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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Anniston, Alabama / the weather rot uni thin in a ii Xic Iuit fair tonight nems Shambe Home edit vol. 39, no. 38. United press leased wire service and n. E a. News and feature service Anniston Ala. Wednesday Noy. 24. 1920. Resolution will be introduced next month though action May be deferred democrats expected to vote for measure i in Eriov in inti re Mon Al i 111 la i \ Vias j la pm of Al tiv Root Vav of i d vol i of it Vav Knox. Vav in Lium on no i listed i�?Tp1 �?pfflti1 with h Niini but fax Iturrey Linial not nut Ion so w i in Iii Kimii Lemiol a a lion. S4-n.�t�r Knox. Irmi irl Vanlon it a i Iii Huihui need 5i intent lot of int in Murine la Ltd not a a Luton re. A a Iii i i a a Gre Roann cur hut Whf lift to Xxiii press for action Durlic th1 a Hott in pm to a on the x i xxx of the majority of to publican Collo Kufs Ami i n1 1 dont loot Hardin. Al \ denied that he Eon a id i ii offer of the of m i rot Irv i of Tate in the Harding it hint i. Any one who a. A that i Ani �i>1.iempluim? a Cabinet position1 it ii xxx Ith ii to said m. A Dine Xxiii s a a. Ilia cab i a Quot or ins own Good Knox a. Of the opinion tha in ii. A d i it n on his peace re in might come As tile result a Ato it a d a Quot Arvas of of to a Ita i uitime t. Ile was inclined to think i a is a a it ult of the pier on the \ lev of some Denio rata is p tors might lie changed a do f a overriding a by Sill i i a a the in. Or outlined his vows athe ii a Ana. Relations As r i suit of the Republican x a i i a ,Hoimii it my Itiat he did a so to Emma i Rara i a re Identie f i dug in any Way. Quot by then vote the people have. Tax n that Thov do cwt fixer $. I a a la in a a ironed by a a at itt has to done propose a a a r our sox a go to to a. Or. S. And the it tin of rope be to assume tin Quot it. In l r a to n which a in id Vav. A a its in in heart in. Cox Nam a the senator said. Would Linter tribunal Tai a in z a Eft to Al i h it a Lee i that a Quot. It sex is t Sirn it is to i i v two years. Then a a i a i St its i u 1 declare it v a Ltd it to to cd. A. Rat a or a i i t of to Sward world Pac and at i i re it Quot it ii. Of i s la ii an International Nui of ast in an ii. S Elihu Hoot a t tined ii a d dare As i first pro i in Rosi Tiou that. If tin a civilization i the world ii Ever again nit Vitae i the United states x gum consider itself bound to go War to preserve Knox indicated he would outline b s program to president elect i Landing he emphasized that Tho main Point of his peace resold a n is to reduce the Ooi Iobbi warn machinery that has been built up. I am of the opinion that the a solution would automatically r peal All War Laws but if there in Are doubt about it i would also demand passage of a Resolution clearly provid no for their the statement att buted to vice president Edc. Coolidge that the election xxx As nut Clear i Fern turn on the l ague of nations a Iusco much Surprise among Senate Irrer operable. Berate is s de a ared that the election if it me ant anything killed the Wilson 1,. look to aking in ,.- da., s before gov. Col i Jakc. De Quot ared tile league was dead Mise said. Quot i As much As the senator Havo a vote and the vice i evident elect has not. I urn it a cd in accept the opinion of the too Bankers will attend Memphis Cotton meeting a a i i Memphis to an., nov. 24.�? u United let a a it a Between 500 and. It banker. Aid Cotton men from fall parts of Tho South will attend Tho a Onfer Cnoc to be held in Dei Nib r s for the purpose in forcing a Cut or 19_i Cotton Wago the Memphis Cotton cd Tnge announced today. Promoters of the conference a i a find a Nti ment of Bankers throughout the South practically in pinions that Tho Banks can and should Force a id i Cotton acreage reduction by of fusing to make extensive Loam to Farmers or factors. Mine explosion near 1 Birmingham kills ten blast occurs in mine at Parrish Ala., 1,600 feet from in i trance. Killing six men instantly and jarring timbers j from moorings Birmingham sends rescuers Iii Mirghani. .mu., nov. 154.�? unite pros a ten Are dead today j Ami in in Iii Fly Riig More or Lese nor loud injuries following the explosion to find it morning in the hallway fuel com Ponon min at Par j re a Ala., a oiling to More definite reports of the Accident caused by a a. Explosion 1,600 feet front Ute mine Entrance. Is of the in Are Aldo have died in Tarot la followed by tit Oiler four within a Fexix j hours. Tho do. Flu morning were a John Jordon negro parti. Reuben in Lii Liny. To Dora Ala. Immediately following the of Lee i i. To Parrish. Ala. Jul onion an emergency Call was sent i t it Chapman 5�, double run j to Tho Birmingham offices of the a. Company for Aid. And a. Special a Barie Lamb t i double run train w Ith quantities of first Aid a equipment a rushed to Parrish. Ii. Kyle Parrish als although the explosion War George Bell Parrish Ala. It a. Roehll Parrish Ala. Vav. Id. In Arrish. Heavy and jarred timbers from i their moorings Rescue squads who i went into the wrecked mine state i i of it nip negro Parrish. Thar the Drift was not choked. Lira is Tira i Miff with rope about his neck culprit is dragged two blocks tied to Auto Tylertown. Miss. Nov. 2 i a United i �?~re.31�?Tho hush of horror settled of r Tylertown today Tho gruesome Lynching of Harry Salt ohs negro assaulted who it be. Broth r already had been lynched for an attack upon Tho husband cobs x Iol a pc yest or d in be. Ii select when it in court roof woman Harry j a cd. A court convened hero to try Jacobs. A jury had it cd my the trial started ii Brkl through Atli fun doors and overrode a. Is of Jud Quot Miller and the husband of the outraged woman for due court of Law. The negro was dragged with a Ropi about lib tick two blocks and thin tied on behind an automobile which Dragg i the body in ghastly Parade to the Magee Creek Bridge. Tile Boily was then St up to a it and shot with needless Bullet. The spectacle was allow a to remain several hours Befurt removal. Canadian held for kidnapping a millionaire charged with $100,000 Bond theft and disappearance of wealthy Toronto Man officers report says guns Are now plentiful for first time in 100 years Portland. Ore., nov. ?4 cd press a John d it Oughty former private Secretary of the Quot vanished millionaire a Ambrose Small of Toronto Canada maintained silence today a to w hat had become of Small and of 1100,000 in Bonds which disappeared with hint Doughty who dropped out of sight in december 1919. Simultaneously with Small and the i to Quot. Too was apprehended yesterday at Oregon City near Here. And brought to Portland last night by detective aus in Mitchell of Toronto. Mitchell said he would Start for Toronto today with his . Washington no. United press a the United states for the first time in a Century has on hand sufficient artillery to equip a sized army a Jgen. William j. Snow chief of Field artillery said in his annual a port today. This is due to the Large quantities of guns howitzers ammunition and other material left Over from the War. Quot should War unfortunately break out in Tho next few years we should be spared the spectacle of Birtill by drilling with improvised wooden gunk. Home made Teler hot a no is rope harness and similar which characterized the last War a Snow said. Snow urged annual appropriation for an experimental program in artillery development by the ordnance department and the Field artillery. To pointed out that the design test and perfection a a a new weapon a work of years and that this work must pm done in peace if the. In Ted states 1s to have Tho Best of weapons upon an outbreak of War. Snow req-ut�?�-.1 four Light Rmenti of artillery have been motorized As an Experiment looking to possible substitution of motors for horses throughout the service. Snow also praised the sturdiness a of the army mule saying that the time lost by these animals from sickness and injury in the. War was Only about one tenth that lost by unit ? horses. For this reason on Battery of Field artillery has been equipped with mules in place of Norse Iii View of a possible substitution Here. Recorder Bibb plays role of King Solomon former Premier strongly supported in commons debate. On Irish question sinn fein plots said to Exten djo England raiding and rioting Ina bated on Island Home Al Che Bill not i world in Horst of lords. By Webb Miller United press staff correspondent London nov. 24.�?steps for the immediate establishment of peace in Ireland were urged in the House of commons today by former Premier Asquith supported by labor members. John Dyne and Arthur Henderson joined Asquith in a motion condemning outrages and police reprisals in Ireland. The motion opened debate of the entire Irish situation. Extension of sinn fein plot.? to England was reported Here today. It was declared the secret a vice uncovered plans for violence in London Liverpool and Manchester. Incriminating documents were said to have been obtained in Man raids in Southern Ireland. Reports at the Irish of Fie Here were the round up of suspects was the biggest yet undertaken by the government. Hotels Yvere commandeered in Dublin and turned Over to the soldiery while private houses Yvere searched for men and documents. Even the residence of archbishop Walsh was searched. Hundreds caught in cordon hundreds of persons were caught in Dublin when the barbed a ire cordon was thrown about the City. With hotels closed to the Public Many sought sleep in the streets. Outside Dublin intensive raids still were in Progress. At Baily Longford it was reported firing lasted throughout last night with one civilian killed. Men. Described As uniformed burned a Creamery at duh Arrovo. At Cas Lerea where police made a search for subjects one Blackar i Tan was reported killed and three persons wounded. With discussion of the Dublin tragedy at its height the Irish Home Rule Bill made its appearance in the House of lords. Second Reading was moved by lord Birkenhead. The Earl of Dun Raven moved its rejection on the grounds that the Bill is not supported by the majority . To declared it Quot an ignorantly honest attempt to Settle the Irish question. L unionists were reported to have solidified their opposition to the Bdl because it Dublin a Quot red Colby plans to leave for South America sunday former Empress of i Germany near death in exile at Doorn Amsterdam. Nox. Jim Init to Russ a rho Numier Kaisim in Augiitc \ Durla children gathered around her at Hoorn a a Laj in xxx hat they Iva re i was their Lah Xiii to her. Tile tor i t it Empire a Fexer was High and san Ealim held Little Hope of her recovery. He f ormer brince.-. \ octoria Louisa Anil Stet husband. Tin hike of Brunswick Hie former Crown Prince anti princes Pitcl fro id Rich Arni Adalbert arrived . Buck plots daily and sunday 20 cents a Wugk a so ret Sale 5c a copy waste Bulgaria and Austria May enter league Over 30 Sims sports Heaters. Automo Biling Anc other diversions would be made illegal new York Nev. pics a strict sunday Laws prohibiting Mot inn pm Turco prof la a Mai sports and Butin a of any it to i be introduced in from n to of Tito Legislatures this w nth it a. The lord s Alliance announce d today. The Billa Quot cording to or Harry l. A luvs by. Secretary of to a Alliance Are based on patriotism As Well of religion. The Alliance through tner.i."es notice lie said that no race nor corporation can inflict a Continental sunday on America. Tim design is to preserve sunday As the lord s and at the same time support the Christian business Man who closes i institution Over sunday. Tile support it labor v. I be urged on the ground that to the Bills Are not adopt d. Sunday business xviii expand the port of ice department to extend sunday operation and finally there v ill be no of rest. A a these Are rot by a Law to xxx by said. A Blue Are a Humbug. But if opponents insist on Caping est in Lue Laws Well fight along evidence shows scheme even to spread typhoid surpassed by new devices jails not big enough to hold the prisoners a a a a a Quot. List of dead Froh Chort Park terror reaches is British dead rett red to England. Dublin. Nor. 24.�? United Fri a a a swarms of a a ctr cd re ice men operated in Southern Ireland today. Reports to the Irish office hem said evidence of plots of sensational character had been obtained. Plans surpassing Tho alleged scheme to infect men and cavalry horses with typhoid and glanders germs were said to be among these. Them Blue Laws that Una. Blue i pity and Tjw the support of a Hill already we i 11. A. A r k i the Coil i it toy of i a xxx w demand Loyal h i s let. I n prep. A cd for submission to to enforce strict sunday Observance in the District of Columbo. Or. Bowlby said ten in la intention of ppr i it ing my a ��?Tny hu.>ln�?~s8. Sports movies Autonio Biling Candy and Tobac o a it Ling a anything tending to divert att a Tion from Tho Homo of religion on sunday would be Ltd the a boo Quot the moral tone of the nation is slipping backward Stead Bowlby said. Quot souk tiling must to done to make pc ctr. Spiritual to Ashington nov. 2 4.�? United press a Secretary of stat1 Colby and i party will leave Washington sunday on the Secretary trip to South America according to depart recorder John p. Bibb played the role of King Solomon in the1 Jane today at the state police court in a modified Way wednesday morning when be divided 150 n Money Between a negro Marl and his with after the Niento. Colby ill go from Washington with whom he App eared to by or. Wife had Brough about Tim Arr -. Friendly term. He said he used to j of her husband under a charge of know Doughty que to. With reference to o Well in Torr. to provide for her. The domes Quot troubles of couple were aired in the copy _ a report the a couple were aired in the court and a blighty confessed hav ing stolen j after hearing both sides of the the Bond Mitchell said Quot that is j Cust the recorder suggested the i silly i the negroes Divide what Money the when Doughty was asked a Vav last t Lau Buia had. Which was done. The c or Load rates on Coal held up until March 24 Washington Tov. Pm a United lip it the interstate Commerce commission his Pended until tit March 24 proposed rates on Coal in Troad lots from Kentucky and Tennessee and Atlanta. The rates Rould a qty v the payment of an and switching charge of 30 Lent per net ton less $2.50 per car by Consumers loaded More than three Miles from the t olints of in terran Ngy of till Louisville a Nash a. ,. Aud to on Are Railroad. His deft no would be. He replied dramatically Quot its All in the Lap of Tho. Quot done to pay any attention to tha. Interpol d Mitchell. Quot Jack got that line Froni some play while he was in the theatrical in a lip Mitchell spent last right with Dougherty at a hotel Here. Asked Why to did not put his prisoner in jail Mitchell replied that he did not think it necessary. Discussing the missing Bond Mitchell said that Doughty knew where they were at some place in Toronto. Ile refused however to give any particulars. S. Far tiler is no Trace of Small tor whom a search has been in Progress on two continent Ever is ice his disappearance nearly a year ago. Doughty was quoted As having said he last saw Small in a theatre in Canada ill night of his disappearance but that he did not kilo what had become of him. Doughty the Man. Says mrs. Small. College Bein. N. Nov. 24.�? United press a John Doughty under arrest at Portland Oregon holds til Quot key to the master ious disappearance of Ambrose Small the vanished millionaire of Toronto Canada in t c belie today of or. Small. Upon being i., formed Tim. Doughty who disappeared at the same time a. Small Haw been arrest a mrs Small declared she fell renewed Hope that Lier husband would to found of that Ell would at least learn his Fate. Quot i still have a. Belief that or. Small is alive Quot she a id. Quot but i Arn a Fra it that if he is alive he is out of his mind a got my in by letters from Cranks and Atli ors that. We Bel pc the in. St. Co ii Uii. It them Spone of Cace was dismissed. Finds husband is her father declares woman Baltimore nor. 24. A United in Ressho declaring that Lier husband and father of her two children is her own father to whom she was married porno yearn ago after she had been assured that site was marrying her Stepfather mrs. Annabelle tones 27 years old made statements to the starts attorney yesterday which started an investigation from that office. William Jones whom might. Jonts alleges is her father is in Jacksonville fla., and an Effort xviii be made by the Baltimore authority to bring him Here. Two children were born to the Jones since the marriage which took place in 3 911. Entente holds up German planes on Way to new York Berlin. Nov. 27. A United pres a the extent air Mission ha.-, halted a shipment if German All Metal planes to Quot Larsen Coin new York. Tho Mission demanded that la machines it of Iii shipment be Given to to Alii s. The manufacturer declared this violated asst Runcis previously Gen that then would be interference with the transaction since Tho planes were not for military uses. To Hampton roads on the Prudential yacht Mayflower. At Hampton roads he will Board the i battleship Florida which Wail take him to South America. Ii ? expected to Stop first at Rio d Janeiro then go to Montevideo and later visit Buenos Aire in of Foially. A major general and a read Admiral Xxiii go with Colby tis Aid s. It is expected they xviii be Majger Adelbert Cronk i a com i Man dlr the third army corps a a i at Baltimore and Roar Admiral i Frederick b. Bassett or. Cern a mantling destroyers at Philadelphia. Ships Captain resists search of his vessel master of norwegian Steamer is held on three charges growing out of raid being mentally unbalanced that in a a f a i Ere May pc . Mobile a a. Now cd a it i i Ted press a Cap. Thor Ludwig master of the norwegian fruit. A Sun r Vera faces three cd rages a a result if trouble aboard the a a . Last night when Depue a it searched the ship let a Quot a to band liquors till Captain did a r right of the sheriff to search the ship according to Shroff Holcombe who charges that i deputies were forced to draw r Ltd w revolvers in order to car Ltd nth verse i and handcuff a Apt Bud xxx who i charged with a it nov res violating the prohibit n i Quot and Public drunkenness. Sheriffs deputies boarded t Anlap on arrival Here last i a a Irma xxx i a search warrant. County officer say that Cap. Luu a Usi Stod that big ship was in 11 r the norwegian Flag and not subject to search Hie officer claimed he would not submit. However he a arrested about with several member of the Crew and t the a a re ii inane by lie silent., in Pierce murder Clear Case of robbery claim Philadelphia nov. 2 4�? United Presmy circumstances that i d to the murder of Henry t Pierce igbo saturday night have been fun a explained and arrests of Tho principals Are expected shortly. Detective Bureau officials Here. Said today that the details of the crime which May be made Public Toda xviii show that robbery a is the motive it was asserted. A Mike de Pike and 6 police sergeants indicted by court Chicago. Nov. 2 �?t untied press do poll Heifer and 30 other alleged no .r.bcr? of the Large St liquor in. A a it a a a in the country xxx or edict by the Federal grand pm h re on charges of a a racy to Violat the i Dii bit a a among those indict 1 w a Chicago police Illinois ids up Over $1,000,000 Worth of Lioi of More than 30, xxx Gallons i Aker in nine months Yorth $40 per gallon Bootleg Washington. A 24.�?< unit d meanwhile All Southern Ireland kept a nervous Finger on the trigger. Curfew Laws were being enforced strictly throughout the territory covered by Black and tans and Tho constabulary. Since the Dublin murders slight warning a been Given suspicious characters found abroad at night. Likewise Tlioa in the streets in violation of Tho curfew Law Are Quick to fire. Disorders reported yesterday and last night occurred at Mil Street where three were a ported shot and at Skerries and Nenagh. At Newry Constable Kearney died last night of injuries sustained sunday when lie was shot from ambush. At Cork a. Mysterious bomb i plus Ion in Patrick Street injured six persons. Jails overflowing arrests throughout the Southern counties Havo run into Large figures. Prisoners hero were so to no Rous Celt space could not be found for All. On More 1 cd from the shoeing sunday in or of Pak Ranva ported today. Tho death list at the Park stood at i i. The bodies of the 1 4 Mon killed in the sinn fein raids sunday Yvere taken to England today aboard a destroy r. The Iii office announced officially that the three men killed in an attempt d escape from Dublin Castle yesterday were known to Fie sinn rein leaders. One of them defer Clancy a Aid to have been involved in the plot to murder lord French it Phoenix Park. He was arrested Riih Richard a Quot ice a. Officer in the sinn fein army and an auth orly on explosives. An informal to nine constructed to make use of gun Cotton was found in their rooms. The third w As t. C Ciu be. A lieutenant in the sinn for army. Peacemakers go a on Battlefield to i plead for truce league commission in no Many a land asks poles and lithuanians to desist. J on Don nov. 24. A United pre a stationed in no Man s land with a Telephone leading to both polish and lithuanian Headquarters league of nations commissioners vainly pleaded with the opposing leaders to end the fighting according to a. Dispatch Quot received Here today. The commission invaded the Battlefield with pm special train fix ire the Long a of nations Flag. The Battle continued to rage with machine gun and Rifle Bullet whining past Only 200 Yards away. Amid that rattle and Clatter to a a commissioners talked first with the Zeligowsky troops and then it Ith the lithuanians. Taking turns they pleaded that the leagues for an armistice be heeded. Then they threatened punishment by the league. Late reports from were conflicting. Armistice plans were said to by progressing. It w a also stated that the fighting continued with unabated fury forces still making Progress to the Northeast. Association to begin Campaign to Cut acreage lint but i Iona i prohibition f statement Given t on com prohibition off. More than 30,000 Laid. The hath. I innately a Quot a a j Kramer pm a a 1 raids i if Cha i i a a appointed Chirac i the former chi1 t i it with pro la a Lnor cum the f prohibition i 2 7 5 a to were Cal Mer .�?~.Aid. Ai it it j tailed. i Tot a i d a it a 5, nor a i thus in lieu i ii obtained in 50 i Purling t liar a Cie la and it into a oui. Ixia 50 conviction of pending >.pr. Go cording to k in in or convictions were it of cd Case tried Alabama convicts Mill have Turkey thanksgiving Montgomery Ala., nov. 24.�? special a every stat convict will Havo a Holiday and an unusual dinner thanksgiving . Tho state convict department has instructed the warders of All crate prisons to make preparations for til and to Purchase extra thing including turkeys chickens and other food. Sfa of convicts have thro holidays each year and on the a a. July 4, thanksgiving and Christmas they Aro not required to work. Via u f. Flag lr., shit warder Gen i tit yesterday for an irrpeetion trip through Tho birr. Ingham i uric where state Cor car Xor cd in the a Oil mine. Id Vail at his dinner thanksgiving Xith the officers of the i ii in Camp it Banner min pc Ming to Montgomery Friday. Rice growers in Mexico face loss a from Export tax Washington nor. �?~24�? United by is to in the my i Quot an adv a. removes its port tax on re Xvi cd was r de red in Septa my via american growers in Mcva. O xviii be ruined according to official reports receded Here from maj of the i f crop it per of Mexico where amen an grow re prod Orr a i is three times Large As last year but americans say they will be unable to sell under Tho Export ? j v requirement. Reduction of 33 i3 per cent in Cotton planted next year Fth be sought a a Atlanta ga., nov. 24.�? a the Amer can Cotton association through it National officials has completed Plars for Absolu y assuring the acreage reduction of 33 u Pex cent in Cotton production for the year 1921 uniform throughout the Belt it thus announced in Atlanta today. Sex Ery banker merchant broker Cotton Factor in the entire Belt i being requested to execute a Legal binding contract binding the selves not to extend renewals of credits or accommodation to any Farmer until and unless he executes a Legal binding contract to reduce i Cotton acreage 33 d per cent for the year Yipu. The Georgia division and the various other slate divisions of the Cotton association through their county unit Ham unanimously approved any snaps bolls or Low Grade Cotton from the present crop but to leave them in the Field for rattle and comport. This Means it is stated Here the absolute certainty of a Large amount of unharvested Cotton boing left in the Fields from the growing crop More than with any crop within the last decade and will enormously decrease the indicated yield As re own by the government. Blue Quot sunday Bill still in Congress Washington nov. 2 4. A pros a a Federal Quot Blue sunday lax i Vias introduced n Congress during the last Marion by beater Jones of Washington a is r. T armed u. S. Patrol stops new Effort to Layw. U. Cable . . Nov. Force of the United states today frustrated an attempt by the Western Union Telegraph co. To lax its Cable across Biscayne Fay Between Miami and Miami Baa Quot i. A fore of 15 men was working on the Cabin when a. Armed pay Rol front submit inc Chaser no. 134 intervened and put the workmen under armed guar. Ore Man was released to return to w Stern Uiion headquarter for instructions. Record made in Navy recruiting Washington. Nov. 24. A United pres a recruiting for the Navy Lase week reached a record for the period Ainee Tho War it was Learned today at the Navy department. A total of 3,1 pm recruits enlisted. Navy recruiting official predicted that the present authorized enlisted of 143,000 will be a a Here by nest March. The Navy now Bas Between 120,l Hgt and 126, Methe increase d number of Mer. being obtained is believed to i d be due to the increased pay for enlisted Mer granted in the pay Bill passed by the last session of . A More determined efforts by the nay recruiting service Aud More in assigned to this work. And to lesser demand for labor in the outside. Commission on membership recommends admission of two enemy countries France will refuse to disarm As yet Ike us i x is save t. By maw must of hot fulfil Tufa to Colon question in Tea Morrow. By Henry a food Canji of pro staff Ltd go tips. Nov. 21�? immediate a a lie a Ion of a Ria an Bir Gorla was Runmin Ruhh to Hie league of a Mons no get ably of by the comm it Fon on membership. Tho of Annii Ision Reacher fax Snible it la Oil Jons it on the former enemies of the allies but with Bem recommendations for a. Numier of Small european states until oort irions Art Stab lived and fans been a Cordel by Uay Rby Power. Those it i acts favored for Meinz worship in today s report Are aus Tim Bulgaria Finland. and Luxemburg. Tho petitions of to la Bur la us a i a and Esthonia w Era he it Over. Affairs in the bait Idi Agiou a too chaotic to permit favourable action no to. Lists can mansion decided. Spa a. To before the Volji Mission. Leon Bourgeois. France declared France cannot disarm until Germany bus been compelled to fulfil All conditions of the Versailles treaty. Germany head a Mitred has begun disarmament but has not completed it. Before disarm or. A. France wit Awalt Tho report of a military Cote Mise Lon a Hui Cli meet in Geneva to prepare a a it Arrn Ament plan he said. This ply xxx .1 f on 1 ration the geographies. A d Elev Ial condition in Cadi country. Bourgeois it in. In order emphasize the International character of the military expedition to of Erse Tho Vii a plebes in Tho league has invited the scandinavian a in a tries to re Aumill in tech my a of gendarme Germany get hearing. Tile Ger men situation will a canvassed thurs xxx her. Her ?.-Icst against the distribution of he colonics under mandate la to a it disc us g. The Assembly put to. Question a Vrh thursday Calci when k. D. M Mien Australia. a i docs n. Millen with the Assie Tancy of president h Thane carried la tight through. Viv France Tittoni of ital % Aud pc of our. Of great Britain usually a Tim Fot front any Bear a the 3errr�a. To. part debate. In an interview f dry .xfil�? Declared Quot or Vay Uty to. All a hoedown on Germany a impudence. A Berlin a inspired by no in Nivea in sending that Tinct note threatening that so would. No longer consider herself Bour. By the colonies Claus of the treat. Quot she hoped to . A disruption of the league and. Disagreement among league member. Then she hops to obtain of distribution of mandate unti she becomes a member of the league. a a Mandator pow herself Ami thus again co Tam Contr of her former onto. to ii set of a ii.? a i of mandates As previously Agrecl upon. V a Are Ronot to the Agate . Quot it la of Berlin a b ii sip c How Tho Are handed her rights to Tho territories Wei sacrificed fore or. Whether supreme Council or the league entitled to is ise of them a. Purely technical Natter a bet cd the allies and the Millen declared he in not demand that Germany to Quot be exposed. He expected fun support from France and bet our. The Assembly practically a a liked yesterday to rho new a Mit stration in the uni a i is Lefoi attempting a. Of Iii cart q the covenant. A standing Carey to xviii consider propos d pkg a a submit cd before a in it a Aion. Daniels forbade Landing of Able. R in it was said at of. To in i Intro a i a ii req get of Reform organization which a ant cd Gresi to past leg Islat Iori w prevent a come Aerial sized sport and other form of commercial activity on sunday. Tho sunday Bilio Law he a been introduced at several epee Ion of it to Jai a at Jon a of Ellis islanders Mill have Turkey Quot v York nov. 24.�? United free a rec. Hundred per sen who have just landed on our modern Plymouth Rock the Ellis isl Tad immigration station will have their first a ? ton a Row of America citizenship. Thanksgiving Turkey. Frederick a. i a g.tion a today plan for a big dinner Are c a text aim it for the new arrive s which will a tart them on their Way to. . To dinner. Which will by served to 2. Mer women Ani u the t t an Tui ;