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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - November 26, 1940, Anniston, Alabama War analysis by j. W. T. Mason United Presa War expert British reports that the greeks have Cut italian communications in the Porto Edda Argyr Kastron Section of southwestern Albania indicate the development of a new greek offensive aimed directly at the albanian Adriatic coast. It should require considerable Effort by the greeks to extend this movement. But if it succeeds on a wide scale the italians will face the danger of being Cut off from Home communications. Today a italian communique asserting that enemy units Landing on the Epirus coast were partly destroyed. Seemingly refers to this new greek attack. The italians state that tile greeks were Only a a partly destroyed so that it is reasonable to accept the London version of the new thrust. Tile greeks Are attempting to outflank the italians in the strategic area of Argyr Kastron instead of making a frontal attack. To carry out their plan it seems that troops were embarked from the Island of Corfu about four Miles from the southwestern albanian coast and effected a Landing near Porto Edda which had been a coastal Supply base for the italians in this sector. The movement shows strategic skill of a High order on the part of the greeks As Well As unusual daring. It is difficult for troops to land at coastal Points controlled by the enemy and since the italians Only Quot partly succeeded in their resistance the conclusion May be draws that the Landing was a Surprise affair. If the greeks Are in sufficient Force they should be Able to get p. Tride the coastal Road leading from Argyr Kastron about 50 mites northward to Valona one of Al the weather Alabama generally fair colder tonight wednesday fair. Moderate to fresh Northwest winds on the coast diminishing tonight. Complete a. P. And u. P. Leased wire coverage hot Teton read Nea features daily in your Home paper issued daily and sunday morning by consolidated publishing co Quot the final edition Quot Aniston Star bulletins Ara broadcast every Day except sunday from 7 a. Rn., to to p. M. Over radio station whoa. A the final edition a at g p. M. Gives you a full report on late War news. Cotton 9 7-g vol. 58.�?no. 310. Anniston ala., tuesday nov. 26, 1940. 5c a copy�?20c a week by Carrier ban threatens defense strikers greeks take new Dies lies. Sims italian base town Iii Ltee strike casualties heavy . The cwt of psf in e gets e old Meus Churchill rejects any Are whole thing a Complete Mist ice soviets remain big Factor route to Mexico City on Mission Bania s two major ports on the Adriatic. The italians will have to vice president elect resist this Advance with All possible strength or else face the possibility of isolation in the southwestern sector of their Battle front. The new greek offensive is Independent of the attack being made from Koritza in Eastern Albania which is seeking to drive the italians farther North in the direction of Durazzo. Albanians principal port. Yet the two movements Are coordinated in the sense that their common objective is to push the italians to the coast. Stiffer italian defensive fighting should now result if the fascists Are not to find themselves fighting 0 precariously with their backs to the in by Joe Alex Morri United pres foreign news editor great Britain turned Down any thought of a Christmas peace in Europe today Greece slashed at italian lines from Lake och Ida almost to Porto Edda and apparently important diplomatic activity involving future War moves in the Balkans entered in Bulgaria. New greek successes were report fabrication Quot says representative american iving is. Real Issue one says Murray plans new drive to organize Ford and a Little steel los Angeles. Nov. 26 committee charges that four leaders de in the capture of the italian base of the United automobile workers at Pograjec on the Northern front 1 non strip at Vul top aircraft Plant and in a sudden raid on fascist communications in the neighbourhood of Porto Edda on the southwestern Nuevo Laredo Mexico. Nov. Front. 26, up a vice president elect Henry Italy War communique said a a. Wallace entered Mexico today greek Landing party had been bearing the Hopes of the adminis smashed apparently in the Porto traction of bringing the incoming Edda sector opposite Corfu but a regime of Manuel Avila c Macho dispatch from Athens described the president elect of Mexico into the raid As carried out by a Small party innermost Circle of cooperation of of volunteers which withdrew after problems of hemispheric defense. Blowing up Bridges and otherwise the vice president elect will pro breaking Road communications need to Mexico City to attend the in greek gains were paralleled Avila Camacho inaugural Cere by a statement by British prime. Monies sunday. Brief welcoming minister Winston Churchill in the reports from Rome that two ceremonies were held for him at the House of commons that any pro divisions of reinforcing troops have reached Albania show the italian High command realizes the danger of the situation. A whether two divisions Are enough depends on the number of troops the greek can throw into the fighting. The greeks now Are on the offensive everywhere in Albania. Which normally should require a three to one superiority Over the italians. Are communists today were characterized As Quot fabrications by the men named. Wyndham Mortimer International representative of the Union declared that Quot the whole thing is a Complete fabrication so far As i am concerned. A in my opinion Dies is one of the worst enemies of labor in the United Mortimer said. There Isnit a shred of truth in anything he says about me. I have never been a member of the communist party. The Only organization i have Ever belonged to is the United automobile workers Lewis in Michener regional direr defense setup Cabinet members meet with defense labor chieftain too House Leader seeks Laws against strikes v u 11 e e situation brings flurry of conferences in capital i it Al i line formed Arol and plane factors a heres a Section of the picket line surrounding the Vultee aircraft company Plant at Downey cal., where production of warplanes for the United states and great Britain was halted by a walkout of More than half the 5,600 employees. The strike resulted from the company a refusal to raise the minimum telephoto. A a Eek masked Man going East to help taps International Bridge Here. Of Sal for a Christmas armistice will shortly after the welcoming Cere exec pc Ancl that he would not Lor the charged the Dies monies. Wallace and mrs Wallace approach any Neutral in in error comm tee was trying to a a Decloud left by automobile for Monterrey t0 obtain an armistice. His state where they will Stop tonight men a. Aroused by a question they were the guests of Castillo Irb Ardig possible peace motes St Najera mexican ambassador to the a a. United states. Brill he it re to bul Ana a a. _ i the British also made a gesture met at Border toward encouraging Bulgaria to keep Wallace and Najera met in the out 0f the Axis but it was obvious Center of the International Bridge that the attitude of the Sofia gov a mental cases at Hospital for observation Washington nor. 26. 0j.r>_ president Roosevelt today summoned the secretaries of War and Navy attorney general Robert h. Jackson and defense commissioner Sidney Hillman to Confer with him on the strike at the Vultee aircraft company and other labor troubles in the National defense program. Secretary of War Henry l. Stimson Secretary of Navy Frank Knox Hillman and Jackson will come to the White House at 2 p. In. Or. Roosevelt arranged his schedule to leave a full two hours open for the meeting. The conference was announced by White House Secretary Stephen t Early. He did not mention the Vultee strike by name but made it Clear that the whole labor defame in Mountain warfare however. Al exactly 9 m and Shook hands eminent would depend on soviet the issues involved in the Vultee aircraft strike which he said was a whether Vultee will wages that will allow its employees to live in the american a i say emphatically that i am not and have never been a member of the communist party Quot Michener added. The Ordinary rules of tactics and strategy do not always apply. Yet. It would be reckless for the greeks to ignore them altogether in the ardor of their present successes Here is an Uncertain element in the situation. The greeks have displayed admirable leadership and exceptional valor to the present time. They have shown both daring and caution As conditions have changed. The military problem now facing them however is More difficult than the previous ones the destruction of italian combat Power in Albania by thrusting the italians to the sea. If this strategy were to succeed Arith the greeks eventually in full Pom Emion of the albanian Porta it Russia rather than Britain whose George Forsburg. Member of the bet of the strike negotiating committee. Was unavailable. Across the International Boundary 1ne spokesman in parliament said that Vultee strike negotiating committee. American and Mexico observers Britain would guarantee the future said in answer to the Dies report applauded when Wallace answered Independence of Bulgaria if that i have never been a member of the Najera s Welcome in Spanish say nation did not actively or passively communist in a a British foes the fourth person named in the a mine is not an official voice but bulgarian officials were busily report. Louis Tournie. Also a Mem the Echo of the voice of my conferring at Sofia with soviet rep a battalion of mexican infantry resent Tives. But there was still no lined the Bridge railing with Bayo final indication that Moscow would nets in fixed position. An army oppose further Axis gain in South band played the mexican and Amer Eastern Europe. Furious diplomatic lean National anthems. Mane vering in the next few Days the entourage then proceeded was expected however to indicate through the streets of Nuevo Lare whether nazis would be Able peace do and was Given a reception by a ear the Road for a flank hundreds of citizens and school attack in the Eastern Meriter children. Ranegan against Britain. The party then left for Monter Aux Aliex heavy u difficult to see How the fascists Rev accompanied Only by a Small dispatcher by Way of Yugoslavia to aim Etc to Ace now me raw Isis �?z., reported Many casualties probably could come Back. Thus. The greek a a a a Quot escort War might end. Unless other Powers police escort. Won t talk publicly Pittsburgh. Nov. 26. A a the steel worker organizing committee said today Union organization drives at Republic steel. Inland steel and Youngstown steel and tube company plants were a part of the pictures in the Cion a projected a intensive organization Phillip Murray. Soc chairman and newly elected chieftain of the James m Wilson age 22. Civilian conservation corps patient at the station Hospital at fort Mcclellan plunged three floors to almost instant death about 9 30 of clock monday night. He died from a fractured Skull it was reported and he apparently struck the ground head first. Wilson s body landed 21 feet from the base of the building and according to a witness before the military Board of inquiry he leaped. Hospital records show that Wilson had been under treatment and observation As a a mental cases for several Days. He was brought to the Hospital from the acc Camp at Clanton. His Home was listed As Highland Home in South Alabama. B. C. Ball 16-year-old school boy of 1403 Pine Avenue suffered a fractured Pelvis Bone when struck by an automobile on West fifteenth Street and remained under treatment today at Garner Hoe j pita. Aubrey Pendergrass age 14. Shanghai rumours nazi envoy will sek to Disen its Watt Stjes tangle army in Hina for blow a the purpose of the conference against British by Robert Bellaire Shanghai nov. 26, it up reports circulated today that Heinrich Georg Stahmer Germany so masked special envoy who helped bring Japan into the German italian Alliance was in route Hack to the far East to prod Japan into resuming its drive to the South aimed at Singapore and the dutch East indies. Simultaneously. German diplomats in chunking were said to be putting pressure on c hint s Generalissimo Chang Kai Shek trying to convince him that the democracies could not save China and that he should accept an a honorable peace with Japan and Aid the japanese is to discuss labor in relation to National defense Industrial difficulties strikes etc.,�?� Early said. An hour earlier or. Roosevelt will have lunch with Bernard Baruch new York financier who in 1917 and 1918 headed the War industries Board. This conference Quot May touch upon labor difficult in the defense program in View of Baruch a experience in the first world War. Drive to the South. German and italian envoys also were said to have visited banking the past few Days to Confer with Wang Ching Wei. Head of the japanese sponsored government of occupied China. The envoys were 1 believed to have sounded out Wang defense opinions f. 0. 0. By John r. Beal Washington. Nov. 26. Urn chairman Hatton w. Sumners of the House judiciary committee announced after a meeting of the group today that he had asked attorney general Robert h. Jackson whether additional legislation is necessary to prevent strikes in a a swabs �k1 ,15ispeaker urges removal asst of making with Chain a. Of with Shek. The Axis diplomats returned to Shanghai monday however to of the same address was said to leave the Field Clear when Japan have been struck by the same a and Wang Chin Wal regime slim come to Italy Rescue. Never the Leaa. The italians cannot yet have played their last cards in Albania. The albanian outcome is still undetermined. Pictures prove claims British or Law shot. Of Taranto raid to uphold stories London. Nov. 26. 300 greeks dead and several times Congress of Industrial organizations As Many italians killed in fight disclosed plans for the Campaign while neither Wallace nor Najera my on the North front near Lake last saturday at the Cio convention would discuss publicly specific och Ida. But Athens messages said and described the Bethlehem steel Points of mexican american rela that the heaviest engagement was company and the Ford motor com tons or any other tangible Points Between Argyr Kastron and Porto Pany As the Quot first he of hemispheric problems it was Edda. Where the italians were re said the drive would be the a most widely believed Here that Wallace ported making a Strong stand would be Given an intimate picture against the greeks of Mexico a potentialities in both a it the italian version of the greek Rokui Tural and Mineral lines. A Ted from Corfu against the Porto the fact that military and naval Edda sector conflicted sharply with the air i a Fol Corr governments a British and greek versions. To Mobile he was dismissed follow ing treatment at the Hospital. The Accident occurred about noon monday. Widespread Ever undertaken in the history of America Quot a Little Sterl next i Lime. I. A formal treaty november 30. By not being present at the signing it was pointed out the germans and italians could continue to act As go Between for Japan and Chang Kai Shek. There were reports that a group of american business men Here had sent % message to the state department urging a $200,000,0000 credit for Chiang Kai Shekus government immediately and other Assurance of american Aid. To offset ministry released picture today to w Quot a prove that thro. Italian Wauleah a. D pm a a a a a a my a con8ld-and possibly a fourth and two. _ italians disagree the italian report of the greek elaborating on Murray s announcement a spokesman for the. I a. Soc said the drive was intended eleven men Are headed by a not ? h pressure Quot generally for the Quot Little steel companies those Independent of the Horace Miller cruisers were badly damaged by bombers of the Fleet air Arm in raids on Taranto Harbor november la. One battleship was of the 35.000-ton Littorio class and the others were of the 23.622-ton Cavour class. One of the cruisers was of the Trento class and the other the Brigano class when the attack made six battleships. To cruisers. 27 destroyers and a Large number of torpedo boats and submarines were in Taranto Harbor. Three battleships eight cruisers and nine destroyers left the Harbor immediately after the attack. The fact a fourth battleship delayed its departure was believed to mean it had been damaged to some extent. Army orders sete rom v 8 set of corporation in which the British account. The Rome com 1 Washington. Nov. 26. Odd army orders today colonel Frank c. Boggs u. 8 a retired landed in Small boats under Over Munique claimed that a greek Landing party a was smashed in Epirus it Epirus is the general geographic designation for the coastal Region of Northern Greece and Southern Albania. The italians said the greeks Evanston 111., to Charleston 8 c. Captains Ralph Gregory Lockwood a. Res. Atlanta to Wright Field Ohio. Mort Ion Solomon Jmc res governors Island to Atlanta. William r Galt qmc., Washington to Atlanta of dark and protected by British the Cio had not completed its organization. The Tittle steel plants were scenes of bitterly waged strikes in the summer of 1937. Murray successor to John l. Lewis As Cio head returned to his Headquarters Here today to map the steel membership Campaign and possible action in strikes at the Alumina Ven men were named to the committee of management of the Anniston army y. M. C. A. At an adjourned meeting in the pastor study of Parker memorial Baptist Church late yesterday afternoon. The Rev. Melton Clark who with Howard Cater and n. G. Findley chairman had served on the nominating committee gave the com reports of heavy japanese concentration at Hankow in preparation for an Overland thrust at chunking were ridiculed by for please turn to Page 7, column i Workman electrocuted Birmingham construction worker killed on fort Mcclellan Job Frank Bilbro 50-Ye a old con Hampton. A nov. 26 Odd eleven sectional committees pooled a vast collection of opinions and i suggestions Here today in an Effort j to reach coordinated recommendations for charting the role of negro participation in National defense. To be forwarded to president Roosevelt. At i suggestion for the information of defense administrators. Delegates to the conference included some 350 educators Public officials sociologists and students of negro problems. Or. Channing h. Tobias National y. M. C. A. Secretary for negro work urged that a racial discrimination be removed from government because a it Breaks our morale completely to have our government discriminate against it is important to obtain hemispheric Unity he stated but added that first attention should be Given aircraft and greek and Quot British War num comp not of America Plant at Mittee report naming la re presen auction worker from Birmingham to Iho problem of racial do scrim new Kensington pa., and the Vul native citizens As members of the waa electrocuted in training area Rahnn so Artri. A a a a a ships. The greek troops were said to have come from Corfu Only four aircraft works at Downey. Cal. Miles Distant from the Mainland at compulsion refused the closest Point. Part of the greek at Downey the Cio Auto workforce was wiped out and the re ers Union has refused to accept a res., minder captured the italians contract we hich would Force com claimed. Pul Sory arbitration for disputes. This Anniston army y. M c. A com no at Forf Mcclellan at 12 10 Mittee of management. O clock this afternoon when he be included in the nominations were rame banged in charged wires or. Walter Reynolds. Or c. H. While a Tang. Cleveland. Horace Miller or. A funeral arrangements will be an Nat Ion in the United states. Or. Tobias also deplored the failure of the passage of the anti Lynch Sumners who summoned members of his committee to a 90-minute meeting to consider probes created by strikes in the aircraft and aluminium industries affecting defense production said that that the group was in Complete agreement that plants engaged in defense work must be kept open As a matter of Public policy. Sumners said that his committee had directed him to address a letter to Jackson asking him to advise the committee whether he considered new legislation necessary. He added that he was requesting Jackson to bring the letter to the attention of the White House conferees this afternoon. Committee a standing by Sumner said that pending the White House meeting the committee was a standing by Quot to see whether legislation will be required. Quot this committee All agrees a said Sumners a that these plants engaged in manufacturing War materials must be kept open As a matter of Public policy a there is no difference of opinion on that Point. Whatever is necessary to keep them open must be will follow executive Lead asked for his ideas As to possible methods of maintaining production Bill asserting that foreign nations in Defene plants Sumners replied m. Jesperson. Or. Eugene l. Turn noun a apr by Boozer funeral British need no Cash Washington. Nov. 26. A some of the highest official in the government estimated today that the British government had financial resources for at least another year of american purchases. Several said they thought the Supply of Gold securities and other assets might conceivably last even two or More years. In these quarters the apparent general Relief was that lord Lothian s recent statements on Britain s dwindling resources were intended primarily a to set the stage for some future Date when it May be vital for the Empire to obtain credit. The British ambassador said that financial assistance was one of the problems his country would have to meet a Nfn the first half of 1941, and sir Kingsley Wood Chancellor of the exchequer said in a Glasgow speech yesterday that Britain s War expenditure had risen to a daily average of $36,400,000. 105th infantry will occupy permanent Camp tomorrow led to a charge in Congress that communists were responsible for the strike and demands by representative Cox. Democrat. Georgia and representative Hoffman. Republican Michigan for legislation to outlaw Quot All strikes against the government and to prevent labor unions tomorrow will be moving Day Juat Uke All other units which will on work for the 105th infantry 27th division at fort Mcclellan even if weather is worse than today s cold drizzle. It is going into permanent Camp in one of the newly built areas. The new Camp has electric lights in the tents boarded sidewalls and hot water for showers which has not been Handy in tile Etem Porizek Camp. There have been no elec train tomorrow As they did today major general William n. Haskell i commander of the division and me Post today agreed that a the army ainu to what it used to Haskell said arrangements had been made to establish a bus route through fort Mcclellan and to establish 15-minute service. He said that the fare would be to cents and a round trip would Cost 15 cents the general is attempting to of erg in defense plants. Such development Are forcing labor s hand and make it necessary Fot Murray to act promptly and decisively since both Industrial and labor leaders agree that the National advisory defense commission has taken an Adamant position against general wage increases. Many expect Murray to Lead a drive for a a checkoff of Union dues by companies from the envelopes or or. Gordon Moore or James Hom of Anniston h. Meigs or. W h Devo. Or. I Clarence Williams Rev. 8 o. Kimbrough. Rev. James m Stoney All of whom were elected to membership. This committee will control finance and policy of the local army y. M. C. A. Horace Miller who was named a convener announced that the com were unable to harmonize american mob violence with a the spirit of Santa Claus arrives Friday afternoon at the Star office Mitt. Xuy a a Canta Claus is coming to Annis-4cost. This figure includes replace i n8 Mondl Irr vhf ton afternoon and will ment of bulbs in lighting equipment r. Officially open the Christmas season already on hand l. Officers and ooze Rue Tomn to y1� of 8r"ts the throngs of chi1 beginning on monday of next int . Compleat <1ren who will meet him in front of week store will remain open until my organizational details the Aniston Star office. That he preferred to wait until he received the suggestions of the a people in executive eleven members of the 25-Man committee attended this morning conference. The committee meeting a one of a aerie of preliminary move in a House drive for enactment of measures to prohibit strike or provide strict regulation of labor disputes in defense industries. Mobile Case begins lain newer motion pictures for Fon of t1101 members. Mcclellan members of the 27th do trial connections for the tents and vision have already seen most of the there have been no boarded Side wails. The outfit will move about two Check off would help a Check off would have prevented tile a incident a at new Kensington pictures being shown now in the three theatres at Mcclellan because Plant where the Union called a of earlier release in new York state strike last Friday claiming that a k investigating to determine $27-a-week worker Drew a knife on Miles beginning at i Dock. About whether the Cost can be reduced a committeeman seeking $12 in dues. 50 to 75 trucks will be loaned by the motion picture service operating at the Mills daily payroll is $44,000. Artillery units for the Transfer of fort Mcclellan has no rent. Fuel. The company is considering the personal properties of the men. The Power and insurance Bills to and unions demands that the worker moving and process of getting set it is reasonable to assume that be dismissed or transferred outsiders a fun i Day cheaper Pricia pm uld be maintained its bargaining group. Already the in a a 105th will not participate says Haskell. Civilians might be re formal suggestion has been made to in to e training tomorrow but the fused admission to protect the con j some steel operators that existing time will be made up. The 105th Quot ill Mescal value of pictures for Annis contracts be a a revised to a smooth Complete its required 13-week Coli amp a j ton theatres. Out the dues collection Angle. 7 o clock instead of closing at 5 30 Santa Claus will distribute Candy of clock. The saturday closing hour to the children in front of the 3tar will be moved from 8 o clock until and will take up the letters they 9 o clock. This schedule will be of att Raey says police collected have written to him. Served for two weeks and another bribe on beats downtown Anniston will be better change will be made december 16 decorated for Christmas tins year stores will remain open until 8 Mobile ala., nov. 26. u. An it stores will begin late closing o clock through the week. On or s. District attorney Francis h hours on december 2. The retail Merce tuber 23 and december 24 they Inge told a Federal District court chants division of the chamber of will remain open until to of clock. Today that policemen on their beats Commerce decided at the offices of although the merchants did not in Mobile collected 50 cents per w. S. Coleman president of the City know it at the time of their meeting week from each retell Bootlegger commission. Monday afternoon. Major general William n. Haskell while scout or officers and City lighted Christmas Trees will be commander of the 27th division and detectives got $1 each per week. Attached to each White Way Post and fort Mcclellan had suggested that Inge presented the government Dit ional lights will be installed at Anniston stores might get More busies be against 38 former Mobile to Street intersection above the tray Ness by closing later and giving Beemen on trial for conspiracy to Fie signals and coloured lights will members of the 27th division an of violate the internal Revenue act be placed Iii globes of the White port Unity to shop pertaining to liquor by accepting Way system As customary the Light the bulk of the 27th division men bribes from bootleggers. Will Burn All night. Get to Anniston after the regular luge told the Jurj rates were Dou decorations will be installed As 5 30 of clock closing hour and at that by i for wholesalers. He said one soon As possible and a special com time drug stores cafe and picture bootlegging establishment had a to Mittee. Headed by Joe Broadnax will shows Are about the Only places lice payroll of $22 a week. Oft canny a scottish ukr won amp Roo snapping up Gao gains uhf a Cap by bid raise $825 to Bear the additional. Open in Anniston. 24 Tiu Christmas ;