Anniston Star Newspaper Archives October 05, 1935 Page 5

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 5, 1935, Anniston, Alabama Saturday oct. 5, 1935. The Anniston Star Page five my Kenney on Bridge ii Wash Tubbs Lulu Belles interested by we. E. My Kenney Secretary american Bridge league this is the last of a series of six articles by midwestern champions who will attend the first Detroit american Bridge league master Point tournament. Oct. 17 to 20. Tile Indianapolis delegation to the Detroit tournament will be headed by j. E. Caln. Cain perhaps a 9 6 4 3 v 6 a q8 2 a 9 8 6 4 2 a k j 5 v j 8 7 a a k to 9 7 4 a 3 duplicate n. Amp s. Vul. South West North East i 4 double pass 2 a pass 3 v pa1 4 4 pass Pas pass opening Load a q a and now cashed the Ace and King of hearts. North showed out on the a second Lead discarding a Small Spade. There were now Only three cards unknown in the South hand to Declarer. If South held two clubs and two Spades Declarer knew that he could make the contract As he would have Only one losing Spade trick. However if South happened to hold As he did the King Jack and Small Spade Declarer had to make a very Fine play to try to coax a South into a trap. Instead of picking up South s last Jouse like Cecil swoosh ignores the quarrelling of his Cougher com Pam ions. He digs. For Days his Pale hands Wield a heavy pick a 5pucced of by a glittering dream of pirate Gold. By Crane sounded Uke Roni hey Gimme Dat Pickas has More fun playing Bridge in the big tournaments than any other player. He gets a great laugh from the serious Way in which the experts t 1 it tame but do not for a minute think that Cain does not try As Nard As anyone that he is entitled to rank with the Best. In today a hand Cain held the South cards. His opponent in West 4ns one of the country s Best which ii demonstrated by the Way he handled the hand. The play North s opening Lead was the Queen of diamonds in response to his partners Diamond old. This gave West his first Reading on the hand. If North had held four diamonds he would have led a Small one therefore South was marked with at least six diamonds. North continued with the eight spot and South won with the King. At this Point South shifted and led the three of clubs. This might be the fourth Best club but it looked More like a Singleton to West. Meat won the trick with the Ace today a contract problem How would you old this hand it is a particularly Good example of modern Type bidding. A a 8 3 f v a k j 4 4 a to 8 5 a 9 6 a k to 7 4 4 9 3 2 4 k j 4 a Kio 8 boots and her buddies Well i do it by it vhf one that Hattve-6.a. Att air a a vhf cry a a Eye. To Eloy pals by Martin of that pc sky Hao barged a Obi Foote it is we0> it for it got Here there a nolo it Troope n�v/0hen \ 6ay a j 4 8 7 5 4 9 7 6 2 a j 5 3 2 ass 65 2 v q to 6 4 q 3 a a 7 4 none Vul. Opener a 3. Solution in next Issue. There pm Solo a. A it Een it a Ero Ven heart gome Ero Rex Jones am Van nov by too Melee Hort a Geum g a Gox of Rita of g. A it of gent a object a th\n6a Ratte. A a 6.a. Don t Kooim a of it g All i a out a not you of \ Trump Declarer at this Point led the King of clubs. Now if South made this trick with the Jack of hearts he would have to return either a Spade or a Diamond which would give Declarer an entry into Dummy and the contract would be made. However. Cain did not fall into Hie trap. He refused to Trump and now regardless of How Declarer handled the hand he had to lose two Spade tricks thereby going Down one trick. Copyright. 1935, Nea service. Inc tile worlds oldest Art is said to be architecture. Earliest dated architectural remains Are those of the babylonians which Date As far Back As 6000 b. C. This curious world be William Ferguson Quot wot1 m w $ tmpre5c an Indian elephant served on both a Des Durling the Cin in. War at Nashville tenk both the North and South used her. Por Auuner supplies 0 we a 193s by la service. Inc. The unsuccessful. Langley flying machine built before the Wright Bros. Flight was taken from its Niche at the smithsonian institution years later and with a few alterations of Job to Rcv i m disappointed in my first team j last year mud were great. That made xxi feel pretty self satisfied a and i Kwiw what to do for that in going to use my scrubs Aga i West Leesburg and the varsity Caw see How it feels to sir on the Bench a i want the second and third teams to line a up while the varsity watches Are Tou scrubs ready to show the varsity Hov to play football ? Are we ? just watch this is the Chance we be been waiting for lefty 9 Toure Helliw me say i collected so Many splinters from Sutin on a that Bench t took me two Days to convince my Mother we didst Puy football in wooden Alley top too much for Berla by Hamlin Elow one Hundred fathoms there is no annual change of temperature in the water. Of the Ocean. Samuel Pierpont Langley deserved much Success in the development of aircraft but his career was filled with one disappointment after another. His supreme Effort to build an Airship that would Fly ended in disaster when his ship fell into the Potomac just a few Days before the Wright Brothers made Fame at Kitty Hawk. But Berla think of Queen ump Teedle Back thebe next in what state does the lower House of the legislature in clude two indians know but Well i hate to leave. Cant of on i Vou Hebe alone but you la have Tov someone has to continue alone -7 get help Fob dont worry ump Teedle a80ut me ill be All bight p e careful now _ Berla it Good v. Good be. And Good -.luck. I ? a in Quot a a m he a s a \ 1>3s by Wea a caving. Inc t. M. Becu s. Pit. Off. J Side glances a by George Clark a would youse mind keeping an Eye on these for a minute buddy a out our Way by Williams our boarding House a in in gosh look at him go say he s a Good jumper Uncle Amos suppose he was As big As an elephant ill bet he could jump Clear Over the grand Canyon in one hop dont you thinks yes yes. Alvinj now run along say nothing about this inn exercising him f by ahem a. Compound % the drafted thing up i just could catch him in Navy hat Bedore Martha sees this i m06ul,�?T Subt it a la to 5 is ims sync str let. Inc t. M. Reg. U. 6. Pat. Opp. Owls c j1hey be both exercising Alvin ;