by gang the men were placed Lions to teachers and for Dis Tribu vation army and a Large Gro p of Juja Farjat read a n0 from Ethiopia on an employers suspended list Tion of materials record books Etc. Unemployable will be objects of do Jaring Italy the aggressor and c. C. Moseley superintendent of Petite Tai Ami it we stat demand Long , of article in. Anniston schools will deliver in a. Made Quot sch provides for economic and address before the Institute As a a go a military sanctions representative of the Alabama de the City of Anniston. The City nov cation association. Until scarcely a handful of Reg a tired Dock workers were left to handle cargoes. Washington. Ort. 5. Roosevelt late tonight officially recognised existence of a state of War Between Italy and Ethiopia and proclaimed an embargo on shipments of arms and munitions to both countries. Quot we Are compelled to re Corklic the simple and indisputable fact that italian and ethiopian forces Are engaged la combat and creating a state of War within the intent and meaning of the joint Resolution of Congress Quot the presidents statement said. The president warned that any americans who Volu tartly engaged in transactions of any character j with any belligerent Quot do so at their own the statement by the president announced by the state department Here tonight shortly after la o clock read As follows i Quot in View of the situation which has unhappily developed Between Ethiopia and Italy it has become my duty under the provision of the joint Resolution of Congress approved August 31, 1935, to Issue and i am today issuing my pro Ryan action making effective an embargo on the exportation from this country to Ethiopia and Italy of arms ammunition and implements of War. Tonight a proclamation of Muni lips. Arms and implements of War embargoed to the belligerent coun tries was identical in its categories with those of the previous proclamation issued by the president enumerating such materials. He quoted the Adas follows a whoever in violation of any of the provisions of this Section shall Export or attempt to Export or cause to be exported arms Amnuel Tion or implement of War from the United states or any of its possessions shall be fined not More than $10,000 or imprisoned not More than five years or both and the property vessel or vehicle containing the same shall be subject to the provisions of sections i to 8, inclusive title 6, chapter 30, of the act approved june 15, 1917. 40 stat. 223-225 u. S. C. Title 22, secs 238-245l&Quot Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau jr., advised by president Roosevelt of the embargo proclamation directed its immediate enforcement by the coast guard. Invaders expect to occupy first Maior objective hourly natives show White flags along front Mussolini a aviators bomb ethiopian concentration Camps in push in by Webb Miller Mith the italian Arvit Ethiopia via Asmara italian army Ute tonight had pushed relent lewd to within a few Miles of Aduwan first major objective of the current drive and the scene of the crushing defeat a of italian forces in 1896. The Savage resistance of Haile Selassie warriors was crumbling rapidly before the Superior numbers and armaments of Mux Toliniu a legions and fall of the City into hands was expected hourly. As they advanced the italian forces found the population everywhere displaying White flags in submission to the invasion. It was reported that a group of ethiopian chieftains at Hora had re italian prize Bircoll Friday night to tender i their submission. Hundreds of Civi Cal rident that she will be acquitted pm the first Day of her trial on Charles arising from the kidnapping of mrs Berry Stoil. Louisville society Leader a year ago. Or Thor a h. Rob Iron or. Or. Shown her in a new picture. Her Ril husband still is at Large despite a nation wide Hunt. His father will _ Kolo trial at the same time mrs a it a a t Robinson faces the court october i their rifles Al the feet of the loved j Era italian front widens the italian extended their front As they pushed on toward Aduwan. A fast Mobile detachment from the Region of Cucui advanced into Adi Abo in the Bolling hot Lowland Plains. Meanwhile air planes from the Cost bombarded a concentration of troops of the Sultan of tent in the Indaura country. Farther West an Aerial bombardment of Amba by Rutan important communication Point took place. Near Aduwan two reconnaissance italian aviators expected to bomb Bridges st3tions escaped serious damage. Tonight the Central column of the italian army was on in Tiscio plateau to Fern Miles outside of Aduwan. Troops under general Maravigna Daro Tacle also a Short distance foreign Folk ordered oui de on railroads arson charged to six charges grow out of agitation in longshore strike teds have gained strength in Union labor organization is report Atlantic City., j. A. Oct. 5 _ or the american federation labor stronger than last year by million members will meet Mon a for what Many believe will be in most exciting and explosive invention of its half Century of be. Battle lines were drawn in the departmental conventions the Quot Eek. The Issue will relate principally it communism Industrial unionism. In Battle in the building trades j and the task of assimilating new of truculent members. The federation expected to go a record with a vigorous condensation of communism and the act against communists who Are at my tint to seize control of Union movements. Communists have steadily gained length in the american federa on of labor vice president mat Lew Woll said today in prediction purging of the Quot reds Quot from the organization at its convention Here ext month. Projects advertised Montgomery Ala. Oct. 5. U pm Deputy state fire marshal l. S. Thomas announced today that six Mobilian will face trial november 15 at Mobile on charges of arson. Two alleged labor agitators Lum Mcmillan and Jasper Thomas have been charged with setting fire to the Home of re Rhone during the longshoremen s strike last year. Jack smoker is charged with hiring Ranshaw Mcferson Rufus Alford and Ollie White to Burn his House. Shouldered the Burden because the Ethll Pic a r to War chests funds were inadequate. Charged that Italy in addition to these beneficiaries in violation of Cove,5t a Are expected to appear before the f the Chest lnr1ude the child a the first time in the history or the Institute and Tell Boiu the Exten Mac a of inf Gnu add if league that this grave article had Weaver Home boy scouts girl been invoked. Scouts and the Nursery school the representatives of several colleges by their re ends term. Begins one c Confidence Man released from Kilby for Texas pen Sion courses offered Sportive institutions. Miss Aileen Lecroy attendance i latter a new unit officer and c. Allen county sup a the advisory Board is composed cupper plane off he wants to be a a alone Conte Dent also will take part on of or it Knowlton. O. K. Seyforth pioneering Airship attempting the program. Melton Clark. Henry a. Young longest Over water hop in addition to High schools at i or. General r. E. Noble and. Ohatchee. Alexandria and White Charles f. Varn. Alameda Airport. Alame Plains the Calhoun county High committee chairman include Hie Page oct. 5. It or it a Pau Amerl school and the elementary schools following t. G. Coleman publicity Tan airways pioneering Clipper ship at Oxford and Mechanicsville have c. L. Buchanan Prospect Paul took off at 2 59 Post today on the been open since Early in septem Beard organization r. R. Cole longest overwater flight Ever Giber. Solicitors t. P. Washburn Corre Quot tempted a 6.482 mile three Stop Poydence Walker Reynolds Indus hop to Guam. Trial c. H. Young speakers. The the great Silver Craft roared i chairman of the special gifts com to the air after a 24 second run Mittee will be announced later. On san Francisco Bay. War raises demand John Barrymore sails off in his yacht alone influence spreads in financial and Industrial centers new York oct. 5. influence spread in financial and Industrial centers entering immediately in demand for Copper and in behind the curtain facts and gossip about politics officials and legislation at state capital Grade separation and two Road jobs in a for bids Montgomery Ala., oct. 5.�? a the state Highway depart it today advertised for bids on Jrade separation and two High a projects totalling $346,000. Bids i be opened october 18. Rile Grade separation will be an Fler Paas costing $143,000 across a tracks of the Tennessee Coal n and Railroad company on the Semer Boulevard dds totalling 30,000 have been crammed for Concrete paving .334 of a mile of Street in Jas Walker county and $173,000 bituminous surfacing of 6.72 is of the Jasper Cullman High Miami fla., oct. 5. a fortunately for me a John Earry More boarded his yacht Infanta Here today for a cruise that he in ring prices for metals Here heated will take him away from the Security markets. United states and from affairs of the movement climaxed a week by Fred la. Gormley of the Large number often Sty own the heart for some time. In which All Market had been Montgomery Ala., oct. 5 in outburst such As a declaration his plans were Quot indefinite a the tense watching Advance of the ital estimates of the fund available for that the Law was passed for no famous stage and screen Lover said Tan armies into Ethiopia. The enforcement of Hie state s traffic other reason than to get the reve but he probably will go to Havana sharpest break of the year occur aws through Drivers licenses prob Nile with which to organize the to appear in a cuban produced red in stocks wednesday when pre it apis will of exceeded. Reports to state Highway patrol picture and later May make a movie Mier Mussolini announced he would the Capitol indicate that crowd. You need not be surprised if pub in England. March on Ethiopia but once a have swarmed into probate judges lie opinion forces a revision of the he will be unaccompanied on his Tual fighting started prices rallied offices in an Effort to get certify Law a the extra session a revision cruise he insisted. Some led by a War babies a Cates which will give them the right Fiat will prohibit insurance of Cei _ a _ a to drive motor ears in Alabama Dur Tifi eates to those who Are physical # in 4he new fiscal year in or mentally disqualified or do i lev h Ira f n h la i but Many Are not paying Over not prove their motor vehicles Are Vily i Lett r Llull Toh in it la ii i their Money with a smile they Are in such condition mechanically Art. A it we i far from being satisfied. Some of will not establish Hazard for Sqq \ it i in Rio la Vic pose a Drivers License but a big others on the Public highways. Iju Nellc amp Oll cd rile Ila adj Llo majority who show dissatisfaction one thing about the Drivers u seem to be opposed to the Law be Montgomery Ala. Oct 5. He r or. S. Bennett Confidence Man with a 20 year criminal record went to a new Penitentiary today. Just completing a three year sentence for grand larceny in Kilby prison he was turned Over to sheriff l. C. Miggiore of Galveston county Texas yesterday to be returned to the Western state on other larceny charges. Hamp Draper head of the state convict department said Bennett a record included conviction of a larceny charge in Atlantic City n. J., in 1915 a sentence in san Quentin for writing worthies checks Joliet in Illinois for Check forgery Ohio state prison obtaining Money under false pretences state prisons in Missouri and Indiana similar convictions Schenectady n. Y., and Folsom prison a y., for like offences. Dire Dawa. Ethiopia by Telephone to Addis Ababa via Harar oct. 5. Ujda All foreigners were j ordered by the emperor today to fro threatened City. Evacuate this Region immediately wins Way through a in the face of an expected italian the second italian army corps Advance and bombing expedition operating on the right Wing of the from the base at i. Mussa All on italian armies on the Northern the eritrean French Somaliland ethiopian front won its Way through Frontier. I the Gas Torlai pass six Miles from Dir Daw a is an important Center Aduwan this morning the Exchange on the railway line form Addis Aba Telegraph reported. In the enc Oun a to Djibouti pm the coast of ter they captured 28 ethiopians and French Somaliland ethiopians Only some artillery outlet to the sea. The italians Are i Aduwan now is being held by 7,000 expected to bomb Bridges and Sta ethiopians it was reported. Tons blocking the line despite the presence of French Railroad guards who Are policing the French owned line. The French have indicated they will not regard an attack on the railway within Ethiopia proper As an act of aggregation against France. Capt. Albert Duriaux French commander of the ethiopian police at dire Dawa received Imperial instructions from Addas Ababa ordering All foreigners to leave mediately or remain entirely their own risk. Latest developments in the african crisis War front via Asmara a fall of Aduwan expected hourly As italians beat Down stiff resistance within three Miles of City. By at Speed victim London sunday dispatch reports re bombardment of Aduwan is italian planes with 63 estimated killed. Hight school girl killed instantly As car hits tree robber gives up says he was tired of being a hunted Viand admits robbery Atlanta. Ga., oct. 5. tired of being a hunted Man and ready to a fact the a Man giving Iii it name As Herbert Hill. 25, of Dallas. Tex., surrendered to county officers Here today and Quot Aid he was wanted for a recent Bank robbery in Madison. N. A local officers common heated with North Carolina authorities and they requested that Hill be held for them. Orlando fla., oct. 5. Violet Brewer an Orlando High school girl w As killed instant Here late today when the automobile in which she was Riding with Robert bums and Jimmy Pitcher both of Daytona Beach crashed into a tree on a Lake Boulevard. Pitcher had a leg badly Cut necessitating amputation at the Hospital. Ii Ondon a Exchange Telegraph reports italian captured scores of prisoners and some artillery in forcing Way through Gas Torlai pass six Miles from Aduwan. Washington a Roosevelt recognizes state of War Between Italy and Ethiopia and proclaims an embargo on shipments of arms and munitions to both countries. Ordered from Mill Gainesville. Ga., oct. 5 . T. Grimes general manager of the Chicopee textile Mills Addis Ababan Italy penetrating Ethiopia on All fronts. Emperor sends ammunition and reinforcements to Borders for desperate resistance Gen Etc a league Council move to Brand Italy As aggressor with Here reported to officers that he consequent application of penalties Ethiopia article 16 providing for military penalties Tor first time in leagues history. Had been taken from his Home tonight by five men who ordered him to leave Chicopee site of a Mode. Textile Mill. Members of Anniston a firefighting Force monday will begin inspection of All buildings in the business District and any residences on request As the features Observance of National fire prevention week. Fire chief e. E. Mayes said tile week w As set aside for Observance i appliances. To impress upon people the Adan during the last few weeks Annis tages in reducing fire losses by re ton firemen have answered several during fire hazards. These Steps a1 false alarms. A a false alarm is so Are taken in a constant Cam i both dangerous and expensive a Cense Law has caused Misander win to Kin to to suit any Home on it Soe not require an apply standing the Law requires a per or Gikiu to a any ii no in Drivers License to prove son to buy Only one Drivers h request and make an inspection for Fini u or a n a fire chief Mayes asked that All citizens clean their premise Quot and eliminate possible fire hazards. He also suggested that caution be exercised in the use of electrical his ability to drive an automobile Cense. This entitles him to take the any one who wants a Drivers ii wheel of any motor car. Whether it Cense can get one under the new be passenger car. Truck or bus. State Law. All required of him is an affidavit in which he asserts he is imm is you need not expect qualified to drive and give certain Radical changes at the state own in forma Tion to support the Asser cd port in Mobile at any Early Date. Funeral Mour As second finers injured nor c collapses Tion. Ment Ebers of the new docks commission intend to acquaint themselves with Hie work of the docks before deciding on any revision in policy of change in employees. The first meeting of the new disappointment one is not required to show that he is physio Cally and mentally qualified. One is pain to keep fire insurance rates chief Mayes said. A every time the not called upon to pass any exam inst a minimum the chief said. Fire trucks go on a Call there is action. One is not forced to prove docks commission will be held in a it is impassible and impractical i danger of a collision and expense that his automobile is in Good me Mobile next tuesday govern to inspect dwellings of the City a in gasoline and Oil and general Chaneal condition. No tests what Graves will but present and will pre chief Mayes said. Quot however we Wear and tear on equipment a Ever Arr made. The disappointment it ont Inird on Page 9, column 5 new Orleans Ort. 7. at. Least a score of Monroe were injured one seriously and Mort than 40 others were shaken when the second floor of a private hone Here today collapsed during a funeral. A Hundred friends and relative had crowded into a second Story room to attend the funeral of mrs Lawrence ing Argolia. Just As the music was about to Somme pc j there was a grinding crash and th-4 floor fell i most of those Hurt were women mrs Theodore c. Humme suffered Quot itch severe leg injuries that Lar left foot was amputated. The coffin and the heavy piano with other furniture plunged through the wreckage and upon the mourners. Fred Meyer and his brother Otto Meyer helped in the Rescue. They kicked through Debra to a Side j door and began hauling out the injured. Passersby and neighbors gathered to the first floor it Der the funeral room Wes vacant. Rome Italy a Quot Iron ring steadily closing in for capture of Adawn official spokesman announces dire Dawa. Ethiopia ail foreigner ordered to evacuate in expectation of italian bombing of railway line. Paris French opinion coot my firm against other than mild penalties against Italy. London Britain continues firm stand against Italy and coldly of Quot jets proposal for withdrawal of Fleet concentration in Mediterranean berlins arms exports Picorn As result of War a Imi Yik Avn a it in Polk ;