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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Anniston, Alabama Vol. 88, no. 331� be Anniston a it tar Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper Anniston ala., saturday november 21,1970 Price to . Its hit bases in North Vietnam Saigon it a it american jets launched today what is believed to be the heaviest air attack on North Vietnam in seven months defense Secretary Melvin it. Laird announced. Laird said the warplanes hit missile and antiaircraft positions a in response to attacks on our unarmed reconnaissance aircraft in a statement released at the Pentagon Laird termed the attacks against the Southern Panhandle of North Vietnam a limited duration protective reaction air strikes. His statement pinpointed the strikes Well South of Hanoi and the port City of Haiphong. That was in contrast to an earlier radio Hanoi claim that Waves of bombers attacked close to and South of Haiphong. The radio Hanoi report monitored in Hung Kong said three . Jets and one american helicopter were shot Down but Laird s statement made no mention of any losses. The North vietnamese radio report also claimed a prisoner of War Camp where there were a a number of . Prisoner of War casualties was among the areas hit. The attacks followed by just Over a week the Downing of an unarmed american Rf-4 reconnaissance Jet about too Miles North of the demilitarized zone two crewmen were lost. The loss evoked a Stern warning from Laird that a we remain ready to take appropriate action in response to attacks on our unarmed reconnaissance aircraft Over the last week a Pentagon spokesman said other . Planes had received lire. But had not been hit Laird who aides said spent much of the night in his office while the attacks continued said Quot these protective reactive missions Are designed to protect the lives of pilots flying unarmed reconnaissance missions and pilots flying missions associated with interdiction of North vietnamese military supplies throughout Southern Laos moving toward South at the time the statement was issued 3 am. Esta defense spokesman refused to discuss specific targets indicating the attacks were still in Progress. But the radio Hanoi report said they began about 2 30 a m. Hanoi time and lasted More than an hour. The Pentagon spokesman said the use of the term a limited duration was intended to mean that the strikes do not represent a general resumption of the bombing of North Vietnam halted More than two years ago on nov 1.1968 since then the United states has stressed repeatedly its intention to Fly reconnaissance missions Over North Vietnam As a Means of guarding against Surprise attack across the Doz and other unexpected actions by the North vietnamese which might imperil the safety of . Troops in South Vietnam in All. The United states has lost to Jet fighters and reconnaissance planes since the bombing halt. D digest state and local col. Garrison j. Boyle Iii. The new Deputy commander at Anniston army depot once climbed into a production line helicopter and established three world flying records details Page 2. Jacksonville City projects Are moving Well sales Are up and the population shows an increase the City is in a Good shape Quot says mayor John b Nisbet or details Page 3 the Alabama historical commission Friday asked state Law enforcement officers to arrest and prosecute the persons responsible for burning Mellon Bridge one of the states 17 covered Bridges in october Quot this significant transportation landmark in the process of being restored by the Oxford Jaycees would have made a considerable contribution to the Economy of Calhoun county and East Alabama Quot executive director Warner Floyd said. Quot the cultural benefits of this rustic Structure. Like its substantial As a visitor pulling tourist attraction Are irreparable Quot Samford University a Baptist school with conservative rules on behaviour has escaped student unrest and the president thinks it s because of the Type of teachers and students details Page 7. Florence will Honor native w c. Handy sunday with a concert featuring his music and his popular blues the Handy museum opens monday details Page deaths mrs Margaret Surrett. George e. Baker mrs Annie Welch anti mrs Lillie Dennard All of Anniston and mrs Kate Lee Dora Ohio of Talladega details Page 3 National sunday begins National Bible week with president Nixon urging americans to a a refresh our spirits and fortify our resolve Quot by Reading the Bible details Page 7. Secretary of state William p Rogers faces ques Honing from the Senate foreign relations committee on Why the administration is recommending expanded military and economic Aid for Cambodia seven months after Rogers warned against it. The defense Case ends in surprises and confusion at the Sharron Tate murder trial in Dis Angeles As hades Manson denies his guilt from the stand and three women co defendants decide not to testify. Details Page 2 vice president Spiro t. Agnew tells an audience of newspaper editors that generally americas press has treated him fairly a even newsmen a who i happen to know do not suffer from Agnew ardor details Page 2. Three hostages released unharmed after a three state trip with a heavily armed Ohio prison parolee say they were treated Well one Calls their Abductor a perfect a six state search is under Way for the parolee details Page 2. Treasury Secretary David m. Kennedy s advisers say his up coming sojourn As a roving economic ambassador is evidence president Nixon does not plan to oust him the Nixon administration vows to continue the fight for its welfare Reform plan despite a setback in the Senate finance committee. The Senate risking the possibility of a presidential veto adds nearly half a billion dollars to a labor welfare appropriations Bill International also inside classified alb la comics .1� editorials. Farm movies. T religious news.7 sports .8-8 television .8-6 a wire photo staff sgt. David Mitchell and wife Happy and smiling. After acquittal in connection with alleged my Lai massacre interest rate reduction expected to set trend new York apr More Banks Art expected to follow Chase Manhattan third largest Bank in the nation in reducing prime interest rates from 7d per cent to 7 per cent the Chase Manhattan move announced Friday by chairman David Rockefeller and scheduled to take effect monday came too late in the Day for other new York Banks to respond but elsewhere in the nation similar action was quickly announced by the California based Bank of America the nation s largest the Bank of California the Security Pacific National Bank United Ali Iomia Bank first National Bank of St i outs and citizens amp Southern National Bank in Atlanta in Washington. White House press Secretary Ronald l Zie Gler said the administration a would Welcome anything that contributes to a lowering of interest rates a the Cut in prime rate the rate of interest charged to the biggest and most credit worthy customers was the second in nine Days by Chase Manhattan on nov 12. It lowered the rate to 7 i from 72 per l ent an action swiftly followed by major Banks around the nation. Although Banks were general a expected to follow Chase Manhattan s Lead again some Bank spokesmen showed reluctance Friday. We Don t feel compelled to make a decision at this time. Said John Bunting president of first Pennsylvania banking amp Trust co. In Philadelphia. A we re not in the same position As the new York Banks in regard to loan adding John s Fangboner. Chairman of National City Bank in Cleveland a your demand for see interest Sci i miss world pageant disrupted in London the . General Assembly majority Vole to seat communist China leads to speculation Liat peking May be admitted to the world body As Early As next year. The government said today that 120 persons were dead and More than 300 Are missing from typhoon Patsy which swept through the Philippines two Days ago the missing include about 175 men reportedly aboard nine fishing boats believed sunk along the Western coast of the islands w Esther fair with a wanning trend today through sunday. Winds Light and variable. Details Page 3. 12 pages in one Section London a after a pageant disrupted by smoke bombs and women s liberation slogans miss Grenada danced until Dawn today to celebrate her enthronement As miss world 1971. The 22-year-old West Indian Jennifer Josephine Hosten said she did not understand Why demonstrators tried to wreck the contest Friday night. Quot i do not really know enough about what they were demonstrating against a said miss ho6ten, the 20th miss world a fall i know is that it has been a wonderful experience compost my for the miss world miss Hosten is an airline hostess and radio announcer with measurements of 36-24-38 miss Africa South Pearl Gladys Jansen 20, from Cape town finished second kith Lavi 18-year-old miss Israel was third. Miss Sweden 20-year-old maj Christel Johansson the 7-1 betting favorite was fourth about 50 women and a few men hurled smoke bombs stink boobs Ink bombs and leaflets in a Brief demonstration during the pageant Ami shouted a we Are liberation lists ban this disgraceful cattle Market comedian Bob Hope who was to Crown miss world fled the Albert Hall stage As the missiles began to Fly. Returning after Burly Security guards cleared the demonstrators he said a anyone who would try to break up an affair As wonderful As thus has got to be on some kid of dope the 5, persons in the Hall booed disapproval of the ruckus. One demonstrator threw a heavy noisemaker used at soccer matches at the judges who included the prime minister of Grenada. Sir Erie Gairy Hie rattle just missed another judge a danish Singer known As Nam and bounced to within a loot of another. American Singer Glen Campbell an Ink bomb spattered a near by official and the Arena was suffused briefly by the stench of smoke bombs the judges and contestants escaped injury Row the was after the contest callers jammed switchboards on Fleet Street London a newspaper complaining that neither Winner nor the runner up White the first time this has occurred. Miss Jansen a mulatto is classified under South african racial Laws As Quot coloured a the White contestant from Smith Africa 20-year-old Lilian Jessup finished fifth. The British broadcasting corp. Which televised the contest worldwide said it was swamped with complaints about the judges Choice the primary one a spokesman said was that sir Erie Grenada s prime minister. Was on die judging panel. Miss Sweden caused a stir before the finals when she told newsmen she Felt a just like a puppet i Don t even want to win. Ii i were not under con tract to the organizers i would walk out at once. After a talk with pageant organizers she retracted her comments. Some of the Albert Hall audience milled see contest p3 c6 attorneys removed by Leo Washington a the governments top Antipoverty lawyer and his chief Deputy have been fired because their Boss says they condoned actions not in the Best interest of the poor and violated the Law Terry f. Lenzner Youthful director of the controversial Legal services program of tile office of economic Opportunity and his Deputy. Frank Jones were removed from their posts Friday night by Leo director Donald Rumsfeld Arthur Reid 40, Deputy general counsel of the Leo. Was named acting director of the program which administers about 1.900 attorneys in 850 offices nationwide no immediate replacement was named for Jones a it has become evident that or Lenzner and or Jones Are either unwilling or unable to administer the program in a manner consistent with the policies and Mission of the office of economic Opportunity Quot said Rumsfeld. Quot under the circumstances i have no alternative but to replace them with individuals who will effectively administer the program i regret that circumstances require this decision As examples of cases that caused the firings an Leo spokesman said Tom new Orleans Legal services Agency is representing at least 12 defendants in a criminal Case despite Leo Law that permits its lawyers to represent defendants in civil cases Only. A the Western Center on Law and poverty in los Angeles represents in two suits at least 12 persons earning $ la Usu to $15, Legal services attorneys Are expected to handle Only the cases of those living in poverty basically those making no More than $3,200 a year a the Dallas let Egal services unit is representing a College student son of a Well Todo businessman. Who chose to live in poverty lawyers Are not permitted to handle cases of per set attorneys p3c2 army finds Mitchell not guilty it. Hood Tex. A David Mitchell has been acquitted in the first my Lai Case to reach a court martial verdict. Mitchell 30. A 10-year army Veteran had been charged with assault with intent to murder by shooting at 3c unarmed civilians at the vietnamese Hamlet on March 16.1968 nine other gis Are charged in connection with the incident that occurred during a combat swing through my Lai. A i always thought the army was a great outfit. Now. I know said Mitchell son of a Baptist minister who lives in St Francisville la a military jury of seven officers including six Vietnam veterans returned the verdict Friday night after six hours and 50 minutes of deliberations. Mitchell was a squad Leader in company a the same outfit in which it. William l. Calley jr., was a platoon Leader. Calley is be my court Martiale at it. Benning. Ga., on charges he murdered 102 civilians the army is still processing charges against eight other members of the americal division. When the jury returned to announce its verdict. Mitchell stood at attention and saluted. David Mitchell this court has found you not guilty Quot said col. Francis Gia Corozzi. President of the court Mitchells wife Rosa leaped to her feet and shouted a of Quot a sit Down in the courtroom Quot ordered col George Rrobinson the military judge who banged his Gavel until the woman was seated Mitchell returned to his chair and slumped Down into it. His attorney Ossie Brown strode past him patting Mitchell on the shoulders Mitchell had taken the stand in his own defense with tears streaming Down hts Cheeks he testified thursday Quot i shot at no eight other defense witnesses testified that Mitchell was not at a ditch in my Lai where the army charged he fired at huddled men women and children. The prosecution presented three witnesses two said they saw Mitchell fire his Rifle into the ditch. One said he saw Mitchell raise his Rifle but neither saw nor heard a report from it. None said they saw any bullets strike the people huddled in the ditch Robinson instructed the jurors that the presumption of innocence is Quot perhaps the tallest tree in our Forest of Legal presumptions a a Robinson said the jury should carefully consider the credibility of each witness since he said there were inconsistencies in their testimony Robinson said the jury should also weigh the effect of character witnesses who appeared for Mitchell in eluding affidavits from a judge a dentist a sheriff and a congressman after the jury retired to decide Mitchells Fate lie wiped at tears and embraced his wife outside the courtroom a the Only thing we can do now is Pray Quot said Mitchell s father the Rev. Isiah Mitchell present with Mitchells Mother Calley trial puts focus on ditch it Benning a. A the prosecution in the court martial of la William l. Galley or has turned from testimony about bodies found on a Trail near my Lai to a ditch filled with bodies of vietnamese one of the specific acts with which Calley is charged is the murder of 30 unarmed Viet namese civilians along a Trail near the Village another charge alleges that 70 others were execute after being herded into a ditch thus far in the court martial. Which began tuesday no witness has testified that he saw c Aliey kill anyone he is on trial on charges of murdering 102 unarmed vietnamese chileans for three Days Charlie company veterans have testified to seeing the bodies of to to 20 vietnamese along the North South Trail during their combat assault on the Hamlet Friday. David b. Hein 23, of Janesville wig., testified to seeing bodies in the ditch but he say Bow Many Richard Pendleton. 22, of Richmond calif., said he looked into the ditch and saw 40 to 50 bodies piled on top of each other. Pendleton testified he and two other gis were at the ditch on the morning of the my Lai assault March 16, 1968 he said he and his companions. Whom be identified As William Doherty and Michael Terry were the Only american soldiers in the area about to or la of clock that morning q did one of those two soldiers fire into the ditch at the people who were alive9 a i can a say whether the people were alive. Q but they were firing into the ditch9 a yes Doherty now is being investigated on murder charges in connection with my Lai four of the five witnesses who testified Friday said they encountered no hostile fire at my Lai. Gene Oliver jr., 24, now a Salesman in Cincu Mati Ohio see Calley is it f ;