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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 4, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Football Ole miss 48 Jax state 24 Auburn 33 Tennessee 48 miss. State 7 Kansas state 21alabama 23 w. Carolina to Kentucky 15 army 3 Georgia 6 Colorado 2ft cd sop sports Section b Wyt Jatari Alabama largest Home of newspaper vol. Re no. 28s----- a Anniston ala., sunday october i 1970 a Trice 20 cents digest slate and i Oral teamsters at Anniston foundry co. And Anniston pipe co. Voted overwhelmingly saturday afternoon to accept a new contract with the two companies. Details Page 6a. Two Alabama political parties must find new emblems to head their tickers for the nov. 3 general election a three judge Federal court has ruled. Details Page 2c. At least eight persons were injured in traffic accidents in Anniston and Calhoun county saturday. Details Page 8a. The potential of two area natural resources the Coosa River and Che aha Mountain were emphasized by rep. Bill Nichols at a special report banquet saturday. Details Page in. National the Nixon administration announced saturday it will propose legislation Early next year to require certification and Long Range regional planning of electric Utility construction. The plan closely parallels legislation proposed last thursday by the Federal Power commission an Independent regulatory Agency. The Blue Collar Middle american voter Long thought to be locked in the embrace of the democrats his father voted for. Is regarded by Republican strategists As the key to Success in this years election. Details Page a. All human beings and All animals May be born with the seeds of cancer a millions of sleeping cancer viruses within All their cells in the form of genetic materials inherited from their parents. Details Page 6c\ Lei by a fundamentalist preacher and an Uncle Sam on stilts thousands paraded in Washington saturday carrying bibles and waving old glory. Details Page 3a. A riot Breaks out at a fourth new York City jail As inmates press demands for bail review speedier trials and improved conditions. A total of 27 hostages Are held. Details Page id. International enemy forces apparently Are massing for new attacks on the outer defense ring of cambodians capital a military spokesman says. Details Page in. Jordan a bloody civil War has curbed the extremists of both sides a guerrilla spokesman says. Details Page in. The weather fair and cooler today. Warmer monday. Low tonight 45 to 50, High today 76 to 82 and on monday 80 to 85. Details Page 8a. Also inside Book reviews. 2d business news a pc classified ads. 3-51 daily record 8a editorials. 4a movies. 7c reporters notebook in sports. Sec. B television. So women a news Sec. 7 j cages in fight Section Middle East peace prospects brighten by John m. Hightower Washington a the United states has received assurances from the leaders of Egypt a interim government that they will continue the policy of the late president Nasser in seeking negotiated settlement of the conflict with Israel. The assurances were Given in talks which president Nixon a special envoy to the Nasser funeral Secretary of welfare Elliot Richardson had with the provisional president Anwar Sadat and other officials. Richardson returned Here Early saturday. The attitude expressed by Hie egyptian leaders who hold office pending election of a successor to Nasser strengthens the of Nixon administration authorities that the Middle East cease fire can be preserved and extended and that serious peace negotiations May yet b e started Between the Arab anal Sis attitudes expressed by the new egyptian leaders strengthens beliefs that the Mideast cease fire can be preserved and states and Israel. Reports from officials familar with Richardson a Mission made it Clear that egyptian assurances of continuing Nasser a policies on peace negotiation were unqualified. President Nixon will face decisions on How the United states should approach the october discussions at the United nations in new York soon after his return monday from his trip across Southern Europe. Mellon Bridge destroyed by fire a Man and a boy stand at what was once the Entrance to the covered Bridge across Choccolocco Creek. Only charred timbers remain following a saturday morning fire which authorities say May have been set by arsonists. See Story picture on Page in. Latin Ideath squad a charged and British officials announced saturday from Ireland. Nixon a last Stop on his tour that the two countries have agreed on the desirability of extending for 90 Days the ceasefire agreement now scheduled to expire nov. 5. Administration officials report privately that the prospects for continuing the cease fire and eventually getting Israel Egypt and Jordan into peace negotiations under the auspices of the United nations Are brighter than they were immediately after the death of egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. The initial reaction Here was mat Nasser a death raised serious dangers of turmoil and violence in the already unstable Arab world. The dangers of turmoil remain High As Washington sees the situation. Officials cited the see Mideast Page 7a, col. 3 to Nixon Tate relaxed a Day off in Ireland Sao Paulo. Brazil api a a special prosecutor has accused 16 Sao Paulo policemen of executing a Small time Crook during a Mission for the notorious a death it was the most sweeping government action against the death squads since they first appeared in Brazil 12 years ago. State prosecutor Helio Licudo formally filed charges Friday against three precinct captains and 13 investigators accusing them of gunning Down Antonio a Black seven de Antonio Campos nov. 23, 1968. In the suburb o f guard los a guard los judge will decide monday whether to bring the men to trial remand the ase for further study or dismiss the charges. In Case of dismissal a state criminal court still could try the policemen under a complicated provision of brazilian Law. Death squads which have carried out summary executions against local underworld figures in several brazilian cities Are thought to have killed More than 1.000 men since 1958. The squads Are believed to be made up of Oft duty policemen. The most violent death squad murder sprees have teen apparent reprisals to avenge the deaths o f policemen killed in the line of duty. Campos was though to have teen closely linked to another Small time Crook who killed Sao Paulo policeman David pane nov. 18, 1968. In the seven weeks that followed Parre s death 14 Sao Paulo underworld characters were murdered All supposed victims of the death squad. By Cudog a accusation said members of the Sao Paulo police Force went to Campos House in guard los on nov. 23, chased everyone present away and waited for their victim. When Black seven arrived on foot after getting off a bus the policemen opened fire and killed him. They later wrapped his body in a Blanket and dumped it near the old Rio Sao Paulo Road. Sao Paulo s ate gov. Roberto sodre ordered a special investigation of the death squad in july after 12 local Crooks were killed in five Days of grisly violence. Those killings were thought to be death squad reprisals for the death of Sao Paulo police investigator Agostinho conceives Caryalho who died in a gunfight with a thug. Licudo a state lawyer and prosecutor for 23 years took charge of the probe. Despite Anonymous threats against his life. Licudo accused two other Sao Paulo policemen i n August of participating in another death squad killing. By Lewis Gulick Limerick Ireland tap a president Nixon Sun tanned and relaxed on one of the busiest Days of his tour flew into Ireland saturday near the end of a 12,000-mile, five nation trip his aides said was aimed at promoting peace in the Middle East and Vietnam. The president received a Smalt but enthusiastic Irish Welcome despite heavy Security precautions and protests Over using this pro american but Neutral National As a site for talks with his own top advisers on \ let Nam. Ireland was the third country in a single Day on the presidential Odyssey. From Spain in the morning he flew to Britain for lunch with Queen Elizabeth la and prime minister Edward Heath and top officials from the two governments conferred o n Middle East peace efforts and other International issues. Nixon and hts wife Pat then flew to Ireland s Shannon Airport where prime minister Jack Lynch told Hun i extend to urn our traditional Hundred thousand Nixon responded a there is no country in the world i would rather have a Day off in than Nixon quipped that an Irish background was essential for Aru. Successful a in r i c a n political and added a i am aware of the contribution of the Irish to America. Theirs was a sense of humor courage and character. A a i can to find anyone in this country who can claim me As a relation but when i married mrs. Nixon she was Patricia Ryan and she had a birthday on St. Patricks Day and what More Irish could there be a Nixon then walked toward a Barrier holding Back the crowd and dozens of them shoved Forward to shake his hand. Moments later the presidential party left in a motorcade for Limerick. Crowds were six deep along the streets of Limerick. \ Cluster of demonstrators tried to hoist the plow and stars Flag of Irish socialism and police thumped them with Nightstick. At the same time a Row broke out among the Limerick City fathers. Joe Quinn 3 5 y Carol i Saloon keeper who sits on the City Council hoisted a placard Reading Quot Stop the War in Vietnam a Security men pounced on Lam and pulled him out of the official reception committee. Nixon unaware of the incidents stopped his car and received a welcoming address and the gift of a Blackthorn walking stick from mayor Joseph p. Liddy. The Presley no waved it Over his head hauled Liddy up onto the Hood of his car and they stood Arm in Arm for three minutes acknowledging a Roar of i it i is and waving of the Irish see Nixon Page 7a, col. 41 while students at Abb i like it Here a but he a lonely by Amelia Sherman Star stat writer a ifs not that i done to like coloured kids ifs just that in a so much in the squinting in the Sun the boy standing in front of Cobb High school brushed his Sandy hair Back from his eyes and smiled a Little forlornly. Ted is one of the White students now attending once All Black Cobb High school. He said he believes there Are ii or 18 White students at the school. John another White student has a smaller estimate. He said he believes there Are Only about to. All mentioned Here Are identified by pseudonyms. A there Are just two other Whites in my room,1 4 Ted. If two or three Hundred other Whites were Here it be so he said. Cobb with an enrolment of about 1,200, was originally zoned to have 198 White students. John feels much like Ted a i like going Here All right a he said. But although he said everyone had been Nice to him he feels lonely and wishes he were in a school that had More whiles. Sheila does not share the loneliness of the two boys. A i like being Here. You make Good friends Here a she said her Blue eyes twinkling. She agreed with the boys that everyone had been Nice loner and to Tut blare had been no incidents Sheila said she had teen nervous about coming to Cobb but had gotten Over it when she had begun to make friends. When he was first zoned into Cobb Ted was anything but Happy a i did t w ant to go Quot but Mother made me she said i lived in the zone and i had to John also went because he Felt he had to go. A i had to go. The Board of education made me. A since coming. Ted has no made the friends Sheila has but then again he has not been there since the beginning of school so far he seems int what fags a col la do pits Tell changes after the Long court fights Are Over the reality of the children is left. The Black children attending Oxford High school Are a part of o continuing process o f social change. The White children at Cobb High Are a part of a so a permanent new to Anniston a a unitary system puts White children in once All Black schools for the first time. The stories of the Legal fights have teen told again and again but what of the students who attend the integrated schools. Star staff writer Amelia Sherman talked with the White students at Cobb. Her Story of their reactions is at left. Staffer Judy Johnson talked with the Black students at Oxford and gives their reflections Ai right. Huck students at Oxford there s More equipment and you learn More Here by Jidy Johnson Star staff writer some of Black students Are attending Oxford High school this year under the zoning plan handed Down by Federal courts. Six of those students sat Down last week and discussed some of the problems and rewards that go with b ing in a minority situation. The meeting sow turned from a question and answer session into a free Wheeling discussion among the youngsters with a it Porter As audience. The views the youngsters expressed indicate that they find their experiences at Oxford More rewarding in humiliating. And they illustrate strongly some of the problems inherent in the old dual school sys pm w e simply by human nature More Money and better facilities went to some schools than to others. Of the six who joined the discussion on a decided later she wanted neither her name nor her comments published. One had nothing to Sav and another Quot a a e a her name left out the other three were willing to have their names used but for the Sake of Consol in they will All be designated by letters. A. A girl is a freshman at Oxford h re ? Ste Lias at tented there some three years having ranter was in these Venth Grade. She plans to by an airline stewardess before settling Down to a regular career alter she graduates. B is a Junior this year he plans a medical career after graduation from College he is one of two Black students on Oxford s student Council this year. A is a senior who plans to attend Alabama a amp. M to prepare for a career in the armed forces and business administration he. Also is serving on the student Council this year. D. A girl is also a senior this year. It is her first year at Oxford High school. She attended Calhoun c univ training school during most of her school career. She plans a career in nursing and Medicine a Quot helping others Quot Stie says. What Otmis of problems and rewards do these four find attached to attending school in a minority situation c to Ere Palm going to be some problems with the boys we used to get in fights but not anymore a tile girls a the White girls a they re All right some of the boy Are going to be mad at you but n a not too you learn More at a White school than you do set , Page a col. J ;