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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Anniston Star (Newspaper) - November 9, 1975, Anniston, Alabama Vol. 96, no. 313 cow wit stay right 171 pm Hahm Putli think it Anniston Ala. A Alabama s largest Home owned newspaper sunday nov. 9. 1975 Price 35 cent shave a Good Day new sin my a digest Stote Locq there have been a lot of studies published and literature written recently on the subject of death and grief. Why because some experts now say people May accept life More if they accept their own death. Diane Hartman Star today a living editor recently attended a two Day seminar at the University of Alabama in Birmingham on a death. Grief and her four part series on Ute subject begins today on Page in. The salvation army Hopes to raise $33,000 through the Kettle drive which begins nov. 28 in Anniston details Page a. Area plans for celebrating the Bicentennial will focus on educational values rather than just entertainment. Many plans Are being made through the schools. Details Page in. Psychologist Craig Mccoy left does no to get demerits anymore for being his main happiness in life he said comes from hard work listening and playing Bluegrass music and a being satisfied with what in a satisfied with a see profile Page 2b. The deadline has drawn near with Only four More Days left a for Calhoun county residents to Purchase their 1976 Auto License plates. Details Page 2a. The controversial Johnsey proposal tacked onto the $782 million House passed Alabama school budget continues to Block passage in the Senate details Page 2a area citizens voice their opinion concerning the new obscenity ordinance in Anniston. Details Page 7a. The Anniston Myca swim team Marathon ended at 6 p m saturday after the group had reached 400 Miles in the 24 hours. Details Page 10a. About 130 people attended the saturday session of the Alabama convention of the National organization for women at Che aha state Park. Details Page 10a. Deaths Charles Edgar a a Monk Patty and mrs. Doris Baxter both of Anniston Melichio d. Zanders of Wichita ran. Green Lee Alley or. Of Lindale a. Capt. James w. Price of it. Mcclellan Robert Lee Smith of Ashland mrs. Ella Dryden Bennett of Heflin and mrs. Hattie l. Archer of Cedar Bluff. Details Page 4d. Cleother Cloudy today and monday with showers details Page 4d f also inside review.2d less farm news a idar.4d Lilied ads 3-9d sword Puzzle. 8b editorials.4a Jeane Dixon .3d movies.3d sports.1-12c television .3d a House Senate a City Block apart by Mike Sherman Star political editor Montgomery a Weed grown City Block near the Alabama Capitol has set the Alabama House and Senate at each others throats and the state education budget May be a casualty of the conflict. At Issue is whether the state specifically the department of education should buy the property for $2,086,000 from Walter f Johnsey. General partner in Capitol development co. Depending on ones viewpoint the amendment to the state education budget which appropriates the Money and would require Purchase of the property is a a Legal and moral obligation incurred by the state because Johnsey was not allowed to construct a 14-Story state office building on the site or a designed to bail out the victim of a bad business Deal. Johnsey characterized himself last week to the House ways and Means committee As a a one eyed Walker county Coal Miner who a just trying to Clear his later in the week before the Senate finance and taxation committee during a similar plea for support he said he is a an Engineer and a lawyer and an accountant a and longtime Friend sen. Robert Wilson of Jasper called the tall dark haired. Alabama Power co. Executive vice president a a Man with More innate Genius than any Man i whatever he is Johnsey has been embroiled since 1973 i analysis the controversy surrounding the Block in Montgomery he put together a partnership Back then to build the office building near the Capitol Complex the state song ago outgrew the office space within the six Large White buildings which surround the Capitol. Branches of state agencies Are spread All Over Montgomery in rented office space in private buildings Johnsey. Montgomery real estate Man Paul Corwin Birmingham architect Harry Hester and Law professor Claude Bankester bought 67 638 Square feet in the Block and got an option on the remaining approximately 33,000 Square feet and made plans to build the 14-Story, about $20 million office building they soon had 10-year leases signed by the Heads of the state departments of education. Health. Revenue and mental health probably the largest users of office space in state government the partners were offering 348,101 Square feet of space in the building to the departments for $4 96 cents per Square foot according to a report on real property leased by the state from private entities that report was prepared by the state examiners of Public accounts As of june 22. 1973 the Price was comparable to that charged by other private landlords at that time according to the governor s Cost control Survey the Price would have included All utilities see House. Page 2a� More obstacles await Patricia Hearst on the Long and complicated course to Trail after the first Legal hurdle was cleared Friday when a u s District judge ruled miss Hearst mentally competent to stand trial. Details Page 7a. An economic Summit conference opens in Paris Friday and president Ford plans to travel to it. However Treasury department and state department officials disagree about whether it is worthwhile. Details Page 12a a Chance will be Given Lynette Fromme again monday to return to the courtroom after being ejected from it twice Friday. Her return depends on her Promise to avoid further disruptions and demands that convicted mass murderer Charles Manson be allowed to testify. Details Page 9a a closed court session has been set monday to announce the decision in the Case of Karen Anne Quinlan a comatose new Jersey woman whose parents want her to be allowed to a die with details Page 9a. The stockpiles of unsold models of u s autos has been Cut to a 14-month Low following a steady boost in sales and cautious production schedules. Details Page 6a the Man whose piano playing soothed Adolph Hitler until he fled Germany in 1937. Ernst a put zip Hanfstaengl received the quiet burial ceremony he requested. Details Page 10a. Robbery suspect is captured neighbors get involved of suspect photographed before robbery. Identified Ai William ski refer by Dennis Kois Milwaukee apr they All come into my store these people Are really Good a Martha Harrington says of her East Side neighbors who foiled a robbery attempt at the Small Market she operates police said William Schaefer 28. Of Hallandale. Fla. Was loitering near the store for several hours thursday and ignored a Small boys warning that a a everybody in the neighbourhood s watching you a Mark a 5-year-old who frequents the Penny Candy counter at Martha a food Mart a just walked up and told this Guy everybody was watching mrs. Harrington said saturday but Schaefer a stayed around Ken Novak who lives across the Street from mrs Harrington s store had been taking pictures of the stranger All afternoon with a telephoto Lens and Paul Paikowski. Another neighbor had a loaded Shotgun ready Novak and Paikowski conferred with mrs Harrington about the stranger then left her store and watched from across the Street with a 17-year-old neighbourhood youth police said Schaefer walked into the grocery vaulted the counter put his hands Over mrs Harrington s eyes and then scooped Money from the Cash Register mrs Harrington a widow for 24 years who says Only that she s old enough to collect social Security screamed and her neighbors went into action when Schaefer ran out of the store the 17-Vear-old Bov chased him into a backyard and tackled him Schaefer pulled a knife and lunged at the boy. But Paikowski then fired his Shotgun into the ground and told Schaefer to freeze or he would kill him. Novak said Schaefer dropped the knife the Money was recovered and police were called Schaefer was charged with robbery and endangering safety a we did no to want to get into the role of playing Novak said a but we did what we had to do a mrs Harrington said later a it s a Good neighbourhood i be been Here Long enough to know everyone like a Book this is just a Little neighbourhood store but in a proud of my store and i m proud of my neighbourhood a Oxford Hospital a necessary by Mike Stamler Star staff writer a proposed Multi service Hospital for Oxford with the blessings and in Relief of regional medical Center rec will be an innovation in the health care Field a a drive in medical Center. The facility will concentrate on offering a variety of specialized medical physician services from dental to orthopaedic and Complete rehabilitation program for postoperative and physical rehabilitative programs. A master plan for rec. Prepared by a Washington. Do. Consulting firm foresees the Oxford family practice medical Center not Only As an integral part of the regional medical services concept but also As a necessary addition to the regional plan. The consultants attach a top priority to development and construction of the Center in fact according to a letter of intent approved by both the rec Board and the Oxford Hospital Board construction of the medical unit should analysis begin As soon As the essential prerequisites can be completed there s a reason for the High priority attached to the Center. Although this county has a projected excess in Hospital bed space it is All designated for particular uses by 1985, the consultants predict an excess of about 80 Beds besides the planned too in Jacksonville in the rec District but the 50 Beds planned for the Oxford facility Are All designated for medical and physical rehabilitative care that will free Beds used in other medical facilities for acute medical care uses and enforce the concept of the Oxford Center As a rehabilitation and physician Center basically the family practice medical Center will be for people who want a medical clinic nearby and for those who Are too sick to stay Home but not sick enough for acute care at Reg it will be a separate facility providing medical care and diagnostic services not available elsewhere the plan Calls for. Besides the 50-bed rehabilitative Center office space for gynaecology obstetrics general practice. See Oxford Page 2al column on pet care to begin wednesday a new column dealing with the care of pets will begin wednesday in the Anniston Star a ask your written by or Michael Fox. Will appear in the Star three times weekly it will provide comments on pet ailments pet nutrition responsible pet ownership. Animal behaviour and other topics or Fox represents today a new dimension in veterinarians being just As much concerned with animal behaviour As he is with diseases he will provide answers to readers questions on a wide Range of topics or Fox holds degrees in both veterinary Medicine and psychology and is currently a teacher on the faculty of Washington University in St Louis watch for his column a ask your vet a beginning wednesday in the Star Kennedy shooting now history course in a detailed look at the controversy or 12 pages in eight sections by a it 64 pages m Iii sections am wire photo Kurtz teaching his class. On Kennedy assassination Hammond a apr for three hours every thursday night this fall. Or Michael Kurtz talks about the assassination of president John f Kennedy Kurtz in t propounding a new theory nor is he building up to nov 22 the 12th anniversary of the 1963 Dallas shooting As associate professor of history at Southeastern Louisiana University. Kurtz teaches a course called a the Kennedy a detailed look at official and unofficial material including films of the controversial assassination a i want to present an objective View of the Kennedy assassination a said the 34-year-old professor a i want the students to make up their own minds i in not going to express an opinion a Kurtz began the course at the Start of the Sel fall term As part of the schools continuing education program the 24 students who Range from 18 to the 60s receive no academic credit for the weekly three hours they attend class but. Young or old they seem to be finding what they were looking for whet they signed up most of the students joined the class because of the controversy surrounding the shooting. More than As a bit of history they said a a in a a Kennedy said Terri Howell of Baton Rouge an undergraduate a this course is enlightening Kurtz admits to being something of a Kennedy Freak himself since nov 22. 1963. When the president was shot a i was extremely interested in the event As a student of history of course said Kurtz who was 22 at the time a i followed it closely Over the years not everything has been said about the assassination for one thing there Are still unanswered questions a Kurtz cited what he called incomplete ballistics and medical evidence and missing material from the autopsy of the slam president these things and the controversy Over whether More than one Bullet was fired appear to interest the students Molt he said a but i think the students will come to realize that the Warren commission did try to do a responsible Job he said Kurtz has been teaching at Sel for the last nine years after getting his doctorate at Tulane University hts masters at the University of Tennessee and his bachelors at the new Orleans Branch of Louisiana state University now called the University of new Orleans Georgie Wilcox of Kentwood. La called the course thus far a Good objective insight into the different philosophies of the assassination a mrs Nelba Harper of Albany. La seemed to express a general class opinion when she sad i wanted to find out for myself about the conspiracy theories then she added. A i Haven to made up my mind a it ;