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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 05, 1935, Anniston, Alabama Page six the Anniston Sta saturday. Oct. 5, 19.35. Anniston wins easily from Pell City m. H. Johnson sports editor contributors Henry Zelemor of a corf Airlift Stuart Cameron i Anion Carter i \ Monroe is Leader Shie Buttles when tigers powerful punch of bulldog for second Lim beats attack move to hoi Battle of crap sunday beat cubs in second series Battle Suu fhe Tes visiting team unable to Stop Advance scoring done in 3 periods guess who by m. H. Johnson mister huh school s r licit rolled easily Over the poll City it i Low a fee to at Johnston fic id Fri Day nigh it beneath the floodlight s. The fins i score being 33 to 0. Again Booty Monroe Given name gamer. Led the bulldog s in an at tack i it Pell City Cou ing to i top. Monroe 1 i the smashes by Hind pretty blocking. Were hard to Stop. The a. Ii s Captain and halfback was doing be tier n his Pla Zekic is at the Sam e time but was give n Little oppor tur Lity to show his punt inc ability the 0 diminutive Frank Pope gave a few d Ashing runs that netted a Good de dogs. 1 of yardage it it a the Bull Anniston scored in every Penna but the fourth when they relaxed and coasted the Way out. At one time permitting the visitors to come within six Yards of Otheir goal line. Pell City a Only scoring threat was stopped on Downs and Hampton gee kicked the bail oui Best p. C. Barks James Savage and e p. Freeman were the most the Pell City Back Iund had to Oiler. Their line was inept i on blocking and the bulldogs silted easily through the line to occasionally smear plays. Pell City opened an ineffectual passing attack with Savage til rowing. In the last Quarter in a closing attempt to score. Anniston a passing on the whole was Well done although the Long aerials were usually uncompleted. Monroe passed 30 Yards Over the goal line to Jack Boozer for Anniston s second touchdown Little Alex Sawyer scored the fourth touchdown by intercepting Savages pass on Pell City a 30 Yard line and negotiating a broken Field for a neat run. Anniston a greatest penalty among Many they accepted for fouls ranging from holding to slugging was 30 Yards for slugging. No particular Star could be chosen from Anniston a line As they were breaking through the Pell City Wall on practically every play. Monroe How ver was backing up the line on defense splendidly often beating the linemen into the opponents Backfield. The crowd was off somewhat from last weeks opening game bul a Good sired crowd was present first score after Pell City had been penalized to her first Yard line in the first Quarter Monroe went through the line for the first touchdown and Pic kicked the extra Point. Next Monroe passed to Boozer 30 Yards Over the goal line for the second touchdown kicking the extra Point. Gay passed to Sawyer Atlanta wins fifth game from Oklahoma City to make count 3-2 of 11 football results j is la a Lucky Hobo w and i t i 171 d whether you of Hgt most a. On stage ant consummate Nappy gored clothes then see of Titre one shed actors s. A. N. He s a trivet when it comes to character parts and he a a is Ftp r at make up. As you see Here. Haven to you i used vet Tell he a the inimitable Cooee Arliss in a in w British movie to he shown soon. Do infill so Hoo s Anniston 32, Pell c tier o. Handley High in Oxford 0. Lineville 30, Heflin 7. Vinen 31, Lincoln 0. Ramsay 26, Woodlawn 7. I a Jev to l Well he Columbus. Lbs. Lit. Hueytown 6, Airfield 6 tie. Biron e foam it out Frosh it Alex it try 0. West Jefferson 2, Oak Grove 8. Deshler 28, Rogersville 6. Enterprise 38. Luverne 0. Eufaula 61. Albers ill 0. Talladega 13, mignon 0, Kingsport 3i. Miami 0, Opp 6, Dothan 0.j us Alo i a i. Mcgill Institute 0. F Corr la no 7, Glenville 6, it hat Hee 0, Jasonville 0, of for i kith i ass just i lit i i Iii i Lulu us you Sui a Institute 6. To Hin s. W i t a Mol a jackets Defeated 25-0. In seasons first game at Roanoke by Hemphill Whiteside the Calhoun county High school yellow jackets loss their first game of the season Friday aft Moon to the Strong handle High school team of Roanoke by the score of 25 to 0. The Randolph county boys outplayed the yellow tickets in every Aberdeen 8 Augustun 39. Of Midi 6 Mankato 27. Tahlequah 12 Springfield mod 0. Kearney to Nebraska Wesleyan phase of the game and there was 19. To put the bail in so Ping position n0 doubt from tin very first that bail in the second period Abd motes the yellow jackets were in for a went across for the touchdown Tough time. Pope made the extra Point on a Handley High scored two touch Merer is. Downs in the first Quarter making Arkansas state Stair teachers 0. S. F. Austin teachers 6 com pass. Soon afterwards Reynolds ran 38 do first Downs to none for the of Tennessee teachers 8. Cards to Cross the goal but the Ball Ford lads and scored in the third was called Back. Next Sawyer inter and fourth quarters to make the. C for a in Vard total of 25 Points. The Only time Cep Teci Savages pm a for. 30 a a i Calhoun county boy. Showl touchdown Stallop. The exam pm a a any drive. All cart in the my. Try failed. James motes trotted Over for the final touchdown in the third Quarter and Gay s Dropkick for extra kit int was no Good. The starting lineup Ond Quarter when they went inside Roanoke 20-Yard line with a Nice driving attack but lost the Ball on a Fumble Roanoke kicked out of j danger and the yellow jackets were not Able to Advance the Ball into Anniston pos. Pell City scoring territory until late in the southwestern u. 0. Boozer be. Selby., last Quarter when they again went Austin College 20 Mcmurry col ,. E. Buckner inside the Roanoke 30-Yard line Toup a it c. Pope. La. M. Buckner again lose the Ball on a Fumble. Of Olaf College 0 Superior w. Wakefield Moody 15 Lim Downs teachers is. Bricf re. Harmon Handley High made 15 first Ohn Carroll 6 Baldwin Wallace Wheeler it Spruiell Downs to oxfords of Juht Oxford Hurst completed six passes out of 27 tries b i g. Shenandoah 6 re h ids a Freeman Handley completed nine out of 19 it j a in trek tries scoring a touchdown on one s 111"�?oj-�?Long 40-Yard pas., that three of . F. Ford lads let go Over their Heads into Wadsworth a arms As he waited behind the goal line. Hanson 175-Pound fullback for Handley was easily the Star of the game As he ran around the ends passed and plunged through tis Une for repeated gains. The passing combination of Pate to Wadsworth worked nicely several times for Long Gams for the Randolph new York oct. 5. county boys. If there was an outer come and go but utile Tony i standing Man on the Oxford team Campbell 0. Canzone now 30 years old never it was Lloyd 210-Pound tackle who items to Stop. Stopped several advances with his he added another Milestone to sheer weight his 10-year-old professional Fristic Tho Oxford team As a whole did career last night by successfully de not tackle Block and seemed to fending his lightweight Champion have a Case of stage flight in their ship the fourth title he has held first game. This is due partly to against Al Roth of new York eight having so Many inexperienced men years his Junior. I 011 Lac teat bathed in Gore and so tired he1 the lineups Tor the game staggered at the final Bell i oily motes a Savage officials referee Merrill Umpire. Dye headlines Man Young Field judges Mosher and Griggs. Canzoneri holds to lightweight Washburn i Grinnell 12. Carson Newman 33 Milligan 6. Sam Houston teachers Llada. Oklahoma teachers 13. Ila Tings College 12 Kansas Wesie Van 7. Piatt is Ville teachers College it i Steve sport teachers 0. Winona 0 eau Claire is. Bluffton 0 Findlay 19. Ohio Northern 27 Ashland 0. Otterbein College 0 Akron u. 26. Musk Ingam 6 Denison 8. Naval apprentice school four thousand see wolves turn panthers Back at Orleans. 20-13 new Orleans oct. 5. U p a the Loyola wolves battled Birmingham Southern a panthers last night to win a 20-to-13 Victory in in it Yola stadium before 4,000 fans. The wolves displayed great fighting i pint and had to Battle All the Way to turn Back the scrappy panthers. Mckay Southern halfback scored his team s touchdowns making one on a flashy 65-Yard run. Tile wolves out downed the panthers making 14 to Southern s la. Seven thousand in bit Tine of the world scrip second. Char lev Cam if the inning. Name f Cid to Sec their prides take the Meas the huge crowd watching the action As Grin niger came to. In in to score mane j r m be and Greenberg followed wild a Homer that scored the fourth miss Routs Millsap state College. Miss., oct. 5. I up unfurling a powerful running attack Early in the game and Sun j Taining it throughout the four quarters Mississippi state routed College 45-0 Here Las night. Major Ralph 8asse pulled out i first stringers Early in the contest j but even the second and third i string men proved too Strong for Little millsap., scoring at least once in each period. The maroons had Little occasion to show anything except straight Power plays and a few passes. A ure of the Chicago cubs. 8-3, in the a nixed up 24 first Downs and i St in the first inning with Coch oct Var of. From Cri Mamee. Mem ii he reaches heat Toon it in a Jtj up i i i Villi teams repair to far Flung fronts for harder foot a games today Oklahoma City teacher 8, Drake 40 Simpson a. Barone indians 6 Mcpherson ollege 14. St. Louis i. 7 Kirksville 7. Kemper 6 Missouri Valley 13. Evansville 0 Butler 12. Wiley 6 Bishop 0. Daniel Baker 8 John Tarleton 3. Cameron aggie 0 Oklahoma military 7. Jamestown 19 Dakota Wesleyan teachers 13 dam tile Rhy Mav i a inseam i nit i press staff Correro indent , it or 5 Southern foot Ball gathers mid season momentum today As Southeastern and Southern conference teams repair to far Liui i fronts to engage elevens of sterner temper. Three intersection Al Battles Are on tap Alabama smarting from last saturdays humiliating tie at the hands of Howard. Journeys to the National capital to engage a Strong George Washington team Kentucky will be the honoured guest in the Lair of vaunted Ohio state with the buckeyes not expected to play the role of too hospitable a Host a m i embarks on an heroic neither team scores As eagles open season on Home grounds Jacksonville. Ala., oct. 5 a Jacksonville High school opened its football season on the Home Field Here Friday afternoon in a scoreless tie with Ohatchee High Jacksonville s team is greatly weakened thin year by the Lack of experienced men. Ohatchee was hampered by Lack of Reserve material. The game Here Friday showed no startling individual performances. Murfreesboro. Tenn., oct it. A Jacksonville state teachers College met defeat 20 to 0. In a game with the eat Tennessee teachers Here Friday afternoon. Coach Tommie shorts squad was Runnin a with too fast company. College 18 West catching one of Charley Root s fast ones squarely on his heavy bludgeon Hank Greenberg big Mission to new York to meet Lou Icker. Parked the Ball in the left Field stands for a Homer in the first inning of the second game of he world series won by Detroit 8-3. Greenberg is shown cantering Over the plate As teammate congrats series turns into vendetta in fourth Garner Arlington 54 c if tot ollege 6. Birmingham Southern 13 Loyola new Orleans 20 Yankton College ii Western Union College 0. Ohio Wesleyan 0 Dayton 13. Millsap 0 Mississippi state 45. Union University 13 Bethel 0. Emporia 7 southwestern 14. North Texas teachers College 34 Little s Columbia lion of these Only the Crimson tide Jim is expected to win. Kentucky and v. M i. Are facing opponents Eon ced edly Superior in Talent and ability on the inter conference fare Tennessee and North Carolina meet at Knoxville and l. 8. V. And Texas u. Lock horns at Baton Rouge. Bit and runs from this the world Gox giants meanwhile s. E c Competition or is 0f 1935 Jimmy Foxx. In finds Auburn and Tulane matched. Warco bound on the press bus critic and Georgia tech and Sewanee continued from Page one today s sport Parade sex teammates Leeton Cemore on or id Iron Lincoln. Ala., oct 5. Three former teammates of High school and College football teams met a Ain Chicago act. 5. Or a a few the world series tween the Whit in 1917, chased Eddie Collins across the plate with sizing the Chicago strategist who winning the Southern Loop the most a Becj for Hartnett to bunt after Why is it that the leagues done to on the Gridiron Here Friday after important contest will be waged at Undstrom. First up in the tenth of give All the umps a Chance at Tir noon representing the three angles Richmond where Duke and Wash yesterdays game had doubled. Glory and $2,500 of working Iii of a game. Button and Lee will strive to chm Gard p0xx Quot it Doest make sen the series. To our Way of Back in 1924 and 1925, Roy wll Nate each other from the Cham Hartnett is the Best hitter on j thinking the business of naming hams Pion ship running the club and was the logical Man certain umpires for the Job is a other Southeastern conference t0 drive that Lindstrom in Quot. Slur on the others. Certainly games scheduled Are and there were Many who agreed if a Man is Good enough to work squad. In 1927 and 1928. They were Georgia is chattanooga., Ole with re calling Phil 158 games Over the regular season teammates again at Howard col miss is. Southwestern and Van Cavarretta Heinie Cavarretta he should be Good enough for Tho lege. Yesterday afternoon Sam Dei Blit is. Cumberland. Now because Phil in his anxiety to series. And if lie in to Why keep Bradley a Vincent High school team in the Southern conference vet to Tell out at second on him on the payroll played Roy Williams Lincoln team Clem on is. Wake Forest. Mary double steal in the eighth inning there Are Many experts who with Koj e Dew As referee land is v. P. I., n. C. State is. Yesterday allowed Fox to score from think the cubs would great. Vincent trumped on Lincoln 34 South Carolina and Virginia is. J third with the run that spelt the strengthen their team by playing a scoring in every Quarter and Sam Bradley and Horace Hoke Dew were members of the Anniston High school bulldog dares. The Detroit had to drag Schoolboy Rowe off the Bench Aud throw him into the breach. Today unless there is a last minute switch the cubs will Call on Tex Carleton and the tigers on general Alvin Crowder. The cub3 will use Carleton in desperation the tigers will summon the general in a Gamble. Neither Tex nor the general is much shakes of a Pitcher and the experts have dubbed their the a a Battle of the fridays third game of the world series played at Wrigley Field before a crowd of 45,000 which became tumultuous in the extra in 4 rings went to the eleventh Frau 4 Davidson. Before Jojo Whites single in flip1 firs half brought Marvin Owen in with the winning tally. Owen was substituting for Hank Greenberg at first moving from his regular third base position. Greenbergh a wrist thought at first to have been Only slightly injured prevented Hitler s watchful waiting 61 i Ontic tied from editorial Page difference Between 6 and 5. It i Hack at first instead of Cavarretta i addin an extra touchdown in the him from playing. Was Heinie Zimmerman of the Lindstrom at third and Klein in dosing period on a 35-Yard run. The Victory put Dutton giants you will remember who in right Field. Cavarretta has yet head at two games to a. To yes a hit in the three Gam die abbreviated English prayer brought about a change in the bet played and his Belding has been Hook was compiled by Benjamin Tang Odds in favor of the american admission of germans to All gov below Par. Nobody blames Phil. Franklin who was the first re league Pennant holders. Chicago in the one and those leaders appointed Over me by earning bodies adoption of German j however. He s done pretty Good tonner of English spelling and the can tie the count today or Detroit \ Trier Cincinnati 0. West Vir As the second official language of for a kid just out of High school of two to use illustrations for books can move to within one game of Rinia Wesleyan 7. One letter from a territorial nazi the Colony creation for the German i., Umpire Ernest Quigley the and pamphlets. J taking the series. Detroit 27 Haskell indians 0. Leader to a group out in the Back population of special bureaus of i boys say thinks he is a better draw i Oxford Jobson and Horn ends Lloyd and Waits tackles Satter up enough these and Ruu a Captain Ray Wail nov a in or. Kirby Quarter. Vision in Madison Square j a Den j Back Mitchell and Turner halves before 14,000 cheering spectators. J Emerson full Pik. S. Williams 1 so Niue 0. It was h a first defense of the Anderson and head substitutes a lightweight title lie renamed la Handley High Mcmurray and har or a n a pure Amia i Nike May in an elimination contest Atter Lin end. Matthews and Bramlett. Head Leto a Nus losing it to Barney Ross in 1933, tackles Hodges and Yates guards a a Gamble Center Pate Quarter my continued from editorial Page Cord and Wadsworth halves . Full Griffin substitute. Those associated with infection officials for the game East mis sinuses. Best Way to cure ursinus 0 Bucknell 20, Knox 14 Macomb teacher 7. Cape Girardeau 7 Carbondale a Marshall Colic in 18 Morris liar Rockhurst 25 Baker 0. Shortest possible time and to pro i i Rysse teachers 25 Stout 0. Claim at All times our attachment North Dakota state 14 morning to Germany calling everyone a traitor and treating him As such who does not think and act in the same seek to lift Yoke in All the letters it was emphasized that they must work in secret Charley Grimm a cubs went to country said commercial information and main ing card what with his magnify marked that Quigley appeared to defeat fighting. Grimm himself a your object is to drum hitlers tenancy of a permanent Contact be cent gestures than any Ball player j make up his mind on a play before and Captain Elwood English were program into germans and fight tween the Germany colonists and or any Ball club. Coming Back the play actually happened. For it so that South West Africa official German institutions. Tin the press bus somebody re a sure Quot replied the reporter in the Mac become German again in the Side 0. St. Thomas 14 macalester 8. Murfreesboro teachers 20, Jack Chicago Detroit make series bitter feud after third game the world then he ordered manager Charley Grimm and two cub players ejected with him to Tell their stories today. Blue suit Quot that s what he does. He a got to have a head Start for those gestures of his.�?�. The boys who know baseball Are in perfect Accord on but two items that Charley Gehringer tiers second baseman is the Best Ball chased from the Field for arguing with Umpire George Moriarty daring the hectic six and seventh innings. Lonnie Warneke the boy who won the opener for Chicago failed in an emergency when he relieved Bill Lee during a four run Detroit rally in the eighth that sent the tigers into the Lead at 5 to 3. Larry French tried to fill in for answers to questions on editorial Page of player in the series and that even of you had your pick of both teen Al ch�g0"nd�?oditytyut Detroit you could t form a team which was hot Tang with too god a Hcan 15 years ago. Would raters a Cham t0 hem by any hurler the cubs Pion major league outfit. When could 0ffer Moriarty t ailed Billy Herman y0u name Cochrane. Gehringer. Chicago used two Pinch hitters in and Bridges of the tigers the ninth to tie Tho score. Chuck i. Clearer. I. As if. 4, he. I nor j were Chicago oct. 5. a series today developed into a and without the mandatory Power bitter feud. Knowing anything about it. Where j enraged Over what they said was Ever possible anti semitism was to abusive language used by Umpire be fostered. George Moriarty in the dramatic i cubs second baseman an a print Rowe in Tanganyika former German 11-inn ing game yesterday the Chi Able name yesterday. Several Chi-1 and Galan Warneke. Lindstrom Klein hit for Jurges sending Stan East Africa mandated to Britain Capo cubs were up in arms and Avo players Beard Moriarty. Only Hartnett and Herman of the cubs key Hack to second and Jimmy Siss Pyi Colley <0, referee Smith of course the Hest aha to it ure he German colonists have formed threatened to cause serious trouble the coolness of Johnny Corriden the boys say you be named a the Only o Dea got a base hit for Warneke Bowde Umpire Dickinson la a sinus headache is to get rid of themselves into a a a bund whose a unless commissioner Kenesaw Chicago coach prevented Billy real players in the series. Using scoring Hack and sending Klein to in Uris i Dalint 501801 Johnson the infection in the sinus. For t 1 ultimate object is likewise to weak Mountain Landis curbs the Ameri Jurges cubs shortstop from these boys As a team you d still third. A Ian a Long Fly to Center Ana Williams timekeepers. It is Derivable to have treatment i00�.0 from Britain. Jean league arbiter. Punching at Moriarty during the1 Lack a shortstop a to rid baseman scored Klein with the tying run la. 7&Quot a by a specialist in diseases of the in the meantime however they Landis today was investigating height of the mid. Which saw three a third outfielder and you a have Detroit ,000 001 040 01�?6 12 v it has been found that the Best nose who will know How to get in demand that 40 per cent of the the altercation. He heard Moriarty National league players banished but three pitchers. By Henry Chicago 020 010 002 00�?5 to 3 a it a b to new hives j to the sinuses end eliminate the members of the legislative Council version last night but would not Grimm last night protested to Mclemore. Anker Hogsett and Rowe tee is during the fruit Blooming season pus that is present of Tanganyika shall be germans disclose what the Umpire reported commissioner Landis. Copyright 1935, by United press Warneke French and far Nett ;