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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 5, 1935, Anniston, Alabama F age four the Anniston Sta saturday oct. 3, 1933. Cir t Anniston a tar. Waste products Industry Butk amp lubed in ims publish it re pattern Ana Stib Daf a amp ring both Quot for. It of mar let and sit Venth sue Consoli a i so publish Ino co of phew. Inured m Vond Cim i a Ali Jitter ii me port Otue in an my Tou. A Obi Harra m a Vij .3 a a Horack Whit a a a Lewis j Raemon a a president and publish a stat a g de i us business mane Buber a too rites Raj no a in and Vine daily and Sonday ult end 2nd Al a on lib in in Ether of Chi is ran fort or i of a a Soi in a with cry Cir net Deit try cry Carrier a the cry diner a a is re a 0 i is a so the to the Montgomery advertiser says that the Progress of agricultural chemistry is opening Ever widening Fields of new development in the South hoi. The Kart of which is alcohol for motor fuels. A the United states because of its natural Oil depositories has not As yet seriously considered the necessity of finding a substitute in the event the natural Supply the advertiser continues. Experts however estimate thru our present Supply will show a serious decline in not less than 15 years a Birmingham news in commenting on the to which alcohol is used is a motor fuel in rid the Philippines c alls attention to a Costian from or. George w. Caner director Tuskegee Institute research and expert How much Chimney smoke and How much pipe smoke ,.j� is Jurn or. R. A a of l a v a 57x�?~ i saturday oct. 5, i i Exten Cuba n. In of the in wit Fiat Ion Quot or. Carver s the n a a a we St i Colton tile Divio top Conli a w furn it a of cd a was Izerial it a the it Coco. More Ai d n Terest growl exp Erin Iris Mercial in n Rue Souther first we i ase of Coho Chattanooga a Cor. Or a 1 when comp 20 feet wide miss the n significance with a reinforcing a it tween the Road base face. Federal official state Highway engineers fro were invited to witness to demons nation Whit h May turn of thousands of hairs Long throughout the count a Cotton roads Are not been stimulated by the Market Road program. Mom according to the Cotton textile instil is sponsoring the construction in miss Day the first such Road was built in sos a. In the intervening years exp rime have been built in Georgia taxes and in in is mat a Large q Reb Mats Ling Dor putties nth r so ? of in or this con Imp end build the idea for the Developer Industry strikes one of Nln ant chords in the great of tilt South. Alabama is of the South can of suitable Zac Aari Ferons in which a High Grade of de of Saccharine sub be sorghum Cane molts the starchy materials we n. Wheat Rye Rice Etc t he believed a a highly oth Quantity and Quality ral fruits High in sugar Content such As flies grapes persimmons and Over Jupe oranges. The United states department of Commerce in a bulletin on the subject of alcohol in motor fuels says that the blended product is becoming Mare popular in Many parts of the world a particularly in european countries which hair resources and in Stig to producing ate quantities of molasses Are available the Sale of alcohol in a to t Rte Quot or. Carver stated to satisfactory alcohol in can be made from be no Pef ohm us us where i r a. Raw mafias increase new but interest has govern m e n t s farm-1 o \ in e years ago huts which Sis Suppi to auth Taro a roads h w Jer sey. Supervising Engineer have report a d that under severe tests of traffic and weather the projects have demonstrated the practicability and Economy of Cotton roads in Rural or secondary Highway systems. A the potential use of great quantities of Cotton for Road building is suggested by the fact that the Type of Road under construction requires the equivalent in fabric of six to eight Bales of Cotton per mile of Highway. The Bureau of Public roads which has been studying the possibilities of Cotton roads for inclusion in the various Road building programs under its supervision announced a few Days ago that army engineers had approved the u o of Cotton fabric membrane in Airport runways As Well As in ohm reservation roads about to be constructed at Fuori Mcclellan Ala. Cotton potatoes and Commerce seem the three principal ingredients in a Federal control squabble just now and the Birmingham age Terald has this to say on the subject a attacked within and without the administration. The compulsory potato control Law will be enforced. It is indicated in news dispatches. Farmer sentiment compels enforcement of the Law it appears even though a referendum on the Law was never taken among potato growers As Secretary of agriculture Wallace thinks should have been done. Jim Alabama should not think that the potato question docs not concern it simply because no very Large Quantity of Irish potatoes is produced in this state. Agriculture under the aaa is so interlocked in the nation that what affects one Section has repercussions Over a wide area. A this Point was made recently by Bernard Kilgore writing in the Wall Street journal on Cotton control and hog raising in the Middle West. He Points out that Cotton Farmers having Idle acres Are raising More hogs seriously to the harm of the Swine growers of such states As Kansas Iowa Illinois and Nebraska. For that reason the Farmers of the Middle West Are taking More than an academic interest in the Cotton control efforts of the South. A in Texas according to the Texas weekly Cotton Farmers revising their crop schedules Are shipping com to nearby states to feed to cattle. Sooner or later says Peter Molyneaux Texas weekly editor. Texas com growers will he feeling their own cattle for shipment East. A thus the farm problem says t or. Kik Ore Hydra fashion grows two Heads whenever one is Cut off. Only n few weeks ago the illusion that crop control could be limited to a fear really Basic commodities vanished in a Cloud of rules regulation taxes tax eruptions penalties formulas restrictions and Mambo jumbo that turned out to be on closer examination tar much discussed a potato act of 1935.�?T a the farm problem is a National problem. The growers of out Section cannot for purely selfish reasons ignore the needs and difficulties of other Section. A shift of Southern agr culture away from Cotton to other Basic products is reflected in Northern agriculture. A the pronounced shift in Alabama from Cotton to other crops was revealed this v. Cd in a report by f w. Gist state agricultural statistician. Where Cotton in 1929 wac grown on More than half of the cultivated land by 1923 the percentage had dropped to barely 30 per cent. The acreage decreased More than 40 per cent with an increase of 44 per cent in food and feed crops. A significant among the increases w Ere those products under control in Oiler states. Hogs increased seven per Cut Corn 36 per cent wheat 509 t or cent Irish potatoes 62 per cent. Alabama Farmers it seems Are taking advantages of control elsewhere. A fortunately for the South other states forced to reduce their major crops cannot turn to growing Cotton As the South can turn to other crops. But just the same ii the shift Here seriously harms the glowers elsewhere then control of their crops will he extended Here the problem is and will remain a National cd rapidly and according to the a Jort the increase a was due mainly to larger sales of alcohol for admixture with gasoline and other Industrial purposes. The new continues a Cdr. Carver pointed out in his letter a experiments prove that we can raise More bushels of Sweet potatoes per acre with less expense and less injury to Tho soil than any other crop Here in the South and in connection with the starch Mills just being established i am hoping the production of Ethyl alcohol from Home grown products and waste will be our next successful venture a in connection with this discussion it May also be pointed on Here a min that there is open a great Opportunity in the South for the manufacture of insulation materials for Homes and buildings. The insulation can be made in this Section from a St product a a great Industrial Opportunity awaits the South. There is no reason in the world Why the Southern Farmer and the Southern industrialist working together cannot Supply the foreign demand for alcohol and also the markets Here and abroad with Mam products manufactured from materials which have been considered As waste and of no value. The advertiser add a most alabamians Are familiar with the elementary process of making a Corn a Hie principle involved in this. Process is not a great Deal different from the principle by which various forms of vegetable matter Ere turned into alcohol for commercial purposes. Practically All vegetable materials can be turned into alcohol the products named by or. Cen t having a higher production ratio with air conditioning past the experimental stage the demand for cheap insulation material will doubtless in this Field , As the news Point out. The South has potential development pos abilities. Corn and Cane stalks and other waste products for which there is at present Little or no use Are Apt to i e in demand for this purpose. A with such possibilities unfolding the ill health new York by Paul Harrison i in new York oct. 5.�?millions of people squint upward at those huge inboards along Broadway at the pretty girls with 36-Inch Mouths and Smi Ruig gentlemen smoking Cigar ets larger than Telephone poles and never give a thought to the unknown artists titans of their Trade it Hose vast w works make Rubens eem a Mere Miniat Urist. Well there a quite a trick to sign painting. During the War famous illustrators such As James Montgomery Flagg tried to do some Gigantic patriotic posters. Tried and one Day while swinging Over the Street on a scaffold. His biggest sign 40 by too feet required Only three Days. He believes he could copy Michelangelo s figures in the sistine Chapel in a week and can t understand Why the original required four years. Sign painters like their work because it pays Well and keeps them out where they can see people. It in t a hazardous Job either except that sometimes a Nan gets a Rig shy and has to Lay off for awhile. What they dread most is spilling paint on quit. They had no idea it was so the crowds below. Everhart once difficult. J tipped a gallon of Green paint from on the other hand a lot of sign a High scaffold in a Strong wind painters once were artists in the and it sprayed scores of people and conventional sense and May be automobiles. Cost the company 16, again if times get better. Sundays too in damages. Yaj and holidays they do a Little paint my for themselves and often get their canvases into exhibitions. Robert Everhart does anyway and says there Are Many like himself. Hie routine of sign work is this an artist first does an original painting about the size of a car card. This is next copied by somebody who understands about distortion or perspective which Are the same thing. Fig Ifa reproduced in Correct proportions would look All one of the busiest organizations in town during the past few years has been the National desertion Bureau. It is not As its name might imply an Agency favouring National desertion of anything. What it tries to do. In one Way or another is restore to wives spouses who a e fled from them the Bureau was started in 1911 and by now has correspondents social agencies on socially minded individuals a almost everywhere. Searches mostly Are conducted a mail but Force of the Law a be a husband is located. Wrong when viewed from below. The copy then is ruled off into squares the signboard blocked off used once _ in corresponding squares and the abandonment is an extraditable of picture is filled in piece by piece sense in the United states Aud when a Man gets Ruht up against j Canada. A seven foot forehead or a five plenty of wives desert husband foot nose a lot of judgment is re of course but the Bureau is not in i quire to make it look like anything. Probably the be to craftsman of this kind is or. Gus Palmer Terestea in them because they Don i represent the same sort of economic problem. When a Man runs away his wife and children Are Likely to iou sea Palmer has been painting signs be thrown on Charity. So the Chan about 25 years except during the ties themselves have found that War when he taught camouflage supporting the Bureau is a Good in ing. He can do an average sign j vestment for them. Hitler watch fully waiting of King Cotton hold no great per 1.�?� so saving migratory waterfowl on the heels of the statement by the Mic game Birds foundation the United states Bureau of biology broadcasts tidings that Quot our migratory waterfowl Are coming Back. The improvement in the general situation is not great As indeed it cannot be in one sea. On after so Many years of steady decrease but considering the continent As a whole there is an improvement which must cheer those who Are Labouring so diligently for this a sportsmen and conservationists All join in the Hope that the Bureau of biological Survey and the More game Birds foundation Are right that the wild ducks Are not to follow the Dodo the Heath Hen the pass Mer Pigeon the Charleston news and courier says in commenting on the above statement a it should not be forgotten that the Federal authority. Need to bolster their Case for an open season however restricted in View of the demand that ducks should not be killed legally this fall and Winter. A the National association of Audubon societies led the movement for a closed season. It presented powerful arguments. It sharply criticised the Federal authorities for its regulations for this season. Even so the Audubon association would be glad to Amend its complaint if the census of the waterfowl is found to be justified. It is now said that the Strin of wild ducks total 40.000,000. It is held that the increase is heartening. Proof of this optimistic forecast must be produced later. A the biological Survey declares itself encouraged greatly encouraged but is reminds that a the Northern parts of the Range for Breeding that Are North of the Canadian agricultural Belt Are of course As unaffected by drouth and the works of Man As they were a Hundred years ago although they Are still supporting Only a pitiful remnant of the Birds that formerly used recent census should not be confused with the census or Winter count of the population which is made on the Southern Waters in mid Winter when the Birds Are rafting on the open water. A summer count when the Birds Are hidden by heavy vegetation has proved too inaccurate to be of any by Milton Bronner in v service Matt correspondent oct. 4. Now that Germany in Defiance of treaties Lias rebuilt her War machine her eyes turn covetous by to the Rich african territories taken from hot As a part of tile Price of defeat in the world War her reichgut birr Adolf Hitler in probably tile Only head of a european state who is getting a Goon laugh out of th1 Altalo ethiopian imbroglio. No matter what happens. It s h ads i win tails i win Quot for Hitler for every word spoken in favor of the italian thens for colonial expansion and accepted i equal a word for Germany. And i rom that fact Germany draw it deep satisfaction although she has seen the league Council make the ominous decision to proceed under article Xiv of the league covenant opening the path to International economic or military measures against Italy if she goes to War with Ethiopia. Germany a silence in the Crisi has been eloquent. She has watched with elation As Italy has forced England and France to recon us that confined to a Small Peninsula with few Mineral resources and a teeming population Italy must have colonies both for raw materials Ani for Rex m in which her people ran Settle hangers for Ohmic tile Reich too has a very Large i population Settle d upon a comparatively Small territory. Italy Hun i or r for colonies is excelled by thai j of Germany Only. For a Long time the soft pedal was put on Germany colonial ambitions. Under the Republic there existed various colonial Organiza Lions which in a Small Way sought to keep alive germans intercut Ai their former colonies taken away from them under the treaty of Versailles. When Hitler Cam to Power a Damper was put on these colonial organizations for Hitler in his Book had indicated he would rather fight to get Eastern european territory than former colonies. This of course meant the Baltic nates and re Man territory. But russians Power backed by dust rial pow of in i in ii i Tau her growing in so convinced hit recreational exercises r. Extension division state teachers College Jacksonville packers and meat prices Lei and t he retch swear that a rus Lan adventure might not be so easy. Tamer for Equality hence suddenly the colonial organizations have become downright vocal. Meetings have been held lectures have been Given stressing to germans the importance of Germany a former put sessions in Africa. Some of hitlers own lieutenants have latterly in Bald terms said that jul t As Germany had asserted and secure her right to Equality in arms so she nut t have Equality in colonies. The nazis have Tati eyes upon two in particular a Tanganyika. Which used to be German East Africa and South West Africa a mandate of the Dominion of South Africa which used to be German we St Africa what is going on in Germany Lias had its repercussion in Africa it became so bad last year in South West Africa that the Dominion authorities banned the nazi movement which had grown like wild fire among germans who remained in the Colony. A commis son at present sitting in Windhoek capital of South West Africa has revealed some things which have hockey the English and Boers who make up the most of the population of the Dominion of South Africa. Letters were read showing close relations Between the German nazis in the mandated territory and the nazi colonial organisation in Harburg. These letters showed that the men in the territory were definitely working for a change in the mandate and were seeking to import nazi methods into Africa under instructions from Hamburg. The colonists were asked to subscribe to tins oath a i swear True and faithful allegiance to ado Hitler and unconditional obedience to him and to continued on Back rage language choose the Correct word from the parenthesis. 1. The a clearer clearest of the two Days was sunday. 2. He acted Dike. As if he knew the answer. 3. He would neither fish or nor play. 4. Each believed that he. They would win the game. 5. The Melon or the grapes it was. Were in the Basket. Answers on Back rage Thomas Jefferson founded the democratic party and Franklin Roosevelt dumbfounded it. Representative Dewey Short Missouri. By Rodney Ditcher Washington oct. 5. A reconnaissance along the pork chop front reveals an indication that certain packers have been kidding the government As to the amount of their profits. Also though roast pork Bacon i and eggs and Ham sandwiches will i Cost my re this Winter than they do now. Rices probably will Start Dropper next summer and be materially lower by election time. The Aaan first Public bearing on a proposed adjustment program concerned the Corn hog situation thu s mostly to drouth there la be about 47 pounds of hog products available per person in the marketing year beginning november i Tori pad of the Normal consumption of 83 pounds. With no adjustment program there should be about 62 pounds in the marketing year beginning next fall meaning lower prices which Rii Ould begin to appear earlier. Meanwhile the aaa is required by Law to operate in two year programs and fears if something i n t done to keep Down Corn production there la be a subsequent hog production in excess of Normal consumption. In to years. Evidence indicated or packers had been doing very weft while Many Small packers were Sui. Fering. Note to housewives More information on packers profits All be brought out by the Federal Trade commission investigation of food industries. Meanwhile watch to see whether the aaa Corn hog program lives up to Secretary Wallace s Promise to balance production with Domestic consumption needs. Photographers assigned to take pictures of the first meeting of the distinguished new National munitions Board composed of five Cabinet members were told they do that. The reason was that although secretaries Hull and Roper of states and Commerce were there Secretary Morgenthau a being in Europe had delegated undersecretary of the Treasury Coolidge. Secretary dem had delegated general Macarthur who had delegated general almonds and Secretary Swanson had sent Admiral William Standley. Our people could defeat Italy in five years of War without munitions but at a fearful Price to our manhood. A Prince Worku Cousin of emperor Haile Selassie. If the wealth of this country were Iriri Butch 90 per cent would be destroyed by the act of distribution. The resulting starvation and anarchy would destroy the rest in Les than 30 Days. A a. F. Lincoln Cleveland Power executive. Barbs packers profit often the object of kicks from housewives on meat strike were represented at s29.550.000 for 1934 by packers themselves at the hearings. Mil figure which is All the gov eminent Ever had to go on being unable to examine packers books was the toa1 reported to the Bureau of animal Industry under re. Quire ments of the packers and stockyards act. But late in the afternoon an aaa of tidal stated that the figure had Bern revised to ?36.053.331. The Only explanation Given for this sudden change was that the profit figure for one company 608 companies reported had been revised. A surge Landing Fields along main and quite right no pedestrian likes to land on those Stone pavements. The new figure Means that packers last year made their highest total profits since 1929 and that the profit per Dollar of sales was 1.84 cents highest percentage when Robert e. Frear a Republican from Cincinnati was appointed to the Federal Trade commission a lot was done for the morale of career men in the government who still serve in Large numb up Here despite the political Battles which rage above and about then the career men were shown tbsp a non politician could Brea through the ranks. At the Sam time it was indicated that the administration meant to make an Active Force of the pre. Frear came Here about to years ago from Cincinnati Law practice to join the inc s valuation staff. He helped Ferdinand Pecora investigate Railroad financing served As an expert with transportation coordinator Joe Eastman and was borrowed this year by chairman Burt Wheeler of the Senate interstate Commerce committee to help on important transportation legislation. Senator Donahey and several Ohio congressmen joined with Eastman in backing Frear for Etc. Policy of u. S. Abroad Pennsylvania lunch stand proprietors charged with adult rating Hamburg. But How did anyone Ever find out a headaches and sinuses the decision of the state department to intervene in the ethiopian Concession was motivated by the fact that such a Concession might cause embarrassment to the United states government. How Ever. Even before the state department announced that the subsidiary of the Standard Oil company had cancelled its contract with the ethic a Pian dispute. The United states government on More than one occasion has made it known that it will Endeavor to protect american interests abroad Only where discrimination against american interests is proven or where foreign courts fail to Render Justice to americans. The attitude of the United states towards foreign concessions to american interests is evidenced by tile attitude of the United states government to our interests in the Caribbean. Under previous Arimino in Travis american troops were i withdrawn from Nicaragua and preparations made for their withdrawal from Haiti. The Roosevelt administration has earned this j policy farther by completing the withdrawal from Haiti by abrogating the Platt amendment in the treaty with Cuba and by concluding a new treaty with Panama which greatly reduced the special privileges of the United states in that country. These develop menus clearly indicate that the United states government has renounced the theory that political privileges must go hand in hand with commercial interests. It is the attitude of the present administration that Friendly j and neighbourly relations with foreign countries is More conducive to the interchange of commodities j than special privileges. In this respect the policy of the United states government differs materially from that of other countries and particularly of Japan and Italy. Tile intervention by Japan in Manchuria was partly guided by the belief that political control was necessary for the development of bet-1 ter economic relations and to assure Japan of a Supply of certain raw materials. The attitude of Italy towards Ethiopia is governed by similar considerations. It is however. The opinion of the United states that no special political rights Are needed in order to assure a steady Supply of raw materials and ready Access to foreign markets. Experience of the past has shown that the producers of raw materials Arr always willing to sell their products to anyone willing to buy. In fact during the depression producers of raw materials at times sold them at prices substantially below the Cost of productions. It is Only in War times that the Supply of raw materials becomes important. Since however the United states has no aggressive intentions and the chances of the United states being involved in a foreign War Are slim the question of raw materials is of less importance than to some other countries whose external policies differ materially from i ours. An Oklahoma Bank robber a Ghen life after his lawyer Sang Quot Home Sweet still the jury should t have taken it out on the client. A newspaper item advertises dry cup which might prove invaluable to mayor Laguardo in his new York noise abatement program. Today a Tell Chirac october 5 Ito a Phi i Adel Phi a elects its first mayor. Mos Jonathan Edwards american Thieo octian born in a Chester a Arthur 2 president of the first Wisconsin constitutional con mention meets As first Wisconsin radicals of re. By foe. By or Morris Fishbein a headache i. Juri a pain in the head. But there arc so Many kinds of headaches and so Many causes of headaches that it would give you a pain just thinking of them. One group however that has brought on All sorts of headaches is that concerned with the sinuses. These come usually from difficult breathing and congestion. The pain coming from infection of the sinuses is usually worse in the Middle of the Day or in the morning and tends to get better in the late afternoon or evening. The reason for this is that the sinuses begin to Drain after thei person concerned has been on his feet or in an upright position for eight or ten hours. The degree of pain is not always a direct indication of the extent of the infection. Sometimes a very Small infection in one sinus will cause a very Large pain and in other cases a very Large infection in a sinus will have relatively Little pain. In a Good Many cases a Large amount of infected material May be taken out of the sinus and yet the patient will not have suffered1 pain. Forehead just above the nose. Infection of these sinuses usually causes pain right where the sinuses Are located and the pain is usually limited to the Side involved. The Maxillary sinuses Are in the Cheeks above the upper Row of Teeth. An infection in these sinuses is More Likely to cause pain above the Eye than directly in the sinus although pain is also frequently Felt in the upper jaw. If the Teeth Are jarred or if there is a Jar to the whole both pain will be Felt in this sinus in the presence of infection. Since there Are several sinuses distributed in various portions of i the head the pains associated with 1 infections in any of them vary. The Spheroidal sinuses and Tho Ethmoid sinuses Are in the Skull Iii Back of the nose. Sometimes when there is infection in the Spheroidal sinuses the pain will be Felt in the Back of the head on the Side involved and sometimes even in the ear on the Side involved or behind the Eye. An infection in the Ethmoid sinus usually is Felt As a pain Between the eyes. Now you should realize that pains like those caused by infection of the sinuses Are also caused by a great variety of other conditions. Serious infections of the Teeth disturbances of the eyes associated with Strain or with the wrong kind of glasses inflammations in kidneys and colds of various sorts May set up headaches much like ;