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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 5, 1935, Anniston, Alabama The weather Labama unsettled in North portion tonight and sunday gentle to moderate Northeast minds on the roast. U. P. Leased wire report a fee Anniston get tar Nea feature service issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co final edition vol. 53.�?no. 341. Cotton 10.71 Anniston ala.,saturday, out. 5, 1935. 6 pages today 5c a copy�?20c a week to Carrier Hauan bombs kill 800 Aduwan Italy condemned but not branded to outlaw by league ousted by Swiss striking special committee s report gives anti italian impression to observers Frances limit Faris Ort. 5. a France Nill participate in sanctions if the league of nations outlaws Italy but Only in those unlikely to Lead to War in Europe. The United press Learned today from a source of unquestioned authority. The limit this country will go is an embargo on munitions and raw materials used for War industries and on War credits. She Hill not join a blockade rupture diplomatic or even commercial relations or take other measures capable of leading to War. Jeneva. Ort. A. U a Italy is not branded As an outlaw nation in the committee of thirteen report on the Italo ethiopian dispute. The i United pc s Learned As a Public session of the Council a convoked today. The document which will Guidt the councils next Steps in dealing with the East african crisis docs however condemn the italian attitude strongly. In outlining the Quot circumstances of the dispute it uses phrases which Are tantamount to an anti italian judgement without actually finding the fascist regime guilty. It was officially announced that the Council after adopting the Committer of thirteen report will immediately try to designate an aggressor. In so doing it win consider much documentary material in addition to the report of the committee. The three Tina i paragraphs of the committees report throw into High Relief the contrast Between the italian and ethiopian attitude since the clash at Malual on december 5 which brought the quarrel Between Mussolini and Halle Selassie into the Arena of International diplomacy. They Point out that Ethiopia a accepted ail proposals for a peaceful settlement whereas Italy a consistently refused to admit that the dispute could be settled in accordance with the league covenant. Says Ethiopia aggressor Geneva oct. 5. Or a Baron Pompeo Aloisi Mussolini a spokesman before the league declared today that Ethiopia was an aggressor against Italy saying that a a state of aggression had existed for several convicted of libel anal one publisher fined on charge brought by officer Balboa c. Z. Oct. 5. a Nelson Rounsevell fiery self styled Quot rambler and Gambler and publisher of the Panama american was fined $500, or 90 Days in jail yesterday following his conviction on a charge of criminal libel brought by general Harold b. Fiske commander of the Panama canal District. Both sentences were suspended an action which Rounsevelle a friends interpreted As a moral Victory. Mercury sinks to 38 the Mercury ran Down to 38 degrees Friday night As Anniston experienced the coldest weather of the season. The previously Low Mark this season was 40 degrees. Many Felt the wintry blasts Friday night when they witnessed the football game at Johnston Field. Numerous persons attended the game prepared for cold weather hut others endured the Chilly blasts during the entire contest. Little change is expected in the temperature tonight but Munday is expected to he fair. Held As a a Coiner vote to determine aggressor is due in outlining Quot circumstances of dispute Quot committee bares attitude Geneva Ort. 5. Up Ethiopia peremptorily demanded today that the or Agar of nation punish Italy for invading her Borders invoking Arth Quot Xvi for the first time in the history of the organization set up at Geneva to safeguard world pea re. Officials of Oxford methodist plan Large attendance for sunday service local presbyterians will stage rallies evangelist Jones to preach tomorrow at first Christian Church rated the country Sace counterfeiter William Watts 42, above. An engraver is under arrest after a raid on his Union City n. A apartment which u. S. Officials say revealed the source of the most nearly perfect spurious Bills passed in 40 years plates and $55,000 in counterfeit Bills being seized. Leo Len d wife of St. Louis physician found not guilty of extortion charge Mexico to Ort. 5. audrain county circuit court jury today found mrs Nelli Tipton Muench wife of a St Louis physician not guilty of kidnapping or. Isaac Dee Kelley or. Also of St. Louis on april 20. 1931. Tile verdict was received by a mild burst of applause. Thus ended one of the most bizarre criminal ruses in Missouri history a Case involving a half dozen defendants two of whom have been convicted involving also four Post crime murders and one suicide As Well As one frustrated murderous attack on a prosecuting attorney. The jury received the Case at 4 20 p.m., yesterday failed to reach a verdict last night and was locked up with instructions to resume deliberations today. Pui 11 Imp Harold f. Mccormick and w. Cummings designated As victims Chicago. Oct. 5. Or a a Kidnap plot aimed at Harold f. Mccormick chairman of the Board of the International Harvester company and William c. Cummings president of the drovers National Bank was revealed today by police. Both men have been under heavy i police guard for three weeks while Federal agents attempted to trap the gang that demanded $30,000 from each under threat of kidnapping. Each of the men among the wealthiest Iii Chicago has received four unsigned notes written in Pencil in Block letters apparently the work of a poorly educated person. In substance the notes said police reported Quot we have been thinking a Long time about kidnapping you. But we want to give you a Chance. Pay us $30,000 and you will a in no danger. If you done to you will be in j trouble the Oxford methodist Church will celebrate Home coming Day at the la of clock services sunday at which time the pastor the Rev. Ii. E. Wright will preach. Leaders of the Church have made a special Effort to have a Large attendance of inactive and former members of the congregation. The three local presbyterian sunday schools will observe rally Day sunday. The program at the Central presbyterian Church will begin at 9 30 of clock and will be concluded at 11 30 of clock the sunday school and preaching services being combined in a single program i at the evening services the pastor the Rev. J. E. Stauffer will preach on a a Conquest of a the child in our midst the rally Day program of the first presbyterian Church will be held at the sunday school Assem j Bly. At the morning services or. Melton Clark pastor will preach on Quot the child in our his topic for the evening Sermon will be Quot the god directed the rally program of the South Quintard Avenue presbyterian Church will be conducted at 2 30 of clock sunday afternoon. Evangelist Duke a. Jones of Newnan ga., will conduct both the morning and evening services sunday at the first Christian Church where he has been conducting a series of meet nos for a week. Quot the Call of Christ Quot is the topic for the morning Sermon and Quot what Church did Jesus establish a a is the Topi for the evening Sermon. The Rev. Charles r. Bell pastor of the Parker memorial Baptist Church will conduct communion1 services sunday morning and will give a financial report of the Church for the month of september. The ordinance of baptism will be conducted at the evening services. Miss Margaret Young will give a Reading at the opening exercise of the Barca class of the Parker memorial Baptist sunday school Quot what i wrote Roosevelt Quot the sacrament Quot is the topic of the Sermon or. W g. Henry will preach sunday morning at the fits methodist Church. Quot what i wrote president Roosevelt is the topic for the evening Sermon. The Rev. G. Corley will preach on Quot saved by Grace Quot at the morning services sunday at the Carpenter memorial methodist Church. Quot the almost but not altogether Christ Ian is the topic for the evening Sermon. A the transfiguration Quot is the topic for the morning Sermon the Rev. W. Landers will preach at the Noble Street Church of Christ. Quot tin crucifixion is the topic for the evening Sermon. Observance of the lord s supper will be held sunday morning at the Mccoy methodist Church with the service to be conducted by the Rev. Robert h. Jones. The pastor the Rev. J. W. Mcbrayer will preach at the evening services on the Man itt the storm who can say i believe the Rev. Or. Mcbrayer will preach at 2 30 of clock sunday afternoon at Eula on methodist Church. Quot the Fellowship of comforts is the topic of the Sermon the Rev. W. K. E. James will preach at the morning services at the Oxford Baptist Church. Communion services will be conducted at the evening hour. The Rev. L. B. Jones will preach sunday night at 7 30 of clock at the Glen addle Baptist Church. No services will be held at the morning hour and Church officers Are urging All members of the congregation to attend the right service. Ethiopians repulse in Jasper firl invaders at Sudan City barn burned loss estimated at $2,500 violence continues Harar said to be objective of advancing armies of Premier Mussolini latest developments in the african crisis heavy fighting in Progress along Northern and Eastern Borders truck Driver is shot and slightly injured Mussolini troops marching on Aduwan relievers have been out 3 weeks refuse 90 per out prevailing wage unconfirmed reports say italians already have captured City returned to Switzerland with apologies from Germany after overzealous nazis had kidnapped and carried him across the Border Berthold Jacob jewish editor is pictured following arrival in Paris he was deported to France because of illegal entry into Switzerland. She turns it Hitti championship Battle emerges from sewing Circle into rough House by Henry my Lemoka i cited press staff correspondent Chicago oct. .5-the Chicago cubs and the Detroit tigers May get Down on the grass of Wrigley Field today and wrestle for the fourth game of the world series. Or they May stand up and fight it out with their fists and spikes. For the series As dignified Ani mannerly As your aunt Winnies Browning society the first two Thi. Line i p Chicago Ort 5. Up batting order for Hie fourth game of the world series Detroit White of. Cochrane e. Gehringer 2b. Goblin of. Fox of. Rogell. Is Owen la. Clifton. 3b. Crowder p. Pm pres Stark jul plate Mori Ait first base Jung Irv second base my go wan third base. Chicago Galan of. Herman 2b. Lindstrom. Of. Hartnett c. Demaree of. Avaretta. La. Hack. 3b. J urges is. Carleton p Jasper. Ala. Of. 5. Up a dior Itic today declared they believed disgruntled spa workers who have been on strike Here for More than two weeks were re non me for the Xinren diary fire which destroyed the City barn at an estimated loss of 2,Sti Here Earl today. The Bam contained a Large amount of Hay and investigators said they believed Coal Oil had been poured Over the Hay and the barn then ignited. The greatest item lost was a tractor belonging to the City which had a value of $1,500. Supplies and the barn itself were estimated Worth $1,000. Violence first flared in the two weeks old strike in this county when the Home of county commissioner e. Ellison a dynamited thursday night. A stick of dynamite was thrown from a car at the Home and the front of the House was damaged and window Glass broken by the explosion. Bill Lagrand spa truck Driver reported yesterday that he was fired upon near Empire when he was preparing to carry a Load of men to work on a spa project. He was Only slightly injured by a charge of Bir shot. The City barn was burned shortly after Midnight. The incendiary origin of the Blaze made it impossible to bring it under control. No arrests have been made but authorities expressed the theory that spa workers out on strike were responsible for the Blaze. Tie workers have been on strike nearly three weeks. A Compromise proposal which would have paid them 90 per cent of the prevailing wage scale in the county was turned Down this week when no guarantee of the number of hours they would work a month was made. A Low wage scale was Given As the reason for the strike and some workers have returned to the projects resulting authorities said in the outbreak of violence. A by Stewart Brown copyright 1935, by United pros i Rome oct. 5.�?Italy has begun a big scale drive from italian Somaliland for Harar the Grea strategic Center of Ethiopia in what May prove one of the most remarkable Cam a sign it in modern warfare. It was announced officially today that the Somaliland Force a spending under Jenera Rodolfo Faziani. Italy s greatest colonial lighter had occur pied do to and bombarded Gorr Ahei with italian army in Ethiopia via Asmara a italian general staff expects that Aduwan will be occupied today a with All three columns of the Northern Italy army pm the Advance. Addis Ababan ethiopian commander at Aduwan reports on fighting to Date saying that Quot Many had b in killed. John Robinson american negro who became naturalized ethiopian for service in air corps foreigners evacuated from War Section emperor Haile Selassie plans to direct Northern army in person with the eth iop bombing of Aduwan in be an army Harar oct. 5. Up a eight Hundred dire Dawa a orders were received from emperor Haiie Selassie persons were killed when that All foreigners Indi Redaway must _ to a a i i be evacuated immediately Ash it the italian army bombed town which is on the Djibouti Adlla according to re Addis Ababa railway is in direct. ,., j path of the drive of italian Eastern ports reaching Here today armies for Harar. From the Northern front. Home official military reports Opal fight info is in a Roe from front Tell of big Vale drive Ned it ugly Ting is Iii Jug from italian Somaliland for Harar Ress at the Sudan Frontier who h already has resulted in or we a a for Inq nor apr Apfl curation of Dolo and bombardment i were lories under leu reports also indicate Jas match Yelus have re pulsed italian troops. It was reported today without confirmation that at present italian forces it was said Are driving ahead on All fronts. This indicated that the italian army operating from i. Mussa a at the Southern end of Eritrea had begun its drive southward. Meet near Harar probe detectives death it is Tulve duty of the Somaliland army and the i. Mussa army to March toward each other and men near Harar their air planes Are expected to Cut the Djibouti add t Ababa railway further West. It is reported that As part of the operation the italian air Force will destroy with bombs Bridges on the railway. J news that Graziani s army had started out in full Force marked the beginning of a 300-mile drive j through country that military experts have said would be almost impossible for big troop movements. But information received by military observers Here is that the italians will use hundreds of baby tanks of High Speed and that thes 1 robot soldiers will drive through the country and along All available roads and caravan trails moving so fast that it will be difficult for ethiopians to oppose them with any weapon. 300-mile Advance of Gorr Ahei. That ital an army operating from it. Mussa All at the Southern end of Eritrea had begun its drive southward. Paris France jul participate in t. T. % sanctions against Italy if the the italians had captured league of nations outlaws that and u we. Country but Only in the Milder ones i incapable of leading to War in. To St Van a a n i a i t euro. Addis Araba. Oct. 5. London Persia up a ethiopian troops from Premier Benito Mussolini that. To i a England and Italy withdraw their in North a Ronda province. Hor from Mediterranean a Neuner command of Eajaz Means of preventing Italo ethic. In plan dispute from Reading to match a Kiel defeating Europe was cold shouldered by i foreign Secretary sir Samuel Hoare Geneva Italy is not branded As outlaw nation in committee of thirteen a report on Italo ethiopian dispute. Document however is reported to condemn italian attitude strongly. Italians in a Battle near the sudanese Border it was reported today by a usually reliable source. I Ruo 4 Hurtt pal ice unsatisfied with Accident version verdict Days definitely passed into the rough House stage in that mad and boisterous extra inning affair of yesterday. Today both Camps Are ready to abandon Long Range fighting and close in for a bit of Man to Man work. None too Friendly from the Start the two clubs dropped their masks of gentility and bared their fangs yesterday in a game which saw merciless Riding of the opposition from the Bench and wound up with four of the combatants being chased from the Park. That eleven inning Battle completely disorganized the pitching staffs of both teams. The cubs were forced to use both Lonnia Warneke and Larry French a pair they had planned to save for later continued on Page 6 column 8 Atlanta ga., oct. 5. a police today continued a probe into the death of detective lieutenant Lon w. Evans despite yesterdays Coroner s jury verdict of accidental death. Expressing dissatisfaction wit the verdict assistant solicitor general John h. Hudson announced he would go into the Case thoroughly. Ruby Evans wife of the slain Man told officers her husband was shot accidentally in a struggle be tween them following threats made by him to kill her. Tile Somaliland army started from the Malual Geri Ogull District in the disputed Frontier zone. Its 300-mile Advance is to be made Over country rising to Between 1,201 and 2,000 feet. It will depend in water holes now filled after the Rainy season and the tiny ribbons of Rivers still flowing. The test of the baby tanks will j be a Novelty in warfare a precedent for the future. Copyright. 1935, by United pres with the ethiopian army dire Dawa. By Telephone to Harar and Addis Ababa oct. 5.�? emperor Haile Selassie i prepared today to meet a drive of the italian a Eastern Armie it on Harar and the Addis Ababa Djibouti railway from Touth and North. He planned to go to the Northern front to direct activities in person. Hale Selassie sent instructions that All foreigners must be evacuated at once or remain at their own peril. Freshmen greeks and others there arc no american residents Light car travelling at High prepared to leave at once and rate of Speed before collision Lynchburg act. 5. rushed to their consulates to inquire about train facilities. It was reported that italian bombing planes might arrive at am moment to bomb dire Awa one of the country a most vital Points Befu or a Urf four cause of us position on the rail injured today when a Light Auto Mobile collided with a lumber Load cd truck 12 Miles South of Lynch a a i Al a columns advancing rom Somaliland and Eritrea Are to unite first Muti ask new Airport Burg. The dead miss Geneva Cyrus of Lynchburg a. Miss Mary gown of Lynchburg a. Ack Irby of near Brookneal a. U ilium Pool of n Arunava the injured in a Hospital Here j Here in their drive for the railway and Harar 30 Miles to the Southeast of dire Dawa. May be in Aduwan London. Oct 5. Or a italian troops May be in Aduwan now. They have established Contact with ethiopian outposts and the final drive for the town by three senator Reynolds to Onfer with mayor on project. It Are miss Evelyn Caudill miss Mazie converging army corps was to be Pearson Leslie King and Otis Rice started this morning. Washington oct. 5 or a senator Robert r. Reynolds Democrat North Carolina announced today that he would Confer with the mayor and other City officials of Charlotte n. C., Here monday in reference to a proposed new Airport for the City. Reynolds said he planned to take the visitors to Call on Public works administration officials and to urge approval of an allotment of funds for the project. 15 ships Are loaded despite Union walkout freight diverted All of Lynchburg. Miss Caudill is the most seriously injured. The lighter automobile witnesses said was travelling at a terrific rate of Speed when the crash occurred. It overturned four times. The truck delayed United press dispatches from the italian front said the general staff intended to take the town during the Forenoon. Dispatches from Rome and Addis Ababa disclosed that the big overturned also but the Driver was drive of the italian armies in the uninjured. Maintenance allowed Roosevelt expected to clap Down arms embargo today new Orleans Oft 5. I r a the longshoremen a strike claimed its first fatality today and another Man was shot and seriously wounded As work was continued on the waterfront. Loading and discharging of cargoes proceeded despite spor Atie outbreaks As the strike entered its fifth Day. Mine agreement permits special grew pending Amity Birmingham ala., oct. 5�? or under an agreement signed by d. A. Thomas representing the Coal operators of this District and w. H. Mitch representing the East has begun with their objective the Djibouti Addis Ababa railway and Harar the great Eastern Center. An official communique indicated that both of the Eastern armies a one driving southward from i. Mussa a at the Southern end of Eritrea the other northwestward from the Malual Gerl Gubi area we Ere in full movement. The United press correspondent with the ethiopian army at dire Dawa on the railway 30 Miles front explosion at sea Oast guard Headquarters get report several Hurt Mobile ala., Ort. 5. a a radio message to coast guard Headquarters Here today said several seamen were in critical condition following an explosion aboard the motor ship Federal 14 Miles off the Texas coast. The Cutter Saranac was dispatched from Galveston to return the injured men. No details of the Accident were Given i the message. Washington. Oct. 5. a official Washington today believed president Roosevelt would recognize officially before Nightfall that a state of War exists Between Italy and Ethiopia Lyid thus would Issue a proclamation imposing an embargo on the shipment of arms and ammunition to both belligerents. Officials so a n ii i n g dispatches from the scene of fighting were doubtful that the president could ignore much Loncer the neutrality Law passed by the last Congress which requires him to Issue such a proclamation Quot upon the outbreak of War Between two foreign governments or during the Progress of such although the language of the Law might permit indefinite delay in the application of an Aims embargo it was said the Plain intent of the Resolution was that the president should act within a reasonable time after official dispatches had confirmed existence of a state of War Between any two or More countries. Officials Here feel that such a condition now exists beyond All reasonable doubt. Slugged by a group of pickets at Harmony Street wharf. Henry Jones negro died in Charity Hospital last night. He had been struck on the head by a Brick. Sam Williams another negro was shot in the Abdomen when police returned fire on pickets who were said to have been shooting from a nearby lot upon longshoremen on the riverfront. United mine workers of America maintenance men will be kept in Harar disclosed that emperor a o All mines Here until the Presenti Selassie warned All foreigners in the area to flee or remain at their own peril believing that air plane bombing attacks were imminent. As italians converged on Aduwan. In the North from East North and the new Orleans steamship association reported that 15 ships were loaded or discharged Friday and that 1,100 Independent longshoremen were employed along the docks. Charles Harrington spokesman for the shippers admitted the strike had caused some freight to be diverted by rail to other ports strike of 17,000 Coal miners in this District is settled. Any wage increases which May be granted the workers will be made retroactive to these men to mid j no Heastan fucked ethiopian fore night september 22, the Date when under the Veteran Bas Seyoum on the old contract expired and the j of a fines tacticians in the Sethlo strike began. Plan army awaited the Balian. Union officials expressed conf. A j Deuce that the strike was nearing to Divide Market an end and that a settlement soon Washington Ort it. Or a i would be reached agreement with Japan for he you _ a of the philippine Cotton but named assistant Vatican City oct. 5. very Rev. Zacheus j. Maher of los Angeles was named assistant general of the Jesuit order in the United state today. Market whereby the United state share of sales will be Nau rial increased is scheduled for format announcement next week it of a Learned today at the state depart a rent ;