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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 5, 1935, Anniston, Alabama A ii a i i a is Uncle Sam s Gas tank running Liry ? american chemical sock to or. J. Gustav Eglo a c Ute a go Petroleum expert contradicted reports that a shortage of Petroleum a imminent. According to him there Are reserves of Oil of in % billion barrels equivalent to More the in 13 years Supply at the 193 rate of consumption which w As close to 900,000, too barrels for the year in addition in estimated that there exists Josim Vijto. Go in it of a Uji about twice As much Petroleum As drinking water is used in the United states each year. Here a a big Oil a a gushers in a California Field. By Ansel e. Talbert 0 if you think that the next a Battle of the Century will be Between a couple of prizefighter you re wrong. On the contrary it s More Likely to he a free for All among scientists Over the question of whether or not there will be a gasoline shortage in the United states within the next. Five or six years. Petroleum experts of Aff kinds including geologists chemists and statisticians Are in wide disagreement and each is vehemently voicing his own opinion in the matter. The opening guns already have been fired. At the recent National meeting of the american chemical society in san Francisco or. Benjamin t. Brooks consulting chemical Engineer and l c. Snyder geologist both of new York predicted that a serious shortage will arise some time Between 1940 and 1943. Going even further these two predicted that with a Little help from american motorists the gasoline drouth May come even sooner. In fact should consumption increase the shortage might develop within two or Thiee years. A Petroleum shortage at any time is no laughing matter. Coming As soon As five years it might be a National calamity. I Here would be no end of difficult Industrial comp Ca Lions in an Industry involving billion in the form of investments and employing hundreds of thousands of workers. Scientists Are waging a free for All fight Over the Oil Outlook with some predicting a serious gasoline shortage by the Early 1940s, and others insisting that there s nothing to worry about i f a Isyk flips in amp f a a a Chi if in l x r ii a jews a suit if imports were to be interrupted a the Brooks Snyder report prophesies. A the manufacture of substitutes such As shale Oil or Oil made by the hydrogenation of Coal could not possibly be developed quickly enough to be of importance in a National emergency such As War which would be settled one Way or another Long before any Large part of our gasoline demand could be supplied from the auxiliary even if we Start right away or. Brooks and or. Snyder do not believe we can do anything to stave off the predicted Oil shortage. They Are of the opinion that the manufacture any attempts to conserve the be of present Petroleum resources they believe will be looked upon As a political move inspired by Oil companies to raise gasoline prices alcohol and diesel Oil two widely suggested substitutes for gasoline As motor fuel offer Little Hope As they see it. Both Are too expensive to produce and distribute with alcohol a not an economic substitute for gasoline except at Price Levels for gasoline about five times the refinery it Viliam i in ii ii Iii Iii a ii tripling of gasoline prices the widespread use of Low powered Quot a Tom rhumb automobiles and an added Burden on the Navy and air forces of the United states to protect import Trade routes would be Only a few of the probable results of a Petroleum shortage. The nation would be forced to import much of its crude Oil from Persia Russia South America and other foreign lands. Liis might be possible in peace times but suppose we became involved in another War if the enemy should succeed in cutting of our foreign Trade our entire transportation system might be crippled practically a sentence of defeat. A a serious dislocation of Industry would re the intricate machinery of a modern Oil refinery. Here thousands of barrels of crude Petroleum Are turned into motor Oil each month. Of shale Oil could not Check the Rise of Petroleum prices until they had risen to two and a half to three times the present level and after the shortage had lasted at least several years. Cost of gasoline during the next five All of this is Only one Side of the argument of course. Speaking before the same meeting of the one Way to get rid of our natural Petroleum Supply by fire. This shows a destructive Oil Field fire at Taft Calif. A secondary Supply of Oil in known Fields amounting to Between 38 and 11 3 billion barrels of Oil net recoverable by present methods of drilling flowing and pumping but available by other methods should economic conditions make its production profitable. These reserves Are equivalent to Between 43 and 24 years Supply according to the Chicago expert s estimate. Government economists statisticians and Petroleum specialists of the Petroleum administrative Board the geological Survey the Bureau of mines and other government departments in Washington Are inclined to take a position somewhere Between these two extreme viewpoints. While believing that any predictions of an imminent shortage Are exaggerations they agree that known reserves of natural Petroleum Are being exhausted at a rapid rate and new discoveries Are failing by a Large margin to replace Petroleum consumed each year. According to the u. S. Geological Survey the known Petroleum reserves of the United states excluding unproven areas and unknown potentials Are about i 3,2 >0,000.000 barrels. This Supply would last at least 14 years ii no new Fields were opened. It would not be possible to extract All of the Petroleum reserves at that rate however even if we wanted to. After a few years of High Oil production Oil Wells have the habit of slowing Down to a and continuing at this rate for a considerable length of time so that a Well might give up Hall of its Petroleum during the first two years of production and then a slow Down to a dribble Quot and take to years or so to run dry. Regardless of whether there will be a gasoline shortage within the lifetime of any automobile now on the Road the fact remains that its High time to Start looking for natural Petroleum substitutes a just in our natural Petroleum cannot last forever. We use twice As much Petroleum each year As we do drinking water. Every Day enough crude Oil is taken from the ground to cover Manhattan island�?12 Miles Long and averaging a mile wide to a depth of a loot and a half. A sooner or later a substitute for natural Petroleum As the principal source cd motor fuel must be found but what it is or when it will be commercially practical i Don t said a prominent official of the department of Interior recently. Chale Oil is one possibility. Oil bearing shale occurs in Large quantities in Utah Wyoming and Colorado As Well As Seveiri other Western states. It has been know far years that Oil could be distilled from these rocks and used As fuel. They Are so saturated with Oil that often a huge Boulder will buro like a piece of Coal. Admitting that shale Oil is a great potential source of motor fuel government officials say that there is no technical process at present capable of recovering it in sufficient amounts and at a cheap enough Cost to make it a substitute for natural Petroleum. Alcohol is another possibility and is now widely used in Europe to dilute gasoline. All German gasoline must now con Tam about to per cent of alcohol by Law and varying percentages Are used in Austria Sweden Czechoslovakia and other neighbouring nations. Although it can be used in a pure state As Well its High Cost has so far prevented this. Many chemists however feel that the first step in providing a real substitute for natural Petroleum will be the synthetic production of gasoline from Coal by a process known As hydrogenation of Coal. In England As Well As in America a number of Oil companies have been experimenting with the production of synthetic gasoline and a number of synthetic gasoline laboratories have already been built. So far it has been impossible to produce it at a Market Price of much less than twice what an Ordinary gallon of natural Petroleum gasoline now costs. In Hai chemistry a pumped on by necessity can accomplish can be seen by a glance at what is now happening in Germany struggling to be free of foreign imports. Automobiles Are being Donven in teasingly by illuminating Gas alcohol Benzyl diesel Oil and a variety of non liquid gases. Electricity should not be overlooked As a possible source of Power for automobiles. When the automobile Industry was still Young at the beginning of the Century there was a great Deal of Competition Between electric and Gas line automobiles to capture the new automobile buying Public. A few electric automobiles relics of i 3 to 25 years ago. Are still occasionally seen operated by persons to whom Speed is not a major consideration. I he invention of a new storage Battery capable of storing much larger quantities of a juice might enable the electric car to stage a comeback. Scientists on the whole Are not too greatly worried about what is going to happen after our resources have Given out whenever that is. Science has come to the Rescue too Many times in the past to fall Down in such a crisis. A i in b copyright. 1935, by every week Magazine and science service if ;