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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - October 4, 1935, Anniston, Alabama A i the weather Alabama fair and slightly cooler probably Light Frost in exposed places in North part tonight. U. P. Leased wire report of t Anniston get tar issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Nea feature service vol. 53.�?no. 340. Cotton 10.70 Anniston Ala.,Friday, oct. 4, 1935. To pages today final edition 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier new italian Advance takes toll tigers Battle j to 6-5 Victory Over Chicano fron projects hectic frantic game ends in eleventh inning after prevailing scale is ordered led Jim a i rat is reported captured ethiopians suffer big losses Detroit stages two remarkable rallies to come from behind by Public works administrator league of nations Council to affix War responsibility today Detroit too 901 040 01�?6 12 2 Chicago. 020 010 002 00�?5 to 3 Low Cost housing program exempted British Cabinet is firm for penalties Tallmadge May collect taxes War office in Rome officially announces Advance into Ethiopia peace hanging by i italian troops hold Hills overlooking City to be captured soon a to a feeble resistance a with j old in is a swept aside continent a Wrigley Field Chicago. Ort. 4. Olp a in a wild and tumultuous game which left a crowd of 45.000 screaming hysterically the Detroit tigers drove across a run in the eleventh inning today to defeat the Chicago cubs. 6 to 5. In the third game of the world Serin. Schoolboy Rowe took credit for the Victory after being brought into the game in the eighth inning to relieve Llo sett. Eldon Auker who started on the Mound for Detroit was relieved by Hogsett in the seventh the latter lasting Only one inning. Detroit s powerful hitters Sere held by big Bill Lee until the Paris government meets to decide Frances position in conflict Box score Box score but lost in the eleventh thanks to Jojo White. Auker warmed up briefly and White came out to Bat. The Plav by play follow first inning tigers White up. Strike one. Called. Strike two called. Ball one inside. Ball two Low. Foul strike three swung. Hartnett dropped the Ball and threw White out at first. Erne wide. Foul strike two. Ball Lin up. Ball one. Inside. Ball two Low. Goblin popped out to j urges no runs no hits one error one left. Cubs Galan up. Ball erne Low foul. Strike one. Ball two. Inside foul strike two. Galan singled to Detroit a. R h. To a e. White. Of. 5 i 2 5 0 0 Cochrane c5 0 0 4 2 i Gehringer 2b a _ 5 �1 2 4 7 0 Goslin of. __5 2 3 2 0 0 Fox of 5 i 2 0 0 0 Rogell is a. 5 0 3 2 4 0 Owen la. __5 i 0 15 0 0 Clifton 3b 4 0 0 0 5 i Uker p2 0 0 0 2 0 Walker. _ i 0 0 0 0 0 Hogsett a 0 0 0 i 0 0 Rowe p2 0 0 0 0 0 totals 44 6 12 33 20 2 a a batted for Auker in seventh. Chicago a. R. H to. A. E. Galan. Of. 4 0 2 i 0 0 Herman of 5 0 i 2 3 i Lindstrom Cf-3b .5 0 2 2 i i Hartnett c4 0 0 8 3 0 Demaree. Of of 4 i i 2 0 0 Cavarretta la 5 0 0 la 0 i Hack 3b-ss5 2 2 3 2 0 Jurges is. _ i i 0 3 3 Lee a i 0 0 0 i y Warneke. P 0 0 0 0 0 0 a Klein. Of. 2 i i i 0 0 xxi it a. I 0 i 0 0 0 French of 0 0 0 j xxx Stephenson. I 0 0 0 0 0 totals. 38 5 to 33 13 3 takes in available labor a a within the Vicinity of construction Geneva oct. 4. Up Washington. Oct. 4. 0j.p a to a. A. It la a straightening out tangled wage and league of nations employment requirements hindering Council session scheduled the 1325.000.000 Public works prov Gram. Administrator Harold l. 01 trillion of to take up Ickes today ordered that construe he Italo ethiopian crisis hould a Quot a apr Quot a postponed suddenly Ickes first had his Moo too too today. The postponement slum clearance and Low Cost Horn. A no inc program or Naird Quot of la Ltd to de another Point in has dispute with Lay by the committee of Hopkins when president Roosevelt thirteen a the committee ruled that where sufficient Quail Lei uie fled Relief labor is unavailable with inquiring into the Histon appr01>rianan it Atlanta ga., oct 4.�?<u.r>�? martial Law collection of taxes in Georgia during 1936-37 was a possibility today As gov. Eugene Talmadge declared he would not Call a special session of the legislature to mss a general appropriation Bill which the regular session failed to adopt. Quot just Mere speculation a was the governors Only comment today to rumours that he planned to place the state under martial Law january i to collect taxes through . Lindley w. Camp and disburse the funds As he sees fit. Some constitutional attorneys who wished that their identity be withheld expressed the opinion t hat such action would be the Only Way the governor could control the situation without a special legislative session to pass a general correspondent tells of first Advance capture of Aduwan and fusion of italian forces sought by Stew Art Brown i it copyright 1935, by untied press Rome Ort. 4. A a tactical air plane raids Over an area 50 mile to the South of Aduwan in Ethiopia were admitted today in an official communique. A general Advance of the army in the North was resumed at Dawn i Ondon oct. 4. War a rages today in East Africa peace in Europe Hangl by a very slender thread. Even before military penalties Are voted by the league if they Are voted there is constant danger in View of the naval and air concentration and the mining of the Mediterranean of some Accident or incident which might full Fily bring Italy of to War in Europe. Many ethiopians run to Hills at first sounds of air plane in the Vicinity of. Pm pro Ca phases 0f the italian the order did not Vicinity of the project ethiopian c o la f i i c t was interpreted As an area with f�rntm1pfp if Vanort in which the worker May travel to con Peel it 118 report. And from work without unusual excessive to or Ickes order said that when contractors request Quot All organised labor skilled and unskilled shall be supplied by employment agencies designated by the United states employment service from the ram Geneva oct. 4. Up the committee of 13 meets tonight to approve two parts of a report to be submitted to the Council tomorrow is debated. While its members prepared for Tuscaloosa is held in death of the following Given. Quot i to those preferences being was made More tense by new charges from Addis Ababa today mein Bora i such Daly had massacred w Omen a a batted for Jurges in ninth. Xxx batted for Warneke in a _. Xxx batted for French in right. Herman up. Strike one eleven Ali summary rum batted in unions who comte inc a Ltd ill a to a a Quot ,d a bearing the insignia of the red Rosa and brutally bombarded undefended and defenceless ethiopian towns. Baron Pompeo Aloisi ploys of the contractor who Are on local Public Relief Rolls. "2, to other members of such unions who Are on the Relief Rolls and upon the exhaustion of Union members of such Rolls to any other Mussolini s members of the two Young boys jailed in slaying of Clyde Appling at Northport spokesman at called. Strike two swung. Ball one Low. Strike three. Herman fanned. Lindstrom up. Ball one High. Lind Srorn beat out a hit Down the third base line Galan going to second. Hartnett up. Ball one. Wide. Foul strike one. Strike two swung. Hartnett hit into a double play 4togeli to Gehringer to Owen. No isms two hits no errors one left. White Goslin 2, Fox revel Galan 2, Demaree Lee. Odea. Two base hits Gehringer Goslin Lindstrom. Three base hits Fox. Home runs Demaree. Sacrifice hits Lee 2, Hartnett. Stolen bases Fox. Left on bases Detroit 8, Chicago 7. Hit by Jurges. Struck out by Auker i it her tu8caloosa, Ala. Oct. 4. j two Tuscaloosa county boys 13 and the 17 years old were held in jail Here of the army. Blackshire and natives league is expected to arrive in today in connect Ion with the slay -1 in order to repel imminent ethic Geneva tomorrow to defend his ing of Clyde Appling policeman in in menace crossed the Boundary country s course. Northport sunday night. Between bar Rachit and Meghen Ion the boys. Eugene and j. D. Simp the Northern front. British firm son were arrested last night. They to push Back the defense Force London oct. 4. Up a tile Brit arc Brothers of an alleged liquor which had not retired As was Nisil Cabinet is More firmly de Law violator who was slain by a trounced at Geneva the italian col ter mined than Ever to cooperate pling two years ago. The younger urns advanced in a hard difficult with Hie league in ail measures boy Eugene allegedly bought the Field along a front to a depth of Kmax necessary to halt the Halo gun with which Appling was killed about 20 Kilometres <12.42 Miles on res 41 0�?z4i_ a ethiopian car it a Learned Fromi hour.1 be on the officer s a average from the Frontier. An authoritative Quarter today. Body was found in his parked a feeble resistance Birian Iii Row Southern railway mail clerk shoot self in downtown office Birmingham. Ala., Ort. 4. Up a Bernard Mallon jr., about 40, Pitcher by Hogsett a second inning j hours Fox up. Fox fouled out f to Hartnett. Rogell up. Strike one called. Ball one Low. Rogell beat out a hit to Cavarretta and raced by Rowe 3 Demaree Klein on to second. Cavaretta threw wide Stephenson by Lee 3 White past Lee covering first it was an Auker Rogellio Warneke 2 Clifton error for Cavaretta. Owen up. White French i Rowe. Strike one swung. Ball one wide. Bases on 1,8118 Auker 2 Jurgeson his office in the Southern railway building. Malion was chief clerk for the Carrier. Ill health was Given As the reason for the act. A state which on its own admin to Mobile. Transient kills self Birmingham Ala., oct. 4. a Roland b. Ray 32, Atlanta unemployed for several months shot men. And killed himself in a downtown Sion repudiated its obligations and in the words of a source close to the government Quot launched an at Ord by sheriff r Shamblin equipped _ the pm Rome oct. 4. Up a italian troops advancing into Ethiopia the danger of such an incident la a pc captured the Strate a a today when ship rec town of Adi grat near Ping circles reported italian ports re a were being mined and All Dollar a Iowa tile foreign it it we Annm Bvrd and the Nani v vesels of11&Quot&Quot 1 a fico announced tonight. Calls at Rich ports. For weeks i _ by Webb Miller copyright 1935, by United press Field Headquarters italian armies via Asmara oct. 4. Up a the italian army of the North advanced relentlessly into Ethiopia today in the Wake of bombing planes that attacked the towns in its path. A Squadron of nine heavy Capron planes led by count Galeazzo cd Iano Mussolini a son in Law flew Over Aduwan scene of Trio of Carolina youths pay Italy a humiliation in 1896, with lives for murder and already bombed twice by the italians. The planes dripped numerous bombs aimed at the governors Palace. They also bombed the troop encampments to the outskirts of Adi grat to the East. The capture of Adi grat was expected momentarily. The italians were advancing at to i Miles an hour. The Parade from death Row be of a of Audua is near the by the resistance of the ethiopian ran at 10 30 a. In. As Robert Thorn Chang Telegraph report of the invading troops was reported excellent. For the first time the bombing raids of yesterday on Aduwan and Adi grat were officially admitted. The communique said Quot bombing squadrons received with violent Rifle and artillery fire bombed ethiopian a Rhod forces gathered around Aduwan and a unconfirmed reports said 1,700 persons were killed or wounded by the bombing planes including women and children. Describes pub but the communique said also Quot aviation department performed tactical raids and arrived beyond Makale and beyond the River Points Are far a Kerh erf and Adi grat on a line paralleling the italian thews Aniwa roughly front. As flt k eneral operations the communion said yet pm a at 5 a. In. Six divisions other lines have been ordering their vessels to Detour from the Mediterranean giving As the reason the High War risk insurance rates a in itself a significant Omen. The chances Are three to erne that there will be War in Europe before the end of the year according to the men who figure risks for Lloyd s. 3 illiterate inure Bois electrocuted robbery Hal Etoh. N. Cd a oct. 4. Up three illiterate Mountain boys one of whom spent five years in tilt first Grade but never Learned to read write or count to id died in the electric chair Here today for a murder robbery which netted them $77 from add Ababa. Ley a neighbor of the Simpsons was tack to conquer a weak ill a Man giving his name As find forces was feeble while the Popula As started to the death climber. I troop hold the Shire Hul lion awaited the entry of italian Oris Gunter followed. Arthur Dos a Tan troop nod troop., into their villages vim a a we tot. it. White cloths. The quartermaster in Thomas entered the death room i it a snal b the ethiopian commandant at As saying he sold the gun a Small rn1. I calibre Rifle to Eugene for $2. Borne i mediately ordered distribution of at 10 22 a. In. The current was rm1i�?zpiaji Vvs a a in tile opinion o. British states Corr Odd similar to the i food to the natives who were in a turned on at to 24 a. In. He was Alluwa has sent a message to the diplomatic circles Here Point of oui 7o1cavarreua Demaree to in Quot 1 a Quot a a Quot a a a of Quot that no won example of a ram a a a Hun Radii Neil to Ihirg rim i 3 Cochrane. Clifton. White. Addled to his Mother mrs. Is aggression than the italian drive Hll a 3 10 Telle Ray 475 Ponce or i Eon ave into Ethiopia could Well be con Cochrane. Clifton pitching summary six innings. Hogsett no runs no hits in one inning. Rowe two runs four hits in four innings. Lee three runs seven hits in seven 1-3 innings Rogell going to third. Clifton up. Strike one called. Clifton out Lee to Cavarretta no runs one hit one error one left. Cubs Demaree up. Strike one called. Strike two called. Demaree hit a Home run into the right Field eachers. Cavarretta up. Strike one called. Cavaretta flied out to White. Hack up. Strike one called. Hack jingled to left. Jurges up. Ball one f now. Hack stole second. Strike one 1 �?�3 innings. called. Jurges was Safe at first and Hac. Went to third when Clifton juggled an easy roller. It was an error for Clifton. Lee up. Ball one Low and inside. Lee out Gehringer to Owen Hack scoring and Jurges going to second. Galan up. Ball one ju�8-Herman-Cavarretta inside. Ball two wide. Strike one. Swung. Galan flied out to Goslin Auker three runs six hits in Nult at Anta requested that he received. Buried there. Paris Cabinet meets Paris get. 4. 0j.r a Cabinet ministers gathered today in an atmosphere of Domestic discord to decide whether France will follow great �,0j0 Britain in enforcing penalties the Warneke two runs two hits in oct 4. . Carl Kenneth be of of talons a it vote against thursday it was disclosed at the Al or Nijor freed in death Carl Garrett released in mysterious killing of Fiancee Colorado Springs. One found in the gun were included state of extreme misery. Pronounced dead at 10 30 a. In. In the Purchase Shamblin said Quot during the night the troops Gunter entered the death room halted in the positions they had a. Pm Jug Anco was dead eleven min both boys were to be fingerprint reached. Utes later de today to determine of their prints a this morning at Dawn the and Gosnell largest of the three tallied with those found on the Vance was resumed All Over the dead at n 03 a it m., after the line. Quot Gen. Emilio de Bono commander in chief wires a the morale of the troops is government i cannot hold Aduwan continued on Page 9 column i gun. To go Soith Lakewood n. J., oct. 4. a. To a a John 1. Rel idler or. Will leave a .5for Ormond Beach Fla., next the United press Learned on Good executioner twice applied the current. The triple execution required a total of 41 minutes. The three reared in poverty of the Madison county Hills ambushed late press news authority that the army has two William Thomas 75. Merchant and rett 22-year-old member of a French one run three hits in prominent Colorado a pings Fame it who had been held in Elpaso Rockefeller estate Here yesterday. Almost outside the windows of the aged Oil magnate s son. Johm two innings winning Pitcher Rowe. Losing Pitcher French. Double plays Rogell Gehringer Owen Gehringer Rogell Owen the ministerial conference room county Jau since tuesday in con do outs i Quot d 1,� allm5 auction with the mystery death nil a put a on a 9 d. ., is expected to arrive sunday and will accompany his father South his Fiancee miss Margaret Wilm popular Colorado Springs College coed was free today. Umpires Mcgowan Al at the District attorney Clyde Starrett plate Stark Nln at first mortar ordered him released from the jail two runs two hit one error one i Al at second Quigley no last night and at the same time left. Third inning tigers Auker up. Ball one Low and outside. Auker fouled out to Hartnett who ran Over to the tigers dugout to make the catch. Continued on Fage to column i at third. Time 2 27. Announced that he was working on Quot a new i j ragged fearless ethiopian army masses to meet Italy behind the curtain facts and gossip about politics officials and legislation at state capital objectives in the capture of Aduwan. A 2�?union of the italian forces concentrated near French Somaliland on the East front with those near a dual to the South on the italian Somaliland Frontier in order to encircle French and British Somaliland on the ethiopian Side and thus Cut off Ethiopia from All direct Contact with the sea. Aduwan is expected to fall within a few Days. But to Complete the grand Uncle of Thomas and Gunter. They clubbed him took $77 from his pockets and hurled him body of a Man found buried in a Washington Ort. 4. Up a Seward Alaska has been swept by Tho Mot severe flood in year and is in darkness coast guard Headquarters a advised today. Milton Fla. Ort. 4. Or a the into a mud Hole to die. Arrange funeral Alabama National guard officer Dies at Montgomery shallow grave on Santa Kina Island Beach sunday had been positively identified today As Andrew e. Nails. 4.9, red level Ala., Fanner. The identification was made by mrs. Pearl nails the slain Man s estranged wife and or j. S. Tuber Ville of Century Fla. Washington oct. I. It a pm the amount including salaries and All expenses will not be More than two warns of danger to u. S. $ it Eda palls la., oct. 4.�? or a joint action with England and France in the proposed application of economic sanctions against Italy will Lead the United states to War senator Gerald p. Nye Republican North Dakota believes. In an exclusive interview with the to United press senator Nye who pushed the neutrality act through the final moments of the last Congress warned against t cited states participation in any action against the nations at War. A in that direction lies danger a he cautioned. Quot there is Only one Way to be Neutral. We must move against neither belligerent. If necessary we must move against both with the same i by Frei to. Gormley Montgomery Ala., ocl. 4. Alabama collected $2,367,416,97 per cent of the Gaxhi resulting from More in direct taxes the activities of the Field agents. Dine during the fiscal year that i closed monday afternoon than it Prosperity a t h i s excellent i Baldwin s speech tonight awaited. Dent that its people from the lowest did during the preceding fiscal showing of the tax commission in a also a More prosperous by ii. R Ekins copyright 1935, by touted press j to the highest degree have deter year. And it Cost the state Only two dictates a Iso a More prosperous % a wit i i Tiu ii the ethiopian army Hurst mined to fight and ii they get hand per cent of the total increases to condition in the state. Gasoline and a i i Ayo i a fit it t to h of i 1 Iti by courier to it Law a and to hand with am italians to Cut make this Good showing. These income taxes May be used Axll a v a Al Vii a Quot a i in x i a i d ill Telephone to Djibouti oct. 4. a ragged fearless army of ethiopian men women and boys formed today on the Eastern front to meet the fascist legions of Italy. Them to pieces with swords and fact Are gathered from a prelim lust ration gasoline taxes showed knives. Survivors will be Evascu nary statement of taxes collected an increase of $1,135,227. People lated. Issued by Henry s. Long chairman Don t buy gasoline when they to lid Worsoe Gobena governor of of the state tax commission. Not have the Money. Gasoline is a the Issa and go Agoura districts a the record does not include any Cash item throughout the state Muski Ngum College taxes that were not collected i this heavy increase must be a com redly by the state tax commis Cepter As an indication that the Relief program today Montgomery Ala oct. 4- a funeral arrangements were. Being completed today for capt. _ _ movement the lengthier operation pro g. Land state property and Alabama Power company and the of joining forces to he West of the disbursing officer for re Alabama chemical Bank and Trust cum French and British Somaliland is National guard who died of kidney pan Truster under a <70.imhumw necessary. Ailment in a local Hospital last i sue of the Power company s Bond. Night. Joined today in filing Brief with London British Cabinet stiffens a world War Veteran he Nae the supreme court petitioning for in insistence upon sanctions. Pub been a member of state head quart derision on constitutionality a it lie sentiment supports government ers of the National guard since the Tennessee Valier authority. 1927. _ Tampa. Fla., Ort. 4 or a a blood transfusion from a pretty blonde Laboratory technician who flew to his bedside in a night facing employment crisis flight from Asheville. A today failed to savr the life of Robert Oster. ., wealthy industrialist ui7ashington, of. 4. Or a the the admin Intra t Ion could count Only Mobile Quot a. Ort. I Cut a i new deals $4 000,000,000 work 826 234, needy transferred from the posse men continued their search of. R mum Marmy leaders believe the Eastern graduate of front within the next few Days j new Concord Ohio is the com redly by the state tax commie Cepter As an indication that the Relief program today reached us. F r nearby swamp today for a negro will be the principal object of ital Mander. Sion. A funds that passed through depression is gradually disappear crisis the necessity of making jobs u<�?T1 fatally Slabbed enc White Ian attack and they will have to he announced he had concent rat other hands such Asad Valorme ing. Income taxes doubled the last for More than 2.250.000 needy in 28. A Quot uu., a youth and seriously wounded two meet thrusts from North and South de fresh troops at the foot of i taxes automobile tags and privilege fiscal year compared with the pre clays if the government expects to 1 0 a 1 a others in in affray at Prichard a toward Harar and the vital dibou Mussa a and was ready to resist licenses were not included in the ceding year. The total was $867, end the Dole november i. Of us u>1 hro8iess animus a suburban it in a a kit a or p to Addis Ababa railway. The italians when they Advance statement. 84 con. A red with $494,415 the pre a total of 1.126.234 persons now on be j1 a Dickens. 29, private altered to in readiness for an offensive the everywhere there Are preparations a big majority of the increase re ceding year. Are working. The administration pm u. A p1, i. A. A a the i army coast Arni italians have massed 95 tanks near for a Long fight. A rude military ported came into the state Treasury the increase in income taxes tells must employ 3.300.000 in All if Cli p to a a a i . A it Barranca fun. A he it. Mussa a. At the Junction of j Road has been built Between awash after governor Graves was Ina git another important Story in state j fact Relief is to cease on the Date u Wor he rely after he a stabbed the Eritrea French Somaliland and dire Dawa in the railway in j rated. Chairman Long of the to financing. It Means the general president Roosevelt promised. Sgt ate by state compilation Ethiopia Border and they have a Hope that communication can be commission put a Field Force to the fund will not be called on for one do july employment must average included highpoint n Ort. 4, in a Fleet of planes expected to bomb maintained if the railway is bomb j task of collecting taxes rightfully Penny for interest on the states about 85.500 bet Wen now and the Alabama 25.556 Arkansas 18,435 Tom Sandwich Alia ferry hut Harar dire Dawa and Jig Mega re. I saw a motor truck hastening due the state but which had not $17,000,000 funding Bond Issue of Aion the railway line and perhaps to Harar with masks for Cham been collected because of Lack of governor Miller s administration. Awash and Addis Ababa. I pan Andrews the British Consul Field collectors. A Check of expenses income taxes will meet this Burden this area should Bear tile Brunt faced with dangerous isolation on the tax commission shows that for the first time. This is due Parsone third Mark. 3,003 South Carolina 3,604 ten of the initial attack and it is Evi the Ogaden front. A he Cost of collecting this additional continued on Page 2, column 3 1 of the 1,126,234 Pew jobs listed Nessee 8,463. Mid autumn deadline. Congress Florida. 19,173 Georgia. 21,870 mom wailed in jail Here today foe made the Money available last april Kentucky 5,948 Louisiana 1,675 Alabama authorities to return him 8, and the drive ill is Short of the Mississippi 1,463 Norm Carolina to Kilby Frisan at Montgomary to complot his 1�-year sentence in conviction of burglar Chai of is ;