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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Anniston Star (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Anniston, Alabama Anniston Alabama saturday nov. 20,1971limns to ii Bitar Alabama a largest Home owned newspaper vol. 92, no. 326 Price to cents lawmakers end special session Montgomery. Ala. Apr taking Only the minimum amount of time five Days the Alabama legislature completed a special session Friday after appropriating More than $1 billion to operate the state until sept. 30. 1973. The lawmakers sent gov. George Wallace an education budget totalling $828 million for the two Vear period and a general fund appropriation measure for More than $203 million. Also approved by the legislature was a measure to raise the teacher retirement pay Factor from 1.25 to 1.75 per cent. Included in the record education measure is a 5 per cent raise for teachers for each year of the biennium. The education budget Calls for $406.8 million the current fiscal year and $422 million the next. Wallace has already said he plans to Call the House and Senate Back into a special session to consider property tax legislation but he has not announced the Date. Many legislators said Friday they Felt the next special session would come Early in december. The separate general fund Bill finances non school operations of the government and gives More Money for mental health but could mean pay less paydays for the legislature itself. It took the House Only minutes on each of the big appropriations to concur with Senate amendments. Immediately after House approval Wallace made an unscheduled appearance before the legislature and congratulated the members for a a great Job Quot of providing for the needs of the state. The governor said the Alabama legislature was the Only one in the nation to do that this year without imposing additional consumer taxes. The major amendment in the general fund was made thursday by the Senate finance committee when it made All appropriations to mental health absolute. The House had suggested some conditional appropriations for the program. As the committee sent the Bill to the floor the legislature received Only $500,000 absolute funds with All other legislative Money conditional on the status of the state Treasury and the approval of the governor. After failing on a 20-15 Roll Call to make the legislative funding absolute the Senate approved $750,000 for each year for legislative expenses. The remaining legislative funds Are conditional. Most of the $750,000 is necessary to pay the salaries of House and Senate employees Aix would leave Little left to pay lawmakers themselves. However the amendment does t restrict the Money to employee pay. Administration leaders in the Senate argued against the absolute appropriation for the legislature saying it would run the general fund into proration and jeopardize Money for mental health old age pensions and state employee pay. Conditional appropriations added to the education Bill totalled $11.8 million the major portion being some $9 million it would take to give a 5 per cent increase in the budgets of All institutions of higher learning. Unions dismiss Nixon controls making prediction a wire photo adm. Thomas h. Moor or chairman of the joint chiefs of staff uses a Pointer to show the infiltration routes to Vietnam and Cambodia at a news conference in Washington Friday. Moorer predicted that until the North vietnamese Are aide to replenish their supplies and bring in More replacements from the North they would not be aide to mount a major attack. Story on Page la. Miami Beach Fla. A president Nixon a Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. The confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who came off Best politically in the rare Public clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federations convention Friday. A Nixon was speaking to a National audience Quot said Peter t. Schoemann a member of the Al clogs powerful 35-Man executive Board that earlier won convention approval to refuse cooperation with Federal wage controls. A White House aide said Nixon came Here against the advice of All his advisers. The aide pictured the convention treatment of the president As a studied Many labor leaders viewed Nixon a speech before some 2,-000 delegates alternates and guests As the opening Sally in the president s bid for re election. Quot he did t win any friends Here but in a afraid its going to have a big effect in the nation Quot another Al Cio official said of Nixon a face to face showdown with labor critics. Nixon said whether he gets cooperation from labor and other groups or not. A it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living the audience at Best gave scattered polite applause and laughed when Nixon contended that his 90-Day wage Price freeze was a remarkable Success and that a if you Don t think so. Go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery Meany and most other labor leaders Are waiting Only for the democrats to Settle on a presidential nominee before throwing All their support that Way. Democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota got a comparatively warm Welcome in a speech backing labor s pay demands. He suggested that Nixon be a phased out Quot of the White House next year. Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen Edward m. Kennedy of ruling on school desegregation expected to be months away by Judy Johnson Star staff writer Birmingham a it will probably be at least two months before a decision is handed Down i whether the Anniston City school system will be permitted to keep its present zoning plan of desegregation a hearing which began thursday morning in u. S. District court in Birmingham ended Friday night after a second full Day of testimony. Neither u. S. Justice department attorneys who brought the Legal action against the system nor the attorney for the school system chose to offer arguments before the court in the Case instead both parties will submit written arguments in the form of briefs. Judge Clarence Allgood gave Justice department attorneys 30 Days to file briefs after those briefs Are filed the school officials will have an additional 15 Days to submit their written argument. That Means 45 Days May elapse before the judge will have All material. He did not estimate How Long it would take him to reach a decision after he has the briefs. Judge Allgood s decision will not automatically end All action in the Case both the Justice department and the school system will have the opt win to Appeal his decision if they desire the Anniston City school system was ordered by judge Allgood oct. I to submit an alternate plan to implement desegregation school officials chose instead to submit the current plan with minor changes which did not affect the degree a desegregation. The Justice department is asking that the school system be required to prepare and implement a plan which would eliminate the racial identity of formerly All Black schools. Or John l Fulmer superintendent of the Anniston City schools who was on the witness stand All Day thursday was put Back on the stand at the beginning of the Day Friday to Complete his testimony he was questioned first by Paul f. Hancock an attorney for the Justice department and then under the Cross examination of Walter Merrill attorney for the school system As was the Case thursday. Hancock a questions were aimed mainly at determining Why the system had not submitted a new desegregation plan and what barriers would exist to implementation of plans which would More fully desegregate the Anniston schools when asked about possibilities of pairing combinations at various elementary schools. Fulmer consistently remarked that the pairings would mean increased Cost to the system and that the plans were not workable because they would cause increased White flight a he finally told Hancock he does not feel such plans Are workable a at present Quot Quot when Are you willing to desegregate your system Quot Hancock asked Quot we consider that we Are desegregated sir Quot Fulmer see ruling Page la airborne ends War duty Saigon a the us 101st airborne division the captor of bloody hamburger Hui began phasing out of combat today six weeks ahead of schedule As part of an accelerated troop pullout to Send thou Sands of gis Home from Vietnam Tor Christmas the 101 St is th1 last remain my us combat division in Vietnam and its withdrawal Marks a Milestone for i Cai Dent Nixon s victimization program when Nixon took office in january 1969 there were nine full us combat divisions and separate brigades the equivalent of two More divisions operating in South Vietnam the u s command said 1.585 troops of the 101st were pulled out of combat in today a initial phase and stood Down in Prepa ration to phase out of the North pm Battle zone below the de militarized zone but some of the men non t be going inane Only those who have i chop in Ted the major Poi Hon of their 12-month tour of duty or Are being discharged Early will return to the United states others will be transferred to u s units still Active in South Vietnam the first units to standi Down included the Headquarters of the division s 3rd brigade an infantry battalion the �?~3rd battalion 187th infantry and an artillery battalion tin 2nd battalion. 319th Field artillery the u s. Command also an flounced us phaseout of Lour Ulinici unit out Jade of Ute Ltd 1 division which will Cut strength by another 695 men these in eluded an air defense artillery battalion and three Engineer companies president Nixon has ordered is troop strength pm by 45-000 men Over the next two months to an authorized ceiling of 139 000 by the end of january the Igi St was not scheduled to begin phasing out win i Early next year but its schedule was moved up after Nixon announced a week ago that he was us rioting the rate of withdrawals Tram 14 300 a Mon Iii to 22 500 a month for december and january because of the Christmas and new year s Massachusetts As Jacksons running mate. Quot while some of you May be against me politically and some of you May be against my party i know from experience Over the last three years that when the chips Are Down organized labor is for America Quot Nixon said in one of numerous appeals that fell All but Flat. Al Cio officials refused to introduce Nixon Over their Loudspeaker refused to permit live television coverage of his speech and sent their musicians out of the Hall so they could t play the traditional presidential greeting of Quot Hail to the chief Quot there was no escort committee for Nixon when he finished his speech and Meany Cut Short Nixon s Effort to Duck under a rope to shake hands with some labor delegates. Nixon appeared shocked and angry when Meany banged his Gavel and ordered delegates Back to their seats Quot we will now proceed with act ii a Meany said Nixon stalked from the big convention Hall and returned to Washington. The White House denied that Nixon changed plans to relax for the weekend in key Biscayne and the Bahamas because of anger Over the labor reception Quot in be got to get out of Here so you Guys can have your meeting Quot Nixon was overheard saying As he left the room Jerry Wurf. President of the american federation of state county and municipal workers and a member of the Al Cio executive Council said Nixon speech was an attempt to Quot manipulate workers and would fail a you can to Hustle people Quot Wurf Saki a the stumbled Quot said president Edward j. Carlough of the Sheet Metal workers in criticizing Nixon s speech Quot he was telling us he is i res ident of the United slates and that we be had it a said another Union official but the clash did no to break up Nixon a pay Board despite Meany s Challenge to Nixon to Quot kick us off if he did t like labors terms. At the same tune Nixon was speak my Here the pay Board at a meeting in Washington softened earlier rulings a a last pay increases due contractually during the 90-Day wage Price freeze exempted workers earn my less than $2 an hour and approved a first year wage hike of a three year contract negotiated for some 100,000 striking Coal miners Early sunday minutes after the wage Price freeze ended the Al Cio denounced the latest retroactivity ruling As Quot piecemeal inadequate Devisee Quot and repeated its demand for full Back pay for ail work Ere the convention wound up Fri Days session by hiking Meany s salary As president of the nearly 14-Mil i in mein Ber labor federation from $70,000 to $90 000 a year and Secretary treasurer i am Kirkland is from $45 010 to $60 000 aides said they did t know Bow the pay Board s general wage limit of 55 per cent a year would affect the raises about 28 per cent for Meany and More Man 30 per cent for Kirkland Lisa it Tino Learned that the Al Cio had refused a White House bid for Nixon to speak at the opening convention session ten Irskay bloodied and bowed a wire photo a demonstrator bleeding around the nose is collared by riot police in Tokyo Friday during Radical student demonstration staged in protest of plans for a continued u. S. Military digest presence on Okinawa. Students attacking with fire bombs burned Down twin restaurants in Tokyo resulting in the death of a guard police said. Story on Page la. State local a congressional subcommittee was to hold a Public hearing today to look into the handling of Birmingham a recent air pollution crisis by the environmental Protection Agency. Details Page 3. Deaths mrs. Taverna Kimble mrs Ola Berry Mcreynolds mrs. Minnie c. Sprayberry and miss Jeanette Hawkins of Anniston mrs Montana Lashley Devaughn and William Thomas Williams of Lineville stalls Page la. National Abraham Jack Housman a Developer of the car radio and the portable transistor pocket radio died in Miami Beach Friday he was 68. Housman was the founder of the automatic radio manufacturing co of Boston a. The Navy a Carrier based a7 Corsair fan Jet fighter bombers. The newest aircraft in the Navy inventory were grounded nov. I after a fatal Accident aboard the Carrier Oriskany Atlantic Fleet Headquarters said Friday the a7 is described As the Navy a Quot main line of Aerial attack and makes up 40 to 50 per cent of the aircraft complement on most carriers Bili. Stern whose voice was known to millions As a radio sports broadcaster died Friday night at his Home in Rye n y he was 64. Sports fans remembered him fee his Sharp vibrant and authoritative sports announcing Stem was also Well known for an autobiographical Book the taste of ashes Quot describing his recovery from narcotics addiction acquired after a 1935 Auto acc ident in which he lost a leg. The Senate has broken tis deadlock on a pres Mien tial Campaign financing proposal agreeing to a vote monday details Page 2. If you Don t do it it won t get done Cess mostly fair through sundae old tonight details Page la also inside ads classified comics dad record editorials. 11-1219la 4 movies. Religious Netts sports. Television. 12 pages in one Section thais abolish parties Bangkok. Thailand apr Field marshal the anon Kitlica Chorn abolished All political parties in Thailand today. Thanome a National executive Council announced Quot no erne by allowed to form any political party from now on Thanom the Premier took absolute Power wednesday and abolished the Cabinet. Parliament and the cons Tut Ion police questioned five students Friday after they had Laid wreaths at the democracy Monument. The slogan on the Black rib boned Wreath read Quot for the democracy of the thai people and for the political prostitutes in the students taken away see thais Page la Bull Loose wreaks havoc on population Huntington w a 1ap1 a somewhere in the wooded Hills West of Huntington there is a full grown Bull that twice in one week has rumbled into populated areas and wreaked hav Ltd polic e said the Bull appeared Friday night in near by Ceredo where in less than an hour he smashed into a car slowed into a second car and caused it to jump a Guardrail along u s. 60. Struck a third car rammed a Small building uprooted a Fence and carried it off on his horns and jumped on the Hood of a Huntington police c a that Vias closing in for a Roundup attempt police under orders not to shoot Wert unable to keep up with the beast ast took to West Huntington s Side streets and escaped a we a ago Friday the Bull appeared briefly on the runway of the Tri slate Airport near Ceredo officials said threatening to tie up airline netted ides r ;