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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 5, 1935, Anniston, Alabama Page two the Anniston Sta saturday oct. 5, 1935. The or a Bic Lull i Jea i aft a or rpm and i huh w 11 i a i Nancy Nln Mimi my Jimim. Up and an Firnani Ai Riff Fri Ith risk Plenh Ari la amac., la proprietor intros a Aiu la a he i Ahlo them hand Plale a i a Dot a a lorm a in nth a Jan it w or i aah of Hoar Fri Pehna her a he Rad a i a it ii i ii in Friend Al Jan a father Fain Jean and hah by Glenn la a lawyer now in fris a in Cater Manl work Firth ii and inn a hath Dree hero tax him vow Sci of with Hie Ator i Cua Pter in at thai moment Quot Thor ankh fur Asp sinful St s table or the far Ald of the room Talkun Varna pair with two Mon our of a Ham was Art Lynn tag. Tho a Thor was a Small Mack i i Rod mar who sat so tips Over a nod apr darting quirk. A Prtrt plan a ahoy the mom a i m telling you that All a said Banning Quot never mind when i found out pm come from a Manli town downstate and her father in president of the Loo ii Hank a the Blank haired Man looked sideways at Harkins and grinned a pan Yon Hoar Opportunity when it comes knocking Quot he asked. Sandy Harkins grinned bark at him. Quot Don t Rush me Quot he said. Quot i on lust met her. She a kind of a neat Little number at that Quot he let his gaze wander across the room to the table where Jean Dunn was sitting with Bobby Wal lace and Larry Glenn. Quot who a the Guy with her a asked the Black haired Man suddenly. A boy said Sandy. Quot no not Bim i mean the older Sandy looked at Larry Glenn. Quot never saw Bim before Quot he said Quot he Wasny to there when i went the other Man took a longer look. Quot i Don t like his looks Quot he said unexpectedly. Quot what a the matter with him Quot asked Sandy. Quot i done to know. He just looks kind of like trouble that s All. Know who be is. Art Quot the proprietor of the night club Shook bus Bead. Quot he a a new one on the Blac haired Man turned away and shrugged bus shoulders Quot Well Quot he said Quot i done to like his Quot forget it Quot said Sandy he turned to Lanning. Quot what a this girl doing in Dover Quot be asked. Quot she a a stenographer or something Quot replied lining. Quot works for Donald Montague the lawyer a a the other two men raised their eyebrows and looked at one another for a moment Quot did you say Home thing about Opportunity Quot asked Sandy Grin sing. Lann log looked puzzled and asked. Quot what about it a Quot Well Quot said the Black haired Man. Quot we might want to do a Little business with this Montague some Day that Sall. And it this Dame a he looked again at Harkins. Quot i guess you be got an assign menu Sandy a he concluded. A a a a la unconscious of the fact that the was figuring to extensively by Robert 8ruce o 1933 Nea service inc. Bobby chuckled. Quot Jean canted to go bumming he said. Quot she canted to see life in the raw in this mysterious conversation. Jean Dunn rested her Chin in her hands and looked fondly of Larry Glenn. Amended laughing. Quot i Means Well i for example take this Harkins Tad Lyon pointed out to me a few. Min a utes ago. Who she a Quot he Quot echoed Jean uncertainly. Said i ought to come Down some time so a Larry Glenn laughed. Quot to that a the Way of it he Quot Ito said. Quot Well now you re Here i 1 not Only was Larry older and wha do link of or stronger than either Jean or Bobby he a a familiar person a almost a relative it seemed. He came from their town. Maplehurst feits Edt i he knew their parents they had i known him since earliest child i Bood nod Bobby. A. Well Rourl i find the feeling thet either of them j Mol a a Titan Hohn Tini m in Ca a of need could Appeal to us Endeavor society or something. My him and he sure that whatever j Point is just this of you patronize i needed fixing would be fixed with a a a places of this kind regularly you lout delay or the asking of needless j it a Tarr ? k meet All sorts of utter strangers in thoughtfully at the Little Glass vase them and you never have a in the Center of the table in which Chance in the world of finding out reposed one rather discouraged just who they Are. They May he looking Rose. Quot now listen you two amp a right and they May be most children Yon done to mind getting a decidedly All wrong and you never Why in i done to know. Or lao Quot to be honest with Yon its a Jung introduced him to me. That a much of much quieter than i d Yin and or Lanning is a Friend thought it would she con 0f or it Montague. He must be All i right Isnit he Quot i u 1 in 1 a a be a Sal Urry Hen that ,.jm no a Yang that he Isnit Quot Jean in la a a j u ran a said Larry. Quot for All i know be May be the president of a Christian i questions. I Quot what re you doing now Quot asked Jean. Quot and How come you re in Dover Quot Quot Well Quot said Larry. Quot in a a Law i yer you know flight now in a do i ing some work for Uncle Sara and anti. I just got transferred Quot you re working for the govern 1 ment Quot said Jean. Quot what sort of work is it Larry Quot Quot Well Quot he said Quot the last thing i did was investigate the circumstance of a bankruptcy Case in which a business Man tried to conceal some 150,060 Worth of assets from bus creditors. It was dry As Dost and in a sure you care to hear about it suppose you Tell me what you re doing Quot but we told you Quot protested Jean. Quot in a working for or. Mon bit of advice from your elders Quot they Shook their Heads expect know until too late. Let me repeat i did no to mean anything Persona about this Harkins Chap. I never saw him before. He May be a very Quot Well Quot he said speaking slowly As if be were choosing his words i flue Young Man. My Point is that carefully Quot maybe it a be a Good the contacts which you Are hound idea for the two of you to be just to make in a place like the Golden a Little bit careful about frequent i Feather Are bound to be rather ing places of this kind too often mysterious especially when you re night clubs Are funny places. Some practically a stranger in a big of them Are perfectly All right and town. And because in be known you some of them Arentt you want to two youngsters Ever since you used go a Little to play hopscotch on the sidewalk but tills one Why. Ifs As re in front of a a a Quot other s House. I spectacle is a hotel Dan uni room jo1 10 we a a a a a Quot As far As i can Jean objected. The two were momentarily so Quot i know i know. I done to mean Breed. Conversation lagged for a that you re Apt to get into a Brawl minute As they glanced curiously Tague and Bobby a Selling Here it or anything like that. Bul about the room trying to realize no no a said Larry smiling at ague Jim a some rather Peculiar that the people at the tables and her. I mean Here in the things go on under the j on the dance floor might he sinister few or Quot. The eyes of the two Young people creatures with Lawless and violent Bobby chuckled. Were wide Witk excitement and backgrounds. Bobby leaned Forward and asked. Quot How do you mean a Quot ohm Quot he paused and took out a cig Aret. Quot you never know just who you re rubbing elbows with. The Man at the next table May be got to get Home and get to bed. A a a a perfectly respectable business Bobby yours ready to go Arentt Ean made a Dainty Little face Man or he May be a gunman who s you Quot at her suitor. Wanted for murder in half a Dozer Larry walked to the door with i did not we just Well id different cities. You have no Way lie two Young people patted them Jean wanted to go slumming be said. Quot she wanted to see life in the raw. I guess she was hoping that wed see lots of wicked people behaving evilly in Here. She wanted both a Shock and a j never Bien in a nigh club in my of knowing life before. And i d heard people a a a Tell about this one and i knew Dobby and Jean glanced Auto my Boss or. Montague comes Here rustic ally at the next Tai i pretty often. And then one Day where sat a Bald Well dressed in this or. Lanning was up in the who could not possibly under an office to see or. Montague about scheme of things have been Arr. Something and or. Montague knew one but a tired business Man out id never been to a night club Solon the prowl. He introduced me and or. Lanning i a ooh i did no to mean him a Larry fondly on their shoulders and saw them into a taxicab. As the car lied away he stood in the in i a Nee for a moment looking amp Felt r with thoughtful eyes and them line of his Mouth was troubled then be shrugged his shoulder it and walked Back into the night i club. To he condoned want ads announcements announcements announcements wanted to buy Tate memorial famous Stone Home dedicated Dazzles Joan by methodists Henry t. Rhodes 1 passes at Home the s. W. Tate memorial Home at 190. Noble Street presented to the North Alabama conference of the methodist episcopal Church South a dedicated Friday night j j the dedication program was con-1 ducted at the Home which is now i occupied by the Rev. Robert h Jones superannuated pastor. Among those who took part on the program were or. G Fred Cooper presiding elder or. W. G. Hot nov. A Tor of the first method lit Church the Rev. J. W my Brayer pastor of Mccoy methodist Church the Rev. G. C. Corley pastor of Carpenter memorial methodist Church the Rev. H e. Wright pastor of the Oxford methodist Church and the Rev. J. E. Stauffer i pastor of the Central presbyterian Church. The Home a presented to the conference by mrs. S w. Tate and her two daughters miss wyness Tate of Anniston and mrs. H. D. Hart of Etowah Tenn in memory i of the late judge s. W. Tate. They attended the dedicatory ceremony. Miss Norene Martin is killed in wreck miss Norene Martin physical Edu i ration director of Lafayette High school who has visited in Anniston several times was killed inst nth last night when the automobile in which she was Riding coi lived head on with a truck Between Lafayette and Lanett. Three others in the car were injured. The party was returning from Lanett. Those injured were miss Imogene Cole director of music at Lafayette High miss Eloise Walker Wedowee teacher and j. S Tucker. The truck was said to have been driven by a negro who fled. Miss Harriet Barnet Anniston High school physical education director left for Lafayette today to attend miss Martins funeral. Ellender opposed Jacksonville Ala oct. 5 a Henry t. Rhodes 49-year-old Carpenter died at his residence Here at 7 of clock last night after a Short illness. Funeral services were held this afternoon at Angel Grove the Rev. Emmett Boozer Aryl the Rev. A m Rhodes officiating. Johnston of Jacksonville was in charge of burial in seven Springs cemetery. Pallbearers were Clifford Johnson Louis Rhodes Ennis Johnson Royal Johnson Herbert Roper and Roland Johnson All nephews. Surviving or. Rhodes Are his wife a son h. A. Rhodes a daughter. Miss Susan Rhodes of Jacksonville coloured woman Dies Lucille Fleming coloured wife of Lucius Fleming director of Lucius funeral Home died at her residence on Constantine Avenue at 8 of clock this morning after an extended illness. She was a member of the first congregation Church. Funeral services will be conducted from the Church at 4 of clock sunday afternoon by the Rev. J. Stanley. Burial will be directed by Lucius in Edgemont cemetery. A brother Frank Rhodes Jacksonville route i and four Sisters mrs. Scott Watson. Mrs. . Johnson and mrs. De Johnson of near Jacksonville. And mrs. Cleve Roper of Wellington. Cormorants dive More than too feet below the surface of the water in their search for fish. At last a harming set rec a acir publicly lashes it Diamond without launching a thousand t ulna Nee rumours Lovely Joa Bennett is pictured holding tin Jonkers Diamond now on exhibition in Loa Angeles. Larg vet uncut atone in the world the re Warat jewel la valued at f 1.500,000. Probe murder Sandlin to run against Louisiana Senate candidate Shreveport. La. Oct. 5. 0j a it a congressman John n. Sandlin of the fourth Louisiana District will oppose the state administration candidate Allen j. Mender for the United states Senate subject to the democratic primary in Jan uary. Sandlin member of Congress for 18 years announced for the Senate last night. His opponent speaker of the House Ellender will have the backing of the state machine founded by the late senator Huey p. Long. Sandlin and Ellender will oppose each other for the six year Senate term beginning in january 1937. Questioned Bradley in connection with Andrew Nalls death Milton fla., oct. 5. Oieu officers questioning today of de Bradley arrested yesterday at Panama City in connection with the murder of Andrew e. Nails red a Vei Ala., Farmer whose mutilated body was found last sunday in a shallow grave on Santa Rosa Island. Bradley was taken into custody by sheriff o. E. Hobbs after clothing and tools said by Nalls relatives to have belonged to the slam Man were found in his posse Scio he was Riding in an Auto resembling one used by Nalls and Ai unidentified companion shortly be fore the murder. Held on an open charge pending further investigation Bradley professed ignorance of the slaying. Nalls had been shot and hacked with an axe. At lift Jean chanced to look at the tiny Platinum watch in her wrist. A heavens Quot she gasped. Quot i did t know it was so late. Larry. In be owls can shut out noise when they want to do so. They have flans of skin to close their ears. The reign of Charles i gave us the word pin Mak ers gave this Monarch 500 pounds annually for his Good weal and he turned the sum Over to his Queen for her private use. Maybe you done to believe that there Are hundreds a Home met its True the Star office is receiving daily inquiries for Homes in increasing numbers. Are there no furnished or unfurnished Homes for rent in Anniston if you Are going on a vacation for a few weeks you can profitably rent your Home to help pay for your vacation. Call the Star office immediately and rent your Home for the few months or weeks you plan away. The Anniston Star want and dept. Dies $3.95 Sample hats $1.98, la .50 Wool goods cd. 98c 25c dress Lute cd. 19c ladies $1 of silk Hose 79c ladies sport oxfords or. 98 childrens shoes or. 98c up is oxfords or. $1,98 up menus t hats $1.49 up menus new fall d Winter suits $10.98 up 40-Inch j Sering cd. 8c. Wiley Johnson a son any kind nursing White girl 1026 Noble St Anniston m while Gin. Wanted to buy a Gas Range in Good condition. Phone 712-j. 5-4. Employment situations wanted of special notices accountants income taxes. Willis Wilkinson 509 Wilson bldg. Phone 1826 u Call 86. 4-4tc farm products live Stock for Sale parties phone 190. To raise on halves. 4-4tp mindless Bacon la 83c Creamery butter la. 26c Heinz soups assorted 2 for 16c magnificent flour $1.17 Smoot grocery co. 3-Ste guar Antelo batteries $2750 Exchange open saturday evenings until 8 30. Fast Ala. Auto parts co. Is West tenth. Phone 1010 of merchandise miscellaneous for Sale for Sale used syrup Mill and pan. Apply Farmers Supply company. 4-3tc for Sale two ten foot floor Case one do foot floor Case one two foot counter Case two three foot counter cases. Phone 9185. 4-3tc phone 15 10c taxi Ioc Toms cab co. Service 18tf tax service 345 Ladd Bros. 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Box x-88, care the Star. 12tf wanted to rent four or real estate Loans six per room House. Write Box v-22, care cent. Merrill Jones and White 1 the Star. To j Side. 2tf change a new baby food is brought out that saves tired mothers Many minutes in preparation at night feeding. An old nationally known automobile manufacturer comes out with an eight within a new Price Range. A maker of upholstery fabrics develops a new Mot proof mohair which combines High style and Long Wear and replaces a Quot old fashioned what Are their names where la we find them every Day in the advertisements you will find changes new methods new products that will interest you save you Money increase your ability to enjoy life. Get the habit of Reading advertisements regularly. You la find every Dav news of importance addressed to you. For advertisements can affect you vitally. Watch them increase your spending Money and Tell you where you can buy most economically the articles you need ;